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no blood was found in his apartment.

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  • David Crockett Williams
    No blood was found in his apartment, or on the dress her mummified body was wearing, or in the trunk where it was found. She would have had to have been killed
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      No blood was found in his apartment, or on the dress her mummified body was wearin g , or in the trunk where it was found.


      She would have had to have been killed sometime after her several witnessed si g htin g s in Philly in the days followin g the alle g ed date of death at Ira’s hands, then her body mummified in a position to later fit into the trunk when then dressed and  planted there in the locked trunk in the locked closet on his unlocked front porch/landin g area?


      There is less doubt that the issues and info he was propoundin g were serious enou g h for someone to g o to all that g ory trouble to “make a point” to others to watch their step too, lest folks close to them meet a similar fate.  This is all very plausible, not to say proven true, yet.


      If true, then Ira Einhorn’s been framed by the best.  It’s possible he did kill her, but, even if he did, the issues he is usin g as his defense are still ever more valid and important. Would he further discredit those issues by continuin g to lie sayin g he didn’t kill her?  Folks who know him and his issues very well are sure this was a setup and a frame for murder.  The prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence at the first trial times, Holly si g htin g s by credible witnesses after the date Ira saw her last etc, and his own attorney g ot him to flee the country facin g the death penalty when he would have been acquitted then, delayed trial after lon g fli g ht implyin g g uilt, kan g aroo court conviction after Philly news tomato throwin g contest preps the jury pool etc,


      That means the real murderer of Holly Maddux g ot away with it.


      From: karen manceaux [mailto:kjtmanceaux@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 6:56 PM
      To: David Crockett Williams
      Subject: Re: [Ira-Einhorn] Ira Einhorn: Free Ener g y and Mind Control Researcher - the Mallove Law to end new ener g y invention suppression: Ener g y Inventor Protection and Ener g y Patent Declassification Act of 2006


      I am so deli g hted that Ira is tryin g to explain WHY they actually wanted to silence and discredit him by framin g him...he knew SO MUCH about the so called "NON-LETHAL" g overnment weaponry, what Ira called "A  COSMIC WATERGATE" (concernin g UFO technolo g y) and many other thin g s that they (the framers) were threatened by that the public was about to be educated with Ira's information.


      When Ira recieved his g rant and was about to g o public with info is when I believe they (perp framers) kidnapped Holly Maddux and held her for many months before they killed her and planted her body to frame Ira. remember, no blood was found in his apartment.


      karen manceaux 


      David Crockett Williams < g ear2000@li g htspeed.net> wrote:

      Ira Einhorn: Free Ener g y and Mind Control Researcher

      (Excerpted from "A Snapshot of my 70's" by Ira Einhorn, September 1, 2002)

      . What Geller could do, I saw a lot of it first hand, indicated that the
      basic physical framework in which physics operated was inadequate and that
      so called "free ener g y" devices -- devices that would solve our ener g y
      problem and end what is now called g lobal warmin g and allow for the
      decentralization of most economic activities -- could become a reality.
      Hence I circulated all previously known anti- g ravity information and all the
      emer g in g work on "free ener g y" devices.

      Unfortunately, all new technolo g y can be used as weaponry as well as for
      human benefit. So, I was soon up to my ears in a multi-pron g ed intelli g ence
      g ame that is still waitin g to be unravelled.

      . So when the opportunity arose, after a series of dinners and meetin g s in
      Princeton and New York with Bo g don Ma g lich, the head of Mi g ma Fusion, the
      only private nuclear fusion research operation in the United States , and a
      number of Yu g oslavian g overnment officials, I a g reed to help or g anize a
      lar g e Tesla celebration. To this end, I enlisted the support of the
      president of the presti g ious Franklin Institute in Philadelphia , Bowen Dees,
      and after a stint at Harvard and with the blessin g of the Yu g oslavian
      Consul-General in New York , I went off to Yu g oslavia , to spend days at their
      expense, as an unofficial ambassador.

      I was plannin g to do many thin g s durin g this celebratory conference that
      would have linked the Tesla Museum in Beo g rad with the Franklin Institute in
      Philadelphia : besides g ivin g Tesla his just due and showcasin g his
      achievements in a major exhibit at the Franklin IInstitute, while holdin g a
      major international conference on his works, I would also have or g anized a
      smaller conference on the suppressed aspects of his work in mind control and
      free ener g y and found a way to directly demonstrate mind control to those
      who came to the conference.

      In the fall of 1978 I was a Fellow in Residence at the Institute of Politics
      within the Kennedy School at Harvard. I tau g ht one course, ran a small lunch
      time chat series in which Harvard luminaries, Ambassador Reichauer, E. D.
      Wilson and Karl Deutsch, amon g others, ate and chatted with 5 or 6 of us for
      a couple of hours; I lectured in every conceivable venue at Harvard,
      conducted a number of public symposiums, brou g ht a number of the members of
      my Network to Harvard to lecture, ate dinner with a host of well known
      political fi g ures, and made an inordinate amount of noise about mind control
      technolo g y and the Russian Woodpecker to, amon g others, then CIA head
      Stansfield Turner. This lead to a meetin g in the Boston Airport , arran g ed by
      one of JFK's chief aides, on the matter with a top defense intelli g ence
      scientist who ended up spendin g the evenin g with me and g ivin g me his home
      telephone number.

      In 1979 I received a small private foundation g rant to study free ener g y
      devices in preparation for a lar g e involvement in such activities. I was
      plannin g to visit all of the inventors personally and then prepare a report
      that would have formed the basis of a venture capital enterprise that had
      been encoura g ed, due to some of my mailin g s, by a number of my affluent
      friends. The objective was to develop and brin g one device to the

      .All was not to be. I was busted for a murder I did not commit, and all my
      work on mind control and free ener g y became history.

      [si g ned] Ira Einhorn September 1, 2002

      The followin g is excerpted from Ira Einhorn's July 5, 2002 email:

      Robert Erin g er proposed all kinds of book schemes for me; schemes in which I
      was not interested. Nor did I find any of the people my a g ent sent to me,
      re: the bio g raphy, to be of interest. Thus when Erin g er su g g ested he would
      like to look at my fourth novel, Cantor Dust, which was near and dear to my
      hear, I informed my a g ent and sent it to him. Erin g er was very enthusiastic
      about it. He said he would prefer to do my autobio g raphy, but would work on
      g ettin g my novel published as an opener to g ettin g my autobio g raphy. I said
      he was welcome to try. Thus be g an a continuous stream of many hundreds of
      e-mails between this alle g ed intelli g ence operative and myself, broken only
      by his journeys to En g land , wherein he told me he saw a number of publishers
      without success and one new house that a g reed to publish Cantor Dust when
      they were actually in business, and his family vacations. We were still at
      it the day I was extradited to the United States : July 20, 2001.


      One of Robert Erin g er's closest associates is Claire E. Geor g e, Past DDO
      (Deputy Director of Operations) for the CIA, in char g e of covert operations
      for the entire planet. Sources who have researched the situation indicate
      that Claire E. Geor g e and Robert Erin g er have worked to g ether on a number of
      operations, still work to g ether and have a pile of money at their disposal.

      Proposin g "The Mallove Law" to end new ener g y invention suppression:

      The Ener g y Inventor Protection & Ener g y Patent Declassification Act of 2006

      I think that Con g ress should write, introduce, and
      pass a bill titled, "Ener g y Inventor Protection and
      Ener g y Patent Declassification Act of 2006". Included
      should be 24/7 protection of ener g y inventors by armed
      g uards, and declassification of 4000 ener g y patents
      unfairly held in secret by the U.S. Patent Office.

      -----Ori g inal Messa g e-----
      From: Gary Vesperman [mailto:garyvesperman@ yahoo.com]
      Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2006 7:16 AM
      To: Gary Vesperman
      Subject: Specific Ener g y Invention Suppression Cases

      Dear Friends,

      Attached is the third version of my compilation of
      specific ener g y suppression cases. This time I decided
      to g et serious.

      I thorou g hly reviewed my own files and a few web sites
      pertainin g to ener g y suppression. Deleted were some
      cases that didn't appear to be authentic suppression.
      I also incorporated some thou g htful comments that had
      been emailed to me this last week.

      About three days a g o, I received an amazin g ly timely
      phone call from Byron Wine in Vir g inia . For more than
      three decades he has been collectin g ener g y
      information which he posts on his site byronwine.com.
      I included some of his very interestin g material.

      I think that Con g ress should write, introduce, and
      pass a bill titled, "Ener g y Inventor Protection and
      Ener g y Patent Declassification Act of 2006". Included
      should be 24/7 protection of ener g y inventors by armed
      g uards, and declassification of 4000 ener g y patents
      unfairly held in secret by the U.S. Patent Office.

      If ener g y journalist Dr. Eu g ene Mallove really was
      murdered by a pathetic pair of dru g addicts, then that
      doesn't count as an authentic suppression case.
      However, I remember readin g that the very next day,
      Gene was to drive three hours to Washin g ton to
      demonstrate a verified table-top ener g y device. I
      can't find a reference. I would like to present his
      slayin g as a "coincidence (?)".

      Note that durin g just in the last two months, there
      have been three incidents of ener g y inventors
      threatened with death by g un-totin g thu g s, possibly
      employed by the oil companies or lar g e banks to squash
      competition. Maybe not to worry, however. I and quite
      a few other ener g y researchers have still not been
      threatened to be "fitted with cement boots" or

      Gary Vesperman
      Henderson , Nevada

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __

      Gene Mallove
      http://www.infinite -energy.com

      Archives of information to California Governor and
      California Ener g y Commission since Au g ust 1, 2001, by
      the late Fred B. Wood Sr, Brian O'Leary, Alden Bryant, et al
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/New- Energy-Solutions

      Now let's make it happen!
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/New- Energy-Movement
      http://www.newenerg ymovement. org

      ------------ ----

      Specific Ener g y Invention Suppression Cases

      Gary Vesperman


      Inventors in their zeal to improve the well-bein g of their fellow
      inhabitants of Planet Earth face such perils as poverty, slander, ridicule,
      and ne g lect. Inventors of ener g y devices sometimes have also been bullied by
      lar g e ener g y-related corporations and their allies in the United States
      Government who seek to maintain their ener g y slavery of the people by
      a g g ressively suppressin g development of ener g y inventions. The ille g al as
      well as le g al tactics of these suppression actions have encompassed
      imprisonment on false char g es, IRS harassment, bur g laries, bribery with hu g e
      sums of money, and even murder, if the inventor was too stubborn to heed
      warnin g s or undeterred by lesser actions.

      Sometimes, apparently to con investors out of money, it seems (or is made to
      appear) that the supposed ener g y inventions have been science-fiction props
      or incorrectly measured devices, and that the alle g ed inventors may have
      tried to cover up the scam by claimin g to be conspiracy victims.

      Consider these specific cases of suppression of new ener g y inventions:

      Ener g y Invention Suppression Case Statistics

      Number of Ener g y Invention Suppression Incidents - 53
      Number of Dead, Missin g , or Injured Ener g y Inventors, Activists, and
      Associates - 13
      Number of Ener g y Inventors Threatened with Death - 16
      Number of Ener g y Researchers and Associates Imprisoned - 7
      Number of Incidents Involvin g the US Central Intelli g ence A g ency (CIA) - 4
      Number of Incidents Involvin g the US Government - 27
      Number of Inventions Classified Secret by US Patent Office - Approximately
      Number of Incidents Involvin g Oil Companies - 9
      Names of Oil Companies and Banks Involved - Standard, Atlantic Richfield ,
      Shell Oil Company,
      World Bank, Wells Far g o
      Possibly Most Impressive Ener g y Invention - Philippines Inventor has
      Converted More than 100
      Cars to Run Only on Plain Water!

      Pa g e
      Grant Hudlow: Method of Convertin g Garba g e and Tires to Gasoline, Etc 1
      Al Wordsworth: Electrical Generator and Advanced Carburetor 1
      Neil Schmidt: Hydraulic Wind Turbine 1
      ??????: Mixed Chemical Stone 1
      Ken Rasmussen: Water-to-Ener g y Electrolysis Process 1
      Hitachi Ma g netics Corporation: Ma g net Motor 2
      Daniel Din g el: Converts More than 100 Cars to Run on Water 2
      Bill Williams: Joe Cell-Powered Truck 2
      Mike Brady: Perendev 300 kW Self-Runnin g Electroma g netic Generator 4
      Robert Bass: Low-Ener g y Nuclear Transmutation 4
      Frank Richardson: Ma g netic Electrical Generator and Bladeless Steam Turbine
      Anonymous: Ener g y Inventor is Buzzed by Black Helicopters 6
      Gary Vesperman (Reporter): US versus Japanese Support of Cold Fusion 7
      Robert Stewart: Stewart Cycle Heat En g ine 7
      Joel McClain and Norman Wooten: Ma g netic Resonance Amplifier 7
      Gary Vesperman (Reporter): CIA A g ents at 1996 Tesla Society Symposium 8
      Stewart Harris: Theory of Ma g netic Instability 8
      Ron Brandt: 90 MPG Carburetor 8
      Welton Myers: Myers' Efficient Carburetor 8
      Adam Trombley: Trombly-Farnsworth Solid-State Oscillatin g EM System 10
      Dennis Lee: Freon En g ines 10
      Christopher Bird/Waller (Reporter): Ener g y Suppression - An Invisible Galaxy
      of Inventions 11
      Bob Boyce: Brown's Gas Carburetor 11
      Bob Aldrich (Reporter): Vibratin g Ener g y Source 13
      Henry T. Moray: Free Ener g y Generator - Cold Semiconductor Cathode 13
      Charles N. Po g ue: 200+ MPG Carburetor 13
      Fish/Kendi g : Variable Venturi Carburetor 15
      Henry T. Moray: Free Ener g y Generator 15
      Floyd Sweet: Vacuum Triode Amplifier 15
      Teruo Kawai: Motive Power Generatin g Device 16
      John Andrews: Water-to-Gasoline Additive 17
      Tom O g le: 100+ MPG O g lemobile 17
      Shell Oil Company: Achieves 376.59 MPG with a Modified 1959 Opel in 1973
      Dick Belland: 100 MPG Carburetor that Runs on Gasoline Fumes 17
      Edwin V. Gray: Free Ener g y EVGRAY Generator and Free Ener g y En g ine 17
      Joseph C. Yater: Heat-to-Electricity Converter 18
      Phil Stone: En g ine Runs on Water 18
      Howard R. Johnson: Johnson Free Ener g y Motor 18
      Bruce DePalma: N Machine 18
      Bill Jenkins: Free Ener g y Machine 19
      Richard Di g g s: Liquid Electricity En g ine 19
      Joseph Newman: Ener g y Machine 19
      Gianni A. Dotto: Anti-A g in g and Anti-Gravity Thermionic Couple 19
      Tim Thrapp: Ener g y Invention 20
      Bob Lantz: Lantz Water and Power System 21
      David G. Yurth (Reporter): Remediatin g Nuclear Waste Materials 24
      Paul Brown: Hyper-Cap E-Converter 25
      William Bolon: Automobile Steam En g ine 26
      Walter Rosenthal (Reporter): Small Electrical Power Converter 26
      Ira Einhorn: Free Ener g y and Mind Control Researcher 26
      Allen Ca g g iano: 100+ MPG Fuel Implosion Vaporization System 28
      Brazil : Ethanol Produced from Su g ar Cane 31
      US Patent Office Holds Secret Approximately 4000 Patents 32
      Text of Generic Patent Secrecy Order 32

      Grant Hudlow: Method of Convertin g Garba g e and Tires to Gasoline, Etc

      Durin g the early days of the Rea g an Administration, much lip service was
      g iven and some money bud g eted to develop alternative sources of ener g y.
      Pahrump , Nevada resident Grant Hudlow, a former rocket scientist, was funded
      to investi g ate convertin g g arba g e, biomass, and tires to g asoline, low- g rade
      heat, fertilizer, and saleable chemicals. His method be g an to look so
      promisin g that the oil industry and their allies in the Rea g an
      Administration g ot scared and cut off his research funds.

      Al Wordsworth: Electrical Generator and Advanced Carburetor

      The details are sketchy and second-hand, but inventor Al Wordsworth had to
      contend with some type of harassment of both his advanced carburetor and
      electrical g enerator. His g enerator had an input of 3 amps at 12 volts and
      an output of 32 amps at 6 to 8 volts. He died, and it is believed his
      g enerator desi g n is lost.

      Neil Schmidt: Hydraulic Wind Turbine

      Neil Schmidt stopped in Gary Vesperman's office May 12, 1995 to discuss his
      invention of a hydraulic wind turbine. He had lived in Las Ve g as for 7
      years. Nine years previous when he was livin g in the Seattle area, he
      stopped in a federal Small Business Administration office to apply for
      financial aid. The followin g day, he received a telephone call and was told
      it wouldn't work and not to bother with it. He had provided the SBA office
      hardly more than a sketch so a hot ar g ument erupted which lasted a half
      hour. The man ended up hintin g death to Neil if he didn't stop workin g on
      his invention. A couple of days later, Neil went back to the office and
      walked around unsuccessfully tryin g to identify the voice he had heard on
      the telephone.

      Neil also has heard that another ener g y inventor livin g near his Washin g ton
      residence had been shot in the head and blinded.

      ??????: Mixed Chemical Stone

      A mixed chemical stone was found in En g land and secretized by the Queen. It
      g enerated its own electrical sparks.

      April 7, 2006 Wells Far g o Bank announced they finally invested $5 million of
      the $1 billion intended for renewable ener g y. Where did they invest? In a
      mutual fund: Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Ener g y Infrastructure Fund I, L.P.
      Funny thin g , who are the 3 lar g est stockholders of Carlyle Group? The answer
      in order of lar g est percenta g e owned. (source: Al Martin)

      1. The Queen of En g land
      2. Bush Family
      3. Bin Laden Family

      Ken Rasmussen: Water-to-Ener g y Electrolysis Process

      Ken Rasmussen and his team have been workin g on a water-to-ener g y
      electrolysis process that turns out to have similarities to that of
      Professor Kanarev. Their work ceased after a member of the research team was
      threatened at g unpoint on May 16, 2006. Unknown to Ken, his associate had
      faced a violent confrontation with 4 youn g to middle-a g ed white males in
      black suits drivin g a late model black Lincoln Town Car.

      Shovin g Glocks and Mac tens in his face at a rural intersection, they told
      him extensive details about his family and threatened lives of him, family
      and all associates if he didn't stop work on the process immediately and
      NEVER g o to the authorities. His associate, now scared for his own life and
      that of family, complied. But similarly to Bill Williams' case, when happy
      people start actin g silent and paranoid, friends g et suspicious.

      In the g ood old days, bi g business bullies offered lots of mon

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