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Physicists' Denial Syndrome (Ph.DS) STAR WARS IN IRAQ

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  • David Crockett Williams
    To Jack Sarfatti s Internet Science Education Project list http://www.stardrive.org The red-necked red-baiting anti-grey-matter Art-ista, like you Jack,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
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      To Jack Sarfatti's Internet Science Education Project list

      The red-necked red-baiting anti-grey-matter
      Art-ista, like you Jack, doesn’t read very carefully.

      You both have your own ADS Active Denial System, set to
      habitually deny or ignore facts and the truth of the matters
      at hand for the latest rantings and ravings in this collegial
      discussion vs intimidation email circle of friends,
      the Physicists' ADS, ie, PhADS.

      See what you say after you see the movie and/or
      the reports on its viewing which should contain
      at least some medical photos the doctors took of
      those fried humans, refuting the usual PsyOps
      cover-story of other existing “non-lethal” advanced
      electromagnetic weaponry, all under development
      in our country and others since the 1970’s when
      Ira Einhorn and Andrija Puharich pioneered the US
      genre for CIA with their home-made gizmo that
      could induce a few different uncomfortable effects
      on people, different depending on the setting
      on their home made black box non-lethal e/m
      weapon, one of which was pain induced in
      the person it was aimed at. What do you think
      has been going on among Jack and these “ex-spook”
      physics and even legitimate science folks on his lists
      now, since the 70’s?? Didn’t you read the mind control
      pages posted to Jack’s list a month ago showing
      all those names of folks involved in this advanced
      e/m weapons genre, with PsyOps like Jack’s book
      “Space Time and Beyond” to give cover to the dirty
      work inventing these weapons that fry people, oh, but,
      “non-lethally”?!! What do you think, Jack and these
      folks on his lists are interested in peace and love
      and everyone getting along on the planet as their
      intent that they focus through their mind-frame
      and mind-set onto manifesting the next reality, or
      do you think, like he says, Jack is into making bigger
      and more destructive weapons under the fantasy
      cover-story we are being fed about the Evil ET Boogey
      Humanoids coming to eat us as justification for the
      Star Wars weaponization of space with weapons including
      and worse than nuclear weapons circling overhead,
      with one button in President Bush’s hand and another
      satellite control button in the hands of his family’s
      business partner Osama bin Laden and see what kind
      of game is coming next, who can fry one another’s
      populace best while leaving the buildings intact to
      come in and take over after all are dead and shrunk
      into handy-to-sweep-up ashes? Isn't this the kind of stuff
      Jack’s ilk are doing with their talents and attitudes as
      perverted psychotic priests of the Religion of The West,
      ie, Science, funded by your friendly government military
      intelligence prison drug industry covert mega-millions?

      Do you think with that kind of funding, and the intent
      behind it, that you are going to get anything else
      than what we have? Any wonder why they are so
      mad at us they are threatening to nuke our cities
      like we did to the unarmed civilians in Hiroshima
      and Nagasaki to test the atomic weapons on humans
      for the first time, one uranium bomb and one plutonium
      bomb, just to see and test the effects in order to then
      start the cold war against Soviet Union after claiming
      Japan by the bombs as spoils of war otherwise going
      to go to the Soviets per Yalta agreement in February 1945.

      We are talking about the real life Darth Vaders and
      Dr. Strangeloves here, among these chaps on these
      Internet Science Education Project lists of Dr. Jack
      Sarfatti Ph.DS. www.stardrive.org


      From: Jack Sarfatti [mailto:sarfatti@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 4:34 PM
      To: ANTIGRAY@...
      Cc: gear2000@...
      Subject: Re: documentary, STAR WARS IN IRAQ courtesy of "theoretical

      I usually delete his idiocies without reading them.

      On May 31, 2006, at 4:10 PM, ANTIGRAY@... wrote:

      Hi Jack,
      The commie is spreading lies and propaganda again. The weapon in question is
      an area denial weapon, not something that fries Iraqis in their tracks. It
      is a non-lethal system designed to make enemy soldiers flee or to break up
      hostile demonstrations. This is some info on it.


      In a message dated 5/31/2006 6:45:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      gear2000@... writes:

      Subj: documentary, STAR WARS IN IRAQ courtesy of "theoretical physicists"
      Date:5/31/2006 6:45:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
      To:sarfatti@..., dantsmith@...
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      Received from Internet:

      This guy should interview you Jack for his movie so you can
      explain to folks how this is a morally correct application of
      your "theoheretical physics"...testing, one, two, three, melted.

      May 31, 2006

      WAR : http://www.tvnewslies.org/news/#war

         the April 2003 battle for the Baghdad Airport, American filmmaker
         Patrick Dillon learned of a mysterious weapon that had slaughtered
         men, women and children, microwave-cooked them in their mini-bus.
         The Iraqi doctors to whom the horror was rushed had never seen
         anything like it: no entry wounds, eyes fried, skin burnt off
         where exposed, but unharmed under clothing; decapitations.
         Dillon's witness, Majid al Ghezali, first violinist in the city
         orchestra, took Dillon to the site of the crime, near the airport.
         The filmmaker followed the leads, including footage of Rumsfeld
         and one of his yes-man generals who reveal, Yes, we have such
         weapons and will use them (and obviously have used them). Dillon's
         documentary STAR WARS IN IRAQ, is a must-watch (unless you already
         know all about EMP weapons and Donald (Gacy) Rumsfeld)
         TVNL Comment: Video



      Bruce DePalma and Paramahamsa Tewari
      2 newspaper articles with commentary
      With introduction to Internet Science Education Project of Dr. Jack Sarfatti

      Here is food for thought for real physics folks to address
      the physics involved here, eg, Dr. Hone's "misunderstanding,"
      and why Dr. Wheeler's hushed involvement in all this behind
      the scenes. Instead of decrying all this as untrue, how about
      addressing the physics fundamentals for public understanding,
      instead of just the customary Sarfatti PsyOps response of
      intimidation to divert attention from the truth?

      How long has the fruition of these new energy techs been
      delayed by Sarfatti's thick-headedness since I started bringing
      this to his attention in 1999? We may not have gone to war
      with Iraq most recently if there had been cooperation and
      genuine collegial discourse on all this instead of ego-tripping
      and belligerency and denial of facts deemed "outside of areas
      of interest" -- wouldn't you say so?

      Regarding the Free Energy (New Energy) Technologies to
      replace nuclear power and fossil fuel power: Bruce DePalma
      and Paramahamsa Tewari, some history addressing the question:

      "If this is real, how come it's not happening"?

      Because of lack of public scientific confidence and "physics experts"
      with other agendas threatened by new knowledge, and "dual-use"
      military-civilian US secrecy restrictions fearing weapons using
      this knowledge -- why we need global peace now to redirect
      human and financial resources towards solving our critical
      global climate crisis by moving away from fossil fuel power
      and the wars being fought to access petroleum resources:

      Here are some ideas on how we can do that, by bringing out
      the truth of the matter of the so-called free energy technologies:

      Two newspaper articles discussing the work of Bruce DePalma
      in Santa Barbara and Paramahamsa Tewari in India, in the 1980's,
      followed by links for more information on their work and more.

      "The Weekly" -- Santa Barbara:

      "Proponents of DePalma's machine, like fellow Santa Barbara
      scientist David Williams, believe the US government, to
      protect the energy industry, has suppressed widespread
      application of N-technologies. According to Williams,
      "The same ethic of materialism that stopped Tesla's
      'free energy' technologies in the early years of the
      20th century, is today visibly responsible for wars,
      hunger, poverty, homelessness, pollution, and the
      prostitution of the American scientific community
      resulting in the completely insane endangerment of
      our planet threatened with the potential of complete
      destruction of all life by nuclear holocaust."

      India Today:

      "...it would have been difficult for [Tewari] to go
      on with work on the SVT and the generator were it not for
      encouragement from two U.S. physicists, Dr. John A. Wheeler
      of the University of Texas, Austin, and Bruce DePalma,
      formerly a lecturer in physics at the Massachusetts Institute
      of Technology. "But for DePalma, I wouldn't have been able
      to tie up my theory," says Tewari. "He was working on similar
      ideas and kept sending his results to me."

      By reviewing the below articles you can see that support
      for this project is thwarted by so-called experts in physics
      who are quoted stupidly in public news articles discrediting
      something they have not studied and are afraid of because
      it seems to violate their "known laws of physics". To those
      versed a bit in physics or electromagnetism it is clear that
      Dr. Hone's scientific response below is totally bogus because
      he is talking about the "induction effect" that he calls below
      the "Faraday effect" whereby a wire moving through a magnetic
      field has an electrical current induced in it by that motion, or
      so the "theory" behind that particular "law of physics" says.



      For an earlier article about the initial experiments by Bruce DePalma and Ed
      Delvers showing gravitational and inertial effects of rotating objects
      "violating the laws of physics" to the chagrin of folks like Dr. Wheeler
      mentioned above, the "20th Century Galileo Experiments" here read how they
      "Discovered the Rotation Force Field," "You have to watch the spinning
      balls; Princeton doesn't believe in Bruce DePalma; But then, of course,
      Bruce doesn't believe in Einstein," The Sunday Times Advertiser, Trenton,
      N.J. GAZETTE, Sunday, January 11, 1976, Page E 1


      --------snipped, see
      Bruce DePalma and Paramahamsa Tewari
      2 newspaper articles with commentary
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