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hairiest US Chief executive, DCW for President newspaper report: Tehachapi man never short on words for presidential run - Candidate also ran in 1996, dislikes reactions

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  • David Crockett Williams
    David Crockett Williams for USA President If elected he would be the hairiest U.S. Chief executive since Rutherford B. Hayes. ...
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      David Crockett Williams for USA President

      "If elected he would be the hairiest U.S.
      Chief executive since Rutherford B. Hayes."

      --- Robert Price, Bakersfield Californian Columnist


      -----begin retyped article:

      Bakersfield Californian

      Sunday, April 30, 2000

      Page B1

      Tehachapi man never short on words for presidential run

      Candidate also ran in 1996, dislikes reactions

      By Robert Price
      Staff Columnist

      As soon as he's inaugurated, the new president plans to grant
      a full pardon to a certain infamous political figure.

      The president doesn't care how that gesture might effect
      his approval rating because he has already planned his
      second official act: He's going to resign from office, paving
      the way for the pardoned man to seize control of the Oval Office
      in a coup the likes of which these shores have never seen.

      Sound like a Bill Clinton-hater's worst nightmare? A dirty little
      rumor emanating from the George W. Bush camp? The latest
      hard-cover conspiracy theory from Tom Clancy? A fresh subject
      for Rush Limbaugh, finally tiring of the Elian saga?

      It's none of the above.

      It's the inauguration-day game plan of one David Crockett Williams,
      Tehachapi resident, self-styled metaphysician, futurist, advocate
      for peace and unlikeliest of presidential candidates.

      What make Williams' plan particularly unusual is his choice of
      running mate: It's none other than Leonard Peltier, who is
      serving two life terms at Leavenworth for killing a pair of
      FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in
      South Dakota in 1975.

      Apparently Williams is not actively seeking the cop vote.

      Amnesty International considers Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota
      Indian, a political prisoner for two reasons: Peltier's leadership
      role in the pseudo-separatist American Indian Movement, and
      allegations of perjury and prosecution misconduct before and
      during Peltier's 1977 trial.

      Williams, a Caucasian, sees Peltier's unorthodox journey to the
      White House as a sort of Nelson Mandela story, in which the
      incarcerated dissident walks out of prison and heals the nations

      Peltier, needless to say, won't be actively campaigning.

      And that's OK, because Williams (who has never met Peltier
      personally) won't be doing much either. Not unless you count
      the electronic missives he fires around the country from his
      12-by-12 home office.

      Williams is a 55-year old chemist-turned-financial planner
      turned full-time visionary. At the age of 29 he shaved his
      head and declared that until world peace is achieved, he
      would never again apply a razor to his skin. We all know
      how the world-peace thing is going, so it should be no
      surprise that, 26 years after taking his hair vow, Williams
      has a salt-and-pepper ZZ Top beard, thick, black-framed
      Allen Ginsberg reading glasses and a pony tail he wears
      in a tight bun. If elected he would be the hairiest U.S.
      Chief executive since Rutherford B. Hayes.

      Not much chance of that. Williams, running as an independent
      (he has about 3-1/2 months, starting this week, to collect
      enough signatures to qualify for the various state ballots),
      would be the first to admit that his odds are none and none.
      He may take issue with much of what passes for conventional
      thinking in physics, religion and politics, but he's enough of a
      realist to know a sinking rowboat when he sees one.

      He ran for president in 1996, too, and heard all the questions
      many readers might be asking themselves right now.

      "That was the hardest part, listening to some of the reactions,"
      Williams says. " 'Are you trying to be funny or are you just stupid?
      ...Or are you just really egotistical?'

      "It's none of those things. I don't want to be president but I have
      a responsibility as an American citizen to stand up and talk about
      what I know to be an environmental and social emergency. I'll be
      more than happy to back somebody else who can get my message
      out better than I can."

      David Crockett Williams Jr. is the son of a Walt Disney Co. accountant
      and World War II veteran who died in 1985. He grew up in the San
      Fernando Valley and spent much of his adult life in Santa Barbara,
      coming to Tehachapi four years ago to care for his widowed mother,
      with whom he now lives.

      When he's not running for president, Williams occupies his time
      with an array of daunting (some might say odd) pursuits. Among them:

      -- Refuting Einstein's Theory of Relativity with his own Tetron Natural
      Unified Field Theory.

      -- Studying new commercial energy sources. He's written extensively
      about the relationship between electricity, gravity, magnetism, and

      -- Working toward the legalization of marijuana. Ann McCormick,
      the mother of cancer patient Todd McCormick, who was recently
      sentenced to prison for "medical" marijuana, is the new volunteer
      staff coordinator for Williams' presidential campaign.

      -- Studying religion and spirituality. He has followed Buddhism
      but sees correlations and intertwined truths among many of
      the world's great religions, including the Christian, Jewish,
      Islamic, and Hopi faiths.

      -- Helping organize the Global Walk for Peace, which is presently
      moving across the North American continent. Williams was the
      national coordinator of the 1995 event.

      He can talk about any or all of those subjects for as long as
      people are willing to listen.

      "Once," he says, "a friend told me 'David, you are the kind of
      guy who when someone asks you what time it is, you tell them
      how to build a watch.'"

      Which brings us to what might be the most difficult and
      challenging aspect of a David Crockett Williams administration,
      brief though it might otherwise be: The inauguration speech
      could go on for weeks.

      For more on David Crockett Williams:

      --------end retyped newspaper article text

      Davy Crockett for President 2008, Dennis Kucinich VP; if elected
      I pardon Leonard Peltier and resign, making Dennis Kucinich President

      The only serious redress of the above is that my Tetron thesis
      is not a refutation of Einstein's theory of relativity, but rather
      purports to be a correction and completion of his equivalence
      equation, E=mC^2, upon which "relativity theory interpretations"
      are based, thus correcting these in line with the overlooked true
      nature of light which defines the human mind's consciousness
      orientation function of light and the "relative, ie, ego-centric
      nature of reality," and the absolute nature of truth which corrects
      the fallacy of science that reality is exclusively objective in nature
      and that truth is only "probabilistic" in nature per accepted implicit
      extrapolations of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. For more see:
      http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/tetron2.html -- and;

      December 1975 release, published in All One Voice, Journal of the
      All One Family Union, Spring 1976

      The basic starting point, "square one" on this "theory" is regarding
      the facts about the nature of light, ie, the C in E=mC^2 which
      when squared, by "mathematical convention" is taken to mean,
      ie, compromised to mean, the square of the scalar speed of light,
      when in fact since C is non-additive, this means that it is a most
      unusual vector quantity because instead of being extant independent
      of the identity of the observer per the notion of "exclusively objective
      reality" instead is extant "tethered" or "pegged" to the relative
      identity of each observer, thereby forming the mathematical language
      basis for understanding the "relative nature" of reality, ie, the
      "ego-centric nature of the universe" as an overlooked property of
      light itself, ie, C. This was overlooked by Einstein who would
      otherwise have realized that his "thought experiments" imagining
      what would happen if he "rode a light beam" is not possible by
      definition of this property of light, ie, like riding a tethered ball
      to the moon cannot be done since it is roped to a pole (as light
      is "tied" to the observer).

      If this above does not make any sense, neither will the rest, but below
      also is an update of today I put on my website, again trying to explain
      these equations in words, my task unfulfilled since 1974. The next
      stage is realizing that each observer's mind can be quantified and
      qualified to control for the "observer (psi) effect" in experiments,
      per "graphoanalysis" which explains for example why and how folks
      like Uri Geller and Sai Baba have "paranormal powers" where
      other folks to not exhibit these, as is understandable from their
      "holographs" (handwriting) per www.igas.com . Thus it is
      possible to understand how "our minds are made up" and
      how our personalities are limiting/preventing our Primary
      Perception and Biocommunication which I suspect show
      up under category of "intuition" in this kind of holographic
      analysis that also shows nature of mental, emotional, and
      imagery faculties of mind filtering such "non-local perceptions"
      per http://www.primaryperception.com

      Understanding of "the human mind's consciousness orientation function of
      light, Tetron" per my Tetron Thesis ("Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory")
      equations, which mathematically define this human mind's consciousness
      orientation function of light (Tetron) consequent to an overlooked property
      of the nature of light itself (the C in E=mC^2), this offers understanding
      of how to "quantify and qualify the relative identity of the observer in the
      language of mathematics," which offers understanding of a new mathematical
      "function," the "absolute identity function" which depicts the "Oneness" of
      spiritual consciousness as the "Absolute Identity of Observer and Observed"
      beyond the measurement parameters of "physical reality" and the
      "definitional character of the human mind."

      See also: The Science Solution

      From this understanding I have been predicting since 1976 the advent of new
      kinds of technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to provide
      fuel-less "electro-gravi-magnetic" levitation transportation capabilities,
      to neutralize radioactive materials, to transmit (or teleport) water "over
      the airwaves like radio/television" from the oceans to anywhere in the
      world, and devices with applications for healing all manner of human
      diseases. Since 1979 he has been collaborating with other scientists whose
      independent research in these areas seems to offer support for some of these
      predictions. For over 20 years I have been a spiritual practitioner involved
      in bridging the understandings (points of view) of the various religious and
      spiritual traditions (especially the Three Faiths of Jerusalem) for their
      reconciliation in The One Truth, through his Tetron Thesis' concluding
      principle of "absolute identity", while working as a full time mendicant
      volunteer American and Global Peace Movement organizer producing and
      coordinating a variety of projects and events.

      NEW - Here is a listing of newspaper articles and similar other background
      documents about my work, under construction but 26 Articles there so far out
      of over 100 between 1976 and 2004.

      NEW - DCW Collaborators Information Request Form:
      This is the initial 29May06 version of a form you can use, copying and
      pasting it into an email, adding extra line spaces and filling it in between
      the lines with your responsive information offering, if you are interested
      in best results for collaboration with David Crockett Williams on various
      projects, programs, and ideas of mutual interest in the direct cause of true
      peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as Paradise on

      I see my job as correcting the mind of science and humanity into harmony
      with The One Truth of True One Law. To do this my plan is to produce a
      television show as a true life adventure based on the format of a moving
      staging encampment accompanying a long distance peace walk from place to
      place around the world, following the training I received in my youth at
      Walt Disney Studios and my experience with numerous peace walks since my
      1976 initiation to this genre by my teacher friend Masao Nippashi of the
      Nipponzan Myohoji Order founded by Mahatma Gandhi's Fujii Guruji. Here is an
      overview and "treatment" of this idea explaining what is needed and what is
      offered for this "most popular television show ever" in pre-production for
      almost 30 years now, The Rainbow Peace Walk Movie, The Great Planetary Peace


      Since 1980 I have been a perennial dark horse Don Quixote style Independent
      Candidate for United States President, except in 2004 when I instead
      supported Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Each time before that these
      "campaigns" were short lived and embarrassing but serious to direct
      attention to what needs to be done to save our environment from Earth
      turning into Mars in the coming generations and reconciling conflicting
      religious and political beliefs so we can have "Global Peace Now!"
      Independent Campaign means no political party and ballot access by petition
      signature gathering in the Spring of election year. In 2000 I designated
      Leonard Peltier as my VP running mate so I could pardon him upon election
      and then resign making him president following the precedent of Nelson
      Mandela in South Africa who went from prison to the president of the country
      after ending Apartheid. On my 61st birthday in 2006 I announced my plan for
      2008 naming Dennis Kucinich as my VP candidate so if elected I can pardon
      Leonard Peltier and resign making the better qualified Kucinich president.
      Again the defining characteristic of this 2008 Independent DCW-DJK
      Presidential Campaign is that no money is ever to be solicited or accepted
      in the name of this campaign. The main costs will be simple printing and
      circulating and posting of the ballot access petitions in Spring of 2008.
      These and any other expenses are to be born individually by supporters who
      can afford to do so. This is because and to counter the fact that both the
      Democratic and Republican Parties are so corrupted, by big money politics
      and "lack of faith in the truth as a real thing and not a made-up thing." So
      if you want to be one of my Presidential Electors, and/or signature
      gatherers for 2008, let me know now! And please help spread the message of
      how our US government can change policies to implement global peace and
      prosperity by affecting an American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Policy with
      Free Energy and Hemp for Victory:

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