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(wannabees, New Age) are the new Custer of this era - Dear Angel Summer Breeze, Davy Crockett for President, Regarding Protection of Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Regarding Protection of Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies: (wannabees, New Age) are the new Custer of this era for Gods sake David, when in doubt, show more
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2006
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      Regarding Protection of Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies:

      "(wannabees, New Age) are the new Custer of this era"

      "for Gods sake David, when in doubt, show more respect"

      "...loved her statement of "the new Custer of this era",
      as that is what is going on, people are practicing things
      that are destroying our People."

      Davy Crockett for President

      Dear Angel Summer Breeze, and other rainbow sisters and brothers,

      Thanks for your note, and your kindness, and thanks to Gary Stubbs,
      even through his hostile rhetoric, for helping to set me straight
      with enough information about you so that I could calm down and
      focus on what was the real problem to solve about that document
      attributed to Hakikta Jordan regarding a meeting and claiming some
      Lakota leaders were against the ceremony protocol directive
      of 2003 from Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Based on the information
      I have received and evaluated over these months, it now appears
      that Chief Crow Dog was initially against that directive as interpreted
      to mean no non-Indians should be allowed to take part in the Sundance
      ceremony since his Sundances at Rosebud do include the participation
      of many non-Indian folks, and his at Big Mountain usually included
      many Japanese people who still come following my first Nipponzan
      Myohoji teacher the late Masao Nippashi whose friends and family
      still come to do the Sundance focusing on Big Mountain each year
      that now Chief Crow Dog has a younger person leading according
      to my last phone conversation with him last week. But apparently
      he changed his mind after Looking Horse's clarification a few months
      later in 2003 and from that understanding now apparently supports that
      directive. Tome Robideaux was at that meeting and apparently is
      the one who sent my email to Hakikta which got his response saying
      he did not write that document that says he wrote it. But Tome
      has not emailed directly, or anyone else, to say who else could have
      written it and put Hakikta's name on it. Anyway, that document
      has now been removed from the German website where it apparently
      originated, and I hope also removed from your utahpeacetest site,
      since no matter what is the truth about who wrote it, or who supported
      it at that time, now it is clear that neither Hakikta nor Chief Crow Dog do.

      This is my lesson in being more careful and not being prejudiced in any
      direction, negative or positive, about "anyone" due to their perceived
      status as leaders or "whatever", including hostile rhetoric.

      Blessings on your journey to the gathering in Colorado and
      well wishes to you and all the other mothers and fathers,
      all doing the best we can with what we have and know.

      My two sons will become aged 38 and 27 and my daughter 21
      after this Summer (two different mothers). No grandkids yet.
      Today is my 61st birthday. I visited my mom on Mother's Day
      and brought her beautiful purple iris flowers from the garden here.
      She is a most wonderful mother who has loved me and encouraged
      me since birth. So much so that I was walking and talking and
      toilet trained at 9 months old, I am told, but I don't remember :-)

      My name David means Beloved, same for my father, my
      mother's name Amy means Beloved One. She turned 83
      this year on February 6, which was also Ronald Reagan's birthday,
      Bob Marley's birthday, Thomas Banyacya's 7th demise anniversary,
      and the 30th anniversary of Leonard Peltier's imprisonment.
      My father, David Crockett Williams (II) died on my 40th birthday.

      Your Rainbow Brother,

      David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III)
      5/17/2006 10:34 AM PDT
      Perennial Independent Candidate for United States President,
      since 1980, every four years except 2004 when I supported
      Dennis Kucinich for President instead of "running" again myself.
      In 2000 my campaign was with Leonard Peltier as my VP
      candidate, so if elected I could pardon him and resign to make
      him US president following precedent of Nelson Mandela becoming
      president of South Africa after release from a long imprisonment.
      This time for 2008, today I again announce my independent candidacy
      for US president, with Dennis Kucinich as my VP candidate so if elected
      I can pardon Leonard Peltier and resign to make the more qualified
      Rep. Dennis John Kucinich United States President. But he can become
      President this year if Bush and Cheney resign and he is elected
      Speaker of the House to replace Bush in line of succession as part
      of an American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Program Deal to Heal
      the Nation for "Global Peace Now!"
      (Resignation is better than impeachment)

      Owner-Moderator-Initiator now re-activating for this purpose:
      Above is the first Yahoogroup on the web for Kucinich for
      President, started to draft him to run, replaced/supplanted by
      when he announced his Democratic Party Presidential
      candidacy in February 2003 http://www.kucinich.us
      Dennis Kucinich said if elected US President he would return
      to the sovereign nation to nation treaty system with the
      indigenous nations instead of the present BIA system.

      My platform: Global Peace and Harmony among all peoples
      and nations by understanding the human mind's consciousness
      orientation function of light and its applications for new energy
      technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and roads,
      to neutralize radioactive materials, to broadcast water like radio,
      and other technologies and systems science applications since
      1976 for the direct cause of true peace with harmony among
      all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth, ie,
      "Paradise Psibernetics" per Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory

      06Feb06 - Free Leonard Peltier
      TAR USA.2006 [PardonUSA2006]
      Truth Amnesty Reconciliation





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      TAR Pardon USA 2006 Truth Amnesty Reconciliation


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      The main focus of this particular US National Security Intelligence
      Collaboration list is to affect Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier who
      is seen as America's Nelson Mandela by all those factions in the world who
      are against the US because of its foreign and domestic policies which they
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      The potential for success of this list collaboration is inspired by the
      recent years' activities of the Internet Science Education Project email
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      Following the precedential example and history of the case of Nelson Mandela
      in South Africa, after the African National Congress put forth the policy of
      "Truth, Amnesty, and Reconciliation" only then was there able to be a
      nonviolent resolution to the Apartheid policies and a cooperative
      restructuring of the South African government finally enfranchising the bulk
      of the country's populace.

      This group will also be discussing and archiving documentation on the issue
      of how to develop and apply an American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Program
      ATARP to effect similarly in the United States the nonviolent resolution of
      the American Apartheid symbolized by the long imprisonment of American
      Indian Movement Spiritual Leader Leonard Peltier concurrent with a
      cooperative restructuring of the United States Government to include a White
      House Cabinet Level US Department of Peace to make peace an organizing
      principle in governments and integrate principles of nonviolence in


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      that leads to peace among nations, communities, and families.

      Should he decide to resign, or be impeached successfully, this group's
      Urgent Preparations Mission (UPM) is to see that the next First Family in
      The White House is headed by the 44th President of the United States of
      America, (who would be if VP Cheney also resigns) appointed as the person
      then holding the office of The Speaker of The House of Representatives, whom
      Our Campaign Seeks to Elect as Rep. Dennis John Kucinich (D-OH) by rallying
      public and commensurate electoral support among Members of Congress who vote
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      Elect Dennis Speaker Now!

      Bye-bye to the bush for war,

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      From: Angel Summer [mailto:angelonmyshoulder77@...]
      Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 9:18 AM
      To: David Crockett Williams; 'sufi abdul bari wyte';
      leadershipcommunity@...; 'Brother Cosmic Drum Wave (Rainbow Family
      Tribe) (www.rainbowguide.info)'; Robert Leon Mendelson; 'Martin Cheney';
      Michael DiMartino; Michael DiMartino
      Cc: twohawks0@...; miketwofeathers@...; Carol Wolman;
      'David Mortensen'; allenindenver@...; angelonmyshoulder77@...;
      rainbowcrystalkitchen04@...; 1bigtree@...;
      cwhitebuffalowoman@...; soaringstar@...; CO Denver - Crispin
      Clarke - Global Peace Walk Project Co-Coordinator
      (www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html); NM Taos - Jeffrey Bullard
      GPZNOWTAOS Global Peace Walk Co-Coordinator; Brother Felipe Chavez (Rainbow
      Family Tribe) - Wolakota Spiritual Practitioner (www.rainbowguide.info)
      (www.wolakota.org); Vermin Supreme
      Subject: Re: peace pole ashes to ashes, Hiawatha is not fictional, He is on
      excellent terms

      Blessings to everyone. It is a beautiful spring day, and though my life
      personally has been filled with many hardships, struggles and losses this
      winter, I am gloriously excited to be alive in this world and able to
      participate in the path to one love and one heart. I await with great
      anticipation the day that we will all stand with God, unashamed, to be loved
      by God and one another, without having to explain or justify or pardon one
      self to others...to just be and to just love and be loved.
      Let us get there as swiftly as we can.
      Peace be with you all this wonderful day.
      Journeying to Colorado on a road filled with detours of possibility.
      Angel Summer Breeze

      David Crockett Williams <gear2000@...> wrote:
      Dear Sufi,

      I have nothing against you personally, or anyone for that
      matter, and what folks perceive as defamation is only their
      reaction to my view of the truth of the matter, from
      where I can see it, like anyone. I appreciate that your
      name came from a teacher to whom you feel responsible,
      and as I know more about that I will be able to figure out
      better how to work with you. But you are clearly in the
      wrong trying to act like you have any right to control
      and possess other people's sacred stuff like the peace pole
      you completely mistake for something that it is not. You
      are clearly wrong on that matter and just using the peace
      pole as your ego trip ticket.

      The Peace Pole is a Buddhist ceremony going back 2200
      years. It is nobody's "fault," but it has just been misused
      and so messed up lots of folks' heads and that is why I issued
      the directive as that one's creator for it to be burned to ashes.

      As I wrote to Wave, this is my decision firmly, but there are
      others I respect whose knowledge of this is deeper and whose
      views on what should be done with the Rainbow Family White
      House Peace Pole I would respect as having more authority
      than my views, since even though I created that particular
      peace pole it was under the inspiration of those whose
      culture it comes from whose leadership in this matter I respect,
      eg, Rev. Yamato, and Rev. Kato, both familiar to Wave.

      As far as Hiawatha, even though you think he is a fictional
      character that is not the view of the leaders of the Haudenosaunee
      who remember and give detailed teachings about him in the
      context of the oral history of their people and the origin of
      the Tree of Peace and the teaching of the Great Law of Peace
      brought by the Peacemaker who had a speech impediment due
      to having a double row of teeth. Hiawatha was his helper who
      helped him communicate verbally to the five tribes thereby united
      as the Haudenosaunee. Previously Hiawatha was grief-stricken
      because all of his family had been killed in the bitter warfare
      going on in those times and so he went into the forest to die
      of grief but saw a pond where the birds had emptied the water
      and shining in the wet pond bed were the purple and white shells
      of those small creatures gleaming in the sunlight and this relieved
      him of his grief and these shells became what is used in the Wampum
      symbolizing the tears of his grief, stringing these shells alternately,
      shells, and white shells, to make the patterns of the various Wampum
      strung on wild hemp fiber, all this according to the lectures
      of Haudenosaunee Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp given at the Tree of
      Peace ceremony in 1990 in Santa Barbara I have witnessed and help
      produce for him there at the Peace Tree he planted on UC Santa
      Barbara campus on May 16, 1985. Hiawatha is as real as Jesus,
      but some folks don't think he was real either, ie, fictional. This
      is why, unless Robert Mendelson has been GIVEN this name, which he
      has TAKEN on his own, by a recognized leader of the Haudenosaunee,
      then in my book he is just pirating native traditions for his own
      personal purposes using a STOLEN name. Same goes for Carol, and
      also Melody who says her name was given in ceremony but has not
      said if such was given by a proper Lakota leader with naming ceremonies
      they do involving everyone eating dog stew etc. It's just without the
      information it is not possible for someone with knowledge of
      these things to understand how folks are using names, in a proper
      and sacred way or in a wrong way detrimental to themselves and
      others. In any case, it is not my view or position to change folks'
      minds, just I am trying to figure out by asking for more info where
      folks are really coming from, and of course everyone has the
      right to recognize or not to recognize folks' alternate names
      or whatever else they say as truthful or not.

      Michael DiMartino has not redeemed himself in my view as
      he has not taken care of the problem caused in 1994 by his
      giving Chief Jake Swamp a bad check and not making good
      on this or even apologizing to him ever since, just ignoring
      this situation as far as the latest information that I have.
      That Michael has not responded on this matter to emails
      in months indicates he still is hiding from all this.

      5/14/2006 8:20 AM PDT

      sufi abdul bari wyte wrote:

      I'm sorry, but I earned my name after 15 years of waiting for the teacher
      who saw the real me..

      Hiowatha is fictional, but you and Circle are not, Ayowenta.

      No one knows the mental breakdown MikeDiM went through in '94, and what he
      went through since then, to make amends, and what it cost him in time and
      money. He is on excellent terms, with both Indians and Budhists alike. All
      this smoke DCW is blowin, is not peacefull.

      The Pole as well, has grown up into it's own identity as a mute proclamation

      of intent, and invocation of what it is, and what it does. Should we be
      burned , or be Welcomed toward the WON.

      Some one yelled at Rainbow Light (who formed the Circle for years) and said
      is that spelled lite? Boy did that make him mad, this is not how we treat
      our brothers of different mothers.

      Forward this on to the underground, this defamation must stop.

      From: Rainbow_Tribe@yahoogroups.com
      On Behalf Of Angel Summer
      Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 9:30 AM
      To: ColoradoRainbowFamily@yahoogroups.com;
      greatlakesrainbow@yahoogroups.com; Rainbow_Tribe@yahoogroups.com;
      RainbowFamilies@yahoogroups.com; rainbowfamily@yahoogroups.com;
      Subject: [Rainbow_Tribe] Re: [ColoradoRainbowFamily] Re: [Rainbow Family Of
      Living Light] *~~Brothers & Sisters ~*~Being a Mother Day~~*

      The writing from Martin Cheney on being a mother/father is absolutely
      beautiful and very touching. Thank you for sharing that.
      Have a blessed day filled with love and joy all you mothers out there. I am
      a mother of eleven and soon to be grandmother of two more grandchildren
      taking the total to 15. How blessed I feel I am.
      Lovin you all. summer breeze
      P.S. Please pray for our (Raven and me) continued journey to Colorado. We
      have been on the road for a week now driving a little over a thousand miles
      and have had several break downs, like today. But we are in a good place. We
      just need our car to remain repaired and get us back to the farm in
      Colorado. We opted to skip the train and drive instead, which will be better
      for us in the long run, being able to transport ourselves about. It is just
      taking time to get the kinks out of this car and find all it problems and
      fix them. Unfortunately, when that takes place on the road, it sets one
      back. We are getting closer to being there. So please pray for our journey
      and our arrival in Colorado. Much love.

      miketwofeathers <miketwofeathers@...> wrote:
      well i think i may know how  a mom feels, my wife passed away when my girls
      were 11, so i filled the spot, even became a member in the mother of twins
      club. was some weird times in the woods for sure. makes me appreciate moms
      even that much more.   mike 

      From: David Crockett Williams [mailto:gear2000@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:40 PM
      To: 'Barry Circle Tillman'
      Subject: RE: staffing or funding, did you really think Paulah is one of

      She represents the Lakota leadership initiating the WPPD
      ceremony you included in your writeup about your ceremony
      camp proposal with inipi and peyote tipi ceremonies all
      mixed in so it is logical for her to be offered a chance
      to give her advice which she did and now you know
      what her view is and that she has seen your proposal
      so you know what you are being held responsible for.

      From: Barry Circle Tillman [mailto:leadershipcommunity@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 4:07 AM
      To: David Crockett Williams
      Subject: staffing or funding, did you really think Paulah is one of these?

      From: Barry Circle Tillman [mailto:leadershipcommunity@...]
      Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 9:56 PM
      To: David Crockett Williams
      Subject: for Gods sake David, when in doubt, show more respect

      Dear David,

      I am always shocked when you write something positive about me so I hope
      that I can earn that again. You say you are not endorsing the camp and I
      asked you not to promote it so why are you? I sent it to you not to send it
      widely which you did. You sent it to potentially thousands of people. Why
      did you disrespect me? Is it because you needed to get your opinion out? It
      was for those that might fill a position or fund. It is not ready yet so
      don't send it to anyone for atleast one week and until a new version goes

      I recently asked you
      Do not give my telephone number to anyone nor promote the camp I am
      We do not refer to these ceremonies with the word peyte. We just don't, we
      all know that, because in some states there is a less than safe invitation
      to non natives. Trust me on this point. In general, never discuss me or the
      Sacred Ceremony Camp as a Peyte camp like you did. And since this is a
      letter to you, why dmust you share it with everyone

      You are fucking up our potential when you stretch the way you just did. You
      totally framed the event as a peyote event, what the fuck is your problem. I
      asked you to trust me and not use that word. The way you presented the camp
      is totally off and you are risking it. It is not a peyote camp, it is a
      Sacred Hoop Ceremony Camp. For Gods sake can't you mind your own business.
      You knew I would react so why not ask me first if you could help me by
      sending it out widely like you did. You get me into trouble by doing this. I
      want to be able to trust you to work closely with you and that means you'll
      need to be diplomatic and respect other leaders to do things the way they
      know will work. You butted in here and you know it.

      I spent a few years and learned the protocol and as it is I am stretching
      it, I don't need you to stretch it even more and it isn't even your
      lifestyle. You shouldn't push people all the time, fuck I'm so mad, show me
      and my lifestyle some respect by not discussing these ceremonies because you
      don't understand them and you messed up the way you talked about them.
      Listen to me, If you ever want us to work together well you'll need to do
      much better. Pay attention to what is important to me. This is very
      important to me. I don't see a way for you to retract this so don't even
      try. Let's let it go unless you want to apologize for framing the camp the
      way you did. So many died protecting this ceremony so don't mess where you
      don't belong, please, please, please, I sent this to you so you would know
      about it, out of respect for you, so what do you do. Damn your
      aggressiveness David and fuck your stupid opinion about my religion. Barry

      PS Mind your business, it's not all your business, wouldn't you rather have
      friends and partners instead of creating this passive aggressive nightmare.


      From: Paulah for Chief Arvol Looking Horse [www.wolakota.org]
      Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 7:49 AM
      To: 'David Crockett Williams'
      Cc: 'Barry Circle Tillman'
      Subject: RE: Paulah, your advice? FW: Peyote Circle proposal
      for a Rainbow Gathering Peyote Way Ceremony Camp

      I know that Arvol always says that the Pipe stands alone. Most of the
      Traditional People and Elders that walk with the Bundle understand that Pte
      San Win never brought peyote to our People. That was the beginning of mixing
      and meshing other people's ways that birthed new age in their eyes. As Pte
      San Win said "don't make more of what it is and don't make less of what it
      is" when she instructed the remaining scout to go back to tell what he seen
      when the 2 scout met her. Peyote came from another Nation, it never was
      part of our original instructions with the Pipe. We gain visions from our
      own faith and offering of our body, mind and spirit to gain these spiritual
      connections, without any medicine, only in ceremonial protocol. I have
      spoken to the people in Mexico that had the medicine in their ceremonies and
      they relayed a whole different ceremonial process and understanding then
      what I have heard of in the ceremonies on this side of the border. Long ago,
      Wavoka, who was raised by Christians had the vision, back then, our own
      people were running for their lives and could not do the ceremonies openly
      any more, so they began believing in his vision, the Pipe ways of having
      faith was supplemented. Most of our great Chiefs never allowed the new
      medicine for another Nation to affect our original traditional way of life.
      Arvol will never use that medicine, as he intends to keep the Pipe and
      Bundle in the way, with the instructions that were given by Pte San Win and
      it has worked all these decades and centuries, there is no reason to change
      what has worked in our own ceremonies. We all understand that there is a mix
      of peyote, pipe and church, we just choose to leave this Bundle pure, the
      real Traditionalist that walk this way, will never use it, which there are
      many. There are also many that choose to use the medicine, we can not
      detour them from something that they want in their lives, but we can only
      stand on our traditional protocol.

      WPPD was never meant to bring, force, and promote other People's way of life
      upon one another. That is why when we held them, we did a private Pipe
      ceremony in the morning by an Elder, because we were there, a Native People,
      as did the other Nations that were there to pray in their own ceremonies at
      sunrise, BUT the Unity of prayer itself was only a fire and tobacco, where
      all, including religious leaders, traditional leaders of various nations,
      came together and offered tobacco, or eucalyptus leaves (in Australia-their
      kind of offering), corn (Hindu in South Africa) when we held the ceremony in
      other countries, making available for their nations the offerings that were
      traditional to their people. The hosting countries brought their kind of
      offering to fire, as the fire in universal in all beliefs. So the "whole
      intention" is to come together and pray at once, not forcing one another to
      practice or force one another to be around ways that not a part of their way
      of life. The whole point is to come together and pray for a healing and pray
      with our own spirit, PERIOD, without anything other then our own spirit.
      There are separate traditional ceremonies that are done on that day, but on
      their own land and of like minds, such as the large amount of Sundances
      going on during that time, but it is their own circle.

      Ok, that is it...in closing I will past what I just got from France, it was
      great for us to know that these people exist and loved her statement of "the
      new Custer of this era", as that is what is going on, people are practicing
      things that are destroying our People.

      Hello there,

      I am writing you in the hope that your email address is still operational
      and that you will be able to put me in touch with the people that could help

      I am a 34 years old French white woman and I am desperately trying to shut
      down a series of ceremonial abuse here in Europe.

      You might want to know that not all white people are ignorant of the current
      issues faced with these abuse. Some of us are actually siding with the
      Native organizations and agree with the fact that it should be time for
      treaties to be finally honored and that some people need to realize that by
      using in the wrong way certain specific ceremonies, they are putting in
      danger a lot of things and not only the cultural remains of what used to be
      a flourishing civilization.

      I have the details of a Sundance being held in the South France soon and one
      of the person belonging to this committee is a Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux. The
      rest are french ethnologists using the actual dance as a mean to achieve
      some sort of understanding of the ceremonies.

      It is open to all, there is no preparation, no spiritual follow-up, anyone
      can join with the fast and the dance.I know that not everyone is called to
      dance and a preparation for months before hand should take place with an
      entourage of Elders. These people are truly out of their league and putting
      ignorant and innocent people in danger. It needs to be stopped. It is not
      the first Sundance being held in South France which unfortunately hosts a
      series of wannabee camps and powwows each summer. But it is the first one
      being advertised online.

      It has been done on a site reknown to host a series of wannabees and plastic
      shamans advertising for camps, ceremonies and recruitments all over the
      European continents but primarily in France. I can give you the details if
      you need it.

      I have spoken once to Sally Higgins (Wambli Sina Win) who represents the
      Natives tribes in Geneva, about the following but unfortunately there was
      little she could do about this situation. Although I am extremely worried
      about the scale of this ,as it gets worse every year:

      In Belgium about 2 years ago, some Native friends and I were trying to stop
      a Belgian Plastic Shaman called Alain Parotte. This guy is as white as it
      comes and first claimed to be the son of a Hunkpapa WWII soldier that got
      his mother pregnant has he passed through Belgium with his troop. Now he
      claims he is "only" from an ancestral origin of the Rosebud Hunkpapa tribe.
      Still, he is a pipe carrier for this tribe and he is, like his grandfather
      (oh, I thought he was only from ancestral origin a descendant of the
      Hunkapapa tribe??!) a great medicine man. As a matter of fact when he was in
      Belgium he was organizing ceremonies on the graves of the ndn WWII soldiers
      and we managed to scare him enough to make him move to France. Unfortunately
      for him, he moved near my hometown in the French Alps. If I can, I will try
      to stop what is has started there. Now, he runs inipis teaching classes in
      paying seminaries under the name of Shunka (Sunka), sells Tipis, and
      recruits members for what has become a Cult called Iyuptala. I ran into one
      of his worshipper one day, and she tried to recruit me not knowing that she
      was actually giving me all his recent activities, phone number/email
      address. He is very dangerous because he seems to brain wash people in
      believing that he is a very powerful man. They won't go against him in fear
      of some reprisals and he is starting to be very well known as even some
      childhood friends of mine, who are by the way, not necessarily interested in
      Native Culture heard of him in my home town.

      Someone needs to knock on his door and let him know that he is violating the
      culture he says loving and respecting. I cannot do that. I am white. He will
      not take me seriously. Besides I have no rights, I do not belong to a
      society of any kind and therefore do not possess the authority to do so.

      This is why I am contacting you. I need to pass this onto higher
      authorities. I have in the past talked with Kathy Reagan who worked with
      Bernard Red Cherries. But she did not do anything about it.

      If no-one listens and help us help them, they cannot then claim that white
      people (wannabees, New Age) are the new Custer of this era and that
      something needs to be done to repair the damages. Because some of us are
      trying to maintain some decency and close down some of the abusers and
      plastic shamans workshops, but if you do not want to know, you cannot blame
      us for the consequences of their abuse.

      I hope you can understand my motives and the fact that as the head of a
      Native & French association in France, I am only trying to abolish the
      misuse of certain things and promote the understanding of the reality of
      Native Issues in Europe.

      The real enemy is ignorance.

      I am really hoping to hear from you,

      With kind regards,

      Garance Parker

      From: David Crockett Williams
      Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:04 AM
      To: SD WPPD Wolakota Paulah Horn (Chief Arvol Looking Horse) - (Summer
      Solstice World Peace Prayer Day Sacred Sites Ceremonies) (www.wolakota.org)
      Cc: 'Barry Circle Tillman'
      Subject: Paulah, your advice? FW: Peyote Circle proposal for a Rainbow
      Gathering Peyote Way Ceremony Camp

      Hi Paulah,

      Apologies for taking your time away from your work in
      support of the run gone on right now but I wonder if
      you might have some advice on this proposal from
      Barry Tillman for a ceremony camp at the Rainbow
      Gathering which seems to include the inipi lodges
      and the peyote tipi ceremonies in the same area
      but I am not sure if one is a pre-requisite for the
      other, ie, if folks only do the peyote ceremony
      after purification ceremony, etc, and also it seems
      from his wording it is very close to the line of
      asking money for ceremonies. If you have time
      to review this I would appreciate your advice
      that I can pass on and/or your private comments.



      From: David Crockett Williams [mailto:gear2000@...]
      Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 7:15 PM
      To: 'rainbowfamily@yahoogroups.com'; 'All_My_Relations@yahoogroups.com'; g
      RainbowFamilies (RainbowFamilies@yahoogroups.com); g RainbowFamilyGroup
      (RainbowFamilyGroup@yahoogroups.com); g Rainbowfamilyoflivinglight
      (rainbowfamilyoflivinglight@yahoogroups.com); g Rainbowgatheringonline
      (rainbowgatheringonline@yahoogroups.com); g (Great Lakes Rainbow Family
      Networking Group) (greatlakesrainbow@yahoogroups.com); g (Rainbow Family San
      Francicso Bay Networking Group) (rainbowsfbay@yahoogroups.com); g-
      Rainbow_Tribe (rainbow_tribe@yahoogroups.com)
      Subject: Peyote Circle proposal for a Rainbow Gathering Peyote Way Ceremony

      Our Goodbrother Barry “Circle” Tillman (Barry Mathew Tillman)
      is proposing a Colorado Rainbow Gathering camp to offer legally
      the all-night peyote-way spiritual ceremony where they sing
      prayers all night beating on the eerie sounding water drum
      while they eat peyote and vomit into a bucket to “get well”
      and commune with the nature spirits in this Native American
      Church legal ceremony using psychedelic peyote mescaline
      mescalero in ceremony guided by experienced elder going on
      until dawn. Barry circulated his below proposal to a limited
      list, asking it to be forwarded to only those one thinks might
      be interested to help or support this camp as described
      below. Tomorrow 16May he goes into the mountains guided
      by hopefully a qualified Lakota medicine person to do the
      Vision Quest, one of the seven sacred rites of the Sacred Pipe
      where he will be fasting for four days and praying and lamenting
      for a vision to guide his pathway in life. The peyote ceremony
      is not a Lakota ceremony but adopted by some indigenous
      folks from the mescalero cultures of the south. I am forwarding
      this for your thoughts and prayers and ideas for him on his
      return from vision quest as this peyote ceremony camp is not
      one that I am supporting or endorsing because it is outside of my

      David Crockett Williams
      5/15/2006 7:05 PM PDT

      From: rainbowfamily@yahoogroups.com
      On Behalf Of Barry Circle Tillman
      Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 12:20 PM
      To: Barry Circle Tillman; All_My_Relations@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [rainbowfamily] Sacred Ceremony Camp at National
      Rainbow Gathering in Colorado for Sacred Hoop (attachment is same)

      Dear friends,

      My name is Barry Tillman from Saugerties, New York . I hope you find this
      plan interesting enough to join in as a helper or a financial sponsor. At
      this time, share this only with people you would invite for staffing or
      funding this project. It is not definite nor ready to share widely. This is
      about a Sacred Ceremony Camp with a Sacred Hoop focus. The Sacred Hoop is
      from a Lakota prophesy which I am learning about and will share about soon.
      An experienced and significant elder in these matters who can guide this to
      work is considering providing the necessary ceremony leaders with all other
      supporters and details being Barry Tillman's responsibility as originating
      camp sponsor. This elder will put his name on it and do his part when
      finances and other details are secure. Pledges by May 28 would likely cause
      the ceremony leaders to begin to commit and lead to everything else to
      happen given their quality reputation with sacred prayer work.

      Intention: We will set up a Sacred Ceremony Camp at the Annual Rainbow
      Gathering this year in Colorado to support the evolution of a sacred
      leadership community. Our offerings will focus on healing the people and
      relationships for The Sacred Hoop and will ask this hoop to take
      responsibility for the transformation of the American government among other
      things. We can offer Sweat Ceremonies and Tipi Meetings to 1500 people. We
      are powerful and effective at uniting people for spiritual causes.

      There will be approximately 30,000 people at this Rainbow Gathering. They
      are a global family who regard themselves as a family of warriors to help
      the world in a beautiful way. The camp presented here is meant to support
      their mission.

      Regardless of how this unfolds this year, this same basic intention is for
      2007 as well. The elder who is considering supporting this would not be at
      the camp until about June 29 but would guide things through the ceremony
      leaders he encourages to attend. The priority for my organizing work is
      1) Get commitments from 10 helpers to arrive by June 13, please call me or
      write if interested
      2) Get commitments for the tools to be donated hopefully from the Colorado
      3) Ask the sweat leaders to make a tentative commitment and be contactable
      by donors
      4) Raise gas money and camp food money for these leaders and distribute
      5) Get tentative commitment from Road Persons
      6) Arrange for the Tipi's
      6) Raise money for medicine and feasts and all other supplies.
      7) Fill all helper positions and have a telephone conference

      We could have less medicine and less Meetings but I pray we do the following

      I ask you to read it and visualize it, help me change numbers and words and
      help me make it inviting for more ceremonies to be added with the sacred
      hoop theme as this is promoted widely in many networks starting when this
      elder says.

      Please add your wisdom about alters, or more specific intents for the
      Meetings or anything to help. When we are ready my friend Nicole Miller will
      draw a visual presentation with all components drawn into a nice design. She
      has been having visions similar to this camp. Another friend (his relatives
      signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) will lay out
      the final presentation with the drawings. We will try to think of everything
      and create our staff by teleconference around May 24 to go over roles,
      themes, invites, schedules, needs, etc. You are the main spiritual
      leadership and guides right now but many will join with our good foundation.
      Thank you to those already involved.

      Camp Components:

      Perimeter, 2 toilet pits, welcome sign, 4 lodges(or less) with fire pit, 3
      Tipi's, another fire pit and ceremony circle around it for general use, big
      flat gathering area for 250 people potentially centered with a Peace Pole,
      tenting area for 15-30 tents, kitchen area, babysitting area

      We may become the focalizers for the World Peace Prayer Day Activities at
      Main Circle. We will invite congruent ceremony offerings to join this camp
      while inviting and promoting this widely. We may have a strong impact on
      July 4th too. So far, assuming most things can be loaned by our own staff
      being over twenty people, we will need to raise between $7,775 and $8,775
      between May 25- June 3 to the entire plan. Any smaller version will be
      wonderful. There is the possibility that word will spread no matter how
      small the camp begins and therefore we should be open to surprises at the
      end of June. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

      We will solicit donations from the attendees to attempt to average $5 plus
      ask for help. We will try to send each ceremony leader home with $200 to
      help compensate them for lost work. After food basics, this will be the
      priority. If possible, we will set up a fund for the next Sacred Hoop
      activity such as a banquet on September 21, after The International Day of
      Peace activities at the United Nations in New York City, to honor an
      extremely powerful collection of young people who'll be there.

      We need people to sponsor the following necessary expenses. This money will
      cause something wonderful.

      Basic Food Supplies for our camp meals: $1000

      Camp staff $2400 for gas both ways for 6 full vehicles and meals during
      Half of these people will be going there anyway and have their own way

      4-6 rotating kitchen helpers
      10 Sweat Leaders (12 lodges each, need two by morning of
      June 13 to guide whole camp until June 21, four from June 22
      through July 1, four from July 2-5, three for the 6th and two
      for July 8 th and one for the 9th)
      5 Road Men (12-13 Meetings)
      3 Fire Chiefs one at a time to guide helpers
      10 general helpers beginning June 13 with new helpers likely joining as we
      4-6 person rotating security team (one at a time)

      The ceremony leaders will likely not be there for the whole time but in
      shifts rather with July 1-5 being the center of activity, before this will
      be more for preparation.

      A lite breakfast, a noon council with lunch for our camp every day and
      dinner will be served for staff. Morning sweats should finish by 11:45am and
      not resume until 1:30pm, visitors during this time will be invited for a
      lite lunch. Our camp food is primarily for ceremony leaders and staff and
      will be carefully used so we do not run out. A bit of fruit will be served
      after each lodge.
      Collecting water will happen every day.

      General Camp Supplies: $185 (most will be loaned)
      3- 30 foot Tipi's with rope for tying and licensed feathers
      and decorations, pins and ground pegs, from locals
      Big stereo and plenty of batteries including microphone
      6 strong flashlights plus plenty of batteries $20
      2 inch wide colored perimeter cloth, 700ft $40
      8 tarps (about 10x15) for rain protection
      1x3ft wood welcome sign plus paints $25
      Library of prayerful music
      100 lbs. grass seed $75
      50 large garbage bags $15
      8 sheets and 8 poles to make bathrooms private
      2 tents for changing clothes (men's and woman's)
      4 barrels water for sweats and washing
      6 -5g buckets or jugs for carrying water in wheel barrels
      Can ashes be used instead of lime for toilets?
      3 gallons gasoline for chainsaws $10

      The numbers below in parenthesis are the number of proposed Sweat Lodge
      Ceremonies for each day.

      The rock collection was figured at 33 rocks per lodge. R is for rocks. S to
      S means sunrise to sunset.

      The Schedule in progress:

      We arrive Sunday, June 11 to meet with Rainbow Scouts at 11am to pick site,
      set perimeter and set up our tents.

      Monday, June 12 design camp, set up kitchen and collect 100 R, CW means
      ceremony wood which are very dry wood about 4 feet long and with no
      splinters, PD means promotion day which means networking and inviting our
      family around the larger gathering to visit, sweat and pray

      Tuesday, June 13, all together (to get to know each other) we'll collect
      willows for 4 Sweat lodges, collect water and firewood for 3 sweats, first
      noon council.

      (1)Wednesday, June 14 Build first Sweat Lodge(each for 30 people) together
      and have a sweat lodge ceremony followed by launching Strawberry Fields
      Peace Pole

      (2)Thursday, June 15 Build 3 Lodges, collect 300R, S to S lodges, collect
      wood for 3 lodges

      (2)Friday, June 16 Collect 200R and prepare 200CW

      (4)Saturday, June 17 Put up First Tipi and use each sweat lodge once,
      constant wood and rock collection, PD

      Sunday, June 18 Collect and prepare 400CW

      Monday, June 19 Collect and prepare 400CW, 300R

      Tuesday, June 20 First Tipi Meeting for World Peace Prayer Day and Promotion

      Wednesday, June 21 WPPD Ceremony at Main Circle

      (8)Thursday, June 22 Sacred Hoop Circle Conversation and Blessing followed
      by sweats all day until 11pm, 500R, collect a mountain of wood for sweats

      (8)Friday, June 23 S to S lodges, 500R

      Saturday, June 24 Collect 500R, a mountain of sweat wood, 400CW, PD

      (2)Sunday, June 25 Collect 800R, 400CW, morning and evening sweat

      (8)Monday, June 26 S to S lodges

      (8)Tuesday, June 27 Put up 2 more Tipi's, 700R, 400CW, S to S lodges

      (8)Wednesday, June 28 S to S lodges, PD

      (8)Thursday, June 29 S to S lodges, 300R, mountain of wood

      Friday, June 30 S to S lodges, Second Tipi Meeting Deep Healing Prayer

      (12)Saturday, July 1 S to S lodges, Third Tipi Meeting Rainbow Family
      Leadership Prayer, 1000R, PD

      (12)Sunday, July 2 S to S lodges

      (12)Monday, July 3 S to S lodges

      (12)Tuesday, July 4 Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Tipi Prayer Ceremonies for
      Sacred Hoop

      (8)Wednesday, July 5 S to S lodges, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth Tipi Ceremonies
      for Sacred Hoop

      (8)Thursday, July 6 Tenth Tipi Ceremony Honoring Mother Earth, S to S lodges

      (4)Friday, July 7, Eleventh Tipi Ceremony Prayer for American political

      (4)Saturday, July 8 Remove 3 sweat lodges, Twelfth Tipi Ceremonial Prayer
      for One Human Family leadership and focus

      (1)Sunday, July 9 last sweat and hopefully a small Meeting for camp staff

      Monday July 10 Remove everything and plant grass, Strawberry Fields Peace
      Pole Ceremony and leave camp entirely.

      A total of 131 Sweat Lodge Ceremonies for 1600 to attend an average of 2
      lodges each (about 25 per lodge)

      Please notice what is missing from this or could be better defined.

      Tools List (to arrive by June 12) If everyone brings what tools they have or
      can borrow plus some from Colorado NAC chapters and other locals, we may
      only need money to replace if things get broken.
      3 hard rakes
      2 leaf rakes
      4 shovels
      2 bow saws
      1 hole making tool for lodges
      2 mauls
      8 wedges
      4 flat axes
      2 hand axes
      4 sledge hammers
      2-3 chain saws
      3-4 wheel barrels
      4 machetes
      6 wood strippers to prepare ceremony wood
      2 hammers
      3 pitchforks
      3 pocket knives
      1 pair of scissors

      Ceremony Supplies: $2555
      2 fine screens to sift dirt for making alters
      4 water buckets
      4 ladles or cups or wrapped branches
      3 ceremonial water buckets with cups both with handles
      9 serving bowls plus nice spoons
      300 feet all purpose rope $25
      16 big sections of canvas for lodge coverings
      Legal medicine ($2400)
      Water sprayer to wet ground before Tipi Ceremonies
      3 brooms $30
      Dream catchers
      30lbs Dried Cedar
      12-13 carved and decorated fire sticks
      3 pitchers for tea and metal cups w/handles

      Kitchen Supplies about $95
      2 gas burning ranges plus gas attached $50
      2 large steel pots with covers
      2 sturdy long tables for prep and serving
      3 chef knives
      3 peelers
      3 cutting boards
      4 smaller knives
      4 serving bowls
      3 platters
      3 large spoons
      2 large forks
      50 reusable forks, knives and spoons
      50 large sturdy plastic cups
      20 real mugs
      30 reusable bowls $20
      50 reusable plates $25
      3 large water coolers

      Tipi Ceremony Morning Food for 12-13 Meetings: $540
      50lbs Buffalo brought frozen $250
      ice every few days $30
      125 ears of corn $50
      50 lbs miscellaneous berries and fine fruit (as needed so fresh) $200
      Raisins and spices for meat $10

      Noon Feasts assuming 40-60 person meetings: $1000-$2000
      Purchase as needed locally organic actually
      4 cases dark lettuce
      60 lbs firm tomatoes
      20 lbs squash
      100 cucumbers
      200 lemons
      3 cs. assorted fruits
      10 lbs honey
      50 lbs quinoa and other grains
      10-15 lbs spirulina ( a seriously nutritious superfood, great with lemons,
      very energizing)
      2 gallons of olive oil
      Half gallon of balsamic vinaigrette
      10 lbs of coffee
      2 lbs of sugar
      1 lb sea salt plus a shaker
      1 cs. peppers
      2 serving baskets for bread and fruit
      Plus a few more vegetables and fruits

      Some other miscellaneous thoughts to be worked in:

      Our camp is separate so that certain ritual leaders have a space there which
      is having no nudity or drug use often present at Rainbow Gatherings. The NAC
      advice I received needs a separate camp for legal involvement. Native
      American elders have requested this for them to feel safe. I hope everyone
      respects this request. Hopefully we will be parking accessible without
      having to go through the main gathering and also not be too close to A camp
      but also be able to get to the Main Circle with ease as well.

      I, Barry Tillman, will raise funds to cover the expenses as sponsor and will
      be responsible for all details for the highest of integrity and comfort for
      participants. I only am sponsor until others co-sponsor and they feel the
      intent strongly as there own.

      Once this gets going I will add a schedule of sacred conversations.

      Every religion, tribe, spiritual organization and political organization
      will be invited which we feel safe with.

      I pray this activity is blessed by Great Spirit and guides this in every

      This camp may have some ground rules which will secure attendance of certain
      ritual leaders.

      Please email me with names, contacts, commitments, criticisms, challenges,
      lists of thoughts and details. Let us please reach a tipping point that this
      years National will be more significant than normal and will bring forward
      leadership in many areas to SHIFT AND GROW and find a PRODUCTIVE AND
      commitment, teamwork and love.

      I pray representatives of all cultures or religions with positive global
      intentions or prophesies be present this year and visit our camp and meet in
      circles to create detailed plans of interaction and outcome.

      I understand our Rainbow Family relationship to "leadership" and
      "organization" wants consensus and not hierarchies and so I will try to
      implement that in this work.

      Please make a prayer for our Sacred Hoop Camp and all pertinent energies
      involved. Thank You Sacred Runners, Sun Dancers, Elders, Ancestors, Star
      People, Angels, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, to safeguard the next seven
      generations and for All My Relations World Leadership Community, may we be
      one with Great Spirit.

      Please contact me with questions, to be a helper, to offer funds, to give
      advice, to offer to add ceremonies to our schedule, to be a ceremony leader
      at the camp, to add anything to this. I have never organized a camp like
      this but feel I can do it, especially with your joining me in this circle as
      a co-sponsor with or without funds. I know this is a really good idea which
      will be fantastic if we do it together. Thank you with all my love,

      Barry Mathew Tillman

      I am away for a Vision Quest Ceremony from May 16-22
      Please talk amongst yourselves.

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