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Rainbow legal liaison Prop1.org energy issue expunged?

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  • David Crockett Williams
    All this is to answer the implicit question folks ask when they first start taking this new energy tech stuff seriously, ie, if it is real, how come it is not
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2006
      All this is to answer the implicit question folks ask when they
      first start taking this new energy tech stuff seriously, ie,
      "if it is real, how come it is not already out there"? This
      is one example of the "personality factors" hindering this
      in addition to the dual-use, military-civilian, secrecy orders
      over much of this which also has horrendous weapons applications.

      But the biggest obstacle is activists who are leading proponents
      and recognized as wise and honest as per Prop1 in the anti-nuke
      arena, who do this kind of stuff, ie, "with friends like this, who
      needs enemies".


      William Thomas (aka Thomas) has kept the anti-nuclear
      vigil with his friends 24/7 since April 1981 across the
      street from the White House in Lafayette Park. I met
      him first in the late 1980's when I went to DC and we
      I became friends with him and his wife Ellen Thomas.
      In 1990 after Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, I went
      to Washington DC and Thomas and his friend there
      Captain Jimmie Powell, and my friend Mark C. Billington
      of Friday Harbor Washington who showed up synchronistically,
      collaborated on a peace project proposing to bring the
      Tree of Peace Society leader Haudenosaunee Mohawk
      Chief Jake Swamp to Iraq with a peace delegation
      to plant the Peace Tree etc, which Chief Swamp agreed
      to do but we could not get support after Thomas helped
      with a letter that we hand delivered to the Iraqi Embassy.

      In 1998 in April, I phoned my then good friend Thomas
      and asked him to go to the Department of Energy final
      public hearing to be held in Washington DC for public
      input on the Comprehensive National Energy Strategy
      first revision in years of the national energy policy plan,
      which I had testified about at the second public hearing
      in Sacramento in February offering lots of information about
      hemp for biofuels energy economy and about he new energy
      technologies genre to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power
      providing them with copious documents including the work
      of Bruce DePalma which got a mention in the public comments
      section later of their final document sent to Congress and
      the President as referenced below. Thomas went and asked
      the Secretary of Energy at that final hearing for a position
      statement from DoE about all this stuff I had been yammering
      at him about for years. The DoE then sent an official and
      historical letter for the first time publicly acknowledging
      their acceptance of recent scientific proof of the existence
      of the "zero point energy field" which many of these new
      energy inventors speculate is the source of the energy
      production of these various kinds of technologies to replace
      nuclear and fossil fuel power.

      Then a couple months later I found out about an event, the
      March for Peaceful Energy, that was being organized by a
      student at the University of Maryland at College Park to
      happen on October 24, 1998, at the US Capitol Mall, slated
      to feature a whole lot of the leading new energy technology
      folks including author Jeane Manning and former NASA scientist
      and Mars Mission astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary and several inventors
      of these devices. So I got involved to help promote this and so
      did my friend Thomas and I made plans to go to DC to speak at
      this event. A photo of the start of my talk is on my website

      Then the young organizer at UMD was accosted by a physics
      graduate student with a belligerent attitude hostile to these
      new discoveries that seemed to him impossible because the
      appear to "violate the laws of physics" this grad student in
      the department run by Dr. Park mentioned below. The event
      organizer gradually dropped all of the new energy speakers
      from the program in response to this hostility and the lack of
      success in fundraising resultant. It turned out that this physics
      grad student was also a good friend of my then friend Thomas
      both of whom are much more cynical by nature than I am and
      they reinforced this attitude. I brought a copy of Stefan Marinov's
      magnet-less ball bearing motor with me and demonstrated it in
      the physics lab there at UMD and the grad student later wrote
      up a paper trying to explain how it worked but the late Chris
      Carsen, electrical engineer at UC Santa Barbara who made that
      device, said that explanation did not account for its operation.
      The same device I brought to the NASA expert Creon Levitt
      in San Francisco circa 1999 to the symposium folks at that
      time sponsored by Silicon Valley magnate Joe Firmage run
      by Dr. Jack Sarfatti of the Internet Science Education Project
      and none of the leading theoretical physicists there could
      explain how the ball bearing motor worked either, spinning
      via DC current with no magnets in its assembly. Creon told
      me by email years later he was still baffling folks with it.

      This set the scene where Thomas was then real skeptical
      and cynical about these new energy technologies but he
      put a good writeup on his website www.prop1.org detailing
      the saga of his dealings with DoE and the MFPE and showing
      the historic letter his testimony elicited from the DoE as their
      first public acknowledgement of "zero point energy".

      Then last year in March 2005 another inventor in this area,
      Joseph Newman, scheduled a press conference in Washington
      DC at the Press Club to show and tell and discuss his latest
      energy machine as discussed here below. So again I alerted
      Thomas because his physics graduate student friend offered
      eagerly to test any such machine he could see to verify if
      it really worked as claimed. So I suggested by email that
      they go to the press conference and afterwards offer to
      Mr. Newman to test his machine and verify its operation
      in the UMD physics lab. But what happened is that Thomas
      jumped in at the question and answer time really sarcastically
      and cynically feeling from his friend that this was a fraud,
      mentioning my name as the one who sent him to the press
      conference, and speaking in such a way to obviously question
      Joe Newman's honesty and integrity in front of all the press
      folks assembled so Joe physically grabbed Thomas by the collar
      and threw him out of the meeting. Of course Thomas was more
      than upset by this and in his mind this proved that the machine
      was a fraud and the result was that he is more mad at me than
      ever and at the same time Newman got mad at me for sending
      them to the press conference and cut off communications with
      me after several years of my trying to help his work as recommended
      by folks who know a lot more about it than I do like Bruce DePalma
      and Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr.

      You can see reference to this incident on Joe Newman's website
      below. But today I find that Thomas has apparently expunged
      from the Prop1 website all of the historic record of this new
      energy tech information. Yet the homepage of his site says
      they are looking for "Wisdom and Honesty". Well I hope he
      finds some soon about this issue and if anyone has any to offer
      him on this you can find their address at the website below.

      This physics grad student, Mark Gubrud, gained access to the
      first Conference on Future Energy referenced below put on
      by Tom Valone, by falsely saying he was a student newspaper
      reporter and then disrupting the proceedings intentionally,
      ie, not honestly or wisely.

      All this is to answer the implicit question folks ask when they
      first start taking this new energy tech stuff seriously, ie,
      "if it is real, how come it is not already out there"? This
      is one example of the "personality factors" hindering this
      in addition to the dual-use, military-civilian, secrecy orders
      over much of this which also has horrendous weapons applications.

      But the biggest obstacle is activists who are leading proponents
      and recognized as wise and honest as per Prop1 in the anti-nuke
      arena, who do this kind of stuff, ie, "with friends like this, who
      needs enemies". Thomas is also influential as the paralegal
      "legal liaison" for the Rainbow Family Tribe, otherwise many
      such folks would also take the truth of all this below more


      Dear Thomas,

      I just noticed today that you apparently have
      expunged all the historical info about the CNES and
      the March for Peaceful Energy of 1998, and your
      saga with DoE, and Gubrud and Newman last year?

      This is your way of dealing with the new energy
      issue, in the spirit of "Wisdom and Honesty"?

      Love you bro, but you are wrong here on this.

      Hope you are doing well and we can become
      friends again.


      From: David Crockett Williams
      Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 4:51 PM
      To: Hopi Tribe - Office of Public Relations
      Subject: Dear Hopi Tribe re "New Energy" issue and 2006 elections,
      spirituality is the highest form of politics


      Dear Hopi Tribe,

      I thought of you all when I sent this out today, since
      my friend Bruce DePalma, who passed away in 1997,
      mentioned to Lakota Medicine Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer
      one time in the mid-1980's that he wished the native peoples
      could be involved in the development of the new energy
      technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power that
      he pioneered in the 1980's in Santa Barbara.

      Since then it has been my dream to fulfill his wish by
      somehow getting help to unite the various indigenous
      tribes and nations of the US into a consortium to develop
      these new energy technologies to replace nuclear and
      fossil fuel power.

      One of DePalma's colleagues, Adam Trombly, invented
      a solid state oscillating electromagnetic device and in 1989
      unsuccessfully proposed it to be installed in the Mojave Power
      Plant to produce electricity without fuel, per this device,
      in his view, extracting electricity from the "zero point
      energy field of the quantum vacuum flux" as per the US
      Department of Energy first mention of this in its 1998
      Comprehensive National Energy Strategy presented
      to Congress and the President mentioning DePalma's
      n-Machine in the public comments section as one
      device possibly able to harness this "zero point energy".

      Because the Hopi have apparently some prophecies
      about the coming of new inventions and because
      the Hopi Tribe is involved in the energy industry
      to the extent there is coal mining going on in
      Hopi lands for burning to produce electricity,
      it has seemed to me for many years that the
      Hopi Tribe would be the ideal candidate to help
      bring together such a Sacred Hoop of Indigenous
      Nations to develop these new energy technologies
      to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and provide
      much more income to the native peoples than does
      coal mining etc.

      I would like to discuss and explore this idea with
      you now especially since I understand that the
      Black Mesa mine has been closed down, along
      with the Mohave Power Plant which was burning
      its coal sent there by slurry line using precious
      water from your area, because they drained the
      aquifer? And now they want to move it over
      and start it up over another aquifer? Sounds like
      now is the perfect time to present to Peabody
      corporation and other energy companies this
      idea which the Hopi and Navajo people might
      by this proposal here take global lead to bring
      out this new energy technology development?

      Please see some other references below and please
      let me know if I can be of help in working with you
      to help fulfill this dream of my late friend Bruce
      DePalma and his wish that his life work might
      benefit the native nations of the USA.


      David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III)
      13554 Paradise Valley Road
      Twin Oaks, California 93518
      5/16/2006 4:34 PM PDT

      PS Mr. Joseph Newman, whose work is mentioned
      below, told me a few years ago that he is a friend
      of some Hopi folks and would like to come there
      some day to demonstrate his energy machine. His
      website is below where you will find more information
      including how to reach his people to arrange such a
      demonstration of his energy machine that you folks
      might even want to start manufacturing there in your
      area for the benefit of all humanity as well as income
      to your tribe.

      ------------here is my post of today with references:

      If you have a favorite person running for Congress
      this year 2006, please forward them this post right away:

      The Coming Energy Revolution

      Those who are running for political office this year
      might want to research the new energy technologies
      to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and bring up
      this issue in their campaigns. A good overview book
      is by Canadian journalist Jeane Manning called the
      Coming Energy Revolution from Avery Publishing
      in 1995. One of the various kinds of technologies
      in this genre is mislabeled Cold Fusion. Under that
      name most folks consider the debunking by DoE et al
      of 1989 to have discredited this, but that is not true
      since the Wall Street Journal science columnist in a
      September 2003 article authenticated cold fusion
      as real after over a decade of work by hundreds of
      scientists around the world and now even the main
      debunker of all new science stuff, Dr. Robert Park at
      University of Maryland with the American Physical
      Society, is credited by the New Energy Foundation
      folks as being helpful finally to bring out this truth.

      This alone can put folks into Congress, to bring out
      the fact that "cold fusion" and other related new
      energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil
      fuel power are REAL and available. See much info
      about this etc, per New Energy Foundation at

      and other references

      This group was founded by Dr. Brian O'Leary and wants
      to have its second conference in San Francisco

      This group was started by US Army retired Lt. Col
      Thomas Bearden who is a longtime inventor and advocate

      This group features the work of Paramahamsa Tewari in India
      see about his teacher at http://www.sathyasai.org

      And the 20th century Galileo Bruce DePalma

      This group is headed by a US Patent examiner
      fired in 1999 for doing a new energy conference
      under pressure from Dr. Robert Park, but Tom
      Valone was recently re-instated at the USPTO
      after a court decision on his termination grievance
      and this September 2006 he is having his second
      major Conference on Future Energy technologies
      in College Park Maryland near Washington DC,
      which is being co-sponsored by the New Energy
      Movement Organization, Valone being one of its directors
      ie, perfect timing for Congressional Candidates to
      attend and promote "New Energy" between now and
      then to get this issue awareness level up so it becomes
      a main issue for the 2006 Congressional elections.
      Dennis Kucinich was given this info and Jeane
      Manning's book in June 2003 to use in his presidential
      candidacy run but he did not use it, and he lost.

      Here is a group with backlog of hundreds of posts
      in public archives since some top scientists in this
      field visited the California Governor's office in
      August of 2001 and intense lobbying efforts since

      Here is a group with public archives going back to
      the 1998 public input to US Department of Energy
      on this issue which that year for the first time in
      its report to congress mentioned the new energy
      tech genre per "zero point energy" technologies
      and referenced the work of Bruce DePalma.

      Here is the inventor with the most time in grade
      on this new energy tech genre having come up
      with at theory independently in the late 1960's
      and writing to presidents since Lyndon Johnson
      in 1967 about it. He was on Johnny Carson show
      and got the most air time and most letters of
      response to any Johnny Carson show. Still they
      will not give him a US Patent trying to keep this
      suppressed. He has hundreds of testimonials
      from scientists saying they have witnessed his
      energy machine running and it is real. His most
      recent test was driving a motor vehicle powered
      by his energy machine that uses no fuel, ie, the
      Newman Energy Machine also understood by DePalma.

      New groups on this issue

      New Age of Science for New Energy Technologies
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