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04May06 Rainbow Peace Proposal: Newman Energy Machine Hopi-Navajo-Peabody-NativeNations Consortium

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Deadline for entries in 2006 Rainbow Guide: Sun07May06 Rainbow Family Tribe hosts 34th USA Annual World Family Reunion
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      Deadline for entries in 2006 Rainbow Guide: Sun07May06
      Rainbow Family Tribe hosts 34th USA Annual World Family Reunion
      Colorado USA2006 June 21 World Peace & Prayer Day Ceremony
      Main Circle Ceremony July 4th - All Welcome Home True Human Family
      www.rainbowguide.info - www.welcomehome.org
      http://www.wolakota.org - http://www.treeofpeacesociety.info

      William the Thomas, still looking for wisdom and honesty:
      Washington, DC 20038 USA (Rainbow Family Legal Liaison)
      202-682-4282 phone and fax (call first) http://prop1.org
      mailto: prop1@... - WANTED: WISDOM & HONESTY

      Demonstration Proposal: For a Newman Energy Machine
      Hopi-Navajo-Peabody-NativeNations Consortium

      -----background article on Rainbows and Hopi Prophecy:

      Qua Toqti - The Eagle's Cry - Serving the Hopi Nation

      July 15, 1976

      The Eagle's Cry

      Qua Toqti

      Serving the Hopi Nation

      Vol.3 No.50 New Oraibi, Arizona 86039
      Editor-Publisher, Wayne Sekaquaptewa
      Telephone (602) 734-2425 [subsequently deceased]

      Letters to the Editor

      Dear Editor,

      A common thread runs through the prophecies of the world's religions:

      Times of disharmony, disunity and mental suffering for even the faithful
      (caused by confusion as to what to believe in) followed by a glorious
      future of peace, harmony and unity among all peoples, cultures and
      religions of the one human race -- with the change to be brought about
      by the knowledge of a new light from our Creator described by some
      person given the insight into that new light.

      These prophecies from around the world are analyzed in a 1961 book
      called "Warriors of the Rainbow" by an Eskimo named William Willoya
      who states the reasons for his total personal conviction that this
      re-awakening change towards world peace will happen through
      the leadership of the Native American peoples and that the
      re-awakening will begin in the Hopi Nation as foretold by
      the Hopi prophecy outlined in the book and reviewed for
      accuracy by Thomas Bancyacya.

      According to Thomas Banyacya's videotaped message as a
      Hopi interpreter in January 1976 to the annual world gathering
      of the International Cooperation Council entitled "Towards
      Universal Consciousness," the Hopi expect the one in red to
      come to the Hopi Nation "very soon" with "many inventions."

      On the June 1976 new moon, one scientist (this observer writing
      as a chemical physicist) came to Oraibi (after dying his lab coat red)
      to bring the new unifying insight into the nature of light (as described
      by the newly finished unified field theory left uncompleted on his death
      by Albert Einstein) and to commit his life to the fulfillment of these
      prophecies. Having forsaken all possessions and all other commitments
      for this purpose, he now walks among you waiting for your wish.

      In love towards our paradise and everlasting life, observe me as you.

      David Crockett Williams Matter
      Santa Barbara, California

      [Note: my mother's maiden name is Matter,
      so Spanish naming custom was used above]


      4 May 2006

      (per http://www.josephnewman.com)

      Dear Evan Soule,

      I hope this email reaches you and finds you in good
      health and spirits. You of course will remember about
      a year ago in March 2005 when my "friend" William
      Thomas and his physicist friend Mark Gubrud came to
      Joseph Newman's press conference in Washington DC,
      at my suggestion but not with any intent on my part
      regarding what happened, and they misused my name
      by way of introducing their sarcastic and accusatory
      questioning of Joseph Newman's integrity which
      resulted in Thomas being physically ejected from
      that press conference as mentioned on your website
      http://www.josephnewman.com I think also mentioned
      on his website for Proposition One for Global Nuclear
      Disarmament http://www.prop1.org also where shows
      the story of his help provoking a Department of Energy
      response acknowledging their work in these areas in 1998,
      before his mind was so poisoned by his friend from UMD.

      The result of this was that Thomas is ever more
      skeptical and is still mad at me for suggesting
      that he and Mark go with an open mind and offer
      to test the Newman Energy Machine in Mark's
      lab at the University of Maryland at College Park.

      In recent months it has come to my attention
      that Thomas' virulently skeptical, ie, cynical nature,
      has unfortunately apparently also contributed to him
      having a serious drinking problem.

      While at the same time your last email indicated that
      you would accept no more emails from me because
      apparently Mr. Newman was angry thinking that I would
      intentionally send such kind of cynical folks not clear
      with the belief in truth itself to disrupt his press
      conference. So that episode put both "sides" against
      ME when my intention was only to further the outreach
      of the work of Joseph Newman as it had been explained
      to me since the early 1980's by Bruce DePalma as an
      important experimental work of an energy generator that
      Bruce explained to me that he understood. Also, as you
      may know, Bruce's experiments of the early 1970's documenting
      variations in rate of fall of a spinning vs non-spinning object,
      and the variable inertial of the force machine of rotating
      and precessing gyroscopes, predate the Japanese researchers
      cited on www.josephnewman.com as supportive of Newman's
      theory which predates his energy machine whose performance
      he feels verifies his theory by which a bit of copper in the
      coils of the energy machine is converted into energy per
      E=mC^2 as the source of its anomalously large energy output.

      I see from your website that in early March this year a test
      was done witnessed by 40 people of the Newman Energy
      Machine powering a motor vehicle.

      Since you had indicated that you would no longer be
      receiving emails from me I tried a few times over the
      last few days to reach Joseph Nolfe via his phone
      number listed on your website but did not leave a
      message as the recording just said to call back.

      My purpose in writing now and wanting to talk to him
      is to suggest a special opportunity at hand to bring
      the Newman Energy Machine to wider understanding
      and availability to manufacturing support by people via
      its demonstration sometime in coming weeks/months
      as soon as is practicable in the Hopi Reservation in
      northeastern Arizona because of a unique situation

      Recently the Black Mesa coal mine was shut down
      and along with it the Mohave coal-fired electric
      power plant on the Colorado River hundreds of
      miles away where that coal from that world's
      largest open pit strip coal mine was being sent
      by means of a "log flume" kind of coal slurry
      conveyor using millions of gallons daily of water
      from the precious desert aquifer thusly draining
      and drying that area up more and more since
      the 1970's to the great detriment of the local
      Navajo (Dineh) and Hopi people whose traditional
      leaders were all against this mine all the way along.

      But the BIA managed Hopi Tribal Council and
      Navajo Nation council deemed the royalties
      from that coal mining as essential to their
      budgets to try and help their people out of
      the rampant poverty on so many "Indian
      Reservations" around the world.

      Now I understand that the Navajo and Hopi
      Tribes have contracted with the mining
      company, Peabody corporation, which shut
      down that mine only because the underground
      aquifer had been completely drained, to move
      the mine over on the Black Mesa to another
      aquifer and start it up again. Already they
      have forcibly, "legally" relocated 4000 traditional
      Dineh people from the "Big Mountain area" to
      outlying areas, some in housing in the Rio Puerco
      radiation dam spill area, some in neighboring
      communities like Tuba City where crime and
      murders and methamphetamine racketeering,
      and despondency, has led to the deaths already
      of half, ie, about 2000 of those relocatees.

      At the same time Arizona Senator John McCain
      has introduced a final "settlement" bill into
      congress to finish the termination of the rights
      of the native peoples to their lands in this
      so-called "national sacrifice area" where once
      again the native peoples are called upon to
      sacrifice their lives and livelihoods for the
      energy appetites of American consumerism.

      Bruce DePalma met the Lakota Medicine Chief
      Archie Fire Lame Deer and I taped a 45minute
      conversation between them in the mid-80's.
      Bruce explained that he wished there was a
      way that the native nations could become
      involved in the development of these new
      energy technologies as a way to help them
      out of the poverty they have and to overcome
      the oppressive US government policies towards
      the native nations, as he himself and of course
      Joseph Newman too know about the oppression
      of the US government.

      What is at hand is the opportunity now before
      they start that new coal mine up to demonstrate
      the Newman Energy Machine there to the Hopi
      and Navajo Tribal authorities along with representatives
      of the Peabody corporation, which is big into coal
      mining but also other things, and suggest that they
      simply shift the focus and start manufacturing the
      Newman Energy Machine in cooperation with other
      native nation across the country perhaps, as a better
      economic alternative for everyone involved.

      This would tap an enormous news media interest
      across this country and around the world, not only
      on the energy issue now big on folks' mind since
      we are at war again in Iraq over oil supplies, but
      also the tremendous news interest in the Big Mountain
      and the Hopi-Navajo "dispute" issues which this
      proposal would also address handsomely due to the
      Hopi prophecy about the coming of new inventions
      which makes the Hopi the ideal candidate to put such
      a deal together. The late traditional Hopi interpreter
      Thomas Banyacya met Bruce DePalma with other native
      leaders in Santa Barbara in January of 1990 including
      the local Chumash elder and visting from New York
      the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy)
      Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, and had a heart to heart
      talk with Bruce and saw his latest n-Machine at that
      time. Thomas the next morning during sunrise prayer
      ceremony in the Kiva in Santa Barbara included the
      success of these new energy technologies in his
      prayer then also witnessed by these same folks.

      What do you think?

      Your supporter,

      David Crockett Williams
      Twin Oaks, California
      5/4/2006 8:29 AM PDT

      PS I am copying this to a few friends asking someone
      to also forward this post to you so you will be sure
      to get it with their comments to encourage Joseph
      Newman's acceptance of this proposal.

      William the Thomas, still looking for wisdom and honesty:
      Washington, DC 20038 USA (Rainbow Family Legal Liaison)
      202-682-4282 phone and fax (call first) http://prop1.org
      mailto: prop1@... - WANTED: WISDOM & HONESTY

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      Howdy Folks!,

      New information has been uploaded to the Circle of Light Rainbow
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      The 2006 Annual Rainbow Gathering will be celebrated in the
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      "Welcome Here!" Circle of Light Community Network

      -----end fwd post

      --------my current "signature lines:"

      Dennis Banks explains where and how he first heard the
      drumming and chanting of Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo by
      Nipponzan Myohoji monks 60 years ago while in the military.
      Here is a video posted recently about the Sacred Run 2006
      interviewing Dennis Banks who was, like Gandhi from India,
      the first person from this continent to appreciate Fujii Guruji.
      http://www.dharmawalk.org - http://www.peacepagoda.org

      Video online to view at above url
      Dennis Banks: Sacred Run - A Film by Rebecca MacNeice
      Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement,
      organized the first Sacred Run across the country 28 years ago.
      The run is a staggered event that covers the country by foot
      between February 11th and April 22nd, ending in Washington,
      DC, on Earth Day. Along the way, the core group of runners
      is joined intermittently by other walkers and runners.
      This year's closing ceremony was held at the Lincoln Memorial.
      Banks has always been accompanied by Buddhist monks from
      the Nipponzan Myohoji sect.

      You can read about the 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign
      with messages from Iroquois leader Chief Jake Swamp,
      Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Global Peace Walk
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      Rainbow Family Tribe 34th USA Annual World Family Reunion
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