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Faxed to White House, Report 08Apr06 Sacred Run 2006 - 20April: AIM "State of The Earth Address" - DC 22Apr06 Stolen Earth Day - Week 7 - Announcing Sacred Run 2008

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  • David Crockett Williams
    MS Fax Console Faxed Bcc: National Public Radio (Business Fax); Office of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card (Business Fax) Faxed as 13pp end/trans at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2006
      MS Fax Console Faxed Bcc: National Public Radio (Business Fax);
      Office of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card (Business Fax)

      Faxed as 13pp end/trans at 4/7/2006 8:01:36 PM PDT

      Sacred Run 2006
      “The Run for Our Lives”
      Phone our Run Information line: 415.258.4844

      Nashville, Tennessee Sacred Run Concert
      Saturday, April 08, 2006, 7pm (Buddha's Birthday)
      At Brewsters in Lebanon, Tennessee, about
      20 miles east of Nashville. Everyone welcome!

      Knoxville, Tennessee Sacred Run Concert
      Sunday, April 09, 2006, 6:30pm
      At Bissell Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
      about 20 miles west of Knoxville. Everyone welcome!

      Monday, April 10, 2006 Knoxville, TN to
      Smokey Mountain Peace Pagoda, Newtown, TN
      Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Working rest day at
      Smokey Mountain Peace Pagoda, Newtown, TN Work day

      Upcoming events:

      Dennis Banks interview, State of the Earth address
      Thursday, April 20, 2006, 6pm:

      Click Here to listen to the AIM Webcasts
      American Indian Movement

      Washington, D.C. End Sacred Run 2006 Event
      (Stolen Earth Day) April 22, 2006
      details to be announced

      Phone our Run Information line: 415.258.4844

      Dennis Banks is leading Sacred Run 2006, much like
      the great Longest Walk of 1978, crossing the entire
      United States from coast to coast.

      Sacred Run 2006 began with RedHot Promotions'
      Benefit Concert on Friday, February 10, 2006.

      Runners left on February 11, 2006 after early morning
      ceremonies on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay,
      and will arrive in Washington D.C. on April 22, 2006
      ("Stolen Earth Day") http://www.earthsite.org

      Write to Dennis at dennisbanks@...


      (Day #): Final Days Schedule of Sacred Run 2006
      (Walking 10miles per day, balance relay runners cover)

      56 Friday, April 07, 2006 Summertown, TN to outskirts of Nashville, TN
      57 Saturday, April 08, 2006 Nashville, TN to Oakridge, TN,
      small ceremony at Y-12 Nuclear Research Facility there,
      then 20 more miles to Knoxville, TN Nashville Event
      Group split between Nashville and Knoxville.
      58 Sunday, April 09, 2006 Knoxville, TN Knoxville Event
      59 Monday, April 10, 2006 Knoxville, TN to
      Smokey Mountain Peace Pagoda, Newtown, TN
      60 Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Working rest day at
      Smokey Mountain Peace Pagoda, Newtown, TN Work day
      61 Wednesday, April 12, 2006 Newtown, TN through
      the Great Smokey Mountains to Asheville, NC
      62 Thursday, April 13, 2006 Asheville, NC to Charlotte, NC
      63 Friday, April 14, 2006 Charlotte, NC to Maxton, NC
      24-hour Run
      64 Saturday, April 15, 2006 Maxton, NC Rest day
      65 Sunday, April 16, 2006 Maxton, NC Rest day
      66 Monday, April 17, 2006 Maxton, NC to Chapel Hill, NC
      67 Tuesday, April 18, 2006 Chapel Hill, NC to Lynchburg, VA
      68 Wednesday, April 19, 2006 Lynchburg, VA to Charlottesville, VA
      69 Thursday, April 20, 2006 Charlottesville, VA to Fredericksburg, VA
      Dennis Banks inter-view, State of the Earth address, 6pm:
      70 Friday, April 21, 2006 Fredericksburg, VA to Alexandria, VA
      71 Saturday, April 22, 2006 Alexandria, VA to Washington, D.C.
      FINAL DAY 9 mile Walk approx. 4425 Mileage total, estimated

      From: newsletter@...
      Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 9:07 AM
      Subject: Latest News from Sacred Run 2006 - Week 7

      Sacred Run 2006 (www.sacredrun.org)
      Weekly Update – March 27 - April 2
      Vol. 28, Week # 7

      (With this issue of Sacred Journey, we thank Bill Arena,
      who wrote this newsletter during our first six weeks,
      and we welcome our new newsletter writer, Stephanie Manning,
      Sacred Runner/Walker from Berkeley, California.)


      With week 7 we passed out of the sad misery of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans
      and onward to the northeast, into the land of the Choctaw Indians, a tribe
      of 9,000 with a living language, used to this day at Philadelphia,
      Mississippi. Here we commenced a five-day rest stop. Here's a log of the
      last week:

      Monday, 3/27 - Raceland, Louisiana - Wow! 2,780 miles down, 1,665 miles to

      We are almost there!

      Our last day with the kind and generous Houma People brought us to Grand
      Isle where, thanks to the cohesion, hard work and love of the Houmas, much
      work was taking place to reconstruct or repair home damage wrought by last
      year’s hurricanes. Trailers or mobile homes were everywhere to serve as
      temporary quarters while the construction was taking place. The new homes
      were being built on high 10 foot piers. Contractors, volunteers and
      homeowners themselves worked in the humid Spring heat on roofs, walls,
      painting and infrastructure. Many of our Sacred Runners and Walkers pitched
      in to repair a roof including Larry, Cyrille, Joel, Rogelio, Sean, Jerry and
      others. By day’s end, we came to realize that the lack of government rescue
      had left the Houma people in a dire predicament and had it not been for
      their own sweat and the commitment to cling to their Bayou homeland of many
      centuries, there would have been little hope of recovery.

      That night, we watched a video of Ed Bradley, "On Assignment," all about the
      Houmas’ struggle to remove toxic air pollution caused by the dumping of oil
      field wastes in their region. One of our hosts in Raceland, Dr. Mike
      Robichaux, was a Louisiana State Senator at the time, and attempted to have
      the State Senate pass legislation to remediate such conditions. The Senate
      majority, beholden to the oil industry, voted Dr. Mike’s bill down. Toxic
      emissions were eventually reduced, much to the relief of neighbors suffering
      from respiratory and other illnesses. But the problem is now growing again
      as the people suffer.

      Tuesday, 3/28 - Poplarville, Mississippi - We took our leave of the Houmas
      sadly, promising to visit again in two years during Sacred Run 2008. It was
      sad to say good-bye to the huge grassy lawn we camped on, the trees, nearby
      cattle and wildflowers, the many dozens of volunteers camped there in the
      relief effort, but especially to the people, their great Chief Brenda Dardar
      Robichaux, and their gregarious and warm-hearted Elder, MorningDove Verret.
      We are forever indebted to them and the Houma people.

      Off we went into New Orleans, forewarned that the scene there was pretty
      grizzly, the destruction remarkably tragic. The walkers left from the
      infamous Super-Dome, which housed evacuees during the disaster, walked
      through the downtown area and on into the Ninth Ward. House after house,
      storefront after storefront lay abandoned for many blocks, a "ghost town."
      Each building was marked according to how many bodies had been found upon
      inspection and so on. Most Ninth Ward residents had left for other parts of
      the U.S. and not returned. Only a few houses were being repaired as we
      passed. One lone lost dog roamed the streets. And in front of every house
      lay piles of debris and garbage, including many personal effects – photo
      albums, clothes and baby toys, etc. Eventually, we came to Lake
      Pontchartrain, a huge body of water north of the City. We walked and ran our
      way to Poplarville, Mississippi, where the devastation was less but still
      many homes were damaged and countless large trees had blown down. Many
      thanks to the Rev. Toby Lofton and the First United Methodist Church for
      graciously providing us a place to spend the night. We gathered that night
      in a "Talking Circle" to process the many feelings of the day.

      Wednesday, 3/29 - Bay Springs, Mississippi - We left Poplarville early and
      were met by several police officers along the way, to whom we explained our
      message, "All Life is Sacred." Passing without incident, we arrived in Bay
      Springs, Mississippi, where we stayed in City Hall. Many thanks to Bay
      Springs Mayor Smith and Miss Rhonda in the city office for allowing us to
      stay in the City Hall building.

      Thursday, 3/30 - Philadelphia, Mississippi - Arriving in Philadelphia,
      Mississippi, we have reached the 3,000 mile mark: 3,029, to be precise. Only
      1,416 left to get to Washington, D.C. We are so grateful to the Choctaw
      people for allowing us to stay at their Hospitality House and on the grounds
      of tribal member Ron Alex. They fed us and treated us like royalty! They
      even sent runners of their own to accompany our runners on the last leg of
      the journey into Philadelphia.

      Friday, 3/31 - Saturday, 4/1 Philadelphia, Mississippi - The Choctaws put on
      a lovely Pow-Wow in our honor. Much traditional dancing took place, led by
      our beloved Houma member MorningDove and others. Dove raffled off a shawl
      and a basket and donated the proceeds to Sacred Run 2006. Thank you Choctaw
      people and MorningDove. A sudden mid-day rain on 4/1 did not deter the
      luncheon planned for us at the Tribal Justice Department. Tables and chairs
      were folded quickly and carried to a building within a half-hour, where an
      awards ceremony was conducted, followed by much feasting.

      Sunday, 4/2 - Philadelphia, Mississippi - How lucky we were to take part in
      Choctaw stickball, the oldest field game in North America. Each player holds
      two Lacrosse-type sticks and chases a small ball, the size of a golf ball.
      The two teams defend their goal and heave the little ball across the field
      to their comrades. Guards may tackle their opponents and we are proud of our
      leader, Dennis Banks, for his fine showing as goalie. A drum on either side
      of the field encourages each side to try hard, an outgrowth of the drums
      used during battle during the American Revolution of 1776. But Choctaw
      stickball has been played for centuries, and there are differing versions
      played by the other tribes, including the Cherokees, the Chickasaws, and the

      After the stickball game, we went to Bŏk Čito (Bogue Chitto), visited the
      Nanih Wayia Mound. The earthen Mound was 1,000 years old, and was possibly
      the site of origin of the Choctaw people according to legend. Afterwards, we
      were treated to yet another feast.

      Thanks to the Choctaw people for all their generosity to us on this day! The
      game, special Stickball / Sacred Run t-shirts, the visit to the Mound, an
      explanation of stick-making by the masters, the huge feast with many many
      dishes, and Bŏk Čito t-shirts ... we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

      Finally that night, there came another amazing gift – this time from the
      Earth and Mother Nature: a tremendous thunder and lightening storm with
      hailstones pinging on the metal roof where we were staying, campers
      scurrying to get inside, a short breath-taking display of nature followed by
      a cool sunny morning. How many more adventures will we have as we "trudge
      the road of happy destiny?"


      For the latest information and photos of Sacred Run 2006 as we move across
      the country, please visit www.sacredrun.org. To remove your name from this
      email list, please hit "reply" and type "remove" in the subject line. Thanks
      for supporting Sacred Run 2006.



      Current events:

      Nashville, Tennessee Sacred Run Concert
      Saturday, April 08, 2006, 7pm
      At Brewsters in Lebanon, Tennessee, about
      20 miles east of Nashville. Everyone welcome!

      Knoxville, Tennessee Sacred Run Concert
      Sunday, April 09, 2006, 6:30pm
      At Bissell Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
      about 20 miles west of Knoxville. Everyone welcome!

      Upcoming events:

      Dennis Banks interview, State of the Earth address
      Thursday, April 20, 2006, 6pm:

      Washington, D.C. Sacred Run Event, Earth Day,
      April 22, 2006, details to be announced...

      Coyote Creek Gathering and Traditional Encampment,
      May 1-7, 2006 Sponsored by the Indigenous Environmental
      Network in conjunction with the Oklahoma-based Coyote
      Creek Center for Environmental Justice and the Campaign
      for Sovereignty. For more info call: Casey Camp-Horinek @
      580-268-3017, or Dwain Camp @ 580-762-3713,

      The Great Anishinabe Canoe Race 2006
      Yamamoto Cup, Federal Dam, MN, Leech Lake,
      Chippewa Reservation, July 17-21, 2006.
      Camp Director Dennis Banks. Canoe-making,
      Drum-making, Hand Drum, Floor Drum,
      Beginning Ojibwa, Talking Circles, Day Break Ceremony,
      Sweat Lodge. July 22 and 23, 2006 - Canoe Race.

      For more information contact Dennis Banks.

      The Great Anishinabe Canoe Race is held in conjunction
      with the 16th Annual Int'l Youth & Elders Cultural Gathering,
      Internation Prayer Vigil for the Earth, Gathering of the
      Sacred Pipes Sundance, Sacred Pipestone Quarries,
      Pipestone, MN, July 7-16, 2006 (www.aimovement.org -
      click on "Special Events Calendar")

      Click Here to listen to the AIM Webcast -
      continuous live coverage with a focus on Canadian issues.

      Click Here for the AIM multimedia archive -
      hundreds of rare archival videos, songs, speeches and more.

      Click Here to view the Okiijida Society video
      'Not So Gentle Neighbor'.

      Please help us spread the word - email or call 5 to 10 friends
      and tell them about the ongoing AIM Webcast. Ask them to
      contact their friends, and let them know that they can
      listen to the show live on the web. This is viewer supported
      broadcasting. Consider making a purchase from the Online Store,
      or a direct contribution. Send your direct contribution
      (by Check, Money Order, or currency) to: AIM Media Project,
      P.O. Box 13521, Minneapolis, MN 55414.


      16th Annual Int'l Youth & Elders Cultural Gathering
      Internation Prayer Vigil for the Earth
      Gathering of the Sacred Pipes Sundance
      Elaine M. Stately Peacemakers Center
      Sundance Chief: Lawrence Henry Roseau
      River First Nation 7 July - 16 July 2006
      Pipestone Quarries
      Pipestone MN


      Clyde H. Bellecourt Endowment Scholarship Fund
      Scholarship Awards Dinner and Powwow
      Clyde H. Bellecourt Scholarship Fund
      Awards Dinner and Concert
      Minneapolis Convention Center 5 May 2006
      Minneapolis, Minnesota


      End fwd post, website abstracts, courtesy
      Global Peace Walk Project

      All people of all religions, or no religion, will have their
      minds cleared and moral compasses adjusted for reconciliation
      in truth of all ways of thinking by simply studying this amazing
      faculty of all living things, all our relations, “non-local perception.”


      Listen to Cleve Backster on the
      “News for the Soul Radio Show” with
      Nicole Whitney on Saturday, April 15, 2006, at
      12 NOON West Coast Time (3PM New York Time)
      (9PM London Time, 10PM Jerusalem Time)
      News for the Soul
      And see the new “Life Changing TV”!!

      One David of California

      Please read overview Global Emergency Alert Response:

      At this time, courtesy of Alden Bryant, I have the fax number
      of the White House Chief of Staff who knows Alden from
      the Senior Bush administration and Alden’s contribution
      to the climate stabilization movement. So I am faxing
      now literally dozens of pages a day to the White House
      on all these events associated with Schedue2006 and
      fully expect President Bush to host the Sacred Circle
      Ceremony in the White House lawn 11am 28Apr06 with
      Haudenosaunee Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, Dennis Banks
      who is conducting the Sacred Run 2006 and who initiated
      the Longest Walk and the Long Walk for Survival, and
      other leaders such as Chief Leonard Crow Dog to offer
      the Ceremony of The Sacred Pipe, Rev. Yusen Yamato, et al.

      This is all connected to what I am now committed to
      for Bethel-One in August, with the best folks from the
      Colorado Rainbow Gathering this year who will come to
      help and participate after that gathering ends on
      July 7. http://www.rainbowguide.info

      David Crockett Williams, Jr (III) dob 5-17-45
      (My Christian Name, named after my father and his grandfather)
      Student of James Leland Waldron (pbuh), Los Angeles Mosque,
      who gave me my Islamic name Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah
      (David, son of David, Servant of The One God) in 1963;
      Founder of Torahk Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program
      Student of Nichidatsu Fujii, Nipponzan Myohoji, Gandhi's Guru;
      Student of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Kali Yuga Avatar;
      http://www.sathyasai.org - http://www.saibabamiracles.com
      Chemical Physicist, Bachelor of Science Chemistry CSUN 1967;
      Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), American College 1971;
      Graphoanalyst, IGAS since 1972 http://www.igas.com;
      Believer of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords;
      Buddhist Practitioner, named Karma Tsering Thrchen 1977
      per Santa Barbara His Holiness Karmapa Buddhist Refuge Ceremony;
      Follower of True One Law (Torah, Dharma/Karma), ie, a "True Jew";
      Volunteer Assistant to late Hopi Thomas Banyacya 1976-1999 (pbuh);
      Volunteer Assistant to Chief Jake Swamp since 1985;
      Volunteer Assistant to Chief Leonard Crow Dog since March 2006;
      Volunteer Assistant 1997-2006 late Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr PhD (died 29Mar06
      Volunteer Assistant 1979-1997 late Bruce Eldridge DePalma (pbuh)
      Collaborator, Internet Science Education Project since ~1999, under
      the influence of Dr Jack Asshole Sarfatti PhD http://www.stardrive.org
      Author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, ie, Einstein's Successor;
      Participant Peace Pole Ceremony since 1978 Oregon Rainbow Gathering;
      Volunteer Assistant since 1978, Zen Buddhist Monk Rev. Yusen Yamato;
      First Attended Rainbow Family Gathering 1977, New Mexico:
      Truth or Consequences -- http://www.rainbowguide.info
      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo Celestial Drum Practitioner since 06Dec76
      http://www.dharmawalk.org -- http://www.peacepagoda.org
      4/1/2006 7:34 AM -- Annual UK Truth Day perverted to April Fools day
      by folks thinking it foolish to tell the truth.

      You can read about the 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign
      with messages from Iroquois leader Chief Jake Swamp,
      Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Global Peace Walk
      initiator Yusen Yamato, actor Jon Voight, et al, at:
      Hopi Declaration of Peace and Essence of Hopi Prophecy are at:

      For "Global Peace Now!" as the Universal Human Resolve!
      Global Peace Walk Project: Since 1995 UN50th Anniversary
      2001-2010 UN International Decade for Creating a Culture
      of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006 overview/updates
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006/cal details
      "Movement-2006: To Take Control of America with the Truth"

      Sacred Run 2006
      The Run For Our Lives
      True Earth Day

      Earth is now rapidly moving to Next Ice Age: Remedies
      Include New Energy Tech and Hemp for Victory Campaign
      Please read overview Global Emergency Alert Response:


      "May Peace Manifest as God's Will"

      - 1David<3 – 4/7/2006 7:20 PM PDT

      Please help us network for a rainbow uprising of love in all hearts!

      Rainbow Family Tribe 34th USA Annual World Family Reunion
      Colorado USA2006 June 21 World Peace & Prayer Day Ceremony
      Main Circle Ceremony July 4th – All Welcome Home True Human Family
      www.rainbowguide.info - www.welcomehome.org - www.yasgurroad.com
      "Woodstock-One" Sequel: "Bethel-One" 11-13Aug06 Yasgur's Farm NY
      All Truly Free, All Truly Welcome, All True Offerings Accepted
      Ignore Rumors of Cancellation

      Wadi Rum Jordan Global Peace Zone Center
      "One Earth One Rainbow One Holy Land"
      Global Peace Now Conference 20-28Apr06
      National Departments/Ministries of Peace

      Strawberry Fields Peace Pole Project New York City

      Mitakuye Oayasin - All My Relations

      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

      Aoum Sai Ram


      http://tinyurl.com/8pzpt <- PayPal Offerings

      Jerusalem Peace Walk Project Initiator
      David Crockett Williams Jr (III) dob 17May45
      Graphoanalyst: www.igas.com
      Bachelor of Science, Chemistry: www.csun.edu
      Chartered Life Underwriter: www.theamericancollege.edu

      Hopi Declaration of Peace & Essence of Hopi Prophecy

      Tetron: The human mind’s consciousness orientation function of light

      Camp David California
      661-867-2877 - Future Home:
      Paradise Valley Movie Ranch
      13554 Paradise Valley Road
      Twin Oaks, Caliente CA 93518

      2006 Peacewalks Reconciling Jerusalem’s Three Faiths in Peace:
      Easter Apr16, Aug15, Christmas. Begun Christmas 2005 Circle of 12
      Bethlehem to Jerusalem Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle Pilgrimages

      Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy


      "All We Need in Truth: Love"

      Our Holy Mission of Love
      Our Duty to Love
      Our Honor in Love of Truth
      Love All - Serve All
      80th Year - Sai Avatar Advent – Netcasts:

      World Peace Walk - China Peacewalk: 01May06

      Rainbow Love War Leader Great Spirit All My Relations Guide Me Please!
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