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a Gene Mallove Analog? - Michael Zebuhr, 911 Scholar For Truth Murdered...TAR and Feathers All Around Starting with Darth Vader Dr. Strangelove

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  • David Crockett Williams
    A Gene Mallove Analog? - Michael Zebuhr, 911 Scholar For Truth Murdered... TAR and Feathers All Around Starting with Darth Vader Dr. Strangelove
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 26, 2006
      A Gene Mallove Analog? - Michael Zebuhr,
      911 Scholar For Truth Murdered...
      TAR and Feathers All Around
      Starting with Darth Vader Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered in 2004 under suspicious
      circumstances analogous to the below story about another
      scientist murdered recently in a case compared to that of
      prominent British microbiologist Dr. David Kelly. If the
      kinds of suspicions involved in these cases are true, how
      can this pattern of "Machiavellian Law Enforcement" be
      ended? Would the perpetrators ever tell the truth if they
      were held accountable under the "normal laws of the land"?
      How can the truth then ever be known in order to end this
      vicious cycle of violence, as/if directed covertly at leading
      scientists whose knowledge feels threatening to shadowy
      figures in the underworld of the "scientific military intelligence
      community"? The answer my friends is blowing in the wind;
      the answer is neither hot air, nor a chill in the air, but smells
      like hot TAR, Truth Amnesty Reconciliation: PardonUSA2006!

      We remember you Gene! We will never forget you!
      P.O. Box 2816 Concord, NH 03302-2816
      Phone: 603.485.4700 Fax: 603.485.4710
      E-mail: staff@...
      Founding Editor: Eugene Mallove (1947-2004)

      We Remember You Too, Holly Maddux!
      We remember too Ira Einhorn languishing in prison, your
      "Convicted Murderer" Unicorn Hippie Jew Guru of Philadelphia


      911 Scholar For Truth Murdered...

      Michael Zebuhr, a Scholar For 9/11 Truth
      <http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/WhoAreWe.html> , was murdered recently
      under very suspicious circumstances...
      Radio host Alex Jones voiced his suspicions during his radio show today...
      Download his show here
      /March/24/&file=aj_2006-03-24.mp3> ... Jack Blood interviewed Jim Fetzer of
      AssasinationScience on the murder... Download his show here
      /March/24/&file=jb_2006-03-24.mp3> ...

      From The Jones Report
      l> :
      Although there is no direct evidence, this case appears to be very
      suspicious. The perpetrators shot Michael Zebuhr after being given the
      demanded purse in the robbery despite the fact Zebuhr was only one of
      several witnesses. The suspicion is heightened by the fact that Zebuhr was
      both a student member of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and a microbiology
      graduate student at Clemson University. Microbiologists have long been the
      victims of suspicious deaths, most of which are ruled to be suicides, as in
      the cases of prominent British microbiologist Dr. David Kelly (died 2003;
      ruled a suicide), 72-year old retired microbiologist Jeong Im (died 2005;
      stabbed repeatedly and put in a trunk). These are only two more recent cases
      from a long list of microbiologists found dead under suspicious
      circumstances dating back to the early 1980s. This case could very well be
      another case in the on-going plot to contain members of the microbiology
      community or a warning to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth committee.

      Director of the 9/11 film Loose Change, Dylan Avery had similar suspicions:
      "Bioengineers keep getting bumped off left and right and it just seemed like
      another Hunter S. Thompson to me. Not only was [Zubuhr] shot twice--which
      seems excessive, but this guy put up no resistance in a robbery that took
      place at night where he was only one person in a group of four. I might be
      wrong, and I hope I am, but it struck me as a warning."

      911 Callers Traumatized By Uptown Murder
      WCCO 4

      (WCCO) Minneapolis Police continue their intense search to find the killers
      of a visiting graduate student who was shot in the Uptown area of
      Minneapolis last weekend.

      Michael Zebuhr, 25, was shot in the head during a robbery attempt Saturday

      Witnesses who called 911 are still traumatized by what they saw.

      "Every time you walk down the street, you remember the night that it
      happened and what you saw that night," said Kris Houlton who called 911.

      "I think it's been kind of difficult for me, just experiencing that in my
      own neighborhood," said Susan Kang, who also called 911.

      Roommates Kang and Houlton were in their Girard Avenue apartment last
      Saturday when they heard gunfire on the street.

      "I saw someone running away, though it was one person and so I can't say
      whether that was the perpetrator," Houlton said. "The minute we heard the
      gunshot, we ran onto the street and so did everybody else."

      When the roommates and other neighbors saw how severely Zebuhr was injured,
      they sprang into action.

      "There was a definite crowd of people," Houlton said. "It wasn't as though
      they were abandoned."

      Many used their cell phones to call for help. 911 records show one caller
      said, "Brother shot in head ... not breathing."

      Another said the caller saw two men in their early 20s, one wearing a
      Raiders jacket and the other wearing a red baseball cap. The two men then
      got into a white two-door car.

      "It was dark enough, it was completely understandable to me with the
      darkness compounded with the trauma, makes it, it would make it hard to make
      an identification," Houlton said.

      Less than a week later, emotions on Girard Avenue run deep for the family.

      "I hope they know that the people on our street sincerely feel so much
      compassion for them," Houlton said.

      Houlton and Kang believe the shooting has made the neighborhood more aware
      of how close to home violence can get. They and others plan to continue to
      work together for change long after Saturday's vigil for Zebuhr and his

      Police release few details about Uptown murder
      KARE 11 News

      Michael Zebuhr died late Monday night at HCMC after being shot in the head
      in Uptown on Saturday night.

      Someone shot the 25-year-old Clemson graduate student as he walked with his
      mother, sister and friend from an Uptown restaurant to their car which was
      parked at 31st and Girard.

      Police say since Saturday night, about 15 investigators have been working on
      this case, but they released little new information during a Tuesday
      afternoon press conference.

      The shooting took place after two young men approached Zebuhr's group and
      demanded his mother's purse. She gave it to them, but they shot Michael once
      in the head anyway.

      Michael Zebuhr grew up in West Virginia. He didn't live in Minneapolis, but
      sadly it is the place where his life came to a sudden end.

      "This is just an unspeakable event, unspeakable tragedy that, unfortunately,
      happened in front of the young man's mother," said Minneapolis Police Chief
      William McManus.

      Friends say that young man was destined to make a difference.

      Back in 2003, when he was a student at Davis and Elkins, he briefed some
      students and professors about his summer work. He'd worked in a NASA lab at
      the Kennedy Space Center.

      "It's a program that researches growing plants in space," Zehuhr told
      WBOY-TV at the time.

      Last fall Zebuhr started working on his Ph.D. in bioengineering at Clemson

      His adviser Lisa Benson says, for all his smarts it is his heart she'll
      remember most.

      "He's the most likely person I think to reach out and help somebody in need
      and would be very likely to help the types of people that committed this
      crime," she said.

      Zebuhr once drove a car full of clothes and appliances to a family in
      upstate South Carolina who were in need of help after Hurricane Katrina.

      "He's just a poor graduate student, but he saw somebody worse off than he
      was and just freely gave of himself and his time," said Benson.

      Stories like that don't make what happened in Uptown Minneapolis any easier.

      Police say they are working around the clock on this case. "There have been
      developments, but I can't go into that either," said Lt. Lee Edwards.

      Information is tight, but the police chief did want to assure Zebuhr's
      family that they will close this case.

      "No matter how long it takes, we will not stop until we bring these
      perpetrators to justice," McManus said.

      The Somali Justice Advocacy Center is offering a $2,000 reward in this case.
      But police say that doesn't necessarily mean the suspects are Somali.

      Police say the only description of the suspects is extremely vague: two
      black men, between the ages of 17 and 22, who were wearing dark clothes.
      Police aren't giving a detailed clothing description but do think they fled
      south from 31st and Girard in a four-door white car that was parked in an

      Anyone with information should give police a call at 612- 692-8477.

      There will be a vigil for Michael Zebuhr on Saturday, March 25 at 8 p.m. at
      31st and Girard where Michael was killed.

      Neighborhood organizers invite the public to attend.

      Upshur Man Shot To Death While On Spring Break
      The Inter-Mountain

      Michael Zebuhr didn�t intervene when two men stole his mother�s purse,
      but one of the men shot him anyway. The 25-year-old Buckhannon resident and
      recent Davis & Elkins College died a day later.

      According to reports, Zebuhr and his mother, Dr. Suzanne Strong of Virginia,
      were in Minneapolis visiting Zebuhr�s sister, a student at the University
      of Minnesota, when the shooting took place at about 9:55 p.m. Saturday.

      Inspector Kris Arneson of the Minneapolis Police Department�s Fifth
      Precinct said the family trio and a friend were approached by two male
      subjects as they were returning to their vehicle following dinner at a
      restaurant in the Uptown area.

      Reports indicate that the suspects demanded Strong�s pursue which she was
      turned over without resistance. One of the suspects then shot Zebuhr in the
      head for no apparent reason, officials said.

      Zebuhr died at 11:30 p.m. Sunday in the Hennepin County Medical Center as a
      result of a gun shot wound to the head, according to the county medical

      Zebuhr is a 1998 graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School and 2005 graduate
      of Davis & Elkins College with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics
      and chemistry. He was currently enrolled at Clemson University in South
      Carolina working on his doctorate degree in bioengineering.

      �Mike Zebuhr was a young man of rare personal and intellectual
      qualities,� said D&E President Tom Mann. �His premature death,
      especially under such tragic circumstances, cannot help but haunt the Davis
      & Elkins College community. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones.
      I hope there can be comfort for them in knowing that the deep loss they are
      feeling is echoed in the sense of loss felt by his many D&E friends, his
      faculty members and all of us who knew him. I trust there will be comfort
      for all of us in knowing that we are richer for the years he shared with

      While a D&E student, Zebuhr was listed frequently on the dean�s list and
      was included in Who�s Who in American Universities and Colleges in 2005.
      He received the Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department Award
      in 2004, the Chemistry Department Award in 2005 and the faculty�s Senior
      Award in 2005. This award is granted to a senior student, with at least a
      3.8 grade point average, who has achieved excellence in a wide range of
      academic areas and in the quality of personal and intellectual leadership
      provided. During his junior year, Zebuhr was named a Distinguished Scholar
      by the Appalachian College Association and received an Appalachian College
      Association Scholarship.

      He also earned The American Chemical Society�s Polymer Education Award in
      Organic Chemistry in 2004 and an undergraduate research internship at the
      Kennedy Space Center in Florida funded by the National Science Foundation in
      2003. He was also a four-year member of the college�s ski team and was
      active in the Computer Club, Student Assembly, the Mountain Bike Club and
      Alpha Psi Omega, a theatre honorary. According to officials, a memorial
      service will be conducted on the D&E campus at a later date, pending
      arrangements with Zebuhr�s family.

      �Mike was a hard working, dedicated, self motivated student,� said Dr.
      Lisa Benson, Zebuhr�s advisor at Clemson. �He appreciated every
      opportunity and took nothing for granted. That kind of student is a joy to
      work with.�

      Benson, the education director at the Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers
      and Films and the research director professor at the Department of
      Bioengineering, said Zebuhr was highly respected by faculty, staff and
      students and was an extremely generous and compassionate person.

      �Everyone here is in shock,� she said.

      According to Benson, Zebuhr was interested in space flight and had spoken of
      becoming a university professor.

      �Mike was in the process of developing hands-on projects for middle and
      high school students with intentions of sparking an interest in science and
      engineering,� Benson said. �He would have been a great mentor for

      According to Benson, donations in Zebuhr�s memory may be made online at
      the Clemson University Foundation Web site at www.clemson.edu. Checks may be
      made payable to Clemson University Foundation with a notation at the bottom
      stating �in memory of Michael Zebuhr� and mailed to: Clemson University
      Foundation, P.O. Box 1889, Clemson, S.C., 29633-1889; or by calling the
      Clemson University Foundation Gift Receiving at (864) 656-5666.

      The university will create a holding account for the donations, and a
      decision will be made with Zebuhr�s family regarding a memorial service,
      she said.

      �Mike was simply an outstanding students and a compassionate person,�
      Benson said. �We are all feeling this loss very deeply.�

      He is the son of Strong and Richard Zebuhr of Buckhannon.


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