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14Mar06 Press Release: "To finish what was started in 69" - 8pp faxed to Yoko and President Bush ending 3:12AMPST, to DC Jordanian Embassy 3offices ending 3:50AM

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Dawning of New Age Sunrise 14Mar Strawberry Fields Forever NY City All My Relations - Mitakuye Oayasin Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo 3/14/2006 2:33 AM California
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2006
      Dawning of New Age Sunrise 14Mar
      Strawberry Fields Forever NY City
      All My Relations - Mitakuye Oayasin
      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo
      3/14/2006 2:33 AM California Time - Final Draft Release
      "Imagine Loving Peace"

      Brother Cosmic Wave will be at Strawberry Fields before Sunrise today
      Tue14Mar06 Keeping a Peace Altar. He is an original co-creator of the
      "Rainbow Family Peace Pole for the White House," good, perfect,
      for public, press, and Yoko. Brother Barry the Circle Tillman will be
      there 2-6pm with "All My Relations Sacred Staff" to convene the first
      Rainbow Family Tribal Council for "Global Peace Now!"

      Those who have participated at Jerusalem Camp in the past are
      most impressed by the documentary, Melitta Tchaicovsky's
      video of the 2004 California Rainbow Gathering entitled
      Warriors of the Rainbow. Melitta also filmed the historic
      first Jerusalem Peace Walk from Bethlehem last Christmas,
      the "impossible peace walk" and is now editing.

      TODAY, March 14, Einstein's Birthday Harmonious Convergence
      Ceremonies at Strawberry Fields in Central Park NY City conducted
      by Rainbow Cosmic Wave, following coordinated sacred circle
      ceremony in London England at Parliament Square after Peacewalk2006
      from St. Agnes Rastafarian Church conducted by Paul Robin Denton
      who will be participating April 16 and in Colorado as focalizer for
      the 24th annual European Rainbow Family Gathering this year late
      July for the first time in the United Kingdom. He also will be
      convening sacred circle in Jerusalem in May with goal of encircling
      East Jerusalem with a human chain circle of hands prayer ceremony,
      on May 1st.

      "Imagine Loving Peace" is the theme for Movement-2006 and
      John Lennon's "Imagine" is its unofficial theme song. Dolly Parton
      has done a rendition of this song, coincidentally available now:

      Albert Einstein had a few good ideas in his lifetime.
      One we all know something about: E=mC^2. Another is called
      "The One State Solution to the Israeli Palestinian Problem"
      and this is the inspiration, along with Lawrence of Arabia,
      for the Wadi Rum Global Peace Zone Center Project and its
      20-28Apr06 One Earth One Rainbow One Holy Land Conference
      featuring 20-21Apr Global Departments/Ministries of Peace Summit,
      25April Morning Panel: Status Israel, Palestine, Jordan DoP-MoP
      http://www.ministryforpeace.org (UK)

      Press release 12/10/2005 - Imperial War Museum Displays
      Newly-Discovered Lawrence of Arabia Peace Map

      The Sacred Run 2006 started 11Feb San Francisco
      and ends in Washington DC where we hope to
      gather a million people at the end in conjunction
      with the American Green Movement foundation
      sponsoring the Washington DC USA Earth Day event
      on April 22 and we have coordinated events slated
      on the 20March Spring Equinox United Nations International
      Earth Day Peace Bell Ringing Ceremony 1:26pm EST, same
      moment in Wadi Rum conducted by David Leighton, and
      near Antalya Turkey same moment at the 1st Middle East
      Peace Rainbow Family Gathering 2006 Turkey, setup starting
      14March, with the Peace Bell rung there and in Iran simultaneously
      by representatives of the Iranian Rainbow Family.

      "Imagine Loving Peace"

      "What my quick message intended to convey, now more
      clearly described, is my personal commitment at this moment
      in time for this $500 amount to Barry for such plane ticket on
      contingent on his accepting a mission plan for such visit to
      Jerusalem, as referenced below. The figure itself came from
      our conversation only because you explained that is the amount
      your Jerusalem Camp program has a sponsor in Israel to offer
      towards such plane tickets for very specifically selected folks
      according to a criteria that may or may not fit Barry Tillman
      and in any case he may or may not be interested in that offer
      with those conditions you well explained, which I obliquely
      referenced below, not specifically referencing your program
      but part of our mission plan connected to Rabbis in Jerusalem
      that we are now working with on the Jerusalem Peace Walk
      Project, eg, Rabbi Menachem Froman, Rabbi David Rosen,
      and Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man - Founder of The Academy of Jerusalem"

      These folks are friends of Dr. David Leighton MD co-coordinator
      of the Jerusalem Peace Walk project who is on the ground now in
      the Holy Land today slated to appear in Amman Jordan seeking to
      meet His Majesty King Abdul Allah (II) for his prayers and blessings
      of our Wadi Rum Jordan Global Peace Zone Center project and its
      scheduled 20-28Apr06 Gathering/Convergence/Conference titled
      "One Earth One Rainbow One Holy Land" featuring presentations
      on Albert Einstein's proposal for the One State Solution to the
      Israeli Palestinian Problem, with related presentations 20-21Apr
      on the global movement for national departments and ministries
      of peace, (DoP Summit) and featuring a 25April Morning Panel
      report on status to date of Iraeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian
      Departments/Ministries of Peace development by working
      activists engaged for some months now in that process.

      International People's Initiative for Departments of Peace

      This is in preparation for results of Wadi Rum Peace Summit
      to be presented at the June Vancouver/Victoria BC Canada
      2nd Department of Peace International Summit, and World Peace
      Forum http://www.departmentofpeacecanada.com per

      "Please help pass this on to finish what was started in 69
      at Woodstock One: World Peace & Love! Forward to all
      sisters and brothers that we know, and foot messages
      for those not on internet. Please, I plea, beg, out of
      One Love to do the same as this everywhere."
      -- Martin Cheney, Producer Bethel 2006

      Woodstock 1969 inspired the Rainbow Gatherings as its offspring.

      "To finish what was started in 69," its location, "Bethel"
      (Yasgur Farm), instead of its event name of Woodstock,
      should be recognized as the very birthplace of our
      Vision of World Peace which spawned the birth of
      "The Rainbow Family Vision" inspired by it,
      "The Concert Heard Around the World!"

      Need more clear separate "moneybag address" to get
      you all funding you need. Bank direct deposit account
      you get ATM card and send me bank routing info I can
      circulate to get direct funds deposited that you can use
      for Caravan2006. PayPal at least, eg www.tinyurl.com/8pzpt
      FedEx address to reliable person to deposit for such ATM's?

      Another historic coincidence of promo value for Bethel 2006
      is that August 15 start date of original Woodstock revolution
      of consciousness is also the anniversary of the 1945 surrender
      of Japan ending WWII with ratification of documents early
      September that year. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August
      6 & 9 the US could have picked any date for the signing of
      the surrender documents apparently, but/and picked or by
      coincidence was August 15 which is the Catholic Christian
      annual holiday of the Assumption of Mother Mary to Heaven.
      Likely this date was picked by the Catholic War Leaders
      of the US with that choice and with this in mind, but I do not
      know for sure. Why this is relevant is that Hiroshima
      and Nagasaki were basically the only two majorly Christianized
      cities in Japan at that time, odd huh? But the bombers figured
      at least they would go to Heaven. This was after the June 26
      1945 signing of the United Nations Charter in San Francisco
      by the US and other nations. That signed document prohibited
      the use of weapons of mass destruction that kill civilians
      in war. Then only three weeks later on July 16 the US tested
      the Atomic Bomb at Trinity test site in NM, White Sands proving
      ground. Then after that Japan was bombed. Then the UN Charter
      was ratified October 24, 1945. Commonly now only that date is
      remembered as the birthday of the UN. The nations of the
      world were thusly "herded" by the "cattle prod" of the A-bomb
      into the United Nations. Any surprise the UN has not worked?

      All this and more info is now available to bring out to the
      public because commemorating "Woodstock One" can always
      include all this and more info because of the "coincidence"
      of its August 15, 1969 "Birthday of Bethel." (Beth El)

      Last year the National Catholic Register newspaper had an
      article in the August 6 week issue about the atomic bombings.
      Two college professor types, a couple, wrote the article as
      an op-ed piece to test the waters of the Catholic readers
      and suggest to the Church a change in view/policy towards
      the A-bombing of Japan. Their premise was that Catholics
      and all good and righteous ethical and moral folks have been
      wondering for decades, where did America go wrong and off
      of its moral and ethical pathway for society into the abyss of
      corruption seen today. They said that everyone has blamed
      it on the 60's and the "free love and drugs and rock and roll."
      But that article said, now it is clear that was not the case,
      but a result of a previous happening that has become a
      "festering national sin" that by not having been acknowledged
      as a wrongdoing even yet, this festering US national sin gone
      unacknowledged, and therefore unrepentant, has corrupted the
      moral fiber of America, ie, these atomic bombings of Japan.
      She said the way to immediately get America back its moral
      compass is to nationally publicly outcry this festering war crime
      national sin until the politicians acknowledge and repent
      and thereby change the compass setting in accord with truth,
      thusly bringing back our morality and ethics in society.
      If the hippies take up this cry it would be good self-defense.
      Al Qaida folks always cite these unrepentant bombings as the
      reason they feel justified in killing civilians in war, like USA
      did then on a massive scale, in violation of the UN Charter it
      signed, all still unrepentant war crimes.

      War Crime was her words. I don't think the new Pope has the
      courage yet to agree with that Catholic view substantiated
      in that article with citations from their scriptures etc.

      But we can get this info into the press pretty quickly
      now, by adding it along with Bethel 2006 and Rainbow 2006
      and any Hippie 2006 events, eh? I will fax this too to Yoko
      as part of this final press release about today 14Mar06
      Uncle Albert Einstein's Birthday Strawberry Fields NYC.

      Yasgur Road for Peaceful Assembly Reunion 2006
      Rainbow Woodstock Reunion 2006 at The Farm of 69 Woodstock


      Yasgur Road Productions - Mission:

      To provide a welcome place for all people
      of all nations to assemble peacefully and
      "To commemorate a miracle"

      Yasgur's Farm is an historic and meaningful place to people around the
      world. The event that took place on August 15, 16, 17, 1969 changed the
      history of the world and had a tremendous impact on the music industry.
      Hardly anyone alive today does not connect in some way to "Woodstock".
      Duplication of the original event is virtually impossible. However, those of
      us who were the children of the '60's and want to deliver the message of our
      generation to generations to come are now of the age to take action.
      Therefore, we plan to produce music and art, artistic events, and political
      forums to bring our ideas and ideals to fruition. We changed the world once
      and we can do it again.

      May the World hold a vision of One World Peace & Love on Earth in our
      Let there be One World Peace & Love on Earth and let it begin with us all!
      Let there be One World Peace & Love on Earth, the Peace that was meant to
      With Creator, God, Father, Jah Love, Allah as our Power, loved ones all are

      Let us Walk with each other In Perfect Harmony.

      Let One World Peace & Love begin with all of us, let this be the moment now.

      With every step we take, may this be our joyous vow.
      To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally,
      let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me as part of the whole!

      Highly recommend is a donation of $35 to pay for trash removal & bathrooms
      etc. Treat it as if it is the Magic Hat at a Gathering. So give FREELY as
      this helps make the event happen. See you there Aug. 11, 12, 13, 2006!

      The mission plan referenced is to bring the Santa Barbara
      Peace Pole for Jerusalem to Jerusalem for Peace Pole Ceremony
      in conjunction with the August 15, 2006 Bethlehem to Jerusalem
      Interfaith Peace Prayer Pilgrimage Walk and Sacred Circle per
      Jerusalem Peace Walk project empowered by the prayers of
      the successful and historical first such Bethlehem to Jerusalem
      Interfaith Peacewalk as a Prayer Ceremony last Christmas from
      sunrise circle outside Church of Nativity in the cold rain with
      a dozen people in the circle ceremony conducted by Eliyahu
      McClean of Jerusalem Peacemakers, and a couple dozen folks
      in circle at end of walk in sunshine in Jerusalem according to
      report of USA co-coordinator for Jerusalem Peace Walk, Mrs.
      Eileen Fleming of Florida, also now in the Holy Land.

      On this recently connecting in the spirit of cooperation
      are groups including the World Peace Prayer Society whose
      Peace Poles have been installed in over 100,000 locations
      in over 100 countries worldwide so far, including one in
      Jordan per their director's recent advice that there was a
      Peace Pole dedication at Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan,
      a Jordanian historical and archeological site not far from
      Amman where the baptism of Jesus is said to have taken place.
      This event, which took place on 11/11 at 11 a.m. in 2000 as
      part of an initiative to build Global Peace Parks promoting a
      culture of peace, was the culmination of a Global Summit on
      Peace Through Tourism that had the support of King Abdul Allah.

      We simply encourage people to install them as a worldwide
      symbol of humanity's shared prayers for peace on Earth.

      For more information on the WPPS Peace Pole Project,
      there is a simple downloadable brochure at
      Deborah Moldow is World Peace and Prayer Society Director.

      And also last week supportive networking has begun with
      a special group in Berne Switzerland experienced a this level
      Rohr Communications - Daniel C. Rohr

      Jerusalem Camp will have a peace pole at this year's Rainbow Family
      Gathering, the Santa Barbara Peace Pole for Jerusalem slated
      for circle ceremonies prior on June 14 US Flag Day at Sacramento
      California Capitol inviting the California Governor to participate,
      and Denver State Capitol June 16 similary with Colorado Governor
      prior to the June 21 Summer Solstice World Peace and Prayer Day
      Ceremony at the Rainbow Colorado Culture of Peace Sacred Circle
      same location as 4th of July Annual World Family Reunion Circle at
      the 34th annual Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes in Colorado.

      Representatives of above websites are copied in
      ongoing working relationships and collaborations.

      Schedule2006 for a Global Culture of Peace by 2010


      [Schedule2006] * Schedule2006 Global Culture of Peace2010

      Members: 4
      Category: Protocols
      Founded: Feb 5, 2006
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      2001-2010 U.N. Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

      Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace

      "Imagine Loving Peace"

      Movement-2006 Caravan2006 Schedule2006 Culture2010

      11Feb-Apr22 SF-DC Sacred Run 2006
      14-21Mar NYC Harmonious Convergence
      24Mar-Apr2 Boston Area
      8Apr Philadelphia
      11Apr Wilmington DE
      15-16Apr Baltimore
      16Apr Easter Bethlehem to Jerusalem Peacewalk.2006
      17Apr UMDCP
      18-28Apr Washington DC
      20-20Apr Wadi Rum Jordan, Einstein's One State Solution Conference:
      "One Earth One Rainbow One Holy Land"
      28-30Apr Lexington KY
      1May Tennessee
      5-6May Atlanta GA
      8-9May Waveland MS
      10-12May New Orleans LA
      13-14May (Sat/Sun) Dallas TX
      16May OK City OK - Tue 11am Murrah Memorial Plaza Peacewalk.2006
      17-24May Santa Fe - Taos - Albuquerque
      26-29May Flagstaff AZ (Fri-Mon Memorial Day Wkd)
      30May-1June Tues-Thur Tehachapi-Bakersfield area Camp Expo
      31May Cesar Chavez gravesite memorial ceremony after 11am 1/2mi walk
      2-4June (Fri-Sun) Los Angeles
      6-8June (Tue-Thu) Santa Barbara
      9-11June (Fri-Sun) San Francisco Golden Gate Park
      9-11June Eugene OR
      12-14 June Sacramento CA
      15June Scottsbluff NE
      16June Denver CO
      21June-July7 Rocky Mtns Colorado Rainbow Gathering
      21-22June Victoria BC People's Dept. of Peace Summit
      23-28June Vancouver BC World Peace Forum
      7-9July Eugene Oregon Country Fair
      15Aug Jerusalem Peace Walk
      28Aug-Sep4 Burning Man NV
      1-4Sep Chicago Labor Day Weekend
      5-6Sep Tu-We St. Louis MO
      7-8Sep Th-Fri Cleveland OH
      9-11Sep Washington DC 5th 911 anniversary APM->NYC
      11-12Sep Wilmington DE
      13Sep Philadelphia
      17Sep New York City Global Peace Sunday (1Million)
      19Sep UN Convenes NYC
      21Sep UN International Day of Peace
      Geneva Oct.9 Switzerland Harmonious Convergence
      (John Lennon birthday, also Strawberry Fields)
      NYC 8Dec Strawberry Fields John Lennon demise,
      Buddha's Enlightenment Day anniversaries
      25Dec Jerusalem Peace Walk

      PLEASE Check CALENDAR For Details, Link BELOW or at LEFT

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      3/14/2006 2:33 AM California Time - Final Draft Release
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