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Hippie Jew Ira Einhorn framed for murder - Innocence Institute of W PA [Ira-Einhorn] need all supporters to write Bill Moushey

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Ira Einhorn, Philly s poor Jewish OJ If the attorney gets money, you can acquit. If you are a mendicant practitioner doing peace work for food and board as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2006
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      Ira Einhorn, Philly's poor Jewish OJ

      If the attorney gets money, you can acquit. If you are
      a mendicant practitioner doing peace work for food
      and board as a lifestyle like Ira and others, have not
      money like OJ Simpson, the evidence need not fit
      and you can be imprisoned for life and denied appeal trial.

      Ira Einhorn was a Jewish Hippie counterculture leader in
      Philadelphia until he got permission from communist
      Yugoslavia to access Nikola Tesla's energy technologies
      for development by US industry and then mysteriously
      his long disappeared ex-girlfriend turned up dead as
      a mummy in a locked trunk inside a locked outdoor
      storage porch area of his Philly apartment. The CIA
      and KGB were all over Ira during those years due to
      his receipt of many many technical papers mailed
      to him unsolicited from Russia by scientists worried
      about this new energy science destructive side
      potential as well as potential for energy technologies
      to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power. This after
      Ira was written about in a big new age magazine
      detailing his research in this area of psychotronics
      and remote viewing and other weird mind over
      matter stuff coming to light since the early 70's
      with Uri Geller's metal bending etc tests by CIA et al

      Holly's father was reportedly a White Supremacist
      and many in Philly suddenly became reviled at the
      idea of what they perceived as a "dirty Hippie Jew"
      brutally killing his blond gentile girlfriend and then
      running away underground to hide because he was
      guilty, instead of realizing he was advised by his
      own attorney to flee the death penalty in that
      atmosphere where evidence of Holly being seen
      alive after the date they said he killed her was
      kept from the defense by the prosecution even
      to the first abstentia trial. The delay was to poison
      the public against him where he would have been
      acquitted if he had stayed, but the prejudice was
      too great at too high levels. At his second trial
      for murder resulting in his present imprisonment
      at Houtzville PA, the judge instructed the jury that
      they could disregard discrepancies in the date of
      the murder as portrayed by the prosecution!!!!

      We need all supporters to write to:
      Bill Moushey
      Innocence Institute of West Pennsylvania
      C/o Point Park College
      201 Wood Street
      Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1984

      This is the innocence project that can re-examine
      Ira's case with forensic testing he was denied!

      Thanks to this referral from Karen I am prompted to write this
      note suggesting deeper investigation of the facts behind the
      case of convict Ira Einhorn who the evidence and lack thereof
      indicates was framed for the murder of his former girlfriend
      Holly Maddux and convicted after many years underground
      after bail hearing by his then attorney now Sen. Arlen Specter
      and almost two years legal battle for his extradition from France
      with White House involvement to face retrial after passage of
      an unconstitutional amendment to the PA constitution allowing
      it to try him twice for the same crime against US Constitution,
      the so-called "Einhorn law" enabling extradition after his also
      previously unconstitutional trial "in absentia" and conviction
      in absentia poisoning the jury pool for his second trial by
      years of yellow journalism in Philly during his extradition
      fight before jury selection for second trial, including a tomato
      throwing contest at an Ira Einhorn billboard advertised and
      promoted and covered by the local rag tabloid scandalsheet.

      Previously Ira Einhorn was a leader of the new age counterculture
      in Philadelphia highly respected by academia, business, government
      and industry officials as well as the counterculture movement
      elements, an early pioneer via Xerox and postal mail of what
      is now routinely called "networking". In his case among top scientists
      like physicist Jack Sarfatti for whom Ira was his first book agent
      and whose Internet Science Education Project collaboration lists
      include many familiar in great depth with skullduggery mechanations
      behind the scenes in the areas of science Ira was involved in including
      psychotronic technologies and horrific advanced electromagnetic
      weaponry potential, (the judge said psychotronics was not in his
      dictionary therefore could not be mentioned at trial) as has been
      since well verified as per Bearden et all collaborators of Einhorn

      Many reasons including later documented deep corruption in
      the Philadelphia government make Philadelphia a poor venue
      for Ira's pending appeal for re-trial delayed unlawfully by
      the judge and now as a pauper Ira is looking for an attorney
      he can pay with his book revenues just starting to come.

      Prior to this date the Yahoogroup set up for Ira Einhorn
      has been an announcement list and today changed to
      a discussion list for folks interested to help bring out
      the facts to the public to unpoison future jury pool
      and bring the truth to light of related messages of
      global import today.

      David Crockett Williams
      moderator 2/14/2006 10:57 AM
      see publicly archived posts from this list for
      Ira's side of the story posted in recent couple
      of years, and more, now changed to discussion
      group for activism on this case and related issues.

      --- Ira-Einhorn@yahoogroups.com <nayer@...>
      > Ira Einhorn's Book PRELUDE TO INTIMACY, Edited and
      Annotated by:
      > James Sorrells

      -----Original Message-----
      Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 1:51 AM
      To: Ira-Einhorn-owner@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Ira-Einhorn] Ira Einhorns
      Book Now Available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

      We need all supporters to write to: bill moushey with
      the innoce institute of w. Pennsylvania
      C/o point park college @ 201 wood street pittsburgh,
      pa 15222-1984. This is the innocence project that can
      reexamine ira s case with forensic testing he was
      --- Ira-Einhorn@yahoogroups.com <nayer@...>


      From: "J. Nayer Hardin" <nayer@...>
      Date: Fri Feb 10, 2006 12:17 pm
      Subject: Ira Einhorn's Book Now Available on amazon.com and
      Ira Einhorn's Book PRELUDE TO INTIMACY, Edited and Annotated by:
      James Sorrells


      can now be ordered on Amazon:


      [ Tiny url link http://tinyurl.com/ccylt ]


      Barnes and Noble

      userid=CA6WQMxCns&isbn=1411649117&itm=1 .

      Prelude is also listed at Borders, but they just link back to the
      amazon page. It will be in their stores shortly and is still
      available through Lulu.com.



      Convict Ira Einhorn
      (Philadelphia Unicorn Killer Hippie Guru)
      Case Information Archives List


      [Ira-Einhorn] * Ira Einhorn - Unicorn Activists 4Justice

      2/14/2006 9:24 AM - changed to discussion group

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      Founded: Dec 14, 1999

      Description: [photo not shown here, see above]

      A group for public archives and updates
      on the case of Ira Einhorn and related
      issues regarding his legal case and his
      activism that apparently got him framed
      for the murder of his former girlfriend
      to discredit him, evidence posted here.

      Photo is Ira and his wife Annika Einhorn
      taken in the month or so before his final
      extradition from their home in France to
      the US, and unconstitutional "retrial" per
      special "Einhorn law" passed by the PA
      legislature to circumvent constitutional
      double jeapordy protections after his
      conviction in absentia decades earlier,
      with extensive inflammatory yellow
      journalism warping the objectivity of the
      second trial jury pool and judge,
      resulted in his "re-conviction" for murder
      and incarceration in Pennsylvania prison.

      The judge at this second trial went out of his way to
      slander Ira by holding unusually a press conference
      with the jury after the verdict was announced, decrying
      Ira as someone not intellectually capable of being the
      deep thinking networker whose success in areas of
      controversy could have led to his opposition framing
      him for this murder as evidence in posts on this site
      supports. The judge said Ira was the kind of guy who
      read the fly leaf review of a coffee table book and
      thereafter represented himself as an expert in whatever
      the book was about. This is consistent with the depth
      of public awareness and prejudice involved in this
      case and related issues such as the advanced energy
      technologies to replace nuclear power and fossil fuel
      power that Ira was championing such as the work of
      Thomas Bearden (www.cheniere.org) co-opted for
      advanced weapons by US, USSR et al, and Ira's
      successful visit to Yugoslavia getting permission
      and access to Nikola Tesla's papers for US industry
      to exploit his advanced energy inventions.

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      Founded: Dec 14, 1999
      Language: English
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      Request Assistance

      Innocence Institute
      201 Wood Street
      Pittsburgh, PA 15222
      Phone: 412-765-3164
      Fax: 412-392-3917

      Email: innocence@...

      The Institute is interested in all cases that resulted in wrongful
      convictions. As a fledgling organization we are currently only able to take
      on cases within a 100-mile radius of Pittsburgh.

      If you have a case that fits our criteria, please mail or email us a letter
      detailing evidence of your actual innocence along with a copy of a legal
      document that best summarizes your case. Do not send all of your legal
      materials until we have accepted your case!


      About the Innocence Institute

      The Innocence Institute investigates claims of wrongful convictions, raises
      awareness of the frailties associated with the criminal justice system, acts
      as a resource to those working to reverse injustice and provides educational
      training in investigative reporting to college students and professionals.

      In recent decades, confidence in the U.S. criminal justice system has been
      repeatedly shaken as reports have surfaced of wrongful convictions and
      prosecutorial abuses that corrupt justice. Nationwide, hundreds of people
      have been freed from lengthy prison sentences and death row after wrongful

      In 2001, Bill Moushey, an investigative reporter and journalism professor,
      formed the Innocence Institute to investigate these issues in Western
      Pennsylvania and neighboring regions. The Innocence Institute is one of more
      than 30 innocence projects in the nation, but the first one to be focused
      exclusively on journalism.

      The Innocence Institute is a partnership between Point Park University's
      Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Pittsburgh
      34 Blvd. of the Allies
      Pittsburgh, PA 15222
      Customer Service: 1-800-228-NEWS (6397)
      Main Switchboard: (412) 263-1100
      [news tips webform:]


      Contact Us [webform]

      201 Wood Street
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
      General Information: (412) 391-4100
      Admissions: (800) 321-0129
      Adult and Graduate Enrollment: (412) 392-3808

      Comments, Suggestions or Questions

      It has been recently designated a founding member of the Innocence Network.

      Moushey teaches several classes at Point Park in which students learn
      investigative reporting by probing into real-world claims of actual
      innocence and injustice.

      Starting with a "guilty until proven innocent" philosophy, students put
      potential subjects through a detailed application process. If a claim passes
      initial muster, they then read trial transcripts and other records before
      hitting the streets, visiting crime scenes and seeking out witnesses,
      officials and others with direct knowledge of cases. When they have
      satisfied the burden of proof, they write detailed stories on the results of
      their work for the Post-Gazette and online.

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