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pardon me, a Philadelphia connection, CLU, Unicorn

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  • David Crockett Williams
    A lot of us have a Philadelphia connection. David, I see you went to Bryn Mawr. The church at Philadelphia (Quakers) is very influential. Peace and love,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2006

      A lot of us have a Philadelphia connection.  David, I see you went to Bryn Mawr.  The church at Philadelphia (Quakers) is very influential. Peace and love, Carol


      Thanks, Carol,

      I have met and worked with some wonderful Quakers including my dear teacher-friend since 1980’s Gene Knudsen Hoffman in Santa Barbara who was on our panel at UCSB during the 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign. http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/rainbowuprising.html


      But actually my Philadelphia connection is more remote, in terms of my internet activities related to that area and my Chartered Life Underwriter studies 1970-71 with  ten two-hour written exams to earn the CLU certificate analogous in the life insurance and financial planning field to the CPA in accounting. The instructional materials and exams and certifications are handled by what is now called the American College , then in 1971 called the American College of Life Underwriters (ACLU) which name was likely changed as the legal group by that acronym became a negative for this professional school.  The CLU exams, like the CPA exams, are administered by that professional College on a schedule nationally in various cities, my exams taking place in Los Angeles where I worked at the time as a life insurance agent/underwriter/salesman for Massachusetts Mutual agency in the San Fernando Valley headed by Lee Bonnell, whose wife was the early sitcom actress Gal e Storm, my boss then in 1971 when I completed the normally four year course of studies and examinations in 13months and also that year was the Mass Mutual Career School Champion for most life insurance sold in my home office career school graduating group 70-71.  www.theamericancollege.edu

      In the yellow pages of any phone book the life insurance sales people with such certifications indicate C.L.U. after their names.




      The Chartered Life Underwriter is widely recognized as the highest level of studies in the life insurance profession. Since 1927, more than 94,000 individuals have earned this distinction, enabling them to present a wider range of solutions for the life insurance needs of individuals, business owners and professionals, including income replacement, estate planning, and wealth transfer. In addition to increasing their clients’ financial well being, CLUs average 34 percent higher income than their peers without a designation.*



      Convict Ira Einhorn (Philadelphia Unicorn Killer Hippie Guru)

      Case Information Archives List (Ira-Einhorn@yahoogroups.com)



      [Ira-Einhorn] · Ira Einhorn - Unicorn Activists 4Justice


      Description: [photo not shown here, see above]


      A group for public archives and updates

      on the case of Ira Einhorn and related

      issues regarding his legal case and his

      activism that apparently got him framed

      for the murder of his former girlfriend

      to discredit him, evidence posted here.


      Photo is Ira and his wife Annika Einhorn

      taken in the month or so before his final

      extradition from their home in France to

      the US , and unconstitutional "retrial" per

      special "Einhorn law" passed by the PA

      legislature to circumvent constitutional

      double jeapordy protections after his

      conviction in absentia decades earlier,

      with extensive inflammatory yellow

      journalism warping the objectivity of the

      second trial jury pool and judge,

      resulted in his "re-conviction" for murder

      and incarceration in Pennsylvania prison.


      The judge at this second trial went out of his way to

      slander Ira by holding unusually a press conference

      with the jury after the verdict was announced, decrying

      Ira as someone not intellectually capable of being the

      deep thinking networker whose success in areas of

      controversy could have led to his opposition framing

      him for this murder as evidence in posts on this site

      supports. The judge said Ira was the kind of guy who

      read the fly leaf review of a coffee table book and

      thereafter represented himself as an expert in whatever

      the book was about. This is consistent with the depth

      of public awareness and prejudice involved in this

      case and related issues such as the advanced energy

      technologies to replace nuclear power and fossil fuel

      power that Ira was championing such as the work of

      Thomas Bearden (www.cheniere.org) co-opted for

      advanced weapons by US, USSR et al, and Ira's

      successful visit to Yugoslavia getting permission

      and access to Nikola Tesla's papers for US industry

      to exploit his advanced energy inventions.


      Members: 80

      Founded: Dec 14, 1999

      Language: English

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      Messages do not require approval

      Only moderators can post messages

      Email attachments are permitted

      Members cannot hide email address

      Listed in directory


      Related Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/New-Energy-Solutions

      Post message: Ira-Einhorn@yahoogroups.com


      [SF-2006] Philadelphia Culture of Peace Group Home


      A Philadelphia Offering for an American Culture of Peace


      Philadelphia Harmonious Convergence.2006


      Wednesday, September 13, 2006


      Philadelphia Culture of Peace Day


      June 8-10: Golden Gate Park , SF Harmonious Convergence.2006


      June 12-14: Sacramento , Flag Day 14June Sacred Circle Ceremony


      San Francisco Harmonious Convergence.2006


      June 8-10 Golden Gate Park - Networking List:


      [Philly-2006] Philadelphia Culture of Peace Group Net




      Category: Cultures & Community > Countries & Cultures > American Cultures 





      A Philadelphia Offering for an American Culture of Peace


      Philadelphia Harmonious Convergence.2006


      Wednesday, September 13, 2006


      Philadelphia Culture of Peace Day



      New York City Global Peace Sunday September 17


      Central Park Sacred Circle of One Million



      Global Movement for National Departments and Ministries of Peace







      Chicago 2006 Human Harmonious Convergence


      September 1-4


      Labor Day Weekend Fri-Mon


      Harmonious Convergence Community Sacred Circle Process


      The Third Party Convergence Council in Chicago 2006


      New York City Harmonious Convergence: March 15-19


      These groups are for networking towards organizing, coordinating, promoting and implementing One Mind Human Harmonious Convergence Gatherings within and around the San Francisco Bay Area, practicing common consensus via harmonious convergence community sacred circle process to foster harmony and unity, one-mindedness, between groups and individuals of the various political, economic, religious, and spiritual persuasions.


      The first such planned event is the above


      NYC Third Party Harmonious Convergence:


      "Politics and Spirituality Converging Harmoniously"



      Third Party Harmonious Convergence Conferences:


      SF, NY City, Chicago , Washington DC , Denver , Sacramento , Eugene



      The legal definition of a third party:


      "One which is not involved at all with the agreements or disputes between the 'first party and the second party'"


      It is expected that this will inspire relatedly themed Harmonious Convergence Gatherings in other locations - events in San Francisco beyond 2006, and Third Party Convergence events in other locations per information and initiatives posted here - and vice versa.





      Related Link: http://www.rainbowguide.info

      Post message: Philly-2006@yahoogroups.com

      Subscribe: Philly-2006-subscribe@yahoogroups.com




      Please help us network for a rainbow uprising of love in all hearts!


      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo


      Aoum Sai Ram




      -dcw 1-David<3 gear2000@...

      Global Emergency Alert Response 2000



      2006 Peacewalks to reconcile Jerusalem ’s 3 Faiths: Apr16, Aug15, Dec25

      Bethlehem to Jerusalem Interfaith Peace Prayer Circle Pilgrimages




      Jerusalem Peace Walk Project Support



      David Crockett Williams, Jr(III) CLU, BS

      Jerusalem Peace Walk Project Initiator

      Camp David California

      661-867-2877 - Future Home of

      Paradise Valley Movie Ranch

      13554 Paradise Valley Road

      Twin Oaks, Caliente CA 93518



      Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy



      Cultures & Community - Issues & Causes

      Peace and Nonviolence - Conflict Resolution












      "All We Need in Truth, Love"



      Our Holy Mission of Love

      Our Duty to Love

      Our Honor in Love of Truth

      Love All - Serve All


      80th Year - Sai Avatar Advent – netcasts






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