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Ira Einhorn's Book Review - Crossing the Rubicon

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  • J. Nayer Hardin
    There is a linkable edition of this article on Ira s Blog: http://iratheunicorn.blogspot.com/2005/11/ira-einhorns-book-review- crossing.html Crossing The
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2005
      There is a linkable edition of this article on Ira's Blog:


      Crossing The Rubicon : The Decline of the American Empire at the
      Edge of the Age of Oil

      by: Michael C. Ruppert (New Society Publishers, 2004)

      "Codenamed Operation Northwoods, the plan, which had the written
      approval of the chairman and every member of the joint chiefs of
      staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American Streets;
      for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high
      seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington,
      D.C., Miami and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they
      did not commit; planes would be hijacked, using phony evidence, all
      of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemintzer and his cabal
      the excuse, as well as the public and international backing they
      needed to launch their war."
      Body of Secrets, James Bamford, Page 82

      "The nation's most senior military leadership was proposing to
      launch a war, which would no doubt kill many American servicemen,
      based solely on a fabric of lies."
      Ibid. Page 71

      I am an alien, a foreign body which has been re-implanted into a
      body politic that I left in January of 1981 out of disgust at the
      treatment accorded to me by the judicial system. I am in no way anti-
      American, though I much prefer, after living for 20 years in five
      European countries, the life style of Europe to that of the United

      I find United States' influence on present world events to be
      pernicious. I find the imperial mode to be totally counter to the
      ideas of those American signers of the Declaration of Independence
      who risked their necks to establish freedom at the outer edge of
      European civilization. I find the religion of the market, as it is
      so often preached, to be a hypocrisy whose spread in any way to a
      presently more civilized Europe, to be a total disaster. The
      imperialism of the dollar is a scam run by a group who are
      precipitously destroying the very basis of our future. A group which
      represents our basest instincts and whose symbolic behavior is
      orchestrating the worst as representative of the American people,
      alas turning the possible hatred of us into everyday reality.

      I find the self-centered religiosity that is daily making American
      air harder to breathe, a travesty of the truth that many around me
      carried into their daily lives of struggle during the 60's and early
      70's. It was about helping others, bearing witness for those
      wronged; it was behavioral not linguistic and it still had some rude
      connections to that much fought over being who died on a cross
      almost 2,000 years ago. It had to do with sacrifice, love,
      compassion and mercy; it had nothing to do with the nonsense of
      property consciousness, tele-evangelism or just saying no. It was
      positive, affirmative, communal. It did not elevate the `free
      market' over every other value.

      Imperial fortress America seems filled with obese workaholics who
      consume more pornographic than Hollywood movies, whose culture,
      consisting of TV sports and celebrity, is micron thin and about as
      sustaining as the fast food that requires teen age stomachs, in
      increasing numbers, to be legated.

      Its electronic media are filled with voices whose tone belies any
      possibility of conversation or debate. People scream imprecations at
      each other. Public space, so precious to our heritage, has become a
      wasteland. The severely compromised Mr. Powell the closest thing we
      have to a statesman.

      So many Americans now seem proud to be ignorant; an ignorance
      furthered by PC and universities too concerned with social
      adaptation rather than the difficulties and stresses inherent in a
      good education and confirmed by our woefully inadequate placing in
      international testing.

      Our economy, in spite of all the noise, is now being run by people
      whose presence has always heralded the last stage of a particular
      historical development in capitalism, indicating a shift in power
      that the present decline of the $ symbolizes. Financial instruments
      now dominate our economy, not productivity. The failure of one hedge
      fund (LTCM), threatened our entire global system, not the failure of
      any particular enterprise that actually produces a product.
      Financial instruments that make money from what is essentially a
      system more akin to a casino than a productive economy, rule our
      world, destroy the economies of entire countries, threaten the
      future of our progeny and have quickly made us the cynosure of hate
      on the planet.

      This process of decline was well underway before 9/11. 9/11
      quickened the pace and allowed a gang with a plan to immediately use
      the opportunity that Michael Ruppert demonstrates as being self-
      generated, to sew fear in the land, move much closer to fascism (in
      this sense a merger of the state, corporations and the media.) and
      to totally compromise the stated intentions of our founders.

      The plot to use 9/11 as a flash point for obliterating freedom and
      seizing areas key to future energy supplies, due to the problem of
      peak oil, was carried out by a select few, but has been colluded
      with, after the fact,. by most public figures and major media.

      Most people appear to be frightened or asleep: focused on a hang
      nail when the house is burning. The unwillingness of so many to
      reflect upon the combination of 1984 and a kafka that has become
      daily life in the United States a sad comment on or commitment to
      our supposed ideals.

      Our young men and women lack basics as they try to do daily tasks in
      the most dangerous place on earth while Donald Rumsfeld hand waves
      and supports a redundant satellite system that would cost $9.5
      billion. The lack of concern shown by this man for both the American
      military and the Iraqi people boggles the mind. Over 2,000 of "ours"
      dead, 15,000 wounded; the combined Iraqi figures easily top 100,000
      in an insurgency mess that the elections have not settled, but
      rather, under present conditions, will only exacerbate.

      In a long deeply researched heart felt book that is suffused with
      the courage and honesty that few bring to any task, Mike Ruppert has
      culminated seven years of publishing his now highly regarded
      newsletter, FROM THE WILDERNESS, with Crossing The Rubicon.

      Ruppert`s book is a long, detailed, fact filled account that
      provides the ABC's of the avoidance of certain problems that a small
      group of people have been working on since the late 60's when it was
      discovered that the CIA was deeply implicated in the drug trade. I
      provided such information to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania
      through an old school mate acting as a back channel. The back
      channel soon told me that a face to face meeting was requested and
      began more than a decade of my providing information and eating
      lunch and dinner with some of these - mostly men - who were
      supposedly running the show, but often having to do so with
      information that was inadequate.

      I was fueled by my generalist education, encouraged by a brilliant
      professor of Victorian literature who became for a period of 5 years
      my closest companion, and 3 years of intense study of the 9/11 of
      the 60's: the assassination of J.F.K.

      When I combined the two above pursuits with an intense study of
      ecology and its impact upon economics, I soon realized that the
      entire structure of our society was predicated upon a fallacy on
      infinite growth that would bring abut a collapse of our entire
      system during my lifetime.

      This awareness was deeply reinforced by a year long one-on-one
      seminar that I shared with a young financial genius – Shel Gordon –
      who was in temporary retirement after selling his investment
      business for many multiples of $10 million, real money in those days.

      The fallacy of all present economic thought soon became apparent to
      this keen mind in the light of Georgescu-Roegen's light years ahead
      of time book on the relationship between the second law of
      thermodynamics (entropy) and the economic process.

      A book that exposed two basic economic fallacies: the idea of
      infinite growth and its correlative fallacy; the writing of equation
      after equation without consideration of any boundary conditions,
      something that no physicist would ever do.

      The masking of this fallacy, seemingly an abstract problem in
      economics, is the key to the behavior that ex-detective Ruppert is
      investigating and thus a major thread in all the important events of
      our time:

      1. We live in a finite, bounded space with limited resources.

      2. Our major energy source - oil - is running out.

      Ruppert's Chapter One is a brilliant Tour De Force on this theme:
      the end of petroleum man. Peak oil as the major issue.

      Sadly the rest follows as the night the day, through 674 pages and
      over 1,000 footnotes.

      An almost total refusal of entrenched interests to think through
      their habitual behavior in the face of rapidly changing conditions.

      A shift, as mentioned above, demonstrated in Giovanni Arrighi's The
      Long Twentieth Century and Peter Gowan's The Globalization Gamble,
      from productive to finance capital, an omen, as such past historical
      shifts demonstrate, of a loss of power.

      And, serving as a backdrop to all this, the much denied fact of
      global warming, best envisioned in January 2005's Scientific
      American wherein one can watch through a long lens the disappearance
      of all that artic ice; entire great world cities, island nations, a
      good deal of South Florida will be under water during the lifetime
      of the grandchildren of some of us old folks.

      So much of the panic filled horrific behavior meticulously described
      by this book is indicative of a ruling class unconsciously aware of
      the great threat to its existence as so much of our enormous efforts
      to save endangered species is a projective covering of the sense
      that we might be doomed.

      And our fears will come to fruition if we don't find a way to derail
      the madness that chapter after chapter of Crossing the Rubicon

      The book is structured as a presentation to the jury, you, the
      American people.

      It is one man's massive gathering of the evidence that hundreds of
      9/11 researchers have labored to collect. It is a group effort
      focused through the intense lenses of one American who refuses to
      ear the lies served up by the major media.

      It is a NO! in thunder backed by hundreds of thousands of research

      It is a collective shout that must be read and acted upon if we are
      to have any chance of casting off the oppression that has the
      American Spirit in chains.

      The research is meticulous; the questions asked are questions that
      should have been answered by the very public dog and pony shows that
      Bush and Co. reluctantly permitted. Questions that still reverberate
      as I write.

      Our "leadership" is in public denial, for it is complicit in so many
      ways with the on-going failure to deal with global warming, peak
      oil, the fall of the dollar and most significantly, 9/11.

      The jury is out. The evidence is strong and convincing.

      Can our system rise to its greatest challenge: facing the facts of a
      researcher/prosecutor whose massive evidence says that our very own
      Vice President - Dick Cheney - master mined 9/11, creating the
      context for our invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

      As an alien, as someone removed from American life for over 20
      years, I can more clearly see the multiple illnesses affecting the
      body politic.

      Illnesses that only sunshine can begin to cure. This book is part of
      the sunshine.

      It is written at great risk: "one can only live deeply immersed in
      evil and crime for so long without paying a price." (Page, 392)

      It is a great risk to read it, for it is very convincing and once
      convinced you will not be able to go on with things as usual, for
      the book forces anyone, who still lives in terms of an ideal, to
      consecrate themselves to seeing its truth confronted in public, for
      without such confrontation we are dead in the water as a nation.

      Ira Einhorn

      Disclaimer: The foreword to the book was written by a very close
      friend who has had much influence on the author. I have, also, due
      to her good offices, received every issue of FTW
      (FromTheWilderness). Thus I have experienced the recent seven year
      development of Michael Ruppert's ideas as they occurred.
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