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Passing for Black - "Ira Einhorn could pass for Black" -- Goodsister Nayer Hardin Re: Release

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  • gear2000@lightspeed.net
    Passing for Black, the hippie human race for peace and love... To Our Goodsister J. Nayer Hardin From Our Goodbrother David Crockett Williams (of Our One World
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2005
      Passing for Black, the hippie human race for peace and love...
      To Our Goodsister J. Nayer Hardin
      From Our Goodbrother David Crockett Williams
      (of Our One World Human Family by any and all names)
      9-9-05 California Twin Oaks Camp David California
      Dearest Nayer,
      Yes, I can only smile broadly and agree with you in your context that
      "Ira Einhorn could pass for Black," and I would add that so in the same
      context could America's Nelson Mandela, Leonard Peltier, "Pass for Black"!
      I am a "racially ostracized" community member myself, ostracized by friends
      and family due my commitment to my vow to devote my life exclusively
      and wholeheartedly and devotedly and mendicantly to the effective direct
      cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance
      as paradise on Earth, unable therefore to "take care of my children and family"
      in ways they expect and I otherwise would happily fulfill with honor and ease,
      my vow on my 29th birthday symbolized by shaving my head and face as a
      self tonsuring ordination vow to my religious belief in Torahk as The One Plan
      for Paradise on Earth, to let my hair grow without cutting until this goal was
      reached, ie, paradise on earth, pure land, the land of milk and honey for all
      of Mother Earth's Children of Our Family of Life.  Consequently over the
      years I became perceived by my long hair and beard, independently of any
      other factor, as a "member" of a certain, er, "class," like a "sub-human-race,"
      called and referred to as "hippie", which is arguably different than say white
      against black racial prejudice, but very powerfully similar as a "hippie race"
      kind of victim of a "racial prejudice" worthy of acknowledgement, discussion,
      clarification, ie, "truth amnesty and reconciliation" deep consideration. 
      So, maybe I could pass for black?  Certainly Leonard Peltier could.
      Good if we can use 911 as a release date for something good.
      Your good brother of our family of life,
      David Crockett Williams
      Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
      Interfaith Peace Prayer Walk Bethlehem to Jerusalem Christmas 2005

      Twin Oaks Camp David California -- 661-867-2877

      A local Twin Oaks California community co-coordinator for
      The Sacred Run 2006 -- http://www.sacredrun.org
      Shellmound Peacewalk 7-25Nov05
      SF Bay Area Thanksgiving Celebration
      Rainbow Family of Living Light
      (Our One World Human Family by any and all names)
      October California Regional Rainbow Family Gathering
      http://www.rainbowguide.info <-- whole kit and kaboodle
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      From: "J. Nayer Hardin"
      Sent: Sep 9, 2005 1:06 AM
      To: Jim Sorrells
      Cc: gear2000@...
      Subject: Re: Release

      Hi Jim:
      Please tell Ira 'you're welcome.' The purpose of the Computer Underground Railroad is to use computers and other technology to help folks be free. 
      "Einhorn continues to protest innocence, both in appeal and in his new book!"
      I am agreeing with you that later this month is a good time to release the book.  Coordinating with the announcement of the appeal can help Ira's case, as it's easy to comp promo copies to press folks quickly.
      I've attached the latest edition.  I have a lot in the Epilogue about his defense from articles Ira wrote that David has posted of Ira's over the years, plus a small conclusion written by David.  What's strongest that it was a set up is no blood evidence in the apartment or in the body.  It's looking so much like a set up to me that I'm inclined to agree that Ira could pass for Black.
      Send anything else you feel should be included.
      Also in your great introduction you need to update the paragraph about Ira mentioning Holly, referring folks to the epilogue for more information.  I've put donation boxes in the front and back of the book.
      I used the pictures that David recommended from the site iraeinhorn.com.  I'm not sure about the captions so if we have a grand release scheduled in conjunction with the appeal, it gives us time to add captions (or approximate dates) to the pictures I've place, add other pictures if recommended, i.e. Chapter 7's photo is out of sequence.  I begin each chapter with a photo, yet, I can insert photos into the text section too.
      Once the Word 2003 edition is set, I can build the others.  The reader and word perfect editions will take an extra day or two because I need to manually convert the footnotes to end notes and place the numbers in in brackets.

      Jim Sorrells <redemp@...> wrote:
      I spoke with Ira today, and he wanted me to thank you profusely for
      all your work and wisdom, so consider yourself profusely thanked.
      His appeal is going back to court on Sept. 23. It will be continued,
      but it might be good timing to do the Grand Release in conjunction
      with an announcement of the appeal. "Einhorn continues to protest
      innocence, both in appeal and in his new book!" Thinkest thou?

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