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convicted murderer Ira Einhorn files motion for his "release on a technicality" + letter of July 31, 2004, re: literary flap story

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Imprisoned convicted murderer Ira Einhorn claims YIPPIE ties, files motion for his release on a technicality --- and Ira s letter of July 31, 2004, re his
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      Imprisoned convicted murderer Ira Einhorn claims YIPPIE ties,
      files motion for his "release on a technicality" --- and
      Ira's letter of July 31, 2004, re his London Times literary flap story...

      Einhorn case sets new low standards for US news media...

      The entirety of this post is archived at

      "Ira Einhorn recently had a letter published in the London Times
      Literary Supplement conveniently leaving out the fact that
      he's serving a life sentence for murder" -- wrong

      The so-called Philadelphia Unicorn Killer, (aka Hippie Guru)
      has filed a motion for release after his murder conviction due to
      a technicality of judge's failure to submit timely appeal opinion.

      In his recent letter, Ira Einhorn enclosed a copy of his below
      retyped handwritten letter to JC detailing his response to
      Dave Davies' recent article from phillynews regarding Ira's
      recent letter to the (London) Times Literary Supplement (TLS).

      Let's see if Phillynews.com publishes an apology and correction.

      Here are some excerpts from his introductory note and letters:

      --------excerpts from Ira's letters...

      July 21, 2004:


      These 5 pages ought to go on my site and the letter given
      wide circulation (4 pages) as making public a private letter
      is a no-no.

      Dear David,

      To clarify the enclosed. I saw a mistake in the TLS (Times
      Literary Supplement). I wrote an Open Letter to correct it and then
      before they published the letter, I came across the address of the
      scholar who made the mistake, so I wrote her a friendly Private Letter.

      The TLS chose to protect my situation (no need, their choice):
      Same envelope this letter is in, impossible not to know that I'm in
      prison and they sure know who I am.

      October 24, 2004:

      Judge Mazzola was ordered by the court to file [his opinion needed for
      appeal hearing - dcw] by September 1, 2004. It is now October 24, 2004.

      He has not filed, so:

      I have filed a motion for a summary judgement that would stay the decision
      and throw the case out of court.

      Enclosed is the press release that I sent out to the wire services
      accompanying the motion. Please post it.

      There is no law any more: it is all politics.

      The economic and energy problems are large, perhaps too large for any
      politician to deal with.

      Peak Oil is upon us and we are totally unprepared.

      We need smart cars not hummers.

      We need a Manhattan Project devoted to a combination of behavioral change,
      energy conservation, and new energy sources.

      Our way of life must change and quickly or we will perish from the face of
      the Earth.

      The climate is changing with great speed.

      I have read much lately in paleontology, the history of evolution, etc.

      All evidence points to our extinction.

      We are headed towards a solid wall at 100 miles per hour.

      The USA is now the largest debtor nation. We are legally bankrupt, but if
      anyone pulls the plug, the entire system would collapse. It is a strange

      ...W wins, there are 2 or 3 Watergates looming...

      ---------end excerpts from Ira

      DCW: The reader should see by now that I have included here some
      excerpts from Ira's private letters to me as per above and considering
      this theme will leave this experiment to the news media how to cite and
      explain, but so folks can see deeper into Ira's views to know of his
      deeper insights, concerns, ideas, and character, as a whisper of truth
      among the tornados of defamation from philly news media...

      -----begin retyped letter to JC from Ira Einhorn:

      July 21, 2004

      Dear J. C.,

      PC seems to rule in the American academic world, so those of us in prison
      seem to be banished to some nether world more akin to Vautrin and Balzac
      than USA 2004.

      The letter I wrote to the TLS was an obvious submission from a prisoner, due
      to both the envelope and my inmate number which you left off the address.
      Your choice, not mine!

      I have been reading the TLS for about 35 years. I have subscribed to it
      religiously sice 1994 as I could not get a copy of it from any nearby
      library in France PROFOND. I have also enjoyed a subscription to it since
      my forced return to the USA.

      The thought of it being availale in the prison library is hilarious.

      American culture is now about a micron thick; it is composed of TV, Sports,
      and Celebrity. Most of my fellow inmates could not match up London and
      England. Yet the small group who do read are more than eager to read the
      TLS. It is read, on average, by about 9 others.

      I have lived all over Europe and haunted the Nobel Library when I lived in
      Stockholm; I have never found anything that compares to the coverage of
      books that the TLS provides. As a life long omnivorous reader it has been
      an indispensible tool. I would be bereft without it.

      Re: My letter; I was using Yippee instead of Yippie quite consciously, as a
      contrast between Mitch and Abbie.

      Both Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman were friends. Jerry and Abbie and a few
      others were responsible for the creation of YIPPIE: One night at a party,
      probably after smoking grass. It was done in the run up to the Chicago 68.
      I joined them soon after as their Philadelphia "representative", organizing
      under the Yippie banner.

      Both Jerry and Abbie were almost totally media oriented. They were living
      out McLuhan. I taught a course at the Free University of Pennsylvania
      called "The World of Marshall McLuhan." McLuhan was in the air. The media
      loved our antics and we very consciously played to them.

      The Yippie scene was Dada reborn about 50 years later with the entire
      society as its performance arena and the media.

      Most of the Old Left were horrified by our antics.

      We were a gang not a party, akin to the Dadaists and the Surrealists.

      Heathcote Williams, an old friend, in his Portobello Days was the closest
      English equivalent.

      I will deal with a lot of this in my autobiography, if it ever gets written.

      First, I must win my appeal and get back to my home in France.

      A law was passd just for me: to trick the French into sending me back to
      USA. The law is unconstitutional; the Pennsylvania Supreme Court should
      eventually say so.

      Then I had an impossible trial in an impossible situation: 565 articles
      were written about me, in the local papers, pre-trial, absolutely poisoning
      the atmosphere.

      In addition, pre-trial, there had been 13 TV specials, a four hour movie and
      a book that was written using materials that the DA took from my apartment
      and then turned over to the author of the book. Illegal to say the least.

      A $1,000,000,000, in absentia, civil suit topped off the circus.
      [one billion dollar judgement rendered - dcw]

      That was done to prevent me from publishing.

      I have written 5 novels and 2 other books.

      A friend is slowly preparing to put them out on the internet, but it is so
      difficult, as a TLS article noted recently, to get a book set up for
      computer transmission.

      If my friend succeeds, I will send you "Prelude to Intimacy" later this
      year. It describes my first seven and a half years underground.

      My case was in the English media qute often during the last 6 or 7 years: 4
      weekend magazine cover stories exploited me royally, though I did not speak
      to any of the authors.

      My side of the saga has never been told: it was not allowed in the court

      He's guilty: Lock him up and throw away the key.

      So, thank you for being decent.

      The enclosed article about my letter in the TLS is indicative.

      The Daily News is a broad sheet written for people with an 8th grade
      education. I see no reason to talk to them, so they are desperate for any
      news about me, blowing the smallest incident out of proportion.

      I of course didn't leave out the rest of my address; the envelope, as I said
      above , indicated that the letter came from an inmate, but the truth is no
      concern to the Daily News.

      What I don't understand is Ms.Perloff's willingness to share a private
      with a scandal sheet.

      Is the American PC operating upon a woman of intelligence and European

      She must know better, but since I'm supposedly a "notorious killer", it is
      quite cricket to treat me that way.

      Professor Martin Jay did the same thing in Salgamundi. He belatedly
      apologized when I later emailed him about it.

      This is not a small issue as there are over 2,000,000 Americans in jail, a
      significant amount of them innocent, as 3 years looking at cases has taught

      A small number of those in jail have deep cultural interests that are
      totally neglected. The library here is filled with books the TLS would not
      dream of reviewing, nor could I bear to read.

      Those who have not fallen into the nets should be more conscious of one
      fact; for a small number of us, prison does not stop our mental functioning,
      in spite of our physical isolation.

      Behavior like that of Ms. Perloff and Mr. Jay just increases that isolation
      and is reprehensible.

      But enough, I have gone on at too great a length.

      Thank you for your calm treatment of a small letter from a prisoner.

      The fuss however is illuminating, hence my long comment.


      {signature} Ira Einhorn

      PS I will send a copy of this, in time, to Ms. Perloff and others.

      -----------end retyped letter to JC

      ----phillynews references to this matter from search, index, excerpts;



      Ira busy writing to newspapers, mopping floors

      Source: DAVE DAVIES daviesd@...
      It's a sad, pathetic thing: Unicorn on Ice.Philadelphians haven't heard much
      from convicted murderer Ira Einhorn since he began his life sentence, but he
      popped up recently with a letter published in the London Times Literary
      Supplement from "Box 1000, Houtzdale, Pennsylvania."Einhorn left out the
      rest of his address - state prison - and didn't mention his last reported
      occupation, prison janitorial work. Einhorn, 64, is mopping floors and
      following the

      Published on July 9, 2004, Page 05, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

      Source: THERESA CONROY conroyt@...
      The staff of the London Times Literary Supplement - having distinguished
      itself earlier this summer as actually willing to engage in discourse with
      girlfriend-killer Ira Einhorn - now has managed to wiggle so far up his
      lumpy behind that they've taken his side against a favorite nemesis: The
      Philadelphia Daily News.It all started back in July, when Einhorn took time
      away from mopping floors at Houtzdale state prison to write one of his
      self-important screeds to the high-browed

      Published on August 27, 2004, Page 10, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

      ----------end index excerpts, referenced article:

      Photo of Ira, captioned:

      "Ira Einhorn (left) recently had a letter published in the London
      Times Literary Supplement conveniently leaving out the fact that
      he's serving a life sentence for murder."

      -----begin retyped article of July 9, 2004, Page 05,
      Philadelphia Daily News (PA) (from hardcopy)

      Ira busy writing to newspapers, mopping floors

      By Dave Davies daviesd@...

      It's a sad, pathetic thing: Unicorn on Ice.

      Philadelphians haven't heard much from convicted murderer Ira Einhorn
      since he began his life sentence, but he popped up recently with a
      letter published in the London Times Literary Supplement from
      "Box 1000, Houtzdale, Pennsylvania."

      Einhorn left out the rest of his address - state prison - and didn't
      mention his last reported occupation, prison janitorial work.

      Einhorn, 64, is mopping floors and following the literati at the state
      facility for older inmates 25 miles west of State College. He was
      convicted two years ago of the 1977 bludgeoning death of his girlfriend,
      Holly Maddux.

      Einhorn, who used to count the phrase "literary genius" among his credits,
      wrote the Times to correct critic Marjorie Perloff on an obscure detail of
      '60's movement lore.

      In a recent interview, Perloff had mistakenly included Mitch Goodman among
      Abbie Hoffman and other defendants in the infamous "Chicago Seven" trial.

      Goodman, Einhorn noted, was more of an "old left" guy who wouldn't have fit
      in with Hoffman and the Yippie crew. Rather, Goodman was indicted along
      with Dr. Spock in Boston for working against the draft.

      Reached at home yesterday, Perloff said Einhorn also had written her a
      private letter in which he said he'd written literary criticism "before
      into a life of radical politics and social change."

      "I had no idea who he was," Perloff said, "It was sort of a touching
      letter: I almost sent him something."

      "Then when a friend mentioned he was one of Philadelphia's most notorious
      murderers, I looked him up on the Internet," Perloff said. She doesn't plan
      to write back.

      In the 70's Einhorn wrote book reviews for Harry Jay Katz's weekly,
      "ELECTRICity." Katz remembers them as "brilliantly written."

      "We were publishing his stuff for several months after he fled the
      coutntry," Katz recalled yesterday. "I had the FBI and the police
      outside our offices. He'd left a bunch of stuff with us, and we got
      more in the mail. I sent the money to his mother."

      In his private letter, Einhorn told Perloff he admired her criticism
      and asked if she was aware of the work of Morris Peckham.
      Einhorn finished his letter by saying his work with Peckham had
      "served me with tools that have served me the rest of my life.
      Peace, Ira Einhorn."

      Peckham is an obscure literary critic known for a 1965 work entitiled:
      "Man's Rage for Chaos...(unclear)

      "Wow, that sounds like ....(unclear) line," Katz said.

      Photo of Ira, captioned:

      "Ira Einhorn (left) recently had a letter published in the London Times
      Literary Supplement conveniently leaving out the fact that he's serving a
      life sentence for murder."

      ==========end transcriptions etc, please excuse any typos

      David Crockett Williams
      Global Emergency Alert Response

      Ira Einhorn's "Agenda for Peace" message for Global Peace Walk 2000

      More on Ira's case background, related issues, history etc
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ira-einhorn (see list archives)
      http://www.freeunicorn.com (new website)

      Latest major related issue to Ira's case, "psychic teleportation"
      per new USAF report is under serious investigation, see

      Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation

      Below is press release referenced above which itself is archived as/at

      Press Release from Ira Einhorn

      Judge Mazzola has been in contempt of an ORDER from the Superior Court
      for six weeks.

      Though under Court Order, he has once again refused to file his opinion.
      A refusal that emphasizes his extreme bias, as the Rules of Court are clear.
      Once the defense fies their "Statement of Matters Complained of on Appeal",
      he should respond "forthwith".

      The Supreme Court has defined "forthwith" to be 90 days. Judge Mazzola has
      now extended that to over 600 days.

      If a defendant's lawyer acted as Judege Mazzola has acted, the case would
      have been through out of court.

      I thought I was in Houtzdale, but I might as well be in Guantanamo.

      His delay has turned my appeal into a farce, for justice delayed is justice
      denied. The case grows cold and a right to a speedy trial denied me.

      The law should apply to everyone.

      Judge Mazzola has flouted the law.

      He should be sanctioned by the court.

      Ira Einhorn [signature]

      October 19, 2004

      -----end press release retyped as received from Ira by DCW
      released November 20, 2004, for more information on the
      apparent framing of Ira Einhorn for murder to discredit him
      and the issues he champions such as the reality of paranormal
      phenomena, see...


      Ira's mailing address:

      Ira Einhorn
      ES 6859
      POBox 1000
      Houtzdale, PA 16698-10900


      The entirety of this post is archived at

      November 20, 2004 - 5:02pm PST Twin Oaks, California ---end
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