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Explosive CIA-Mafia-Politicians drug-smuggling link Shadow & Peoples Conventions in LA

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  • David Crockett Williams
    For Immediate Release, August 11, 2000 Noon, PDT The Truth Force Amnesty Commission (TFAC) announces explosive presentations by former LAPD and DEA officers,
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      For Immediate Release, August 11, 2000 Noon, PDT

      The Truth Force Amnesty Commission (TFAC) announces explosive presentations
      by former LAPD and DEA officers, and an attorney suing CIA and DoJ over
      their acknowledged complicity in the crack cocaine epidemic, on
      Aug12 & 15 at LA Peoples and Shadow Conventions --- detailing evidence
      of a 50 year still ongoing CIA-FBI-DEA-mafia-business-politicians "cabal"
      involved in smuggling 80-90% of the illegal drugs now coming into the
      US providing $200-250 billion per year in laundered profits fueling
      Wall Street with low-cost offshore capital and major political campaigns
      to the highest levels of the Democratic andRepublican Parties' fundraising
      for politicians who maintain draconian American drug policy laws to preserve
      these profits with the complicity of duped American media some of which
      are owned by Wall Street companies profiting from this situation.

      The TFAC maintains that the only way to solve this problem, and to end the
      failed and corrupt drug war, is to follow the precedent of South Africa by
      establishing a truth commission and amnesty program to facilitate the
      correction of the ethics of America and allow those responsible for creating
      this problem to use their power and influence to correct this situation
      which is at the root of so many wars around the world and the exploding US
      prison populations, police brutalities, etc.

      Starting at 11AM tomorrow Saturday August 12th, at the LA Peoples Convention
      http://www.peoplesconvention.com former LAPD officer, now editor of
      From The Wilderness newletter and expert on CIA involvement in the drug
      Michael C. Ruppert will conduct a session detailing evidence for above
      assertions. At 4PM he will be taking part there in the 4pm panel on Police
      Brutality and the Prison-Industrial Complex. At 6PM he will be among other
      speakers on the "Crack the CIA" panel, all taking place at Belmont High
      School auditorium at 144 South Loma Drive.

      Mike will be tabling there all day and available for media interviews. He
      will be joined in the early afternoon by a former DEA agent knowledgeable
      about DEA-CIA complicity in the South American to US cocaine trade, Cele
      Castillo, and by Bill Simpich, one of the attorneys on the class action
      lawsuit against CIA and DoJ over their complicity in the crack cocaine
      epidemic acknowledge in the DoJ CIA Inspector General's Report Volume II
      recently whitewashed by the House Select Intelligence Committee summary of
      it. This lawsuit on behalf of South Central Los Angeles and Oakland, CA,
      residents victimized by the crack cocaine epidemic has receive a unanimous
      resolution of support from Oakland Mayor (former CA Governor and Democratic
      US presidential nominee) Jerry Brown's City Council.

      At the Shadow Convention during its Tuesday August 15th program to end the
      failed drug war, Simpich and Castillo will be tabling and available for
      media and activist interviews. http://www.shadowconventions.com

      Simpich is avalable at 510-444-0226 to set up other speaking events.
      He is one of the attorneys on the CIA Class Action suit and the tort claims
      against the CIA and DOJ that are currently pending for their role in the
      crack cocaine epidemic, and he is working with Cele Castillo.

      Cele Castillo's new evidentiary critique of the Vol. II whitewash is now up
      at http://www.drugwar.com/castillo%20to%20hsci.htm and a photo of Cele
      Castillo in Vietnam 1971 (from where heroin was smuggled into the US during
      the war by same "cabal") is at http://www.drugwar.com/castillo.htm

      Castillo and Ruppert, along with UC Berkeley English professor Peter Dale
      Scott and other experts on this issue spoke at the first CIA-Drugs Symposium
      in Eugene, Oregon, which be coming next to Los Angeles.

      Some of this information is recently coming into the press, for example the
      July 27th report of a stunning interview on Fox News Channel's "Hannity and
      Colmes," Rep. James Traficant, D-Ohio, accused former Federal Bureau of
      Investigation division chief Stanley Peterson of being on the payroll of the

      Also on July 27th, the "San Francisco Examiner reported that the U.S.
      Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has found valid evidence that claims of CIA
      involvement in protecting drug trafficking to support the Contras were
      credible. The court also ruled that assertions of CIA authorization for
      drug trafficking in the San Francisco bay area were grounded in fact,
      apparently based on its review of evidence including DoJ CIA IG report
      volume II. The plaintiff, "Pena and his allies supporting the contras
      became involved in selling cocaine in order to circumvent the
      congressional ban on non-humanitarian aid to the contras,"
      the three-judge panel said.

      San Francisco attorney Bill Simpich, acting as lead counsel for class action
      suits filed against the CIA in 1999 based on the same issues and evidence
      said, "This is the best break we've had since we filed our suits. This opens
      an important new vein of evidence with one of the highest courts in the
      land, saying, in effect, that this issue needs to be addressed."

      Most recently, the Philadelphia City Paper ran two consecutive weekly cover
      stories about CIA-FBI-DEA-White House complicity in covering up illegal drug
      trade there, stories relating to why one honest cop was fired for trying to
      expose drug money connections to Democratic Party fundraising, stories
      questioning the integrity and possible complicity of the Philly DA and PA
      Attorney General's office. Links to these stories along with commentary on
      their possible connection to the Ira Einhorn case are in a post archived at

      In this link between the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the crack
      cocaine supplied to the black / Latino barrios throughout the United States,
      there is one man who is willing to disclose information about how those
      drugs were flown out of Ilopango Airport in El Salvador and into the United
      States with CIA and White House approval. Celerino "Cele" Castillo III,
      was a twelve year veteran of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).
      Castillo was the lead agent in El Salvador when he was assigned to
      Central America from 1985 to 1990.

      Ruppert is an Honors graduate of UCLA in Political Science. He comes
      from a family rooted in intelligence and the military. As an undergraduate
      he interned for LA Police Chief Ed Davis and worked at 5 LAPD Divisions
      before graduating and becoming an officer in 1973. During Mike's five plus
      years of active service he received thirteen citations and four
      commendations. Twice the CIA attempted to recruit Mike: The first time
      just before he graduated and again after he was a highly praised field
      officer and budding narcotics investigator. In 1977 he discovered CIA
      bringing drugs into the U.S. through New Orleans in an operation
      supervised by his then fiancée, a CIA agent. He began to speak out
      and was forced out of LAPD in 1978 after being shot at and threatened.
      He has been speaking out publicly ever since. http://www.copvcia.com

      Peter Dale Scott, English Professor at the University of California,
      Berkeley, was an anti-war speaker during the Vietnam and U.S.-Iraq wars,
      he was a co-founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at
      UC Berkeley, and of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA).
      His prose books include The War Conspiracy (1972), The Assassinations:
      Dallas and Beyond (in collaboration, 1976), Crime and Cover-Up: The CIA, the
      Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection (1977), The Iran-Contra
      Connection (in collaboration, 1987), Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and
      the CIA in Central America (in collaboration, 1991, 1998), Deep Politics and
      the Death of JFK (1993, 1996), and Deep Politics Two (from JFKLancer, 1995).

      Aside from the possibility that Ira Einhorn was framed for the 1979 murder
      of Holly Maddux -- as he has continuously claimed since then -- to discredit
      his attempts to expose covert actions such as those described above, another
      claim as to what happens when those in-the-know try to speak out is shown in
      the matter of Charles A. Schlund, an Electrical contractor in Phoenix,
      Arizona, age 52, whose complaint to Janet Reno begins: "While I was working
      with the FBI in a National Security Investigation involving murder, drug
      running and many other crimes in and against the United States by the CIA
      and DEA the DEA did obtain a court order under perjury and fabricated
      evidence to inject two CIA designed torture and monitoring devices in my
      neck." Background on the Einhorn case and some of his side of the story
      posted at http://www.egroups.com/group/ira-einhorn.


      David Crockett Williams, CLU
      Chartered Life Underwriter
      proponent for a Truth Force Amnesty Commission

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