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Ira Einhorn files motion to compel - Message from The Unicorn in Pennsylvania Prison

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  • David Crockett Williams
    ... Postmarked May 24, 2004, as PA Dept. of Corrections Inmate Mail A letter from Ira Einhorn dated May 23, 2004 Dear David, Enclosed is a press release that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
      --- retyped to text here ----- Ira's cover letter:

      Postmarked May 24, 2004, as
      "PA Dept. of Corrections Inmate Mail"

      A letter from Ira Einhorn dated May 23, 2004

      Dear David,

      Enclosed is a press release that I am distributing with

      [A Motion to Compel]

      that I have filed Pro-Se, on behalf of myself, to the Superior
      Court of Pennsylvania.

      It is the type of motion that my lawyers should have filed months
      and months ago, but as they are paid by the court, they have
      refused my direct asking of them to do something. The paragraph
      about them in the press release says it all.

      Please put the press release on-line, web site, etc.

      N.B.: The Judge was supposed to file "forthwith" after November 30,
      2002. That was 18months ago. The behavior is a violation of due
      process. It violates the terms of my extradition. It prevents my appeal
      from being heard.

      Alas it is now typical behavior in 2004 USA.

      Justice has become a joke as we kill, torture and maim Iraqis
      and rubber stamp on-going Israeli genocide.

      We have lost our way as a nation.

      We have marooned ourselves in an unfeeling world of
      consumption that is destroying the planetary balance as I write.

      Bush must go, but we must change our way of living or our chance
      of surviving as a species is nil.

      I continue to struggle against the continuing insanity as best I can
      from in here. My spirit is fine, but I am sickened by what we are
      doing to the world.

      I hope you are well!



      Press Release

      May 26, 2004

      "Because U.S. citizens are 'insulated within their self-censorship'
      they as well as their leaders are becoming increasingly autistic."
      -- Stephen Holmes, London Review of Books, 6 May, 2004

      The autism extends to every aspect of American life.

      9/11 should have been a wake up call, but those such as Susan
      Sontag or Noam Chomsky who attempted to address our own
      behavior as part of the cause were drowned out in the stampede
      of the Neo-Cons around George W. Bush to take away our freedom.

      No one takes responsibility anymore. There is no accountability.

      The buck never stops anywhere, for it is in perpetual spin.

      The legal system I am presently trapped in is a perfect example.
      Rules and regulations are totally disregarded. A rule of law has been
      replaced by a rule of men.

      The lie is in charge and the exponentiating anger of the inmates is now
      explosive. They are being farmed like cash cows in a system that for
      Blacks and Hispanics can be likened to the American concentration
      camps of the 19th Centrury: Indian Reservations.

      From these angry ranks will come people who will take the Al-Qaeda
      path or follow in the footsteps of Timothy McVey. We are rapidly sowing
      the future seeds of our own destruction.

      My pro-se motion to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania is
      symbolic of the entire process.

      It is a motion that should have been filed by my lawyers, particularly
      after my April 1st letter was ignored.

      But Bill Cannon practices McLaw under the auspices of the court who
      assigns him murder trials galore as an appointed attorney doing my
      McMurder, and Mitchell Scott Strutin is now clerking for a judge, filing
      the kind of briefs he should have done long ago for me and sent to the
      Superior Court.

      They work for the court, not for me. The represent the interests of the
      system, not mine!

      The outing of Ambassador Wilson's wife, the failure to deeply
      investigate those firms who made billions of $ on pre-knowledge of 9/11,
      and the recent disgrace of Ahmad Chalabi are three examples among
      many that underline how corrupt the system has become.

      We are acting in ways the would disgust our Founders.
      We are steeped in lies and hypocricy.

      Where are the media children who dare to point out the nakedness
      of the king?

      Ira Einhorn
      ES 6859
      P.O. Box 1000
      Houtzdale PA 16698-1000
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