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the Jack Sarfatti Story which makes me respect Re: Dr Jack Sarfatti skewered on "DestinyMatrix" /Q & A with Dr Sarfatti!

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  • David Crockett Williams
    this response includes bcc to same list redacted from ... From: Victor Martinez Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 11:13 PM Subject: Dr Jack
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      this response includes bcc to same list redacted from
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      From: Victor Martinez <victorgm@...>
      Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 11:13 PM
      Subject: Dr Jack Sarfatti skewered on "DestinyMatrix" /Q & A with Dr

      Dear Victor and Friends, fellow human beings,

      The below reviewer of Destiny Matrix by Jack Sarfatti astutely
      opens with the story of Jack's childhood experience that has
      apparently set the direction for his life's work and is one of
      the parts of the Jack Sarfatti Story which makes me respect
      his courage and understand his bluster better. How many
      folks, especially in a field like theoretical physics, would make
      public, let alone make a big issue and constant theme, his
      perception of such a "psi experience" with such strong lingering
      feelings of a "communication from the future" and interpretation
      [not mentioned in the review] of this having been a communication
      from some [extraterrestrial?] intelligent being[s?] from the future?

      How many folks with similarly odd and severely criticizable
      experiences would make public such information and open
      themselves to ridicule? In this regard Sarfatti has steel balls,
      undeniably. Once his legions of critics and fans alike give him
      proper credit for such longstanding courage, we may see some
      positive changes in his "affected personality" used apparently
      as a shield to such expected ridicule, a personality defense
      built over many years since this childhood experience he
      chose to be honest about instead of cover up and which the
      reviewer of his book also caught as a key factor in "who is
      Jack Sarfatti". For anyone who doubts that experience is
      real, ask "why else would someone risk ridicule by telling it?"

      Jack's comments about spirituality and his lack of "belief in
      belief" go hand in hand with this need to be perceived as
      "rational" especially in the face of this key point.

      Jack believes in science and the scientific method and
      in his obvious ability to grasp and analyse and synthesize
      complex "idea matrices" like fitting complex shaped
      pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together even as new ones
      appear, and sometimes old ones change or only a portion
      become usable, in order to understand and share the full
      picture he sees for the benefit of humanity in the way he
      sees this can be done given his "political mind-set".

      In spite of his criticisms of me personally in vituperative
      terms over several years due my differing views, including
      THE key point about the nature of light (C being "pegged"
      to the observer instead of to the notion of "objective reality")
      especially since I too have had such a "message from the
      future" experience -- but not the inspiring courage to
      broadcast it as he does except to include it in "my story" at
      http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/history.html --
      and in spite of his attempts to "debunk" me and my own
      experience/understanding, I do not believe that he is
      intentionally functioning as a "disinfo" person as suspected
      by the author here, just that he is honestly and stubbornly
      "doing his thing" as a "firm believer in the religion of science"
      as a leading devotee of it. Since he has not the experience
      of religious practice he just does not understand that it is
      because of our belief in science that "it works", ie, he does
      not clearly understand the nature of faith and belief, same
      as perhaps 99% of human beings.

      Faith and belief harness consciousness via the mind like
      water through a firehose, just have to point it correctly and
      stand strongly and firmly or get whipped around by its flow.

      According to his quote below Jack believes that the fruit
      of his work will be an advancement of the human condition
      akin to humans becoming gods. Spiritual disciplines teach
      that human beings are God incarnate trying to remember
      this true identity and express it through the human mind,
      ie, "being Buddha".

      Jack calls me an airhead. On September 28, 1996, in my
      group's interview with Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India, the Swami
      asked me intensely three times seeking an adequate answer
      to his query "what are you doing!?" When the final time I started
      to explain "science research, Swami..." he cut me off and pointed
      like a spear at my heart and very literally in his 5'0" body kind of
      voice "screamed" at me (the apparent teaching tool to the group)
      "You are God! ...research?...God?...the body is the temple of God"
      -- very clearly repeating his daily message that when we see
      "ourselves" for who we really are, we "are God" and if we can
      believe this we can manifest what this means.

      The Sarfatti says I am an airhead. The Swami says I am God.

      Who should I believe? What difference would it make in my
      "self image"?

      Dr. Sarfatti believes "It will enable us to be Men like Gods,
      like "Q" in Star Trek" but he ignores that there is already
      such a "human being" on the planet now 78years old, all
      of whose life such powers have been expressed and
      personally witnessed by millions, but only enabled by an
      understanding of the true human nature of faith and belief,
      ie, the "Sai" in India whose message is how to awaken
      to this condition of "God" and express it in our lives, NOW!

      Jack already _knows_ "he is God" and is just expressing
      it in his own way without using the vocabulary of spirituality
      and religion with which he is as experientially unfamiliar
      as are most of his readers with "his physics." This is what
      is hidden behind his "pretend personality" perceived as
      "megalomaniacal" by the below reviewer. It will get better.

      "Love All, Serve All - This is the way to realize God"
      --- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

      David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309 - May 3, 2004 3:22pm
      One human being living in Tehachapi, California
      Global Emergency Alert Response 2000

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Victor Martinez <victorgm@...>
      Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 11:13 PM
      Subject: Dr Jack Sarfatti skewered on "DestinyMatrix" /Q & A with Dr








      [Let's hope that "SUPER COSMOS" due out Fall 2004 addresses and corrects
      these perceived shortcomings.]

      By Jay Beldo, Paranoia Magazine, Spring 2004, #35, pp. 63 - 65 / On
      newsstands NOW!

      "DESTINY MATRIX" by Dr Jack Sarfatti, ISBN# 0759696896, 1st Books
      Library, November 2002, $19.95

      In 1953, Jack Sarfatti allegedly received a series of mysterious phone
      calls, presumably from the future. The voice, which informed the young
      boy that he was being chosen amongst 400 other "geniuses," was described
      as "distant, cold and metallic."

      Such a tone should have been a red hammer and sickle flag to the young
      Jack, or at least to his mother, who eventually told the callers to
      leave her boy alone, that there was probably no compassion to be brought
      forth in the mysterious mission that he was being chosen for. No
      emotion, no feeling, no love; the very things that science is in short
      supply of these days.

      As a predominantly feeling and intuitve person, I only make this point
      because I tried my damndest to make my way through Sarfatti's
      braggadocio tome DESTINY MATRIX, only to run into the Wailing Wall of
      his Star Gate equations, which first emerge into the third dimension on
      p. 122.

      This is NOT a criticism of the author himself, but born of my inability
      to understand such physics, lumpen innumerate that I am, but rather of
      Jack's rather fuzzy intent for writing the book in the first place.

      Did he do it to geometrodynamically dazzle us in Mensa fashion? Or does
      he sincerely want to inform us about what could possibly be the means to
      a truly liberatory omega point hidden with post quantum physics? He
      does fancy himself a "theatrical physicist," as the subtitle of the book
      confesses ("Why is the sky dark and space cold?" How are we conscious
      and must we grow old?").

      We only need to get a clearer bead on exactly what kind of script he is
      following, WHO is staging/directing the production, WHO his handlers are
      and whether his ongoing, off-Broadway run is a classified "Top Secret
      MK" project.

      At a loss about how to approach a review of DESTINY MATRIX, I did my
      fair share of reality checks with other writers and editors who have
      come across the book. One writer - who will remain unnamed - hints
      at the possibility that DESTINY MATRIX contains high level
      DISinformation, which would PREVENT those competent in physics (and
      ethics) from producing truly free energy, instantaneous transport to
      other universes, etc. (the same type of disinformation that exists on
      the Leading Edge Web site and "matirx" books edited by the pseudonymous
      Val Valerian).

      I'm obviously not qualified to say whether this is true, but remember
      the voices from Sarfatti's past - or future as the case may be -
      were cold, metallic and distant. I'd trust the author's quantum
      summations more if the voices on the Cold War phone had been warm, fluid
      and intimate. I'd trust his work even more if he was sommonsed into
      action by Namagiri-the-Hindu goddess, who inspired the mathematician
      Ramanujan to conjure up equations which startled the patsy-faced
      Cambridge Apostles (see the book THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY: A LIFE OF
      THE GENIUS RAMANUJAN by R Kanigel).

      Physics desperately needs to integrate some poetic metaphors into its
      realms, to help bridge the gap, primarily between the cold/analytical
      and the warm/intuitive. Paul LaViolette is his book EARTH UNDER FIRE
      does a fairly impressive job of using the major arcana of the tarot to
      describe cosmological phenomena, and posits the theory that the cards
      were solely designed for use as esoteric transmitters of such knowkedge
      in the first place.

      The late Itzhak Bentov also comes to mind. He did his best to break
      free of establishment science in a heart centered way, trying to make
      his own heretical insights available to us non-scientific folk. In his
      most well-known work, STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM, Bentov combines his
      analytic erudition with humorous and enlightening cartoons which inspire
      us to understand such things as iso-electric fields,the interactions
      between white and black holes and other universal peculiarities.

      CREATION goes even further in making metaphysical and scientific things
      more accessible to the analytically challenged.

      It is along these lines that I was hoping DESTINY MATRIX would follow,
      but Jack's megalomania gets in the way throughout. Instead of such
      informative renderings as described above, we get page after page of
      Sarfatti posing with famous people such as Francis Ford Coppola, Sukie
      Sedgewick and other physicist groupies. I'm glad to see that Jack loves
      to party with the beautitful people. I can't put him down for that.

      BUT flaunting his high society connections as he does in the book- and
      on his Web site as well - does NOTHING to foster at least a remedial
      understanding of post quantum physics. Aside from a most helpful
      illustraiton of M C Escher's "Drawing Hands," which assisted me somewhat
      in understaniding the "post quantum principle of self creation,"
      heuristic illustrations are sorely LACKING throughout.

      Perhaps some Asuric or Ahrimanic savant in another dimension is
      manipulating the false shell of personality in the author, thus
      sabotaging the possibly world transforming potential of post quantum
      physics. If Sarfatti were really street smart, he'd transcend all of
      his relentless fanfare and market some DESTINY MATRIX flashcards that
      would burn his bewildering equations into more neurocircuits so WE could
      fully comprehend them.

      I sincerely think there ARE GEMS TO BE EXTRACTED from "DESTINY MATRIX,"
      but the egotistical briar patch the author tends to - perhaps
      deliberately and perhaps not - makes the quest even more difficult
      that it should be.


      LONE NUITTER NEWS: Do you think the post quantum physics you describe
      in DESTINY MATRIX will be the final blow to the Newtonian paradigm that
      persists in our socio-economic systems, in politics and, ironically
      enough, in science?

      JACK SARFATTI: Good question. My answer is "Yes."

      LNN: Is there anything we can do to further accelerate the breakdown of
      the Newtonian paradigm, i.e., open ourselves to the same messages from
      the future as you have? In other words, how can we become more aware of
      our own "destiny martrices?" I'm speaking as someone who only has an
      intuitive grasp of qauntum and post quantum physics.

      JS: That is too psychological or even spiritual a question for me. I'm
      only a warped quantum mechanic down in the Engine Room :-) Seriously,
      ask Russel Targ about that or Jeffrey Mishlove or Fred Alan Wolf.

      LNN: I only ask these questions because of all the Aquarian hype about
      the inevitable merging of the spiritual and the scientific. Such a
      merger has been hinted at in THE TAO OF PHYSICS by Fritjof Capra and
      more recently in THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE by Fred Alan Wolf, and an
      excellent book called THE QUANTUM AND THE LOTUS (a dialogue between a
      Buddhist monk and a physicist). Are scientists doomed to forever remain
      separate from the spiritual - the psychological, i.e., trapped in the
      Engine Room?

      JS: Yes, it's Bohr's Complementary Principle. To the extent you get
      more spiritual, you stop doing physics, if you seriously meditate and if
      you spend too much time with people and their emotional issues. Physics
      is difficult and is a Stern Jealous Mistress - All Consuming, the Dark
      Energy of the Black Widow :-)

      LNN: Maybe you just haven't found her G-spot yet :-) On that note,
      let's take things to a more pragmatic level. What use value does post
      quantum physics have? Will it enable us to patch up ozone holes,
      alleviate polultion, get people to kick their antidepressant addictions?
      Or has this science already been co-opted by the military only to be
      used to further destroy the planet?

      JS: It will enable us to be Men like Gods, like "Q" in Star Trek. Why
      do you think they put ME on this primitive planet?! :-)

      LNN: And for my final question, a trick one at that: What are the
      possibilities of a future intelligence beaming Marylin vos Savant back
      into the 1970s hit TV show "Hee Haw?" What would she say to the
      audience as she rises out from some Tex-Arkana corn field?

      JS: Why Tex-Arkana?

      LNN: Because it is sufficiently above the 33 degree line to present
      Freemasonic interception/distortion of the Savant transmission.

      JS: If you read DESTINY MATRIX carefully, you will find a very
      significant reference to Texarkana; I think it's a footnote. Happy
      hunting. Let's see how good a detective you are.

      LNN: (after finding Texarkana reference in the index of the book): So,
      what would Marilyn vos Savant say to Joe Peoples, the Mid-East arms
      dealer from Texarkana mentioned in your book, if they were both on the
      "Hee Haw" TV show? If you were beamed back to "Hee Haw" by THEY who
      sent you to this primitive planet in the first place, what would you say
      or do?

      JS: A+ :-)

      LNN: My last question was not answered, but my spadework into DESTINY
      MATRIX seems to have been graded by Professor Sarfatti. With such
      ambiguity in mind, I'll leave it to the reader to judge the
      relevance/veracity of Mr Sarfatti's place in the world of post quantum
      Jaye Beldo writes for:


      "Fahrenheit San Diego," "The Great Speckled Bird," "The Konformist,"
      "Paranoia," "Steamshovel Press" and "ViewZone."

      He has appeared on the BBC and Capitol Radio London, WGN Chicago, the
      Howard Stern Show and other radio programs around the world. He can be
      reached at:

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