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gist of the Einhorn case

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  • David Crockett Williams
    I met Ira Einhorn over the net via emails on Jack Sarfatti s physics list http://www.stardrive.org Jack was one of Ira s collaborators in the 70 s on
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      I "met" Ira Einhorn over the net via emails on Jack Sarfatti's physics list
      http://www.stardrive.org Jack was one of Ira's collaborators in the 70's on
      advanced science behind new weapons potential, is the one claiming credit
      for the physics vision proposed by President Reagan as Star Wars, and is in
      the thick of the public edge of the black science in US, a dupe still in
      some regards due to his arrogance and determination to lead the scientific
      community down his trail of his "post quantum physics of consciousness
      theory equations" and my biggest knowledgeable critic of my tetron theory,
      but I met him and like him ok.

      I am basically the only activist in the country who helped Ira get his side
      of the story out as best I could which was ineffectual but archived at

      A summary of the info documented there is that Einhorn was major activist in
      Philly in 60's and 70's era involved in many many issues relating to
      environment and peace, hippie guru the press calls him, and stood up for
      legalization of psychedelics and pot etc but had uncanny ability to get to
      highly placed contacts in industry and government. He brought to then PA
      attny general the ciadrug issue in early 70's and got an article published
      in (Rolling Stone?) about developing science of mind control tech which
      resulted in his receiving unsolicited about 200 "poorly translated into
      English" scientific papers from then Soviet scientists apparently defying
      thier government sending warnings and info about Soviet developments in this
      area apparently due to their decades earlier than US scientists application
      of Tesla's work all in then communist Yugoslavia Tesla museum. Ira went to
      Yugoslavia and was squired around by their president's translator and given
      some access to Tesla's work which he brought back with the governments'
      private message that they wanted to open up to the west and hold a Tesla
      conference there with US scientists and business support towards development
      of these new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power.
      Ira's networking via xerox and mail back then was sponsored by Bell labs.
      This apparently was the motivation behind why Ira's former girlfriend who
      had disappeared was found dead a year later inside a trunk in the closet on
      the porch of his apartment and he was arrested for her murder apparently
      framed to shut him up and discredit this work.

      His attorney at arraignment was now Senator Arlen Specter who got him out on
      minimum bail with so many prominent and influential people testify to his
      character and nonviolence commitment etc. During the most of a year of
      pretrial preparation Specter bailed on the case and Norris Gelman took over
      and became a friend of Ira's having dinner together many times etc.
      Apparently Gelman was guided into that position by Specter.

      After some time it became apparent that the DA was withholding key
      exculpatory evidence, incuding testimony of witnesses who saw Holly Maddux
      alive after the date she was supposed to have been killed by Ira on their
      last night together before she disappeared. Witnesses were pressured in
      prosecutorial direction, etc. That trunk contained those reports from
      Russia before her body was found in it.

      Gelman's report of this situation prompted Einhorn to abscond and flee
      underground to Europe feeling he was being railroaded and couldn't get a
      fair trial. I think at the time he faced the death penalty. Not coming to
      light until after his conviction after extradition from France years after
      conviction in absentia and passage of a special Einhorn law by the PA
      legislature circumventing constitution double jeapordy, was that Gelman was
      in contact during Ira's underground years and even occasionally sent him

      When it came time for trial in PA with a new attorney, Gelman got on the
      witness stand and he denied this info which prompted Einhorn to flee, to
      Ira's surprise and chagrin and further prejudicing the case in jurys' mind.

      The interim years of his flight allowed the Philly media plenty of time to
      slander him in historic yellow journalism campaign completely polluting jury
      pool with bias that led to his conviction after so many years had gone by
      and his witnesses no longer available and all his former friends to freaked
      that they would not testify including scientists who could help. Had he
      gone for speedy trial in beginning he would have been acquitted but this
      constructed delay contributed to his conviction thusly.

      Now in order to get him a fair appeal the public opinion must be reversed as
      to reality of these issues such as new energy tech and weapons applications
      which media made out as complete fantasy. The judge after his conviction
      took the unusual step of inviting the jury back into the courtroom for a
      press conference so they could all hug the victim's relatives and the judge
      publicly stated that Einhorn was an intellectual fraud, "the kind of guy who
      would read the flyleaf of a coffee table book on physics and then convince
      people he was an expert" for personal agrandizement reasons.

      Friends of Ira who knew him back then like Sarfatti are only half convinced
      of his innocence because of their lack of credulence for such as Ruppert's
      themes. Empirically, I cannot say that I have evidence that proves he did
      not commit this murder, but all the info and the deep insights he has shared
      by email over the years with me convince me that his side of the story is
      supported by the overall picture of what's really happening.

      Catherine Austin Fitts remembers Ira and vouches for his acumen and
      activities as one of his favorite waitresses back then when she was in
      college. She went on to be Asst. Secty HUD under GWBush and found massive
      corruption in HUD housing forfeitures linked to drugwar against blacks in LA
      and Oakland, exposed it and suffered lawsuit loosing 100 million dollars for
      her trouble. Later she met Mike Ruppert in recent years and they have put
      two and two together. Catherine is in closest contact probably with Ira of
      anyone, speaking to him regularly via his collect calls from Houtzdale
      prison. Ira's wife Annika can't come to US under threat of prosecution for
      aiding and abetting but is nominally on the net using Ira's address from
      their place in France.

      Egotistical, probably. A murderer, probably not. That's my assessment in a

      According to Ira's letters to me Larry King and CNN have been trying to get
      him on their show to tell his side of the story since his conviction but the
      PA authorities will not allow it.

      Well that's my best shot at a summary of key points archived in posts at
      above list.

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