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"stealth torsionic genome weapon" - leading US & Russian physicists on psychotronics, "psi-internet," Soviet advanced psi weapons now in China

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  • David Crockett Williams
    This info just in from Russia seems to substantiate claims of psychotronic weaponry development behind the Iron Curtain during the time of (Philadelphia
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2003
      This info just in from Russia seems to substantiate claims of psychotronic
      weaponry development behind the Iron Curtain during the time of
      (Philadelphia "Unicorn Killer") Ira Einhorn's adventures which brought him
      into receipt of this then secret info, to the chagrin of KGB and other intel
      agencies he is quoted as saying are most likely responsible for the murder
      for which he was convicted in order to discredit him getting this info out
      to the public, a murder he consistently and still denies any involvement in
      despite the "overwhelming evidence."
      Will the historic media prejudice against Ira Einhorn kill this story?
      Why won't the Philadelphia authorities allow CNN's Larry King to interview
      Einhorn as CNN seeks to do, to get his side of the story out to the public?
      Are they afraid the public response would favorably influence his appeal?
      Einhorn collaborated with Sarfatti and was his first book agent.

      The larger issue since he has been convicted is the story about this science
      and its dangers today, as well as its peaceful applications for new energy
      technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power which are suppressed
      by the US under dual-use secrecy restrictions in fear of an enemy applying
      them for weaponry or other military purposes, as explained in 1995, Jeane
      Manning's book, The Coming Energy Revolution, Avery Pub., which overviews
      a number of these new energy techs and inventors and reproduces the 1952
      applicable secrecy order/law on p.162 obtained under FOIA. More info and
      updates at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new-energy-solutions
      (My latest overview post, Aug.21 including discussion of following and still
      ongoing sustained email attack against me possibly related to this post that
      includes mention of physicist John Wheeler's behind the scenes involvement.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dcwilliams/message/284 )

      This is the reason why we need a commitment to, and an action plan for,
      a sustainable global culture of peace, to remove need of these restrictions.

      >> "Now Russian "concerned scientists" are observing with apprehension
      >> activities of some Chinese psi-research organizations; - which, in
      >> their qualified opinion (based on knowledge of facts of illegal
      >> export to China of some advanced "double use" psychotronic
      >> technologies from f. USSR during Yeltsin's chaotic rule), might wish
      >> to transform Internet into "stealth torsionic genome weapon" of
      >> global reach.

      [Note Russian physicist's reference to Siddhartha and connection of
      this physics work therefore to Buddhist meditation mind dynamics.
      Be prepared to skip over technical material beyond normal ken]-dcw

      From: Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@...>
      To: David Crockett Williams <gear2000@...>
      [usual mode, bcc to Jack's Internet Science Education Project lists]-dcw
      Subject: Re: FORUM: John A. Wheeler, Last modified: July 5, 2002
      Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003 7:21 PM

      Old stuff. This is new

      On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 03:49 PM, David Crockett Williams

      > May the Universe in some strange sense be "brought into being"
      > by the participation of those who participate?
      > The vital act is the act of participation.... It strikes down the
      > [idea of]
      > "observer"... the man who stands safely behind the thick glass wall
      > and watches what goes on without taking part.
      > It can't be done.
      > ~John Wheeler, physicist

      [note, see my whole post to Sarfatti snipped above about Wheeler at
      see my offering of related "chemical physics of consciousness" theory
      and my latest attempt to explain its four equations in English
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dcwilliams/message/284 ]-dcw

      > On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 11:52 AM, Constantin Ivanenko wrote:
      >> "Dear Mr Sarfatti!
      >> Greetings from Russia!
      >> Thank you very much for sending me your highly informative emails.
      >> I will need some time for deep concentration in order to be able to
      >> answer properly to your qualified notes.
      >> Now, however, I'd like to make a few short remarks connected with
      >> your 11 Aug email to Creon Levit on subject of "superluminal
      >> telegraphy at Oak Ridge".
      >> I may say that most of my colleagues in Russian psi-research
      >> institutions did perceive "superluminal telegraphy" (or at least such
      >> its biological variety as telepathy) as something which must be
      >> taken for granted; - as repeatable manifestations of this natural
      >> phenomenon were observed in numerous correctly organized >>
      >> experiments."
      > Yes, this is also the position taken by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ
      > based on their CIA/DIA funded research at SRI on RV in the 1970's when
      > I first met them in the summer of 1973. Saul Paul Sirag has a tape
      > recording of part of that first meeting at Dean Brown's house near
      > SRI. All of this is compatible with my physical model of consciousness
      > in my paper http://qedcorp.com/APS/Ukraine.doc showing the fundamental
      > role of "presponse" mind-brain data in Dick Bierman's careful
      > experiments in Holland. Whether the Indian physicist's approach works
      > or not is not directly relevant here. I have no opinion on his work as
      > I have not had time to study his paper in detail yet. I basically
      > agree with you above as a matter of empirical fact which must be
      > explained in terms of mainstream theoretical physics, which I believe
      > I have essentially done in http://qedcorp.com/APS/Ukraine.doc . I can
      > be mistaken of course. See my books "Destiny Matrix" and "Space-Time
      > and Beyond II" http://amazon.com for more details on this story. Also
      > see Picknett & Prince's "The Star Gate Conspiracy" and Martin
      > Gardner's "Magic and Paraphysics" in "Science, Good, Bad and Bogus".
      > Also see John Hasted's "Notebooks on Uri Geller" from Birkbeck
      > College, University of London Physics Department where I had been a
      > research fellow in Bohm's group with Hiley online at
      > http://www.uri-geller.com/books/geller-papers/g18.htm
      >> "Regarding creation of very costly & clumsy mechanical devices for
      >> "faster-than-light communication" as uneconomic (and inelegant)
      >> overkill, they nevertheless highly appreciate exploration of
      >> scientific models of this phenomenon; - which, being "interiorized"
      >> (that is, "absorbed back into the mind which had born them" - eg,
      >> with the help of widely used by Russian psi-researchers "empathic
      >> techniques": which were known already to ascetics of Ancient India:
      >> cf. "Siddhartha" by H. Hesse), will help to upgrade natural
      >> morphogenetic mechanisms of human telepathy. (Here can be recalled a
      >> popular Hassidic tale where it was said that once a poor Jew was
      >> obsessed by repeated dreams, compelling him to go to a castle in a
      >> faraway city where he could find a great treasure. The dreamer,
      >> tempted by these visions, made his long & dangerous journey; - but
      >> could not devise any means of recovering treasure from under heavily
      >> guarded castle. At last, one of castle guards, alarmed by our
      >> traveler's "suspicious activities", asked him what he is doing here.
      >> Poor guy had no choice but to tell him about his dream. The guard
      >> answered: How stupid you are! I also have repeated dreams saying that
      >> a great treasure is hidden in a Jew's house in a faraway city - the
      >> same from which came our traveler! He returned back home - and found
      >> under his own house long-wished treasure; - which, however, he was
      >> unable to find without making long and arduous journey into External
      >> World!)
      >> You may see in K. Wakelam's"Morphism of the Void" (Mulberry Books
      >> (UK), 1995) that already in '60s there were patented in USSR top
      >> secret then devices for non-shieldable instant communication with
      >> submerged submarines; - using revolving magnetic disks (similar to
      >> now well-publicized Podkletnov's superconducting disk - which now
      >> tries to imitate US NASA; according to D. Cohen's "Going Up" in 12
      >> Jan 2002 issue of "New Scientist", Japanese have already succeeded in
      >> making an improved copy of Dr. Podkletnov's device - more about which
      >> you may find in N. Cook's "Hunt for the Zero Point", Century Books
      >> (UK), 2001)."
      > I would have to see details of those alleged devices to form a
      > professional opinion. The basic physics of Podkletnov's idea is
      > already in my
      > http://qedcorp.com/APS/Ukraine.doc as Bohm-Aharonov-Josephson
      > macro-quantum local wave interference between the rotating
      > superconductor <g|e-(x)e-(x)|g> wave and the vacuum "superconductor"
      > <0|e+(x)e-(x)|0> wave to metrically engineer the local /\zpf(x) zero
      > point exotic vacuum energy density field that controls the local
      > Einstein warp field guv(x) via the geometrodynamic field equation
      > Guv(x) + /\zpf(x)guv(x) ~ 0
      > One can, to good approximation, ignore the RHS (8piG/c^4)Tuv(x) term
      > because space-time is too stiff, i.e. G/c^4 ~ 10-33 cm per 10^19 Gev.
      > The UFO is controlled by modulating the relative phase interference
      > with Au fields IMHO at this time.
      >> "Now some Russian Leading Edge enthusiasts of SETI/CETI, - inspired
      >> by hints of Roerichs' Teaching about "magnetic techniques of instant
      >> communication with Far Space Worlds", - even try to effectuate
      >> "software-aided conversion" of vast sets of revolving magnetic memory
      >> disks/winchesters of Internet-connected PCs into "phased grids of
      >> torsionic antennas" which could allow to establish two-way dialogue
      >> communication wth advanced ET civilizations; - which, as believe
      >> Russian torsionic experts (such as Acad. Akimov & Shipov), have no
      >> reason to employ such slow & unreliable medium as EM waves."
      > Again no comment until I see technical details in mathematical
      > language. As far as submarine C^3 I proposed that in 1981 in a letter
      > written by Lawry Chickering, then executive director of the Reagan
      > neocon think tank Institute for Contemporary Studies (ICS) to Under
      > Secretary of Defense Richard De Lauer (ICS later led briefly by Don
      > Rumsfeld). This letter is reproduced from the original in my book
      > "Destiny Matrix".
      > Torsion fields may well play a role in the breakdown of the Bianchi
      > identities
      > Guv(x)^:v = 0
      > needed for the vacuum propeller.
      > I have a simple mathematical criterion for torsion fields in my theory
      > i.e.,
      > arg(0|e+(x)e-(x)|0)[,u,v] =/= 0
      > where [,u,v] is the anti-symmetric commutator of the second order
      > partial derivatives of the Goldstone phase field of the spontaneously
      > broken symmetry macro-quantum coherent vacuum.
      >> "Dr. Sergeyev was one of first Russian non-local communication
      >> explorers who understood that those same (or slightly modified)
      >> devices which could send unshieldable messages to submerged in World
      >> Ocean submarines can also send irrecusable orders to immersed into
      >> "cell bioplasma" DNA molecules; - either stimulating/upgrading their
      >> performance in process of extraction, with their spiral "Casimir
      >> gaps" between complementary threads, out of vacuum of necessary for
      >> counteracting entropy life energy & information - or causing their
      >> self-destruction through activation of apoptosis/"death" genes."
      > You seem to be talking of exotic psychotronic weapons acting at a
      > distance here if I catch your drift correctly? Have you read Sir
      > Martin Rees's book "Our Final Hour"? If not, I suggest you do so ASAP.
      > :-)
      > Again I would need to see details of such alleged technology before
      > forming any professional judgment on them.
      >> "Now Russian "concerned scientists" are observing with apprehension
      >> activities of some Chinese psi-research organizations; - which, in
      >> their qualified opinion (based on knowledge of facts of illegal
      >> export to China of some advanced "double use" psychotronic
      >> technologies from f. USSR during Yeltsin's chaotic rule), might wish
      >> to transform Internet into "stealth torsionic genome weapon" of
      >> global reach. (These concerns weren't relieved by publication in 25
      >> June '96 issue of Chinese Army Daily of an article by an eminent
      >> military theorist of "New Wave" Wei Jincheng (this article is in
      >> www); - who called for "People's War in Internet against
      >> imperialistic hegemonists (into which class was included during 'the
      >> great cultural revolution' also f. USSR)". Dr. Sergeyev wrote long
      >> series of dramatic letters to permanently drunken Yeltsin; - trying
      >> to open his eyes at terrible danger which such export presents for
      >> future psychotronic security of Russia, - but all was in vain. So he,
      >> being near total desperation, wrote a letter to clever Mr.
      >> Zhirinovsky - who is known by his interest to problem of psi-weapons:
      >> his boast on 13 Dec 1993 about "secret superweapon" produced much
      >> comments in international media; -and Mr. Zhirinovsky didn't fail
      >> his expectations, - having delivered at 6 April 2000 PACE session in
      >> Strasbourg, a Hitler-like harangue about "magnetic weapons more
      >> terrible than nuclear" with which he'd blackmail weak-willed nations
      >> of Europe (regretfully, Dr. Sergeyev didn't know this, as he died
      >> just two months before Yeltsin's abdication). High interest of China
      >> toward new technologies of non-local communication, - which have
      >> tremendous weapons' potential, - is confirmed also by the fact that
      >> two out of three persons mentioned in your email to Mr. Levit as
      >> discoverers of "superluminal telegraphy effect" are Chinese; - which,
      >> as it is known to ethnographers, strive never to lose contacts with
      >> their stern but beloved Motherland!"
      > Curious.
      >> "In fact, crucial experiment in "superluminal telegraphy", - "100%
      >> kosher" from academic science's viewpoint, - was performed by Russian
      >> physicist Dr. V. Skurlatov already in '60s: soon after invention of
      >> lasers. (He wrote about his discoveries an article - which, because
      >> of ferocious resistance of "establishment reactionaries", could be
      >> published only in "alternative Leading Edge magazine"
      >> "Tekhnika-Molodezhi" ('Technology for Youth'): see No. 9/1969 of
      >> this Moscow montly. This important article is mentioned in my own
      >> e-publication at the website of Pentagon Meditation Club: see
      >> www.pentagonmeditationclub.org , in section called "Letters to The
      >> Editors on a variety of subjects".
      >> Actually, Dr. Skurlatov has performed an experiment in "laser-induced
      >> quantum entanglement" of such macroscopic quantum objects as clouds
      >> of ionized gas. Now such experiments - whose correctness is fully
      >> accepted by international academic community - are being routinely
      >> performed by Prof. Eugene Polzik from Aarhus Univ., Denmark (see in
      >> www). Spectacular success of Dr. Skurlatov's experiments has inspired
      >> Dr. Sergeyev to invent highly efficient technology of precisely
      >> addressable psi-communication (which may be called "an embryo of
      >> psi-Internet"): - which was based on precisely regulated with the
      >> help of "torsionic feedback" "induced psychobioentrainment" of minds
      >> of participants of telepathic experiments with the help of projected
      >> onto computer display screens (custom-made for Dr. Sergeyev 's
      >> well-funded by Soviet Navy experiments) individually designed
      >> "audiovisual mandalas" (see more details in my abovementioned
      >> e-publication).
      >> I think that even now, - after more than 35 years, - scientific level
      >> (and also potential practical usefulness) of Dr. Skurlatov's
      >> perfectly scientifically correct experiments are still higher than
      >> those of mentioned in your email Oak Ridge researchers. If you'd
      >> like, I could send you a copy of Dr. Skurlatov's article in Russian
      >> with a brief digest via "snail mail". (This highly informative
      >> article, - although it doesn't contain, like well-written "New
      >> Scientist" articles or my own messages, any multi-storey mathematical
      >> formulas, - successfully performs its task of conveying as fully as
      >> possible author's ideas."
      > Send it to Vladimir Poponin who is Russian here in San Francisco and
      > can explain it to me. I will be in Paris Sept 15 - 19 at Pierre et
      > Marie Universite Vigier Conference if you can get there?
      >> "However, - and
      >> it's perfectly understandable to all who know realities of former
      >> Soviet regime, - descriptions of concrete details of Dr. Skurlatov's
      >> experiments (about which I knew from his personal communication when
      >> acting on behalf of Dr. Sergeyev's organization) are not so clear &
      >> detailed; - due to 'secrecy paranoia" which still lingers in new
      >> "democratic" Russia.)
      >> With best wishes, Sincerely yours Constantin I. Ivanenko
      >> St. Petersburg, RUSSIA"

      ----------end fwd post, see more on Dr. Sarfatti, who claims originating
      President Reagan's Star Wars space weapons physics vision, at

      Our Spiritual Unity Re-Awakening

      Torahkoom, The Law Stands Up (phonetically, Hebrew language)
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