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evidence Columbia a terrorist attack, White House New Science Overture to help The President, global peace now breaking out Feb.9 Sunday

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  • David Crockett Williams
    evidence Columbia a terrorist attack, White House New Science Overture to help The President, global peace now breaking out Feb.9 Sunday
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2003
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      evidence Columbia a terrorist attack,
      White House New Science Overture to help The President,
      global peace now breaking out Feb.9 Sunday

      Global Peace Initiative of February 6, 2003, USA-India-Jerusalem

      From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      To: "President George W. Bush" <president@...>;
      ".Shashi Tharoor - United Nations Under-Secretary-General
      for Public Information";
      "US Central Intelligence Agency Science and Technology
      Directorate - Ron Pandolfi";
      Cc: "Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr. Computer Social Impact Research Institute";
      "Hal Fox - editor Journal of New Energy"; "Dean House";
      "Thomas Bearden - Association of Distinguished American Scientists";
      "Dr. Eugene Mallove editor Infinite Energy Magazine";
      "Evan Soule' - Joseph Newman Power Co.";
      "Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute";
      "Dr. Carol Rosin - Peace in Space.com";
      "Sri Paramahamsa Tewari"; "New Energy Solutions Yahoo!Group"
      "The India Overture of The Whole Truth Campaign"
      "The Whole Truth Campaign Committee Yahoo!Group"
      "The American Overture"
      "Patrick Bailey"; "Tewari.org Webmaster - Toby Grotz";
      "Dr. Harold Puthoff"
      Subject: The White House New Science Overture to create
      "SCIENCE FRICTION FILE" for info to help The President
      Date: Friday, February 07, 2003 10:32 AM

      Alert to Avert War and Cause Global Peace Now,
      by understanding new scientific evidence President Bush needs:

      The White House New Science Overture to create a
      "SCIENCE FRICTION FILE" for info to help The President
      overcome friction between government and new energy science.

      ATTN: Mr. Andrew Card, White House Chief of Staff
      and United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Public Information

      RE: Reducing friction of government and new energy scientists

      Dear Mr. Card,

      I have been emailing President Bush lately with important scientific
      information which I know if he receives it will greatly help him in this
      time of national crisis but I don't think my messages are getting through.

      So I have asked Alden Bryant to fax you this introduction letter and
      request for you to open a file to receive input from leading new energy
      scientist so this volume of new information can properly be evaluated
      by appropriate staff under your direction there at the White House.

      My uppermost concern at the moment is that from the evidence of the
      photographs taken of the Space Shuttle Colombia by an amateur
      photographer in San Francisco and discussed in the accompanying
      article written by the Science Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle,
      in comparing this report of anomalous lightning-like electrical discharges
      surrounding the shuttle as it went over San Francisco, from information
      I have gathered over many years from some knowledgeable scientists, combined
      with the recent articles in my local Bakersfield Californian
      newspaper announcing about advanced electromagnetic weapons
      planned for US deployment against Iraq, weapons which will fry the
      electronics of modern tanks, airplanes, etc., and induce pain in the
      enemy soldiers ---

      I am concerned about the possibility that such an advanced electromagnetic
      weapon may have been used against the Space Shuttle by someone or some
      country unfriendly to the United States such as Osama Bin Laden.

      The technological capability does exist as announced in my local paper
      within the last two weeks. What assurance do we have that other countries
      or entities are not also now in possession of such technologies, especially
      given all the publicity about various recent years espionage cases against
      American scientific facilities such as mentioned in today's paper regarding
      the case in Spokane, Washington, about a National Guard officer, Rafael
      Davila, on trial for illegally obtaining and trying to sell, "...top-secret
      information related to US chemical, nuclear and biological capabilities", as
      per Associated Press article titled "FBI: Stolen documents that present
      'huge danger to U.S.' floating around."

      In addition, from the article accompanying by a former Japanese
      newspaper editor now covering Kashmir situation, we can see a
      clear and specific motive for targeting this particular space shuttle.
      Means and motive exist.

      We know that the same advanced science behind these weapons can
      be used for peaceful purposes such as advanced electromagnetic
      "new-energy technologies" far superior to nuclear and fossil fuel power,
      but that this information is classified by our government and many patent
      applications in this field ordered secret under dual use secrecy
      restrictions that could be relaxed if we can assure lasting global peace
      such as now the subject of a former US scientist-astronauts current visit to
      India to meet with their top scientist in this new energy tech field and
      perhaps with him the President of India within a week or so from now. His
      visit also includes meeting first with a holy man in India recently featured
      in the New York Times, and in an International Herald Tribune article by
      Shashi Tharoor, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Public

      We ask President Bush to announce immediately that he will suspend plans to
      attack Iraq at least until after this Sunday, February 9, when our Global
      Peace Ceremony will take place in Jerusalem to empower the prayers for
      global peace now by all of humanity to bring harmony between Christians,
      Moslems, and Jews by the public consideration of the evidence presented by
      this top India scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari, that this holy man, Sathya Sai
      Baba, is the awaited "messiah-like" figure Al Mehdi of Islam predicted to
      come to bring peace by the Prophet Mohammed (blessed be his name and
      memory). Please see my Global Peace Initiative proposal of yesterday for

      By his annoucement to public of his suspending hostile intent to focus the
      nation and the world on praying together this Sunday, February 9, 2003, in
      support of this ceremony for global peace now, he will bring the country and
      the world together in this prayer and this result, ie, take lead of the
      global peace movement with our support by this simple action.

      I know President Bush understands the power of prayer, each in his own way
      in accordance with his own beliefs, but many Americans do not. This prayer
      ceremony in Jerusalem has been prepared over last months over the internet
      by training core participants around the world in how to better focus such
      prayers by training first which develops innate "psychokinetic" abilities
      like Uri Geller's bending of spoons by "mind power" such as Dr. O'Leary also
      teaches in his "scientific yoga" classes. Our understanding of this level
      of human mind-power has moved from science fiction to reality as further
      evidenced by Shashi Tharoor's testimony in his IHT article, like many
      thousands of other witnesses over last several decades of Sai Baba's ability
      to "psychokinetically" materialize objects directly from this "energy field
      of space itself" which many scientists believe is the source of power for
      these new-energy technologies.

      President Bush is following his conscience and convictions strongly on
      behalf of leading America and this is to be appreciated and his anguish in
      these times often evident on television, we all share and hope to ameliorate
      by offering him through your office information to help him address and
      resolve this situation.

      Please inform Alden Bryant that we have an open channel of two-way
      communication with The White House on this matter and that you and
      appropriate White House Staff will take this seriously and act in a timely
      fashion to advise The President on this urgent matter.

      Can you provide a responsive email address for someone in your office to
      expedite this information through to you?

      Thank you very much.

      At your service in all ways,

      David Crockett Williams, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
      The American Overture of The Whole Truth Campaign
      "To help American government officials to bring out the
      whole truth about solutions to critical problems"

      20411 Steeple Court
      Tehachapi, CA 93561

      "They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing
      past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . . when the Columbia
      may have begun breaking up during re-entry," he said.


      Photos show odd images near shuttle

      David Perlman, Chronicle Science Editor

      Sunday, February 2, 2003

      A San Francisco amateur astronomer who photographs the space shuttles
      whenever their orbits carry them over the Bay Area has captured five strange
      and provocative images of the shuttle Columbia just as it was re-entering
      the Earth's atmosphere before dawn Saturday.

      The pictures, taken with a Nikon 8 camera on a tripod, reveal what appear to
      be bright electrical phenomena flashing around the track of the shuttle's
      passage, but the photographer, who asked not to be identified, will not make
      them public immediately.

      "They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing
      past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . . when the Columbia
      may have begun breaking up during re-entry," he said.

      The photographer invited The Chronicle to view the photos on his computer
      screen Saturday night, and they are indeed puzzling.

      They show a bright scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple,
      and shaped somewhat like a deformed L. The flash appears to cross the
      Columbia's dim contrail, and at that precise point, the contrail abruptly
      brightens and appears thicker and somewhat twisted as if it were wobbling.

      "I couldn't see the discharge with own eyes, but it showed up clear and
      bright on the film when I developed it," the photographer said. "But I'm not

      going to speculate about what it might be."

      E-mail David Perlman at dperlman@...

      ----------------email him and tell him to do followup story on this today.


      By Yoichi Clark Shimatsu
      Pacific News Service
      February 3, 2003

      NASA is not simply a civilian space agency devoted to the high-minded
      cause of scientific discovery. The agency that originated as an extension
      of the Air Force has persisted in its often-disguised mission of military
      research. Columbia's tragic last mission was no exception, and was
      watched keenly by much of the world precisely because of its geopolitical
      and military significance.

      Columbia's countdown to launch saw unprecedented security measures
      that included machine gun-toting guards eyeballing and body-searching
      NASA engineers and visiting dignitaries. NASA acknowledged that such
      measures where more than post-9/11 caution and were due to the
      presence of astronaut and Israeli Air Force pilot Col. Ilan Ramon.
      Ramon was a living symbol of Israeli-American aerospace cooperation,
      which has included the Arrow interception technology incorporated into
      Patriot missiles (used in the Gulf War) and the sale of U.S.-built F-16s
      and helicopter gunships sent by the Ariel Sharon government to attack
      Palestinian villages in the West Bank.

      Ramon was no bystander in the Mideast conflict. He received flight
      training at a U.S. Air Force base in Utah in the 1970s, became a pilot in
      the Israeli Air Force and was part of an Israeli bombing mission that
      destroyed an Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1986.

      His military role aboard Columbia went beyond symbolic value. Ramon's
      research mission involved dual-use technology, an Israeli-built
      multi-spectral camera that probes the effect of sandstorms on climate
      change. The all-weather camera is also a key technology for military spy
      satellites and unmanned drones searching for targets obscured by dust,
      smoke and clouds. These murky atmospheric conditions exactly fit the
      scenario of the looming war against Iraq.

      Israel is midway through a drive to establish a space program, much of it
      devoted to military purposes. So is India, the birthplace of the other
      "international" astronaut, Kalpana Chowla. Her research background in
      robotics and aerodynamics are also of direct interest to weapons
      designers. Her notable achievement was to design systems to control air
      turbulence during landing, a serious problem for vertical-landing aircraft
      such as the Harrier fighter or the accident-prone Osprey hybrid

      Images of an Israeli pilot and an Indian-born civilian engineer drifting
      weightlessly alongside the other crewmembers from the U.S. military
      were interpreted as a threat across much of South Asia and the Middle
      East. In Kashmir, torn by a Muslim insurgency against Indian rule since
      1947, the three partner countries India, Israel and the U.S. are
      referred to as "The Nexus." The connection goes back to Israeli
      instructors who have been training Indian troops to suppress the Muslim
      majority population in Kashmir using the brutal methods tested in the West
      Bank and Gaza Strip.

      Israel provides intelligence and military training in exchange for covert
      Israeli Air Force use of airfields in Srinagar and Jammu, the twin capitals
      of Kashmir. These airfields are within close striking range of Pakistan's
      nuclear facilities, the production centers of the so-called "Islamic bomb."
      Not by coincidence, India is also building a military-oriented space
      program to gain the upper hand against its regional rival Pakistan.
      The United States joined The Nexus in the late 1990s, when the Clinton
      administration promised to lift sanctions on weapons sales to India, a
      nuclear power that refuses to sign on to the nuclear non-proliferation
      treaty. The Bush White House has been shifting U.S. space research
      toward the overarching goal of national missile defense, a plan that critics
      including Russia and China say will lead to an arms race in space
      throughout the 21st century. The Bush proposal to load high-powered
      lasers, signal-jamming devices and electromagnetic-pulse weapons aboard
      orbiting platforms has met with resistance inside the United Nations
      because existing international treaties forbid the militarization of outer

      The Nexus' ambitions to militarize space converged aboard the Columbia.
      In the near future, the Nexus' drive to achieve dominance over outer
      space means that NASA flights and satellite launches could soon become
      fair game for counterattacks by victimized communities and neighboring
      countries living under the threat of space weaponry. A line of code
      slipped past software firewalls or a jammed radio signal can take down
      these sensitive spacecraft. As science fiction tells us, technology-rich
      powers can't always win the star wars.

      Yoichi Clark Shimatsu, a former editor of The Japan Times Weekly in
      Tokyo, has reported on the Kashmir crisis.
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