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Global Peace Initiative, global peace now breaking out Sunday, February 9, 2003, USA-India-Jerusalem

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Here is a birthday present for you, a global peace initiative and news that global peace now is breaking out from the USA to India to Jerusalem. From: David
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2003
      "Here is a birthday present for you, a global peace initiative
      and news that global peace now is breaking out from the
      USA to India to Jerusalem."

      From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      To: "President George W. Bush" <president@...>;
      "Vice President Richard Cheney" <vice.president@...>;
      ".Shashi Tharoor - United Nations Under-Secretary-General
      for Public Information";
      "President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam - SUGGESTION";
      "-President Jimmy Carter (Chairman James E. Carter)-
      The Carter Center" <carterweb@...>;
      "US Central Intelligence Agency
      Science and Technology Directorate - Ron Pandolfi";
      "Governor Gray Davis" <governor@...>;
      "Oakland CA Mayor Jerry
      Brown" <JB@...>
      Cc: "Dr. Brian O'Leary" <oleary1998@...>;
      "Tewari.org Webmaster - Toby Grotz" <wireless@...>;
      "Government of India Press Information Bureau";
      "Sathya Sai Shanti Seva Sangha" <sathya-sai@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: Global Peace Initiative, global peace now breaking out Sunday,
      February 9, 2003, USA-India-Jerusalem
      Date: Thursday, February 06, 2003 7:12 AM

      This initiative is released today, February 6, 2003, marking
      the birthday of US President Ronald Reagan in respect
      of the strength of his religious conviction, and faith, in the
      absolute nature of truth as the guiding principle of life.

      This initiative was posted first to him and to Mrs. Reagan at
      with the following introductory note:

      "Dear President Reagan,

      "Here is a birthday present for you, a global peace initiative
      and news that global peace now is breaking out from the
      USA to India to Jerusalem."

      This is an invitation to President George Bush to
      "join the global peace movement and take lead of it,"
      by the same depth of conviction and religious faith,
      in embracing The Message of Peace from
      The Peacemaker about The Great Law of Peace.

      Global peace now is breaking out between
      India and America since January 27th,
      and will be ceremonially marked by a
      Prayer Technology Ceremony in Jerusalem
      on Sunday, February 9, 2003, to bring peace
      between Christians and Moslems and Jews.

      Official American Peace Movement -- peace4all@...

      A Tree of Peace Offering

      In support of Peace and Freedom Walk 2003

      "When the time comes, and people can't bear to stay home,
      and rush out to the street and start peace walks all over the place,
      then those in power will be forced to listen." -------

      ------- The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii,
      "Guruji" of Mahatma Gandhi, teacher of
      the universal human pronouncement of

      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

      to give rise to The Great Law of Peace
      in the hearts and minds of all humanity,
      automatically allowing global peace now.


      -------------- peace offering:

      "Columbia, Peace Gem of Space"

      by Alden Bryant

      Alden Bryant was a main organizer of the movement which
      brought about the United Nations Climate Treaty and preparation
      of the Emergency Climate Stabilization and Earth Regeneration
      Act of 1992 introduced to Congress by Rep. Ronald V. Dellums.

      Mr. Bryant has communication with the Office of The White House
      Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, who, in a similar capacity in the first Bush
      Administration, brought Alden's message to The President resulting in the
      first use in a Presidential speech of the term "climate change" to replace
      the misleading term of "global warming."

      Columbia, Peace Gem in Space ------------ February 6, 2003

      A technological problem, insulation breaking loose at the time of blast off,
      led in 16 days to a human tragedy deeply shocking the countries of the
      seven deaths, the US, Israel, and India, with the impact almost instantly
      communicating to endangered areas in the Middle East, in Europe,
      Afghanistan, Asia and to all parts of the world.

      A US spokesperson for new technology, spiritual awakening, international
      coming together in peace, Dr. Brian O'Leary, is now meeting in India.
      He is meeting with Paramahamsa Tewari, his counterpart in energy
      technology, and peace concern, and it is possible they will meet with the
      President of India.

      Dr. O'Leary wrote the following about war talk and war preparation, in a
      press release issued January 27, 2003: "This tyranny," he added, "can be
      traced to the immense power of the energy, financial, munitions and
      pharmaceutical industries who put the Bush team in power in the first

      I, as a World War II Veteran, in an all volunteer action (Underwater Combat
      Demolition Teams), am passing on discussion by seniors in my community,
      asking "How can Mr. Bush, and the power group behind him, express public
      sorrow for the Columbia tragedy and at the same time organize to kill
      millions of men, women, children, young and old, in the Middle East, from
      our country, and many other countries?"

      Nelson Mandela spoke strongly to stop this mass killing, as reported in the
      San Francisco Chronicle, February 1, 2003. He knows the best and the
      most evil of the US.

      Earlier, the US Congress stopped much of the relations with the South
      African ruling group until the apartheid system was ended. This action was
      initiated in the US Congress by the resolution from Representative Ronald V.
      Dellums of the San Francisco/East Bay area -- a fine moment in our

      We, now in 2002 and early 2003, have some of the worst of our country's
      history. It is time for the present U.S. Administration to cease foreign
      military action and take care of those in need, unemployed, homeless,
      seniors, veterans, and all people living in this country.

      The Bush group can now, after Columbia, join the peace movement.

      Winston Churchill: "never, never, never give up!" ---

      --- from a video sign in McDonald's fast food shop, Berkeley, CA

      Alden Bryant
      1442 A Walnut Street #57
      Berkeley, CA 94709
      Phone: 510-527-9716
      Fax: 510-559-8410
      Email: alden11622@...

      "Let the memory of the sacrifice of these astronauts bring us peace"


      Alden presently serves as Honorary Chairman of The American
      Agenda Committee (developing proposed progressive legislation
      to solve critical problems, and putting candidates for office on
      record pro or con the various items on this policy reform agenda
      for a better informed electorate).

      He is supportive of The Jeter Plan as a Marshall Plan analog to bring
      the American military home and redirect funding to human needs.

      Recently, he has accepted the positions of
      Honorary Chairman, and US Presidential Elector,
      Dennis Kucinich 2003-4 Independent Candidacy
      Campaign for Global Peace and Sustainability Now!

      The Official American Peace Movement is coordinating
      The Whole Truth Campaign to help government officials
      locally, nationally, and globally, to publicly release
      the whole truth about solutions to critical problems.

      On January 27, 2003, an American's Peace Mission to India
      began, initiating The India Overture of The Whole Truth
      Campaign to help India's President bring out the whole truth
      about India's leading nuclear electrical engineer's new energy
      technology discovery with promise to replace nuclear and
      fossil fuel power, and about The Spiritual Message of Peace
      that he received from a globally revered Holy Man of Bharata
      whom this top India scientist has evidence to show is the
      awaited Al Mehdi of Islam predicted by The Prophet Mohammed
      (blessed be his name and memory) to come and bring peace
      for all of humanity by his example of the human embodiment
      of the innately divine human values of truth, love, peace, duty,
      and nonviolence: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/india-overture

      Message from Al Mehdi, Bhagwan Swami, His Holiness Bharatiya:

      1 February 2003:

      "Peace is the foundation and Love is the pillar.

      "Do not worry about Iraq attack.

      "This is only an imagination.

      "Divine Will for Peace would prevail.

      "Many countries have to learn lessons of Love and Peace,
      and Swami would teach them as this is for which Swami
      has descended on Earth."

      3 February 2003

      "Kalpana Chawla was here on this Earth Planet for the fulfillment
      of a specific task. As soon as that specific task was performed,
      she has been restored to the original destination. It was a heroic
      separation from Earth Planet -- this is not death. This is immortality
      gained by immortal deeds. She served the cause of humanity
      and she used her life for greater tasks of life, researching
      treatments for cancer and other fatal diseases.

      "People should learn lessons from such an exemplary life.

      "Let the Nation bow to her for her exemplary Mission of Life."

      "There are Pacemakers and there are Peacemakers.

      "Saints in this world and the gentle and good souls are
      virtually Peacemakers and they are sent on this Earth
      for the purpose of identifying the areas were peace is
      to be restored by various methods, and continuous
      efforts are made to restore and re-establish Peace."

      [and a timely timeless message:]

      March 1997* [this year Chinese New Year was February 5, 2003]

      "In different countries, peoples of the world observe their respective
      festivals. Today (13 February 1997) is considered as the beginning of their
      New Year by the Chinese. There is no difference between Bharat and China
      with regard to the calendar. The Chinese have dates, which represent the
      apparent northward and southward movement of the sun. In Bharat, we have
      lunar and solar months. In China also, there is such a two-fold division. In
      China, they have a lunar and a solar year. In the Bharatiya view, there is
      an intimate connection between the moon and the mind and between the sun and
      the eye."

      "From very ancient times, there have been close relations between China and
      Bharat. A short while ago, a speaker mentioned how in the Chinese pantheon,
      there were deities corresponding to the deities worshipped in Bharat like
      Lakshmi, Bhoodevi, Kubera and others.

      "Similarly a common saying currently in China regarding government
      regulations is applicable to the situation in Bharat. Comparing government
      regulations to a net, the Chinese used to say that very small fish escape
      through the holes in the net, while the very big break through it. Only the
      middle-sized fish get caught in it. In Bharat also, it is fact that the
      lowest among the people are unaffected by government regulations. The very
      rich and powerful drive a coach and force through them. It is only the
      middle class that suffers the most from these regulations." *Sai Baba, SS,

      ----- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

      --------- end of Baba's messages excerpts

      --------- begin India news article announcing O'Leary's India visit:

      Press Trust of India -- Hyderabad, January 19, 2003

      US astronaut to spread Sai Baba's message for global peace

      A former US astronaut has embarked on a mission to bring about
      world peace by spreading the message of India's holy man Satya
      Sai Baba whom the New York Times called "a friend in India to
      all the world".

      Brain O'Leary, a physicist and former science and energy policy
      advisor to four US presidential candidates, is arriving in India on
      Friday to meet with Sai Baba to get his advice on how to bring
      about peace, according to sources close to the astronaut.

      O'Leary will also meet "free energy technology" scientist,
      Paramahamsa Tewari of Karwar, former head of the Kaiga atomic
      station, whose theory of extracting energy from space has found
      followers abroad, the sources said.

      Describing Baba as "the greatest example of inter-faith spiritual
      unity since Buddha," the sources said that by spreading his
      "message of truth, peace, love, righteousness, and nonviolence"
      the US astronaut hopes that global peace will "break out in mere
      days from across the US, India, Pakistan, to Iraq."

      --------end article

      Bruce DePalma's later work in Santa Barbara, California, in
      1978-79 resulted in the first quantitatively testable model of what
      he called the "n-Machine" design, which design was soon made
      and proven in India by Paramahamsa Tewari, and named the
      Space Power Generator per his Space Vortex Theory (which
      was proven by the performance of this generator) about how
      matter and energy and the human mind are related by
      mathematically modelable systems dynamics described in
      the equations of his theory as published in India under title,
      "Physics of Free Energy, Space Power Generation."

      This is a very important one, of a number of "new-energy tech"
      designs and theories being hotly debated at the forefront of the
      American and global scientific community, the US Department
      of Energy, the California Energy Commission and Governor's
      Office, et al, for their promise to replace nuclear and fossil
      fuel power if US military dual-use secrecy/classification laws
      were to be relaxed by global peace to enable their development
      and manufacture globally.

      Dr. Brian O'Leary's arrival, American Peace Mission to India,

      "To Tewari, the Baba, the President, for Global Peace Now!"

      Beginning Press Release, Madras, India, 27 January 2003:

      Former U.S. Scientist-Astronaut Calls for Expanded

      U.N. Powers over Issues of War and Pollution

      Dr. Brian O'Leary, the first American astronaut
      appointed to go to Mars, arrives in India today on a
      mission for global peace and ecological

      "Fighting wars, preparing for wars and neglecting the
      environment are the actions of rogue leaders
      insensitive to the needs of ordinary people", said
      O'Leary. "These policies must be replaced by the
      policies of peace and sustainability, administered by
      international consensus."

      "I've always been a patriotic American with a can-do
      attitude", added O'Leary. "In the Apollo program, we
      did the seemingly impossible: send men to the Moon and
      return them safely within budget and ahead of
      schedule. We must now do the same for the causes of
      peace and the environment before it's too late."

      "But what's happening in the U.S. now is the creation
      of an executive team bent on pre-emptive war and
      massive pollution for the benefit of an elite."

      O'Leary cites the West's current reliance on Middle
      Eastern oil as "not only destabilizing but
      unnecessary. We have solutions such as solar and wind
      power, hydrogen, cold fusion, and space energy."

      "Space energy involves the generation of clean,
      renewable and abundant electricity coming from a
      free-running rotating disk containing electromagnets
      that capture the potential energy from the space, or
      ether, surrounding the machine."

      Space energy is being developed in India by
      Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, former chief project engineer
      at the Kaiga Nuclear power plants near Karwar.

      "The international energy crisis has many solutions
      such as Tewari's, but they have been systematically
      suppressed by the forces of greed", said O'Leary. "The
      work of Tewari and others lead the way to a new
      science of consciousness, which will give us the best
      chance to restore the Earth's biosphere."

      Dr. O'Leary has completed a three-decade study of
      alternative energy and feels we must develop a
      worldwide campaign to replace fossil fuels and nuclear
      power with a mix of clean and renewable sources. A
      former energy advisor to four U.S. presidential
      candidates, O'Leary feels the Bush administration has
      gone down a "dangerous path" and "must be stripped of
      its authority over unilateral war, pollution and
      suppression of promising alternatives."

      "The only path to peace and sustainability would be to
      create an international body--either an expanded
      United Nations or a global green republic/democracy
      with authority to adjudicate international disputes
      such as that between the U.S. and Iraq.

      "Such a body", he added, "would oversee and enact
      binding environmental treaties such as the Kyoto
      Protocols on global warming. It would also implement
      the Space Preservation Treaty which would ban
      space-based weapons."

      "I find it embarrassing to be an American nowadays",
      said O'Leary. "With five percent of the world's
      population we consume one-fourth of the world's
      energy, mostly of the polluting kind. For example,
      the Bush administration's withdrawal from the Kyoto
      agreements and other treaties is illegal, immoral and

      "This tyranny", he added, "can be traced to the
      immense power of the energy, financial, munitions and
      pharmaceutical industries who put the Bush team in
      power in the first place."

      "We live in a polarized world in fear of a World War
      III and an environmentally devastated planet. All
      this was not meant to be the appropriate response to
      the horrific September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on
      New York and Washington, D.C."

      O'Leary believes that the crisis would ease if Saddam
      Hussein and the Bush team were all stripped of their
      war powers and be offered comfortable exile or "golden
      parachutes" with immunity against prosecution.

      "In the long run, I am optimistic", said O'Leary. "The
      solutions are there and the means for international
      consensus and authority do exist."

      The specific technological and social solutions are
      offered in detail in his just-released book
      Re-Inheriting the Earth: Awakening to Sustainable
      Solutions and Greater Truths.

      Dr. O'Leary's Indian mission for peace and
      sustainability will include teaching at the Sivananda
      Yoga Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala, and visits to Dr.
      Tewari in Karwar and to Sri Sai Baba in Puttaparti.

      Dr. O'Leary celebrates his sixty-third birthday today
      in Madras.
      For more information, check out

      -- or contact David Crockett Williams at
      gear2000@... -- phone: 661-822-3309 in the U.S.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/india-overture (updates)

      Local Madras contact, for late-breaking arrangements,
      Ravi Gollapudi 011-91-44- 2489 7354

      --------------- end press release of 27 January 2003 ------

      ---------begin historic American news articles excerpts:

      New York Times

      December 1, 2002,

      A Friend in India to All the world


      PUTTAPARTHY, India - The president of India, who is best known for
      overseeing India's nuclear tests in 1998, recently paid a state visit to
      the country's largest ashram, to meet and receive the blessings of a holy
      man who preaches nonviolence.

      The visit underlined the appeal of the unusual holy man, Sri Sathya Sai
      Baba, who draws presidents, prime ministers and other leaders not only
      from India but also from outside it; altogether he claims followers in 178

      The separation between state and religion in India, clear and bright in
      the years immediately after Indian independence in 1947, has grown less
      distinct. That is especially true with the political ascendancy of the
      governing Bharatiya Janata Party, which emphasizes Hindu nationalism.

      Part of the appeal of the Baba, as followers and others call him here, is
      that ever since the 1940's he has been preaching an unusual mixture of
      faiths and encouraging religious tolerance. Official visits here have
      become one of the odder features of Indian public life, and among the most
      colorful. The Baba's mixture of religions extends far beyond traditional
      Hindu beliefs, and that lets him attract politicians of various faiths,
      including Muslims like President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam of India.

      President Kalam, a former nuclear scientist, flew to the ashram's private
      airport here in southern India on a blue-and-white air force jet.

      Famous for seldom saying much in public even to his followers, the Baba
      silently greeted President Kalam. The two men disappeared through polished
      wood doors decorated with reliefs of Hindu gods and into the Baba's inner
      sanctum, where they remained a quarter of an hour while the crowd waited

      A senior aide to the Baba whispered that the spiritual leader's full name,
      Sri Sathya Sai Baba, signified holy, truth, divine mother and divine

      Preaching the five principles of truth, peace, love, nonviolence and right
      conduct, the Baba "represents unity of religion, all religions," not just
      Hinduism, the aide said.

      The president emerged and led his entourage out of the great hall, putting
      on his shoes and hopping back in a car for a short drive to the ashram's
      guesthouse. In a brief interview there, he said he had discussed with the
      swami how to achieve an educational system that combined values with
      science. "When they are fused, you get an enlightened citizen," said
      President Kalam, whose role is mostly ceremonial in this parliamentary
      democracy; the Parliament elected him in July.

      Coming from a Muslim background, the president is a rarity among national
      politicians in a country that is four-fifths Hindu. He has long contended
      that India's nuclear weapons program is necessary to keep the peace in the
      region, and he does not represent warlike intentions.

      N. Chandrababu Naidu, the chief minister, or governor, of the Indian state
      of Andhra Pradesh here, said the Baba was not just a holy man but a public
      policy expert. Mr. Naidu described repeatedly seeking the swami's advice
      while turning Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, into a
      high-tech center where American companies like Microsoft and Oracle now
      employ thousands of computer programmers.

      Using donations from around the world, the Baba has built two hospitals
      near here that provide free care to the poor. He is now spending $50
      million to build systems for drinking water and irrigation, Mr. Naidu
      said. But for all the swami's interest in technology, he refuses to use
      e-mail, or even pick up a telephone. "He won't correspond with anybody, he
      won't use phones either," the chief minister said, "Everyone has to come

      ----------------- end New York Times article excerpts

      ----------------- begin International Herald Tribune article excerpts


      Copyright © 2002 The International Herald Tribune | www.iht.com

      Old mantras and new software side by side

      By Shashi Tharoor

      [<his other job is U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Public Information>]

      Tuesday, December 3, 2002

      BANGALORE, India: I made separate trips from Bangalore recently that
      revealed, within a span of 48 hours, two different but related facets of
      India. Late one night I set out on a four-hour drive with my mother to the
      well-lit and orderly town of Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh.

      Puttaparthi, once a humble village like so many others, had become
      a boomtown as the birthplace and headquarters of the spiritual leader
      Sathya Sai Baba.

      A private audience with the ocher-robed guru was astonishing at several
      levels. Sai Baba uttered insights about my family and myself that he could
      not possibly have known.

      He has a habit, disconcerting at first, of turning his palm quizzically
      outward and staring off into the distance, as if silently interrogating an
      unseen, all-knowing source.

      Sometimes he scribbles in the air with a finger as if dashing off a note to
      a celestial messenger.

      Then he says things which are by turns banal or profound, and sometimes both
      (if only because so much of what he says has become worn out by repetition
      and frequent quotation, including in signs on the streets outside). Most
      startling, he materializes gifts from thin air - in my case a gold ring with
      nine embedded stones. He slipped it on my finger, remarking, "See how well
      it fits. Even a goldsmith would have needed to measure your finger."

      My mother, a longtime devotee, received a little silver urn overflowing with
      vibhuti, or sacred ash.

      "It was as if he had heard what I wanted," she said. But a skilled magician
      can do that, and it would be wrong to see Sai Baba as a conjurer. He has
      channeled the hopes and energies of his followers into constructive
      directions, both spiritual and philanthropic.

      Everything at his complex is staffed by volunteers who rotate through
      Puttaparthi at well-organized two-week intervals. Many left distinguished
      positions behind. The free hospital in Puttaparthi is one of the best in
      India; many leading doctors volunteer their services. Sai Baba has built
      schools and colleges, and is now involved in a project to bring irrigation
      to a number of parched southern districts.

      The software programs of the information technology companies dotting
      Bangalore's "Silicon Plateau" may be the new mantras of India, but they
      supplement, rather than supplant, the old mantras. Sai Baba and Infosys are
      emblematic of an India that somehow manages to live in several centuries at

      Shashi Tharoor's most recent novel is "Riot." He contributed
      this comment to the International Herald Tribune.

      Copyright © 2002 The International Herald Tribune

      ---------- end news articles excerpts -----

      ---------- text of identifying information, O'Leary's India handbill:

      His Holiness Bhagwan Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba
      The Poorna Avatar of The Sai Avatara
      (Shirdi, Sathya, Prema)
      Al Mehdi Allahu Ahkbar
      Embodying The Innate Human Values:
      Truth, Love, Peace, Righteousness, Nonviolence.
      Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Andra Pradesh,
      BHARAT (India) http://www.sathyasai.org

      Sri Paramahamsa Tewari
      Chairman, Scientific and Spiritual Research Council
      Karwar, Karnataka, BHARAT (India)
      Senior Space Power Scientist, Author,
      Nuclear Electrical Engineer, Teacher:
      - Space Power Free Energy Generation Physics,
      - Spiritual Foundations

      Dr. Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.
      Author, Physicist, Astronomer,
      Futurist, Spiritual Practitioner,
      Presidential Science Advisor:
      - Re-Inheriting The Earth, Awakening to
      Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths
      - Exploring Inner and Outer Space
      - The Second Coming of Science
      - Miracle in The Void
      Post Office Box 27, Washington, California, 95986 USA
      Chairman, American Peace Draft Committee:
      Dennis Kucinich for US President 2004

      The India Overture of The Whole Truth Campaign
      Helping India officials publicly release the whole truth
      about available solutions to critical problems

      ------------end, India Peace Mission handbill text:

      The above information is offered to the reader as a
      "re-birthday now" gift, along with the love of a son on
      the occasion of the 80th birthday anniversary of his
      dearly beloved mother, Amy.

      February 6, 2003, 4:20 AM PST -- Thursday holyday

      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

      Aoum Sai Ram

      Torahkum (Hebrew) "The Law Stands Up"

      David C. Williams, Jr. (Christian name since birth)
      Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah (Islamic name since 1963)
      Karma Tsering Thrchen (Buddhist name since 1977)

      PS: I was married at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in 1967,
      which I attended during several occasions worshipping
      together with then Governor Ronald Reagan.
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