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global peace energy tech coming via global peace overture, India, UN, America, the Astronaut and the Baba

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  • David Crockett Williams
    We can help global peace break out in mere days from San Diego across California and the US, India, Pakistan, to Iraq, by supporting Dr. Brian O Leary s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2003
      We can help global peace break out in mere days from San Diego
      across California and the US, India, Pakistan, to Iraq, by supporting
      Dr. Brian O'Leary's upcoming trip to India with our thoughts, prayers,
      and networking for its mission success to help bring out, and to help
      the President of India and the United Nations Under Secretary General
      for Public Information to bring out, the messages of India's leading
      "free energy technology" scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari of Karwar,
      India, and of India's leading holy man, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whom
      the New York Times called "the Baba, a friend in India to all the world,"
      in its December 1, 2002, first ever, article on this contemporary world
      teacher who many see as the greatest teacher and example of
      inter-faith spiritual unity religious and scientific understanding since
      India's great sage Shakyamuni who "became Buddha" over 2500 years ago.

      Dr. O'Leary will have a chance to directly ask Sai Baba questions for his
      advice, this unusual holy man reported by the New York Times and
      International Herald Tribune articles last month to be someone like the
      world's greatest contemporary living genius advisor on spiritual, social,
      political, community, family and business matters of the heart. What can we
      suggest to ask the Baba about the cause of global peace now? How can we
      help the Muslim President of India to bring out to the general public the
      Baba's Message of Truth, Peace, Love, Righteousness, and Nonviolence for all
      of humanity -- The Whole of The Islamic World?

      http://www.tewari.org Space Power Generator to replace fuel power
      http://www.independence.net/oleary (the Baba's friend "moon man")
      http://www.shashitharoor.com ("moonlighting" author top UN official)
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sathya-sai (the President & the Baba)
      http://www.dharmawalks.org (on "becoming Buddha" through prayer)
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new-energy-solutions (end fossil fuel)
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/whole-truth-campaign (whole truth out)
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/san-diego-overture (help city officials)

      From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      To: "Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr. - Computer Social Impact Research Institute";
      "Thomas Bearden - Association of Distinguished American
      Scientists"; "Hal Fox - editor Journal of New Energy";
      "Dr. Eugene Mallove editor Infinite Energy Magazine"; "Jeane Manning";
      "Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute"; "Barbara Marx Hubbard"
      Subject: Brian O'Leary, Shashi Tharoor, UN Overture, India Overture,
      American Overture
      Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:14 AM
      From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      To: "Brian O'Leary"
      Cc: "Shashi Tharoor - Literary Agent"; "Shashi Tharoor - Press Inquiries";
      "United Nations - Inquiries" <inquiries@...>; "US Congressional
      Representative Dennis Kucinich" <Dkucinich@...>;
      "Santa Barbara Sai Center President Hymon Johnson";
      "Sai Devotees Worldnet list owner - Puttaparthi, India"; "Jack & Jeannie
      Herer -- H.E.M.P."; "Daniel Sheehan"; "Barbara Marx Hubbard";
      "Dr. Carol Rosin - Peace in Space com"; "-New York Times -
      Letters to Editor" <letters@...>; "New York Times Senior Editor
      William Connolly" <wgc@...>; "International Herald-Tribune"
      <iht@...>; "Dr. Rashmi Mayur"
      Subject: going to India during Feb., the Astronaut and the Baba, NYTimes or
      UN Undersecretary General's next article?
      Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 4:06 PM

      Dear Brian,

      Glad to hear this good news about your trip to India very soon to see Sai
      Baba again to offer copies of your new book for his blessing as your other
      books before, ie, now -- "Re-Inheriting the Earth, Awakening to Sustainable
      Solutions and Greater Truths." I will hold off emailing you during the
      dates of your absense from home, unless we can make some arrangements
      between now and your Jan.24 departure where you can deal with emails at any
      points along your way in India. Is Tewari online? I communicated with him
      by mail in 1997 leading up to our University of California at Santa Barbarba
      new energy science and technology presentation for the
      Dalai Lama's science advisor, and he sent us his book,
      "Physics of Space Power Generation." He sent me an invitation for a
      conference there which was later cancelled "due to lack of interest"
      according to Hal Fox I think, but the website for the conference had then no
      email address for Tewari. I think his book should be put online so American
      scientists can better access and understand his theory and work on his space
      power generator design to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power. I'm willing
      to scan and post it if he's ok with that.

      Anyway, I would like to help in whatever way I can to make your trip most

      It's not every day that a former science and energy policy advisor and
      speechwriter on such issues to four US presidential candidates, and a former
      NASA scientist-astronaut, goes to see leading new energy tech inventor in
      India and India's leading holy man on this critical day of history. I'm
      sure the India media as well as New York Times and the International Herald
      Tribune, et al, should be interested in this story especially on the heels
      of the NYTimes article of Dec.1 and Shashi Tharoor's article in the
      International Herald Tribune of Dec.3, 2003, both about the Baba, "a friend
      in India to all the world." *

      There is now a yahoogroup moderator in Puttaparthi [saidevotees_worldnet] so
      there are a number of people there who can be reached that way by email to
      further your objectives there, prayer for your success, etc. Of course
      nobody that I know of can "arrange" your meeting there with Sai Baba in
      advance -- I'm sure it's already "arranged" -- but at least I can let folks
      know of your mission there and maybe network for other important things to
      also happen during your weeks in India, eg, meeting with the President of
      India perhaps with Tewari for a NY Times article following up on the ones of
      Dec.1 & 3, having us and the UN Undersecretary General for Public
      Information, Shashi Tharoor, apprised of unfoldmenmts while you are there,
      coordinating events and actions here in the US coincident with your trip,
      reports back, etc. When I was there in '96 there was nobody with email
      service in Puttaparthi as far as I could determine. Now you could likely
      report back from there by emails or even maybe via streaming video, with
      tech help apparently there now, on what happens as you work to assist Tewari
      and the Baba to bring out their messages worldwide. For their meditation
      and advice on this I am copying to a couple of local regional Sai Center
      leaders who regularly go to India. Since Baba calls you "moon man" each
      visit, accepted your last books and remembers you warmly each of last three
      visits and interviews, don't worry another moment about the outcome of this
      visit. Just wear that big ring he made for you and that will bring you to
      his side, or to His feet ;-)

      I am keeping Carol and Dennis advised by email about ideas for the Dennis
      Kucinich for US President 2004 campaign inspired by all of your efforts and
      endorsements last year of his qualifications and onemindedness, a spinoff of
      your series of "Citizens for a Sustainable Existence Now!" organizing

      It would be so good if you can have a conversation with US Congressman
      Kucinich and UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor on the phone before
      you leave Jan.24, about your trip and mission there, get letter, message,
      blessing request, and/or best wishes to carry with you, and another such
      conversation reporting after your return, just for the mindpower of such
      personal connection between you/us as another facet of your/our
      relationship. Does Dennis have a copy of your new book? That
      kucinich-for-president yahoogroup I started a few weeks ago is taking off
      nicely with some useful and very positive dialogue and discussion, issues
      resolutions and understandings, etc. I figure we should target his draft
      orders dated on Christmas this year if things look right by then? Or
      whatever target date or series of such might be useful?

      I'm sure Jack Herer would make good use of a copy of "Re-Inherit the Earth"
      through his networks in Los Angeles et al.

      Mailing your book to Shashi Tharoor would be best done to him at his
      literary agent's address, emailed earlier to you, since mail to UN is
      seriously delayed by security routing through a Florida processing center
      according to his office at the UN on the phone recently. I understand from
      Alden Bryant that Carol Rosin told him that your friend the UN's Rashmi
      Mayur suffered a major health episode after his empassioned speech at the
      Earth Summit. Sounds just like what happened to Jack Herer after his speech
      in Oregon a couple years ago. Hope Dr. Mayur is well by now. He had your
      my copy of new book edition with email of last chapter draft then from me in
      plenty of time for its consideration for that speech, as well as
      Jack Herer's book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" the
      authoritative historical record on the cannabis hemp marijuana issue.

      So can I start now promoting folks to get your book somewhere, in stores,
      amazon.com, your website http://www.independence.net/oleary or what?
      Will someone be shipping them while you are away?

      Happy Martin Luther King birthday to you, January 15, 2003

      All the best to you two too, Love,

      David -- 661-822-3309 (we may want to speak in coming week)
      * http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spiritual-arts-foundation

      PS -- this writeup about my 1996 India visit and Sai Baba interview mentions
      how our group got called while I was on an urgent errand and missed that
      interview, only to be called again as a group a couple days later. I didn't
      tell Baba then that I was conducting a Don Quixote style independent
      campaign for US president (I'm sure he "knew" anyway) and after he literally
      shouted at me, "you are God!" -- and the ladies in the front row started
      giggling at that by their understanding of his humor -- there was nothing I
      could say! My mom says don't worry you will have the interview if you are
      supposed to. Do we need a poll to see if you are supposed to? :-)

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Brian O'Leary"
      To: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 10:17 AM
      Subject: going to India during Feb.

      > Dear David,
      > We'll be leaving for India on Jan. 24 and will be
      > traveling in southern India during the second week of
      > Feb., visiting with Tewari (the free energy man) and
      > possibly Sai Baba in Puttaparti or Bangalore. Is
      > there anything I need to know before going? Do you
      > have any direct contacts with the Sai Baba people to
      > gain an interview? So far I'm three for three during
      > the 1990s in doing so, but it required a spontaneous
      > selection from the masses at Darshans.
      > Today my new book is going out to you. It looks
      > great, well worth the aggravation and long wait.
      > Regarding Dennis Kucinich, you might know that at the
      > event in Feb. last year in Malibu, Carol Rosin, Danny
      > Sheehan, Barbara Hubbard and I were all talking up the
      > idea of drafting him. Given that those declared
      > candidates haven't spoken out against the war
      > (Lieberman, Kerry and Gephart all voted for the war,
      > yuk), there is good reason to present Kucinich as a
      > candidate. I'd sure support him, and it's best to
      > coordinate closely with Carol et al.
      > As we'll be gone for a month, could you keep your
      > emails to me down to a minimum or keep me off your
      > list? I don't want my in-box to get overstuffed as
      > happened before.
      > Peace, Brian

      From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      To: "Earth Regeneration Society President Alden Bryant";
      "Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr. - Computer Social Impact Research Institute";
      "Thomas Valone - Integrity Research Institute;
      "Thomas Bearden - Association of Distinguished American Scientists";
      "Dr. Eugene Mallove editor Infinite Energy Magazine";
      "Hal Fox - editor Journal of New Energy";
      "Dr. Carol Rosin - Peace in Space com";
      "Dana Beal -- Cures-Not-Wars!";
      "Chris Conrad & Mikki Norris -- B.A.C.H.";
      "Jack & Jeannie Herer -- H.E.M.P."; "Barbara Marx Hubbard";
      "Dr. Brian O'Leary";
      Cc: "Shashi Tharoor - Literary Agent";
      "Shashi Tharoor - Press Inquiries"
      Bcc: "Jeane Manning". et al

      Subject: Please connect with UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor, open
      communications, send your book, fax intro info
      Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 11:38 AM

      The United Nations Overture, India Overture, American Overture
      The Whole Truth Campaign

      A situation of strong public leverage has developed in California over last
      few weeks focusing on Feb.4 San Diego City Council decision on whole truth
      issue relating to energy solutions which I will be lobbying Governor Davis
      and his energy advisors to support this city council by their involvement in
      this whole truth campaign. You can help greatly on this by your timely

      Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your quick action now to send
      an overview of your work to someone who can help us, in time value context
      of Brian O'Leary's departure on a peace mission to India in a week, to get
      the results of your critical issues research work on solutions to global
      problems of interest to the United Nations into the public consciousness via
      international media coverage otherwise previously unavailable but now
      opening this narrow window of opportunity to start communications with Mr.
      Tharoor now and followup in coming weeks of this India trip for reports in
      coming weeks and a "triumphal return" near end February. When I took Brian
      to the airport to go on his speaking tour to Europe on Sept.10 right after
      our Global Crisis Solutions Conference at Cal State University Northridge
      feature him, Dr. Wood, Jack Herer, my first public lecture on my chemical
      physics of consciousness theory, etc., I wished we had CNN there to see him
      off and report on our conference. By the time he landed in France, the
      World Trade Towers were under attack. This time we have a chance by good
      sendoff preparations to ensure that by the time Brian's plane lands in India
      that global peace will be breaking out in the minds of the people as more
      and more of the little known solutions information you have to share gets
      out to the public.

      Please connect with UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor, open
      communications, send your book, fax intro info.

      In addition to his decades-long "rising star" professional career with the
      United Nations leading up to his selection some months ago by Kofi Anan as
      the UN's Under Secretary General for Public Information, Shashi Tharoor has
      a parallel career as an accomplished professional author of books and
      articles which you can review at his website http://www.shashitharoor.com

      I assume from the title that his job at the UN is relaying information out
      to the public about UN activities etc. In this capacity the information you
      have to send him will perhaps better enable him to do this job regarding how
      your information can offer important technical and factual references to
      improve the quality of UN information presentations. You can fax and phone
      his UN office as per below.

      Mailing to him via UN is difficult due to security screenings so best place
      would be his editorial offices as below. His staff there can help review
      materials with him and suggest publishing ideas perhaps for how his
      professional writings can help bring out such new solutions oriented
      information, eg, his December 3, 2002, article in the International Herald
      Tribune about his visit with Sathya Sai Baba and the public service projects
      this leading holy man of India has inspired.

      Of course, in addition, as a concerned human being with extended personal
      networks Mr. Tharoor may also know other key folks who would find your
      information useful in their work as well.

      My suggestion is to fax him a letter introducing yourself and your work and
      offer your services as he might need them in his work. Such letter could be
      copied as a cover letter and quickmailed with your books, magazine, reports,
      etc., as appropriate. The email addresses and mailing address for his
      editorial offices are below.

      If you can and will do this, keep me closely advised as to your progress so
      that I might consider whatever happens in upcoming releases on this
      information overture we will index as "The United Nations Overture" -- of
      the whole truth campaign, to help the United Nations officials from their
      positions of influence to get the whole truth out to the public for more
      informed political decisions and policies.

      Thanks, [expanded signature lines from above post]-dcw:

      David Crockett Williams, member:

      Global Peace Train of Thought Project
      Global Peace Train Cesar Chavez Inaugural Route

      To help UN officials bring out the truth to the public

      To help India government officials bring out the truth to the public,
      eg, if O'Leary's visit to P. Tewari, Sai Baba, can help India's
      Muslim president to bring out the Baba's message of peace

      To help American government officials bring out the truth, eg,
      Congressman Kucinich and science for peaceful space exploitation

      To assist everyone in bringing out the whole truth on critical issues

      To help San Diego Mayor and City Council bring truth to public

      New energy tech info submitted to Governor Davis and DOE

      From: "David Crockett Williams"
      To: "Dr. Brian O'Leary"
      Subject: Shashi Tharoor's conrtact info at UN
      Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 5:56 PM

      Shashi Tharoor
      Under Secretary General for Public Information
      United Nations Organization, New York, New York 10017

      phone: 212-963-2912

      fax: 212-963-4361



      Press Inquiries:


      Literary Agent:

      Postal Address:
      Shashi Tharoor
      c/o Editorial Offices
      Arcade Publishing
      141 Fifth Avenue
      New York, NY 10010


      ----end compilation, for:

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