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Re: PRG Update - November 30, 2002

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Actually, Jack lives across the bay from Berkeley in North Beach area of SF, and identifies himself more with the flavor of its Barbary Coast mystique there in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002
      Actually, Jack lives across the bay from Berkeley in North Beach area of SF, and identifies himself more with the flavor of its Barbary Coast mystique there in his "Barbary Tower" as opposed to the ivory kind, so perhaps you might want to adjust to "Barbary physicist....?"  :-)
      Also regarding your short note below from near end of your post, more driving to him than warp engines is his leading championship as an early and still strong ...[proponent of "Star Wars"], ie, the weaponization of space as his scientific offering and apparently his preferred alternative to applying his science to fixing the problems on Earth because he believes it is too late and we have to prepare to "abandon ship", no joke, with technologies to "Make Star Trek Real".
      Also, it seems his only objection, but strong, to the Disclosure initiative is its being linked with the movement to stop the weaponization of space which he feels is necessary to protect America.  Otherwise I think he supports reasonable UFO disclosure (just no secret military and weapons info)
      My view is that we need real global peace in place as the way to eliminate the need for such weapons and free the human and financial resources from this ongoing war economy in order to fix the critical environmental problems, before.....
      David Crockett Williams
      -----excerpt from below post :
      November  2002
      Berkeley physicist and proponent of "warp drive," Jack
      Sarfatti receives a huge funding infusion, an invitation to
      a White House dinner and a request from Senate Majority
      Leader, Tom DeLay, to serve on a committee
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      Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 6:30 PM
      Subject: PRG Update - November 30, 2002

                            Paradigm Research Group

                          Update - November 30, 2002
           [Sent to combined PRG/X-PPAC/D2003 Mail Lists]


      Spielberg's "Taken" miniseries begins on Monday night.
      The schedule is out and quite interesting.  Sci Fi Channel
      will air each episode three times a night PLUS the episode
      from the night before.  That is 78 hours of "Taken" over
      a period of 12 days.  They aren't just airing this miniseries -
      they are burning it into the public's brain.  Also, this
      approach with ensure that "Taken" will likely be the most
      home-copied program in history.  Millions of copies of the
      program will be made in the first two weeks.

      It is important to be of two minds with this program.  There is
      no question that considerable license has been taken (pun
      intended) with the known facts to produce dramatic effects
      that will create ratings.   Some of the viewers will be
      confused.  This is unavoidable.  It is the trade off for the
      advocacy funding, CFI, the Washington representation.

      The Roswell documentary has brought key research to a
      much broader audience.  The "Abduction Diaries" was
      balanced.  These diaries can easily be expanded.

      The press simply need to be told that the known facts
      about the extraterrestrial presence are in partial measure
      not accurately reflected in the fictional work.  Period. 
      There is nothing new about that.  It has happened many
      times with many issues.  If they want to understand the
      facts about abductees/contactees/experiencers, the books
      and the research are there for their perusal 

      Even if "Taken" had not strayed one iota from researched
      elements of the phenomena, it would still be fiction and
      the disclosure process must not be driven by fiction.
      There are actually people in this country who are more
      comfortable with the state of the nation because they
      like what they see on "West Wing."   This is madness
      and a trend which does not need to be repeated with
      disclosure.   Real policy, real truth, real hearings, real
      engagement, real journalism, real governance.
      Accept no substitute.

      That said, having attended the SciFi / CFI original
      press conference, the GWU symposium, the New York
      symposium and the Washington, DC screening (which
      was absolutely first class), there have not been any red
      flags about the Sci Fi Channel's motives and agenda.
      I believe they want to make money AND serve the public's
      interests.  If anything happens to change my view, you
      will know immediately.

      IUFO Conference - Laughlin, NV - February 2-8, 2002

      Given all that has happened in the past year and all that may
      happen over the next two months, I strongly encourage
      all to consider being in Laughlin Nevada for the winter IUFO
      conference.  There will be a particular need for side meetings
      between researchers and activists, as well as a need to get as
      many interviews done with any media and documentarists in
      attendance.  The timing is just about perfect.  It is still PRG's
      view that Disclosure can and should happen in the first half
      of 2003.

      I will be in Laughlin the entire week of February 2 - 8 and will
      likely book additional time before and after the conference for
      possible meetings in Arizona, New Mexico and California.  
      Please contact PRG if you want to set up a meeting or media
      interview for that time period.

      Photos for the PRG/D2003 Gallery

      If anyone has any photos from the Bay Area UFO Expo that
      would look good in the PRG photo gallery, please email or
      mail a high resolution copy to PRG.  Also, if anyone has any
      photos relating to the D2003 campaign or from last year's
      IUFO conference in Laughlin, same request.    Thanks.

      Some new photos are up at the PRG Gallery at:

      The D2003 Gallery will go up as soon as a few more photos
      come it.

      Pre-disclosure Indicators

      All future PRG updates will include this section in which any
      items which PRG views as "pre-disclosure" indicators will be
      listed with dates where applicable.   A "pre-disclosure" indicator
      is an event which would seem appropriate if formal disclosure is
      close at hand.

      A section will soon go up at the D2003 website where these
      indicators will be archived and expanded upon.  Feel free to
      forward to PRG any items you consider as candidates.

      Postponement of the mini-series "Taken" until after the
      mid-term elections

      May 2002
      James Garvin, chief scientist for the NASA Mars Exploration
      Program  initiates an unexpected approach to Richard
      Hoagland and Peter Gersten.  Invitations to future meetings
      and to submit proposals to NASA are extended.

      October 2002
      Two separate sources confirm to PRG that Discovery
      Communications has withdrawn and not excepting
      new pro-UFO documentaries.   This is quite unusual.
      Discovery Communications is controlled by cable
      magnate, John Malone out of Denver, through his
      interest in Liberty Media Corporation.

      October 22, 2002
      Former White House Chief of Staff to Clinton, John Podesta,
      inserts himself into the issue.

      November  2002
      Berkeley physicist and proponent of "warp drive," Jack
      Sarfatti receives a huge funding infusion, an invitation to
      a White House dinner and a request from Senate Majority
      Leader, Tom DeLay, to serve on a committee.

      November 29, 2002 
      UK opens its own 'X-file'


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