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new science info, new energy tech, nuclear and biomedical remediation technologies, Tetronic Age implementation

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Below forward regarding release of US Army Lt. Col. (ret) and forefront electrical engineer, mathematician and physicist Thomas Bearden s work to public for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002
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      Below forward regarding release of US Army Lt. Col. (ret) and forefront
      electrical engineer, mathematician and physicist Thomas Bearden's work to
      public for first time in areas of nuclear and biomedical remediation
      technologies, et al, is very important not only for fuel-less electric power
      technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, but for devices to
      "electromagnetically" accelerate human immune response and other
      "psychotronic" mechanisms to help "heal" virtually any medical condition
      (eg, AIDS), and also for devices to neutralize radioactive materials onsite
      rather than dangerously transport and store them.

      I have been since 1976 predicting that my thesis equations understanding
      will "correct the mind of science into harmony with the natural order" with
      applications including reconciliation of seemingly conflicting religious
      beliefs (solution to what's happening now between followers of "The Three
      Faiths of Jerusalem") and new technology genre including fuel-less electric
      power technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power,
      electrogravimagnetic levitation vehicles, the water transmitter, and nuclear
      and biomedical remediation technologies. In the years since then I have
      accumulated dozens of boxes of files and hundreds of email articles and
      websites with experimental results of various researchers whose work
      independently supports each of these areas of technology predictions.
      For yesterday's article "peace movement activist with 'a plan' ", a
      introduction of myself and my work in this and other areas, see

      The experimental work of Thomas Bearden and colleagues, and their
      theoretical interpretations, are entirely in accord with and supportive of
      these independent predictions of mine since 1976 from my understanding of
      the equations of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, an understanding yet
      to be utilized to bring to fruition these kinds of technologies.

      David Crockett Williams, author of the "Tetron Thesis Equations"
      Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy Working Group


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      From: "A.J. Craddock" <craddock@...>
      To: "Cheniere Announcements List" <craddock@...>
      Subject: Bearden Website update
      Date: Saturday, November 30, 2002 9:47 PM


      In an extraordinarily generous humanitarian gesture, Tom Bearden has posted
      the entire contents of his pending Patent Application for the "Porthole
      method" extension of the Priore electro-magnetic healing methodology on his
      Website for public use. He is discontinuing any pursuit of this Patent in
      the hopes that the technology can be developed for the public good and to
      alleviate human suffering.

      The title of the Patent is "Method, System and Apparatus for Conditioning
      Electromagnetic Potentials, Fields, and Waves to Treat and Alter Matter",
      and here is the rub, for not only does it embody everything Tom knows about
      electro-magnetic healing theory, but it also includes a large number of
      alternate embodiments of the technology.

      These include how to nullify the radioactivity of nuclear waste in 9.1
      minutes, how to decontaminate the effects of biological warfare, the
      production of time-reversal zones in electrolysis to produce heating
      effects, and much more.

      And as a further bonus, he has added the latest research findings entitled
      "Bedini's Discovery: Extending The Porthole Concept and the Waddington
      Valley Cell Lineage Concept (With Proposed Reason Why Present Cloning Is So
      Inefficient)." This paper contains secrets that were embodied in both
      Rife's and Priore's healing machines, and which the inventors themselves
      were not aware of.

      See http://www.cheniere.org/patent%20application/update1.htm

      Note: profits from all book sales go to supports Tom's research. His 1988
      Classic, "AIDS - Biological Warfare" has now been reprinted and is
      available for purchase at
      http://www.cheniere.org/sales/order_by_credit_card.htm This is a very
      readable book for the non-technical reader, and, together with "Excalibur
      Briefing", makes a great Christmas gift. Global demand for "Energy from
      the Vacuum" has been unprecedented, and will hopefully soon be yielding
      practical results.

      Tony Craddock
      The Tom Bearden Website/ Cheniere Press
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