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  • David Crockett Williams
    See comments below and refer to: http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/agenda.html A Philadelphia Daily News article recently reported on a comparison of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 1999
      See comments below and refer to:

      A Philadelphia Daily News article recently reported on a comparison of the
      [Einhorn and Mumia cases]

      Info on Mumia Abu Jamal:

      -----Original Message-----
      From: theresa conroy <conroyt@...>
      To: 'David Crockett Williams' <gear2000@...>
      Date: Thursday, December 16, 1999 8:07 AM
      Subject: RE: Ira Einhorn

      >Actually, in my article I reported that IRA compared himself to Mumia. I
      >did not.

      You reported in your article of a comparison made between Mumia and Einhorn
      cases and you attributed that comparison to Einhorn and expanded on the idea
      by suggesting that he would not be opposed to people marching in the streets
      about his case. As I mentioned to you Ira has never mentioned anything to
      me about Mumia let alone comparing these two cases. Since I did not read
      the comparison in any other place than your article it is accurate from my
      view to say you made the comparison because you wrote the article, no matter
      who in that article you attribute that idea to. You are responsible for
      assertions made in your articles, in my view, no matter who you attribute
      them to. However, so you will know that I am trying to be as accurate and
      precise as I can in everything I write, in deference to your feedback I have
      changed the reference as indicated above with the url of its posting. Also
      I have put the second url above hyperlinked to Mumia's name as it is a site
      someone referred to me for information on his case. Assuming from what you
      have told me that you also are already convinced of his guilt then maybe you
      would think that any evidence to the contrary is not worth looking at, I
      don't think you will be much interested in what is there unless it might be
      useful to any story you might do about the phenomena of, as you put it, his
      "cause celbre" status. I was interested to read Leonard Peltier's letter of
      support there for Mumia.

      >I believe I have sent you previous articles on this case from our
      >paper--beginning in 1979, haven't I? If not, I can pass them along easily.

      Yes you did, thanks. Actually you also sent some articles of an earlier
      that describe Einhorn's activism in flowery terms before the Maddux case.
      Although I am trying not to allow this matter to take up too much time
      (neither writing nor Einhorn is a career for me) I am abstracting those
      articles to formulate an introduction preceding some few examples of them
      which I will post at the ienews.html page on my site (I just put a lawstreet
      article there) and I will then post all of those you sent as you attached
      them at the egroup site I have set up for bulk data archival on this matter
      referenced at end of /ienews.html and /comments.html pages on my site. I
      have received some other links related to this case that I will also post
      there where I am also bcc'ing this post.

      >It would be imprudent to be "offering additional factual information on
      >this case not reported by the media" if they have, indeed, been reported.
      >Or, if they are inaccurate.

      Agreed. I do not see any inaccuracies in what I have offered and certainly
      there have been no media reports I have seen that contain most of the
      information in my /facts.html and /declaration.html pages, most especially
      the point we discussed in our phone call about the court ruling that the PA
      legislature's law passed to "guarantee" a new trial for Einhorn is
      unconstitutional and so not enforcable. Your failure to mention this
      continues the public perception that he is avoiding returning now that a
      retrial is "guaranteed". Appeals have been made and no retrial is possible
      as I understand it, so according to the extradition conditions reported in
      the lawstreet article your "jumped to" conclusion in your recent article
      that extradition is imminent and Ira's anxiety about that motivated him to
      "shop" his story to 300 media outlets is very inaccurate and misleading to
      the public.

      >One of the things I believe may be happening which is a legitimate
      >comparison to Mumia is a serious lack of factual information, especially
      >among those outside of Philadelphia. If you are interested in the real
      >facts of the Mumia case as well, I'll be happy to send them along. For
      >instance, have those who support Mumia considered--or do they even
      >know--that his brother, who witnessed Officer Faulkner's murder, has
      >refused to testify--even to support his brother's alleged innocence?

      I do not have time to get into mumia's case details, others are active
      there. You get paid to do this stuff so perhaps it would be better if you
      review the evidence on mumia site above and see if there is a story there
      for you. If his brother was the triggerman would Mumia say so or would his
      brother risk taking the stand? There may be other valid reasons why the
      brother does not trust the system to subject himself to all that. Like I
      say, I do not know anything about mumia's case except that a policeman's
      death was involved and that many people feel he was unjustly convicted or
      sentenced there in Philadelphia where as I recall the police actually bombed
      and burned up a house with people in it some years back like a mini-Waco.
      If I was black in Philadelphia I think I would be paranoid of "law

      >among all the "factual" information on the Ira case, are you well aware of
      >information such as Ira's attempt to get two friends to help him dump this
      >trunk in the river but that they friends fled when they got a whiff of it?

      I saw that report and have not seen any comments from Einhorn that either
      confirm or deny the accuracy of it.

      >I smelled that trunk during the civil case against Ira. 20 years later and
      >it still smells like rotting flesh. Difficult to miss, even now. I can't
      >imagine how strong the odor was then.

      No doubt it smelled bad. This is one of the "loose ends" in the story.
      From the feedback I have received in some emails back after posting An
      Agenda for Peace, the general public impression seems to be that the body
      was in a trunk in his apartment in a closet for over a year making a mess
      and stinking up the place. Other information I have seen indicates that the
      trunk was found with the body locked in it, outside the apartment on a porch
      in a locked closet (either lock a locksmith could open I assume) and that
      neither in the trunk or under it were found any fluid residues to account
      for the bad smelling stuff reported by tenents below previously (ie,
      evidence the decomposed body was put into the trunk after decomposition?).
      A comment in one of those articles attributed to Einhorn says he sorted
      through papers in that trunk six months before the body was found which
      would be a year after he says he last saw her? and six months or so after
      the several witnesses said they saw Holly alive months after she disappeared
      and it is supposed she was killed.

      The other idea from your newspaper's articles and public perception seems to
      be that Ira had a history of being abusive and violent with girlfriends and
      I have seen no actual attribution of that claim to any particular witness
      that can be corroborated yet it is so pervasively in the public mind that,
      true or not, it seems to be a big factor in why it is so easy for people to
      think he is guilty.

      >I am, however, interested in why the Global Peace Walk is publicizing Ira
      >message and his case while disavowing any endorsement of his guilt or

      I have been asked by the Global Peace Walk organizers to solicit support
      letters with global peace and survival issue messages for the walk to carry
      across country. I found what he had to say in his message to be a valid
      listing of issues that should be addressed in context of an agenda for
      peace, as he titled and wrote it. Due to the controversial nature of his
      situation, legal case, etc., I felt I had to append some caveats to that
      letter to enable people to understand that Ira has endorsed the Global Peace
      Walk and offered his message but I cannot speak for the Global Peace Walk as
      a whole, regarding that project's endorsement of his guilt or innocence. It
      will carry his peace message and bring attention to it along with the many
      others we have received since 1995 including Gov. Ridge, some PA mayors, NY
      mayor Giuliani, mayors of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Barbara
      CA, Taos and Santa Fe New Mexico, Leonard Peltier, President Clinton, etc.
      etc. etc.

      <Thanks for keeping us updated on events and news.

      I will tell you that my basic prejudice is against the media's history and
      interest and ability to tell the truth about most issues of greatest
      importance to me concerning some information I have already mentioned to you
      and referenced in links in the Einhorn material on my site and other places.
      It is from my experience and study of what is really going on in this
      country compared to the inaccurate picture portrayed by the corporate
      controlled media and government that I have come to view all newspaper
      reports with suspicion and look to motives for disinformation while seeking
      what to me in any matter information/evidence that rings my internal "bell
      of truth". So far in the Einhorn case I do not hear that bell ringing
      anywhere yet except in his agenda for peace message and in his claims that
      information important to his case (which I have now posted) is being ignored
      and/or misrepresented by the media in general and your paper in particular.

      Have you read http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/declaration.html ? Has
      that info there already been published by your paper?

      If Einhorn was framed it was an expert job and a model perhaps for the OJ
      Simpson murder charges, if he was not guilty as the jury found and was
      framed as so many people in the African American community in South Central
      Los Angeles believe. If so it was possibly another connection to the CIA
      drug issue http://www.copvcia.com also potentially related to Einhorn's

      The details as presented to portray Einhorn as guilty of this murder,
      especially about the body in the closet stinking up the place for a year and
      a half, would make him just about the stupidest murderer I have ever heard
      about. Since from the testimony of many people and my own email
      observations of him for a number of months it is clear that Ira Einhorn is
      "too smart to be that stupid", I still assume he is innocent until his peers
      judge him guilty based on certainly more evidence than a bad smell, the
      character assasination of people who didn't like him for whatever reason, a
      personality that some people apparently found annoying or arrogant or
      whatever, or that he was a hippy that liked pot and girls etc. Sounds like
      a classic case of kill the messenger, only in this case by someone killing
      his girlfriend his whole life's work and passion for activism (as well as
      all his papers and files containing the information that Holly may have been
      killed to prevent its getting out too publicly and threatening the interests
      of the real murder) were confiscated by the American Philadelphia "justice

      Personally, being an ardent activist myself, it is inconceivable that anyone
      who took such work so seriously would jeapardize it by being violent with

      What irks me is that if Ira didn't do it and everyone is fixated on him, the
      real murderer has gotten away. Who would now believe him if he even knew
      who really did it?

      What happened to the guy your paper referred to as Thoreau reincarnated? My
      guess is that the crazed killer story sells more newspapers so.....

      >Theresa Conroy

      David Crockett Williams gear2000@...

      The Vision of Paradise on Earth

      Global Peace Walk 2000

      Urge your Congressperson to support H.R. 2545
      Global Nuclear Disarmament & Economic Conversion Act
      Details & Sample Email: http://prop1.org/prop1/letter.htm

      Easy indexed site to email Congresspeople & Media
      (copy & paste email letters to media and Congress)

      An Agenda for Peace

      >On Wednesday, December 15, 1999 6:36 PM, David Crockett Williams
      >[SMTP:gear2000@...] wrote:
      >> In my view the quote referencing your story is accurate unless you do not
      >> consider that you made a reference comparing the Mumia and Einhorn cases.
      > I
      >> did put reference your articles so anyone can read the exact context.
      >> Personally I am trying to offer additional factual information on his
      >> not reported by the media and to also support various issue messages that
      >> belive are important and are important to many others including Ira
      >> As far as the Global Peace Walk is concerned it is very clear (and for me
      >> personally too) that we cannot endorse his guilt or innocence but only
      >> accept his message for peace. Suggest you review details on page
      >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/declaration.html for additional
      >> you may already have had and perhaps overlooked or maybe never saw
      >> David Crockett Williams gear2000@...
      >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000
      >> An Agenda for Peace
      >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/agenda.html
      >> The Vision of Paradise on Earth
      >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/vision.html
      >> Global Peace Walk 2000
      >> http://www.globalpeacenow.org
      >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html
      >> Urge your Congressperson to support H.R. 2545
      >> Global Nuclear Disarmament & Economic Conversion Act
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      >> -----Original Message-----
      >> From: theresa conroy <conroyt@...>
      >> To: 'David Crockett Williams' <gear2000@...>
      >> Date: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 2:43 PM
      >> Subject: Ira Einhorn
      >> >Hi, David.
      >> >I found this really interesting. What's it all about? It seems your
      >> >involvement in Ira's plight has increased significantly. What inspired
      >> >this?
      >> >Also, maybe you should put my comparison betwen Ira and Mumia in better
      >> >context. The sentence below doesn't really do justice to the thrust of
      >> >story. Glad to see that those who receive this, though, have a reference
      >> >read the news reports.
      >> >Hope to hear more about this. Always interested, as you know.
      >> >All the best,
      >> >Theresa
      >> >
      >> > > Global Peace Walk 2000 support letter from Ira Einhorn:
      >> >>
      >> >> Note: Ira Einhorn is a controversial personality because of his
      >> >> "radical" peace, environmental, and social justice activism, and
      >> >especially
      >> >> because of publicity about his In-Absentia conviction in Philadelphia
      >> >a
      >> >> murder that he and some of his prominent longtime influential
      >> >> maintain he was framed for in order to discredit his advocacy of such
      >> >> controversial issues as drug legalization, economic and public policy
      >> >> reform, and his research into areas including military intelligence
      >> >abuses,
      >> >> covert operations (including CIA drug smuggling), psychotronic
      >> >US
      >> >> government UFO secrecy policies, and advanced physics related
      >> >revolutionary
      >> >> new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power.
      >> >>
      >> >> A Philadelphia Daily News reporter recently compared the Einhorn case
      >> >> that of Mumia Abu-Jamal, while others find a possible parallel with
      >> >case
      >> >> of American Indian Movement spiritual leader Leonard Peltier,
      >> >to
      >> >> Amnesty International the only political prisoner in the US, now
      >> >imprisoned
      >> >> 23years after his conviction for the murder of two FBI agents based on
      >> >> evidence later acknowledged by prosecutors as fraudulent.
      >> >> http://www.freepeltier.org
      >> >>
      >> >> While some details on this matter are referenced below, the Global
      >> >> Walk Project makes no endorsements about Einhorn's innocence or guilt
      >> >> this matter, but has accepted his letter and message of support for
      >> >Global
      >> >> Peace Walk 2000 for consideration of the potential merits of its
      >> >information
      >> >> alone and will include it with the many other such messages and
      >> >> proclamations of support to be carried to the public, to Washington
      >> >and
      >> >> to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24, 2000, to
      >> >> inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for
      >> >> 21st Century.
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> "An Agenda for Peace"
      >> >>
      >> >> Global Peace Walk 2000 support letter from Ira Einhorn:
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> I am glad to offer my support for Global Peace Now!, as an initiative
      >> >that
      >> >> all earthlings can support and to add An Agenda For Peace to those
      >> >messages
      >> >> that will allow Global Peace Walk 2000 to find resonance with the many
      >> >> hearts it will touch as it proceeds upon its journey.
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> "The advanced nations have entered a pre-fascist social condition that
      >> >will
      >> >> ripen in various ugly ways if the market's imperatives prevail, if
      >> >commerce
      >> >> and finance refuse to compromise their objectives."
      >> >> --- William Greider, quoted in International Herald Tribune, Dec 6,
      >> >> page 17
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> Globalization is a form of conceptual imperialism - economic style. An
      >> >> imposition of 18th century rational thought upon an entire planet,
      >> >evoking a
      >> >> gut response of NO IN THUNDER in the streets of Seattle, and on the
      >> >slowly
      >> >> forming planetary nervous system (the INTERNET), and a mindless
      >> >of
      >> >> violence from those who do the dirty work for the planetary Bag men.
      >> >>
      >> >> The principles which govern the future must be based upon diversity
      >> >the
      >> >> flourishing of the many not the one.
      >> >>
      >> >> Just as genetically manipulated food would end 13,000 years of farming
      >> >a
      >> >> decade and destroy our most precious wealth, the manifold variety of
      >> >seeds
      >> >> which have evolved through the millennia, top down economic imposition
      >> >under
      >> >> the auspices of the World Bank, the IMF, GATT and now WTO, would
      >> >> destroy diversity.
      >> >>
      >> >> I live in France profond wherein one speaks of Ruffecois, Confolenais,
      >> >and
      >> >> Manslois, 3 small towns within 15 miles of my house.
      >> >>
      >> >> Each has its own particular way, often a cheese or a local dish - the
      >> >> richness is in diversity.
      >> >>
      >> >> A diversity of history and culture that studies indicate we are
      >> >destroying
      >> >> by the relentless economic crusade for one way of doing business. A
      >> >crusade
      >> >> that the name often invoked in its defense, Adam Smith, would have
      >> >abhorred,
      >> >> for his book on ethics and moral sentiment was more important to him
      >> >> his WEALTH OF NATIONS, yet the entities that most take advantage of
      >> >> imposed rule of the WTO are large multi-nationals governed by one
      >> >principle:
      >> >> Profit.
      >> >>
      >> >> Some adaptation to the shrinking of the world is necessary and
      >> >inevitable,
      >> >> as that is the way of evolution, but WTO is a human creation not some
      >> >> implacable force even though some economists talk about "free markets"
      >> >> those terms and others point out that there are no "free markets" as
      >> >almost
      >> >> everything governments do with taxes and other laws are really forms
      >> >> subsidy, favoring one type of structure - big corporations.
      >> >>
      >> >> The actual control of resources in the world is so unbalanced as to be
      >> >> obscenity and present practices are only increasing that situation.
      >> >>
      >> >> Any future WTO mandates must be based upon an evaluation of what the
      >> >> organization has so far brought about - an enormous transfer of wealth
      >> >a
      >> >> small group of people - and a concern for people not corporations and
      >> >> profit. Economics is a tool not some god to be prayed to.
      >> >>
      >> >> If WTO does not create a future that celebrates planetary diversity,
      >> >> allows the small to flourish it must be discarded.
      >> >>
      >> >> The English people said no to genetically manipulated food..
      >> >>
      >> >> Seattle said no to further economic enslavement.
      >> >>
      >> >> May Global Peace Walk 2000 begin to role back the soft fascism that
      >> >> allowed America to rip up the constitution and betray its own stated
      >> >> purpose.
      >> >>
      >> >> Jails are not the solution to poverty.
      >> >>
      >> >> SWAT teams are not the solution to soft drugs.
      >> >>
      >> >> Seizures of property from innocent people is THEFT not police work.
      >> >>
      >> >> Driving while black must become a thing of the past.
      >> >>
      >> >> Compassion must rule wherein medical marijuana is concerned.
      >> >>
      >> >> Midnight seizure of children must stop.
      >> >>
      >> >> Hemp should flourish, along with free energy and the UFO information
      >> >> would allow people to create it.
      >> >>
      >> >> The death penalty must be rescinded, so that America can once again be
      >> >> part of the civilized world.
      >> >>
      >> >> The execution of children is heinous.
      >> >>
      >> >> The destruction of childhood with Ritalin and other methods of
      >> >out
      >> >> childhood must be moderated as childhood is not a disease.
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> A large agenda for those working with David Crockett Williams and
      >> >> Peace Walk 2000, but an agenda we must all adopt if we are to create a
      >> >world
      >> >> in the next century that we can be proud to live in.
      >> >>
      >> >> May it be a success!!
      >> >>
      >> >> Peace,
      >> >>
      >> >> Ira Einhorn
      >> >> Dec 7, 1999
      >> >> Champagne-Mouton
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> --------------------------end of GPW2000 support
      >> >letter--------------------
      >> >>
      >> >> For more information on Global Peace Walk 2000:
      >> >> http://www.globalpeacenow.org
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Global Emergency Alert Response http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> For information on Einhorn's legal situation and issues:
      >> >>
      >> >> November 27, 1999, "Facts for Openers", by Ira Einhorn
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/facts.html
      >> >>
      >> >> DECLARATION of evidence Einhorn is Unicorn Scapegoat for murder:
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/declaration.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Review of NBC movie on Einhorn, "Hunt for the Unicorn Killer"
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/hunt.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Continuing selection of newspaper articles on Einhorn/Unicorn case
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/ienews.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Continuing selection of commnents on Einhorn/Unicorn case & issues
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/comments.html
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> -----------------above text with hyperlinks to more data is posted at:
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/agenda.html -------------
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> This email originated from General Agency Services:
      >> >>
      >> >> David Crockett Williams gear2000@...
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000
      >> >>
      >> >> An Outreach Coordinator for Global Peace Walk 2000
      >> >> http://www.globalpeacenow.org
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/gpw.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Author, "The Vision of Paradise on Earth"
      >> >> http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/vision.html
      >> >>
      >> >> Urge your Congressperson to support H.R. 2545
      >> >> Global Nuclear Disarmament & Economic Conversion Act
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      >> >>
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