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Boys on Tracks, Ira Einhorn-fwd+ Shadow&Peoples Convention CIAdrug presentations in LA

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  • David Crockett Williams
    The Boys on the Tracks, by Mara Leveritt Book review, etc., from Amazon.com, forwarded post---------- ... From: Ira Einhorn in France Sent: Thursday, August
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2000
      The Boys on the Tracks, by Mara Leveritt

      Book review, etc., from Amazon.com, forwarded post----------

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      From: Ira Einhorn in France
      Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 11:36 AM
      Subject: Trans. : [] !!! The Boys on the Tracks

      The Mena tale will not go away and it ties in with the recent revelations in
      the Philadelphia [City Paper] of White House direct involvement in the drug
      trade; a story I will soon circulate as it confirms and dots the eyes on
      earlier material circulated by Mike Ruppert about the highest levels of the
      Democratic party and DRUG MONEY.

      dcw-[[[Above referenced very recent two Philly City Paper cover story
      articles are posted*, with my commentary on Einhorn's CIAdrug exposure
      potentially supporting his claim of being framed for the '79 Holly Maddux
      murder possibly to shut him up about this issue, with additional Einhorn
      background articles, commentaries on the Einhorn case -- including
      reasoning, about new energy science and military technology related
      ideas/issues/applications indicating why various international intelligence
      agencies might do such a "frame job", written by his expert physics advisor
      and longtime associate and friend Dr. Jack Sarfatti, PhD,
      (http://www.stardrive.org), etc, are among posts archived *at

      [[[Explosive presentations by experts including Ruppert on CIAdrugsmuggling
      issue will take place during afternoon and evening at Peoples Convention in
      LA http://www.peoplesconvention.com on Saturday Aug12, beginning at 11AM
      according to Ruppert http://www.copvcia.com

      [[[Bill Simpich, lead attorney on the class action lawsuit against CIA and
      on this issue and on behalf of resultant drugwar victimized Oakland and
      South Central LA residents, a lawsuit unanimously endorsed by Oakland Mayor
      Jerry Brown's City Council, will be participating and -- along with former
      CIAdrugsmuggling operative Cele Castillo -- will be tabling also at the
      Convention on Aug15th http://www.shadowconventions.com and available for
      media and activist interviews, meetings, etc.

      [[[The CIA drug smuggling issue is a like a time-bomb with a lit fuse
      to explode the pervasive American business and politics of drugwar financial
      corruption during this election season -- to the potential detriment of both
      VP Gore and Gov. Bush.]]]--dcw


      The Boys on the Tracks, by Mara Leveritt

      << Editorial Reviews

      From Kirkus Reviews

      Award-winning investigative reporter Leveritts debut is a wrecking-ball
      of tragedy, malfeasance, and machine politics that resembles an all-true
      Arkansas Confidential. In 1987, Linda Ives suffered a parental
      worst-nightmare when her son and a friend were run over by a train, whose
      crew observed them supine and covered with a tarp before impact. Local law
      enforcement attributed the deaths to a massive overdose of marijuana and
      dismissed the crews tale as optical illusion, in the first of many
      official fumbles. Ives compelled a series of investigations that began
      promisingly yet were inexplicably stifled by such malign forces as the
      notoriously incompetent medical examiner (protected by then-Governor
      and an admired local prosecutor who championed her cause as camouflage for
      his own criminal activities. As years passed, and more unsolved killings
      occurred, Ives assembled evidence that the boys had stumbled upon a diffuse
      conspiracy involving CIA-backed air suppliers to the Contras, who ran an
      enormous cocaine-trafficking operation from a remote airport. Fanciful as
      this may sound, Leveritt documents how Ivess quest for transparency was
      consistently stymied, first by local agencies, then the state police,
      by the FBI. A portrait emerges of state governance as a deeply corrupted
      good-ol'-boy network, funded by drug money and protected by blackmail and
      violence. Leveritts prose is less than taut, and she too often indulges in
      repetitive emotional rhetoric regarding the Iveses loss. That said, her
      investigatory efforts seem impeccable; little within this page-turner reads
      as implausible conspiracy theory. Unlike many works that have dug for the
      dirt of the Clinton gubernatorial era, this is an authentically shocking,
      deeply unsettling portrait of contemporary American power backstopped by
      arrogance and callous greedand of the drug war as a weapon of social
      from which insiders enjoy impunity. One hopes for sufficient outrage
      to substitute for justice denied; also, for an inevitable movie adaptation
      that wont dilute the storys uglier civic dimensions. -- Copyright ©1999,
      Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

      Linda Ives - Central character of the The Boys on the Tracks
      The true and complete story In August 1987, the body of my 17-year-old son,
      Kevin, who had been murdered, was left on a railroad track near our home to
      be dismembered by an oncoming train. His best friend, also murdered, was
      placed on the track beside him. The mutilation was a savage attempt to
      destroy evidence of the murders. Other futile attempts to thwart an
      investigation quickly followed--first in our county, then in our state, and
      finally during federal investigations. Even now, twelve years later, the
      refuses to open its files on this case. Many news outlets over the years,
      including Dateline, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times
      have run stories on the murders. But until now, there has been no
      comprehensive, definitive book. The Boys on the Tracks, by Mara Leveritt
      be released by St. Martin's Press on November 1. It is the true and
      story of how my son died and how law enforcement at every level did its
      to sabotage justice. Mara is one of Arkansas's most highly respected
      journalists, a reporter who has devoted her career to investigating
      justice issues. When she told me she wanted to write this book I gave her
      unreserved cooperation, opened my files to her, and welcomed her
      Having followed her work for quite some time, I knew that her reporting
      be accurate and her writing would be vigorous. I have read the book. I am
      well pleased. If you have followed the story of son's murder, read The Boys
      on the Tracks. It will fill in every detail you might have missed. If you
      know nothing about this case, read The Boys on the Tracks. It is a complete
      telling of the tale. And if you've doubted, even for a second, the
      behind our country's "war on drugs," read The Boys on the Tracks. And see
      the war has been on us.

      Devon Cockrell at cdcockrell@...

      I enjoyed this book immensely. As a student of Arkansas politics, it opened
      my eyes to goings on that I was completely unaware of. Mara Leveritt showed
      great bravery in taking on the challenge of writing about a subject that
      people wanted to forget. An excellent book, well written, clearly stated.
      Book Description
      The Boys on the Tracks is the story of a parent's worst nightmare, a quiet
      woman's confrontation with a world of murder, drugs, and corruption, where
      legitimate authority is mocked and the public trust is trampled. It is an
      intensely personal story and a story of national importance. It is a tale
      multiple murders and of justice repeatedly denied. The death of a child is
      bad enough. To learn that the child was murdered is worse. But few
      compare with the story of Linda Ives, whose teenage son and his friend were
      found mysteriously run over by a train. In the months that followed, Ives's
      world darkened even more as she gradually came to understand that the very
      officials she turned to for help could not, or would not, solve the
      The story of betrayal begins locally but quickly expands. Exposing a web of
      silence and complicity in which drugs, politics, and murder converge, The
      Boys on the Tracks is a horrifying story from first page to last, and its
      most frightening aspect is that all of this story is true. Mara Leveritt
      covered this story since it first broke back in 1987. Her approach is one
      scrupulous reporting and lively narrative. She weaves profiles and events
      into a smooth and chilling whole, one that leads the readers to confront,
      along with Linda Ives, the events' profoundly disturbing implications. A
      powerful story reminiscent or A Civil Action and Not Without My Daughter;
      Boys on the Tracks is destined to become one of the most powerful works
      published in 1999.

      From the Author , October 17, 1999
      Federal secrecy surrounds two unsolved Arkansas murders.
      The story of the two Arkansas teenagers who were murdered in 1987 and left
      be run over by a train has gained international notoriety. Groups opposed
      President Clinton publicized it in efforts to link him to the crime. The
      White House responded by dismissing even serious accounts of the story as
      "nutcase material." As a veteran reporter in Arkansas with first-hand
      information on the case, I was amazed by the inaccuracies being spread by
      partisans on all sides of the mystery. I wrote this book to set the record
      straight--and because the truth of what happened here is more remarkable,
      more frightening, than any political spin. These events would be serious
      enough if they were confined to Arkansas. But they are not. For reasons
      have never been explained, the FBI involved itself in this case and, even
      now, twelve years after the murders, the agency will not release its files.
      Nor will it release sensitive records relating to a concurrent crime which
      may be related smuggle billions of dollars worth of cocaine into the United
      States. For more than a decade the mother of one the murdered boys has been
      treatment? This book describes in chilling detail just how extraordinary
      treatment has been.
      Excerpted from The Boys on the Tracks by Mara Leveritt. Copyright © 1999.
      Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
      By all accounts, the engineer did a masterful job of bringing his train to
      stop. It had taken a screaming, screeching half mile. By the time the
      shuddered to a standstill, Conductor Jerry Tomlin was on the radio
      an approaching train on a parallel track to stop because some boys had been
      run over. He also called the dispatcher. "Have you got injuries?" the
      dispatcher asked. "No," Tomlin said. "We've got death. I'm sure we've got
      death. They passed under us. It has to be death."

      7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

      Complete account of incredible corruption in AK; too long, April 26, 2000
      Reviewer: Sanford A. Felton (see more about me) from southern Oregon, USA
      Many people are familiar with the story of the boys on tracks, first
      nationally on TV and then in the very anti-Clinton "Clinton Chronicles"
      video, which, despite some apparent inaccuracies, still contains a great
      of truth, and changed my own view of political corruption forever. The book
      "The Boys On The Tracks" is the real story of what happened in Arkansas,
      is endorsed by Linda Ives, the mother of one of the boys who was killed and
      placed on the railroad tracks on that fateful night in August, 1987. Mrs.
      Ives is the central character in this book. The reader is presented with
      only the entire story of the unfathomable corruption, but much of this
      incredibly detailed story is as if from Ives' diaries, written or mental.

      The author, Mara Leveritt, takes the reader from the time the two boys are
      killed, through the complete story of what Ives goes through to try to find
      out the truth (and she still hasn't found the truth about what happened
      night). First, we encounter the unbelievable and outrageous behavior and
      incompetence of the Arkansas State coroner, Famy Malek, who is protected
      countless times by top state officials despite absolutely false
      determinations he makes. Malek rules the boys deaths suicides from drug
      intoxication, and it takes the Ives family a long time to prove this false
      due to lack of cooperation from Arkansas officials. Only this is just the
      beginning of the obstructions of justice the Ives face.

      Then we see that, at least in part, practically the entire state of
      Arkansas's legal and law enforcement agencies are rampant with corruption,
      the point that felons hold high-level positions in government and law
      enforcement. Clearly these state officials will go to any length to prevent
      the truth of the boys's deaths from being revealed. A very prominent figure
      in this aspect of the story is Dan Harmon, a county prosecuting attorney.
      Harmon brutally beats people up, incl. his wives and ex-wives, and even
      steals confiscated drugs, and yet is held completely unaccountable for his
      actions and is returned to office again and again. Harmon is eventually and
      surprisingly convicted of certain offenses, but any crimes related to
      around the time of the boys's deaths are deliberately ignored. Oddly
      though not at all surprising once you read the unbelievable things revealed
      over and over in this book, Harmon is initially depicted as an ally of

      Of course the biggest, most outrageous part of this story is the cover-up
      large-scale drug smuggling done through the Mena Airport, incl. the Barry
      Seal story, which is never dealt with by Arkansas officials. The details of
      this horror story are so phenomenal that you have to wonder how the people
      involved in these crimes can take part in such corruption and hypocrisy,
      do their misdeeds with such impunity!

      If you want the complete story, this is undoubtedly the book to read. If
      don't have time to read this very well-written, 300+ page book, see "The
      Clinton Chronicles" and the more accurate (according to the participants)
      "Obstruction of Justice" videos.

      Was this review helpful to you?

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      Put this book in the hands of every American, February 23, 2000
      Reviewer: Mario Calabrese (see more about me) from New York
      This is, in my view, the best full account of the "Train deaths" I have
      This story and the events surrounding the Mena airport in Arkansas are
      unknown to most Americans, due to narrow-minded journalists and partisan
      political hacks on both sides.
      This story and the whole story of Mena is very real, and will haunt America
      for years to come.
      It is a true story of a parents worst nightmare. And a nightmare for the
      nation that few are aware of--our government and system of justice has
      corrupt and lawless.

      I would deeply recommend this book for anyone who is interested in getting
      the word out about Mena and the "Train Deaths" and who is interested in
      helping reclaim our system of justice to prevent it from failing our

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      "The Boys on the Tracks" - Reality in Arkansas, January 5, 2000
      Reviewer: Lorri Davis from Arkansas

      Readers outside of Arkansas might have a hard time believing that the
      this book describes actually happened. Unfortunately, they did, as those of
      us who live here know. Although Leveritt works for a competing paper, the
      statewide Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reviewed "The Boys on the Tracks" at
      length. The review did not challenge any of the author's facts. Rather, it
      said the account was "eye-opening" and described the book as
      engaging and extensively researched." The review also said the book "reads
      like a psychological thriller," and that it "lures you in and holds you
      hostage." I pass this on so that readers who are not familiar with the
      caliber of Leveritt's reporting will feel confident about ordering the
      You won't be disappointed.

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      Mara provides more pieces to the CIA/Cocaine puzzle, December 27, 1999
      Reviewer: Darryl Phillips (see more about me) from Eastern Oklahoma
      This is an excellent book for everyone raising kids in today's society,
      everyone interested in the inner workings of law enforcement, and everyone
      interested in the "War On Drugs".
      Fiction writers have it easy, they can limit their cast of characters. In
      real life, Mara Leveritt, Gary Webb, Terry Reed, and the others who have
      explored the CIA/cocaine connection found it's not so easy. The cast of
      characters is immense, many of their names are confusing, but real life is
      like that. (As you read the various authors, many of the same characters do
      keep popping up!)
      I wanted to read "Boys on the Tracks" because I was flying my personal
      in and out of Mena during the same time period that Barry Seal and the CIA
      were importing drugs. I wanted to see whether Ms Leveritt's book rang true.
      It does. I have met a few of the characters and know of others. The facts
      this book accurately reflect what I have personally observed.
      Unlike "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, this
      not an anti- Clinton book. Those who want to bash Willie will have to look
      elsewhere. But after looking elsewhere, when you need independent
      verification of what is fact versus what is only rumor, I hope you will
      this book.

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      0 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

      Arkansas political corruption, December 14, 1999
      Reviewer: A reader from Chicago, Illinois
      This investigative effort by journalist Leveritt is interesting, but the
      conversational style can be annoying for serious nonfiction. A "cast of
      characters" would have been helpful.

      Was this review helpful to you?

      5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

      A must for those who really want to know the truth!, November 29, 1999
      Reviewer: Shirley Masaoka from Kentucky
      Rarely do I find a book that I can't put down, but this is one. It is
      in a way that gives a lot of details, weaves many facts, while keeping the
      readers interest. Where was this book when Clinton was running for

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      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

      Mara Leveritt breaks the silence, November 29, 1999
      Reviewer: tony hatch from Grand Rapids, Minnesota
      For years The Arkansas and the nationalk media have ignored the disturbing
      facts surrounding the deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives. Armed with
      but facts and the truth, Mara Leveritt methodically the silence and exposes
      the ugly side of politics that the media wont. This would a great Oliver
      Stone film. 12 years and going the story never ends and the plot continues
      draw intrigue among millions, yet shocking at may sound the majority of the
      american dont know this horrific story! The american public must continue
      push this story into the mainstream media, and the FBI must have pressure
      on them to reopen the case by the American public.

      Was this review helpful to you?

      4 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

      Very comprehensive and thought-provoking, November 20, 1999
      Reviewer: saldoggs@... from Little Rock, AR
      Before the article in the Arkansas Times was released last week, I had
      heard of the case before. After I read the article, I knew I had to buy the
      book. I was not disappointed. It merely re-affirmed my suspicions of a
      corrupt state government, that moved on to the nation's capitol. My heart
      goes out to Linda Ives and her struggle for justice. This book is
      well-written, and backed up with facts. I couldn't put it down until I had
      read it from start to finish. I truly hope that justice will someday
      in this case. I strongly recommend this book.

      Was this review helpful to you?

      9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

      A Horrible crime and the corruption that covers it up., November 18, 1999
      Reviewer: Mary Ruth Snapp (granny2four@...) from Colorado
      From the first paragraph to the final page I was enraptured by the prose
      how the writer made us one with the grief-stricken mother of one of the
      who was so brutally slain. Although the events occurred in Arkansas
      in the country is effected by the cover-up just as we were by the Waco
      bombing and the government's effort to hide the truth.I highly recommend
      as must reading for an insight into "the war on drugs".

      Was this review helpful to you?

      7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

      Brilliantly written = great insight to Arkansas politics, November 6, 1999
      Reviewer: A reader from Little Rock, Arkansas
      This book is one that the reader will not want to put down. An excellent
      overview of the events that occured in this case and the fact that there is
      little justice in Arkansas when high powered politicians are involved. The
      average person in this country doesn't believe these things happen, but
      you read this book, the evidence is documented and plain to see.
      Hopefully, someday these guilty persons will be held accountable for
      a family, a state and country through such a horrible tragedy.
      It is time the American people opened their eyes to what is really going on
      in our country and to stand up against these powerful machines.
      Mara did a great deal of research and documented all of her information and
      wrote a book about what an ordinary family has had to endure for 12 years
      no one will listen to them and bring these people that committed and
      up such a cruel deed to justice. The Ives deserve an answer and if anyone
      knows anything about this event, they should try to put this nightmare to

      Was this review helpful to you?

      A truly shocking story of murder and political corruption., June 23, 1999
      Reviewer: lsb@... from Arkansas, United States
      I had the pleasure of reading The Boys on the Tracks in manuscript form. It
      is a thrilling book. The story focuses on Linda Ives, a middle-class mother
      living outside Little Rock with her family. One day, her 17-year-old son
      not come home. The reader discovers the evidence of her son's disappearance
      as Linda discovers it. Her explorations become yours and her anger,
      frustration, heartbreak, and joy becomes yours as well. It is journalistic
      nonfiction, a true story, perfect in its awfulness, well documented, but it
      reads like a novel you can't put down. This book will give you a bang-up
      story and a look at politics you don't find in the newspapers or on CNN.
      a treat.

      © 1996-2000, Amazon.com, Inc.
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