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Holly's ex-lover takes the stand

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  • David Crockett Williams
    http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/news/4201765.htm Posted on Thu, Oct. 03, 2002 Holly s ex-lover takes the stand Saul Lapidus says Ira put Maddux out of
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      Posted on Thu, Oct. 03, 2002

      Holly's ex-lover takes the stand

      Saul Lapidus says Ira put Maddux out of apartment to have sex with Lapidus'


      More photos

      Saul Lapidus dashes to a parking lot after testifying yesterday at Ira
      Einhorns trial. Photos, Alejandro A. Alvarez, Daily News

      WE'RE NOW faced with the unpleasant task of discussing Ira Einhorn's sex

      During Einhorn's murder trial yesterday, his attorney modified his previous
      "Lesbian Defense" to make room for the big, 1970s sex-romp diversion. The
      foray into free love stars the hygienically challenged hippie and his bevy
      of willing partners.

      The paramour who elicited raised eyebrows in the courtroom yesterday was the
      ex-wife of the prosecution's key witness.

      Saul Lapidus, a successful New York City businessman who testified yesterday
      that he and Maddux shared an intense romantic relationship the month before
      her disappearance, confirmed to defense attorney William Cannon that Einhorn
      had been having sex with his ex-wife, Hilda.

      "I was told by Holly that she was physically put out of her apartment when
      my ex-wife was there," Lapidus testified... "He bodily picked her up and put
      her out of the house."

      The relationship between the former Hilda Brown and Einhorn happened after
      Lapidus and his wife were divorced but before Lapidus had met Maddux, he
      said. The affair, Lapidus said, did not anger or upset him.

      Cannon said after court yesterday that he suspected Lapidus was jealous of
      the affair and that the revelation had "rendered meaningless" Lapidus'
      pivotal testimony.

      Lapidus not only provides the jealousy motive for Einhorn to kill Maddux,
      but also places the woman in Einhorn's enraged presence on the weekend
      prosecutors say she was beaten to death.

      By establishing through other witnesses yesterday that Einhorn encouraged
      Maddux to have sex outside their relationship - just like he did - Cannon
      said he threw doubt into the prosecution's theory that Einhorn was so
      enraged about Maddux's new boyfriend that he killed her.

      To Maddux's siblings, the revelation was the first stab at a defense effort
      to drag Maddux's reputation through the mud - a blame-the-victim tactic they

      "I think in their relationship, the idea and the concept...of free love was
      very one-sided," said Meg Wakeman, Maddux's sister.

      To Prosecutor Joel Rosen, what seemed like a courtroom bombshell came as no
      surprise. Lapidus' testimony even added to Rosen's contention that Einhorn
      had physically abused Maddux. The jury got to hear how Einhorn would
      literally throw Maddux out of the apartment when Hilda Lapidus came around,
      he said.

      The person who enjoyed the revelation of the sexual conquest the most was
      the old hippie himself.

      When the man Holly chose over Einhorn first was called to the stand, Einhorn
      wouldn't even look at him.

      Usually, Einhorn - who needs the aid of eyeglasses to see distance clearly -
      watches witnesses walk to the stand in what looks like an effort to
      recognize them from 25 years ago. But this time, Einhorn kept his head bowed
      to read documents on the defense table in front of him.

      He didn't look up when Lapidus walked to the witness box. He didn't look up
      when Lapidus was sworn in. He didn't even look up when Lapidus first began
      to testify.

      Finally, Einhorn stole a quick glance at Lapidus, but quickly returned his
      gaze to a legal note pad.

      The cuckolded guru didn't let his eyes linger on Lapidus until testimony
      turned to the affair with Lapidus' wife. Then Einhorn put on his eyeglasses
      and took a good hard look at his old rival.
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