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June5 Phillynews typical "Einhorn journalism"

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Typical hype and juvenile level of seriousness about this matter. Interesting coincidence that this important event takes place on the 55th anniversary of
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      Typical hype and juvenile level of seriousness about this matter.

      Interesting coincidence that this "important event" takes place on the 55th
      anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 2000. I
      trust Theresa will find a clever way to include this in the humor angle.

      I suppose now we can look forward to semiweekly Philadelphia News updates on
      everyone's tomato gardens in Philadelphia.

      Sad testimony to the superficiality of American media insight.

      Yellow journalism in the 21st Century = "Einhorn journalism"?

      -------forwarded from Ira Einhorn in France------

      As you can see below, they are bending over backwards to create the
      right atmosphere for justice and fairness.

      << http://web.philly.com/content/daily_news/2000/06/05/local/iraa05.htm

      Toss a tomato at Ira

      Radio host hatches Einhorn jibe

      by Theresa Conroy , Daily News Staff Writer

      Ever want to throw a big, fat tomato right in Ira Einhorn's face?

      Now you can. But you have to provide your own ammo.

      The Daily News and WPHT (1210-AM) radio today kick off their Ira
      Einhorn Killer Tomato Contest.

      The whole point of the contest - aside from sending the fugitive
      murderer yet another trans-Atlantic jab - is to search for the
      homegrown tomato that best exhibits the seedy characteristics of the

      The winning gardener will win a trip for two to France, the country
      where Einhorn is cowering while fighting extradition to Philadelphia
      for killing girlfriend Holly Maddux in 1977.

      And in this contest, even the losers win: Gardeners whose tomatoes
      don't make the cut get to fling those babies at a huge billboard of

      WPHT and the Daily News will be looking for tomatoes that have a
      special ability to splat all over the aging hippie's picture.

      A panel of celebrities judges will choose the winner based on how well
      it exhibits Einhorn-like qualities. For example, it must be seedy,
      plump, tough-skinned, ripe-smelling and hard to pick.

      Tomatoes must be presented with a piece of the vine intact, to
      distinguish those grown in a home garden from those sold from the

      The vegetable grow-off is the twisted brainchild of WPHT talk-show
      host Michael Smerconish.

      And Smerconish's listeners are egging him on.

      "What inspired me was that one night I brought up the fact that I was
      about to put my tomatoes in the ground, and I got all these phone
      calls from weekend warriors" talking about their own gardening
      adventures, he said.

      Smerconish didn't want to conduct a run-of-the-mill gardening contest,
      so he decided to host a truly Killer Tomato Contest.

      "What better way than to use it to send a message all the way to
      France to Ira?" he said. "This is the treatment he can expect on
      arrival. The idea took hold. People were totally into it."

      So was the Daily News.

      Einhorn's hometown tabloid - the relentless, world-traveling
      chronicler of his every move - was totally into co-sponsoring the

      In March, the Daily News traveled to Paris to deliver to the French
      prime minister nearly 5,000 petitions signed by People Paper readers
      who want Einhorn sent home. After visiting the prime minister's
      mansion, the Daily News went to Einhorn's home in Southern France to
      confront him - and to offer him a free airplane ticket home.

      (He didn't take the paper up on that plane ticket.)

      Einhorn has been fighting extradition to Philadelphia since he was
      discovered - after 16 years on the lam - and arrested in France in
      June 1997.

      While the old hippie was running scared - slinking from Ireland to
      Sweden to England to France - the Philadelphia District Attorney's
      Office tried him in absentia. The 1993 trial ended in Einhorn's murder

      Meanwhile, Einhorn met and married a lovely Swedish woman named Annika
      Flodin and bought a charming $100,000 cottage in the town of

      His lush life in the wine capital of the world has infuriated

      Throwing a juicy, ripe tomato at a huge photo of Einhorn might be just
      the thing to help those angry Philadelphians vent their hostility.

      Before you can toss 'em, though, you've got to grow 'em.

      For advice on growing the perfect Einhorn-esque tomato, we turned to
      Daily News gardening columnist Mike McGrath.

      McGrath prefers to grow plum tomatoes, such as the Roma variety, for
      use in cooking, but suggested that the Brandywine tomato variety may
      be the best choice for this contest.

      "For me personally, I find those tomatoes are very juicy and very
      messy," McGrath said of the Brandywine. "If you want a tossing tomato,
      absolutely.. . .This would make an excellent tossing tomato,
      especially if you left it out on the vine a couple days longer than if
      you were going to eat it."

      It's too late to start from seed, so contestants who haven't already
      started the garden should install plants now. Before planting, prepare
      the soil by mixing in an inch of compost, McGrath said.

      Other McGrath tomato secrets include throwing broken eggshells into
      the planting hole to add calcium, and mulching with grass clippings to
      provide nitrogen.

      Fish-and-seaweed-blend fertilizers also boost the plant's growth, he

      Tomato plants need to be buried deep, so put about three-quarters of
      the plant into the ground, McGrath said.

      The judging and tomato toss will be conducted on Aug. 9, from 4 to 8
      p.m., at Arroyo restaurant in Manayunk. The event will be broadcast
      live on WPHT during Smerconish's show.


      ----------end forwarded post---------

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