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Breen's Super Kids 50's & 60's

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    From another former peripheral Breen kid it appears. I have hidden his identity. The data is important. ... From: Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 5:28 AM To:
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      From another former peripheral Breen kid it appears. I have hidden his identity. The data is important.



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      From: Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 5:28 AM
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      Subject: Breen etc.

      A curious thing, Jack...


      I had a little contact myself with Breen's group and some local group of kids

      connected with it, somewhere around Philadelphia... many many years ago... but I was

      younger than any of the other kids, and I agreed with the adults around me who felt it

      would be better to emphasize some links to the Princeton folks...


      [Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. Physicist] 

      What years?  Breen was with us at Esalen. Sirag I think has notes.


      P: Long ago. I didn't even hear the word "Esalen" until years later in Massachusetts.


      Jack: Right, I met him in late 1953 or maybe early 1954?

      In my experience, Breen was associated most with Mensa. Early 60's.

      But he was far from the only person in those days captivated by the vision of identifying

      geniuses at an early age and realizing their potential. It's kind of sad that we have

      lost that spirit in this country so much. It had its downside, but it had its upside too.


      Until I went off to , my human/social world was almost entirely based in and …..

      Well, some New York too. And that is where I encountered some of these other kids. I remember

      thinking of some of them a few years later... but, in all honesty, I felt more wistfulness

      towards interesting intelligent females for years after... more of a sense of mystery about them than about

      anything the males were doing. But then again, the males were a bit more creative than a lot of others I have met

      in most of the world, and maybe I took them for granted too much at that time. I took a lot for granted

      when I was a teenager. I guess I was lucky to have the kind of economic background that made that possible...

      for a few years.


      graduate school was probably the closest thing I ever encountered to something that would drive one

      to think of aliens and UFOs. In fact, one of the folks there did say he had done a report on the subject or something like that for Spiro Agnew, who evidently took it seriously. But I did not probe for more details.


      Jack: Do you recall Breen talking of UFOs and paranormal? How much time did you spend with him? Did you meet Robert Bashlow? Johnny Glogower? I brought Johnny to Cornell in 1963 with Phil Morrison’s help and he wound up working with me and Lenny Susskind on the phase operator (time operator) problem that I brought with me from George Parrent Jr from Tech/Ops. Lenny later finished the paper with Johnny when I was with Fred Cummings at Ford Philco Aeronutronics in Newport Beach. He should have at least acknowledged me, but did not – political reasons I think. Peter Carruthers had him publish the paper and Carruthers did a lot of work on that problem later on. Lenny and Peter would not have worked on that problem had I not brought it to Cornell. The story is in my book



      And that reminds me... I wonder whether you have any special thoughts about the case of John Nash?


      [Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. Physicist] 

      I am reading the book right now. I think Saul-Paul Sirag has been reading his math papers which I also intend to do. 

      Or have you ever read Piers Anthony's scifi book Macroscope?
      [Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. Physicist] 

      Not yet.

        (His other books are mostly just silly,

      and I don't remember this particular book in detail... but it has some resonance with this situation,

      if I remember correctly...)


      Bob Park might well say that you, me and are hopeless nuts.


      Jack: I don’t care what Park says one way or the other – unless he agrees with me then I will rub Hal’s face in it. J

      You really believe in UFOs,


      Jack: No I do not really believe in UFOs. I also really do not NOT BELIEVE in UFOs. It is a matter of observation.

      BELIEF is a dangerous thing. It is anti – science.

      Weird things happened to me over the years and I do not think it can be explained by Persi Diaconis’s theory Aug 11 2002 NYR Magazine “Coincidence in an Age of Conspiracy” Lis Belkin. So it all depends on whether or not my physics holds up in the end. BTW TABLE on last letter to PT got moved to wrong place. The corrected draft is at





      .. is into astrology

      Jack: I have no interest in that. I think Persi Diaconis’s statistical argument does work for stuff like that.

       -- and I am very serious about psychic or spiritual kinds of stuff, even if I do my best to be

      gentle with those poor folks who try to stumble through life without having any eyes at all

      to guide them (or so it seems on the surface at least..). From the viewpoint of my own craziness,

      it is not surprising at all

      that major centers of intense and creative mental energy can generate certain auras or shadows

      of weirdness... Princeton, Harvard, Cambridge, and maybe even a little in Mensa (in the early days)

      and some places in California...  (I have never experienced really powerful weirdness around Berkeley,

      but I haven't been there all that much, and it certainly has some reputation for having such a shadow.)


      But shadows can be misleading if one thinks of them as realities...


      I would not say so in public... but I have wondered... just wondered, not believed... whether

      dark matter itself might even be a shadow... a very scary thought, in some ways.


      Jack: NO! I HAVE EXPLAINED DARK MATTER as /\ < 0 – very important part of the story!



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