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Paramount Pictures Star Trek Script with Jack Sarfatti

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    Making Star Trek Real Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. Author of Destiny Matrix For Star Trek 4, The Voyage Home Copyrights Jack Sarfatti & Paramount Pictures DVD, 2003
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 27, 2002
      Making Star Trek Real
      Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D.
      Author of Destiny Matrix
      For "Star Trek 4, The Voyage Home"
      Copyrights Jack Sarfatti & Paramount Pictures DVD, 2003
      Destiny Matrix
      Time Travel?
      • "It's tricky to speculate openly about time travel. One risks either an
      outcry at the waste of public money... or a demand that the research be
      classified for military purposes .... There are only a few of us foolhardy
      enough to work on a subject that is so politically incorrect in physics
      circles. We disguise the fact by using technical terms that are code for
      time travel (p. 133) ... we have no reliable evidence of visitors from the
      future. I'm discounting the conspiracy theory that UFOs are from the future
      and that the government knows and is covering up. Its record of cover-ups is
      not that good (p. 142).... You might wonder if this chapter is part of a
      government cover-up on time travel. You might be right. (p. 153)"
      • Stephen Hawking "The Universe in a Nutshell" (Bantam Books, 2001)
      Time Travel Question
      • In "Star Trek 4, THE VOYAGE HOME" the crew of the Enterprise return to San
      Francisco, circa 1986, nearly 300 years before their own time. While in
      that time and place they act upon their environment to change something in
      the future. Though such an idea has often been included in Science Fiction
      tales, almost since the genre's beginning...can mankind return to the past
      and do things that will affect his future without ripping apart the fabric
      of time itself?

      O Brane New Worlds!
      • "Large extra dimensions ... would imply that we lived in a brane world, a
      four-dimensional surface or brane in a higher-dimensional spacetime."- Dr.
      Stephen Hawking writes in "The Universe in a Nutshell"
      Dr. Sarfatti's answer
      on Time Travel I
      • There are two possibilities.
      • I. The universe is isolated from parallel brane universes next door in the
      hyperspace of Super Cosmos. In this case there is a globally consistent
      closed loop in time. The future cannot be changed. Indeed, the future is
      partly created by the time travel to the past.
      Dr. Sarfatti's answer
      on Time Travel II
      • II. The brane universe A splits into parallel brane universes B and C.
      • APast -> BFuture + CFuture
      • In this case changing the past is possible. The traveler from the future
      in world B changes the past in brane world A which becomes the altered
      future in brane world C. Before that change, brane worlds B and C have the
      same past history A.
      Grandfather Paradox
      • Q: How do you feel about the "grandfather paradox" regarding backwards
      • A: In either case I or II there is no grandfather paradox. In case I you
      lose free will. "The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry." Robert
      • In case II the world splits into two parallel worlds with alternate future

      Time Future and Time Past
      • Q: Is it easier to time-travel forward in time rather than backward?
      • A: No. You automatically travel into the future in special relativity
      without Star Gates by going very fast. This is not practical it takes too
      much energy.
      • With my hypothetical soft energy engineering of the spacetime fabric's
      virtual superfluid thought field of material reality you can go either
      direction in time with equal ease exactly like Q in Star Trek.

      Star Gate Question
      • Would you describe the concept of a "Wormhole"?

      Star Gate Physics
      • Einstein unified space and time into spacetime, which is the fabric of
      material reality.
      • Energy bends, crumples and folds spacetime.
      • If spacetime is like the surface of a sphere it is simply connected
      without a wormhole. If you slice it along a circle it breaks apart into two
      • When spacetime is like the surface of a donut or a tire inner tube, it is
      multiply connected with a wormhole. You need to slice it twice before it
      breaks apart into two pieces. This is topology!
      Topology Time Travel Physics
      • Spacetime is topologically complex with a lot of tiny wormholes in the
      quantum gravity "foam" as well as larger ones.
      • Advanced civilizations, if they exist, will be able to metric engineer
      Star Gate "traversable wormholes" that can be used for time travel to the
      past and to the future in this universe and connecting us to the parallel
      universes next door.
      The Quintessential Stuff
      of Star Gates
      • The stuff of metric engineering is the quintessent ? zero point field
      structure of the vacuum that I have recently discovered.
      • The ? vacuum field comes from Heisenberg's micro-quantum uncertainty
      principle of noisy virtual photons and virtual electrons and positrons
      popping in and out of being and becoming very quickly.
      The Cosmic Signal
      • This quintessent micro-quantum zero point ? vacuum field noise is quieted
      down by a smooth coherent giant quantum signal or "virtual superfluid" whose
      ripples form the multiply connected spacetime fabric of material reality as
      given in Einstein's theory of gravity.
      Dark Matter
      • The gravitating invisible dark matter seen in galactic halos is simply a
      negative ? vacuum field region.
      • Most of the "mass" of our universe comes from this variable distribution
      Dark Energy
      • Our brane universe is speeding up in its expansion rather than slowing
      down. This is evidence for regions of spacetime in which the ? vacuum field
      is positive, therefore repulsively anti-gravitating rather than its normal
      non-gravitating value of zero. We need to control the ? vacuum field with
      soft electromagnetic nonradiating "Tesla near induction fields" to make Star
      Gate Time Machines and weightless warp drives. A possible example of this
      was the alleged "Philadelphia Experiment" at the US Navy Yard in 1943.
      Through The Star Gate
      • Q to Dr. Sarfatti: Do you really believe in the possibility of
      transporting from point "a" to point "b" without traversing the intervening
      space? How would that be possible?
      • A from Dr. Sarfatti: Yes, by electromagnetic control of the ? vacuum field
      with low energy density and low frequency Tesla induction fields. Warning!
      This is still only my hunch, a conjecture that I have not yet proved or
      disproved in detail.
      The Short Cut
      • Because spacetime is multiply-connected there can be many roads from
      here-now to there-then. The road through the Star Gate can be a lot shorter
      than the road connecting the same two regions outside the Star Gate. Not
      only that, but the two ends of the Star Gate can be at different cosmic
      times. You can step into the past or the future.
      What exactly is
      "Quantum Physics?"
      • Quantum physics, in my opinion, is the direct influence of thought on
      • Matter gets its marching orders from mind.
      • There are two kinds of quantum physics.
      • Micro-quantum physics of tiny elementary particles buffeted by random
      unconscious thought with signal locality.
      • Macro-quantum physics of superfluids and living matter not in thermal
      The Quantum Connection
      • Q: Could you describe concept of the "Quantum Connection"?
      • Dr. Sarfatti: This is a spooky telepathic mental link between separated
      pieces of matter. It can cause matter to coherently move in a synchronized
      way like a Corps de Ballet rather than random Brownian motion.
      The Spice of Life
      • Q: Do you believe there are ramifications of the QUANTUM CONNECTION for
      more massive things, such as a human being?
      • Dr.Sarfatti: Uncontrolled micro-quantum connections are random
      "decoherence" that age and kill us. We are giant coherent "macro-quantum"
      real superfluid ? mind fields that pilot our material bodies.

      The Paranormal
      • Q: I have noticed that several physicists, you among them, seem to be
      suggesting that Quantum Reality may lead science into the realm of
      paranormal phenomena? Do you think this is true?
      • A: The paranormal is simply normal conscious phenomena coming from
      macro-quantum "signal nonlocality".
      Flying Saucer Invasion?
      • Q: Have you ever seen a UFO?
      • A: No, but I may have gotten a phone call from one in 1953,
      • Q: Do you believe there are UFO's?
      • A: I keep an open mind on the allegations. If my ? field physics is true
      they, the time travelers, should be here influencing our history.
      Ancient Egypt
      • Q: Do you see a connection between the astro-mathematical sophistication
      of the Egyptians and the Mayans? Could Earth have been visited by
      time-travelers from the distant future who may have introduced some
      technology to these cultures?
      • A: Is The Pope Catholic? Yes? But I am not a historian and not an

      Missing Link
      • Q: Do you believe in a "Missing Link" in human evolution?
      • A: Not only do I believe in them, I know a few walking around today! :)
    • Jack Sarfatti
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