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Adam Trombly on ZPE Tech, etc, Jan.21'02 interview

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Trombly s personal history dates and info, timeframe of his claimed who knew what when seems to support themes regarding Einhorn being framed during
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      Trombly's personal history dates and info, timeframe of his claimed "who
      knew what when" seems to support themes regarding Einhorn being framed
      during "dangerous 70's" of scientific national insecurity?


      Vol 2 Feb 2002

      The Truth
      About ZP

      A Wake-Up Call to
      the American People

      an interview with Adam Trombly
      by Celeste Adams

      Adam Trombly is one of the top scientists in the world in the development
      and creation of Zero Point Energy technology. Devices that he built are
      working today in other parts of the world. And yet, instead of using Zero
      Point Energy, Adam Trombly's own house in Maui is being fitted with a bank
      of expensive solar panels.

      Why can't Trombly use his own expertise to fuel his own home? Trombly has
      spent most of his professional life under one gag order or another. But he
      decided, he told us, "that if I was going to give an interview for this
      particular publication, I wasn't going to pull any punches."

      If much of this seems overly negative, keep reading. Trombly wants to wake
      us up, and to shine a light upon things that have been kept dark. But his
      grounding is deeply spiritual. It's just that the Divine forces that seek to
      assist us cannot do so unless we call upon them. "Now, in this moment," he
      tells us, "we must come out and ask for help. When we can ask for help, we
      get it."

      Adam Trombly's revelations will shock you to the depths. But it is his hope,
      and ours, that it will help you to awaken, or to assist you in your task of
      awakening others.

      Trombly's ultimate vision is the "redreaming of the American Dream."

      Adams: How did you become interested in free energy?

      Trombly: I was raised as a scientist and I have spoken the language of
      science all of my life. My mother was a blood specialist, my father was a
      biochemist, and my sister was at one time a biophysicist.

      When my father had just gotten his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Purdue
      University - I was a young child - he was enlisted as a biochemist, by a
      fellow Purdue alumnus named Frank Olsen, into a U.S. Air Force/CIA joint
      project. He was stationed at the biological warfare laboratory in Fort
      Detrick, Maryland. This was in 1952 during the Korean Conflict. He had been
      a highly decorated U.S. Army Air Corp officer in World War II, but the
      government felt that he had a skill of strategic importance to the national

      At Fort Detrick, he and Olsen, along with a couple of other scientists, were
      working on a very compartmentalized project. Since he died when I was in the
      eighth year of this body, I knew very, very little about what this project
      involved. On the seventh anniversary of his death (4/3/1967) I was in my
      mother's attic, putting out mousetraps, when I discovered a couple of boxes
      that contained journals my father had kept during his time at Detrick. You
      weren't supposed to keep journals, but he did.

      One of the things he wrote about in his journals was his exposure to alien
      technology that totally defied what were considered, at that time and even
      still to this day, the laws of physics.

      He wrote a letter to Dr. Quackenbush, who was on his dissertation board at
      Purdue, saying that what he had seen challenged even his "most vivid
      imagination." This was right after he got there.

      After he had been there about a year, the notes he wrote got really
      interesting. He specifically described various technologies which he stated
      plainly were of "alien origin." He described not only flying disk-shaped
      craft and their related energy and propulsion systems, but Extraterrestrial
      Biological Entities. His work was actually concerned with them.

      On November 19, 1953, my father (along with Dr. Frank Olson and a couple of
      other colleagues) was taken by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to a summer camp near
      Baltimore. While there, he and his colleagues were involuntarily given large
      doses of LSD in their cocktails; doses on the order of 10,000 to 15,000
      micrograms. Olsen knew about the experiment, and out of concern for my
      father told him, "Harvey you have been given a psychoactive drug and you are
      beginning to feel its effects. Don't worry."

      Olsen had also taken a large dose of acid, and later freaked out because he
      said he had, "blown the experiment." It was supposed to be a double-blind
      experiment for all of the participants other than Olsen. He was supposed to
      keep silent.

      Frank Olsen continued to feel unsettled, and was rushed by CIA personnel to
      New York for psychiatric examination. Something terrible happened instead.
      Frank was bludgeoned in the head and then thrown from his hotel room window.
      He was murdered. This, at least, was the conclusion of forensic pathologists
      hired by Frank's son Eric in 1994.

      My father filed an internal protest demanding an investigation of his
      friend's and colleague's death, and that was what ultimately triggered the
      events that killed him.

      In January of 1954, under the illusion that he was being immunized from a
      new retroviral biological warfare agent, he was injected instead with a live
      virus that he had discovered during his research. He became extremely ill.
      In his notes, he indicated that he immediately knew. "They killed Frank," he
      said, "and now they have killed me. The difference is that I will die
      slowly, very slowly."

      He died in 1960, from a form of lymphoma as eleven government labs did
      morphological workups of his cells.

      When I discovered that his death had not been an accident of nature, I was
      heartbroken. I despaired of life. I sat with a knife a quarter inch into my
      chest, with blood already trickling down, begging whoever was present at
      Infinity to reveal the truth of existence.

      And in the next moment, I suddenly had no doubt of God or, if you prefer,
      the Buddha Nature, and I saw things with great clarity.

      Adams: Do you believe that we're in denial about the involvement of aliens
      in the affairs of this planet?

      Trombly: The American public has been lied to for so long, they wouldn't be
      able to recognize the truth if Jesus told them personally.

      It's very difficult for the American public to know what is going on. In
      many ways, we are a nation in denial, and all too often a nation of
      alcoholics and drug addicts. We are in incredible mass denial.

      People see what are referred to as flying saucers and UFOs. Sometimes they
      are not saucers but triangles. Sometimes they're small, and sometimes
      they're huge and look like buildings.

      It doesn't matter how many people in remote places or in cities see them, or
      photograph or videotape them. The perceptions are simply shut out.

      There are amazing mind-control projects going on. People literally cannot
      maintain their attention span. More than once I have stood and watched
      crafts 100 or 200 feet over my head and had people say things like, "Well
      that's not an airplane," or "Oh, my God, are we actually seeing this?" "Is
      that real?"

      But by the next day, the whole chemistry of denial has set in and those same
      people say, "Wow, that was a strange airplane, it was going really slow, or
      really fast, and how did it make that right turn?"

      This is what got me started in free energy technology - though I hate the
      term free energy, because it's anything but free. Many have paid dearly for
      its advent. I don't even know what term I like at this point. I use the term
      Zero Point Fluctuation Technology - ZP Technology.

      I used to have a company called Zero Point Technology. As soon as you put
      something like that on your shingle, you discover just how unacceptable this
      concept is to those whose growth stopped so long ago.

      People are being bombarded with subliminal messages that tell them that
      aliens don't exist. Even The "X-Files," which is a joke (thank God they're
      canceling it), was originally intended, by Chris Carter, to be something
      more than just random amusement. It was intended to be groundbreaking. But
      there's government interference. And this is a huge subject. People don't
      understand that the "other U.S. government" has had contact for decades with
      cultures that aren't from this planet.

      We're like the aboriginal people of New Zealand, or Papua, New Guinea, or
      any other remote tribe. When they see an airplane, they think that it is a
      God - or they at least, they used to. Of course, now they think that it's
      just people who are more primitive than they are, but who have technology.

      We are the same way with "alien" cultures. We are the same way with really
      clean and advanced electrical technologies that could begin to help us
      understand just how wonderful and abundant Being - simply being - is.

      When I got involved in ZP in 1979, I was warned by Buckminster Fuller that
      if we were successful there'd be hell to pay. If we were actually
      successful, then it could develop into a real nightmare, because the humans
      we're dealing with are a species that has been kept in the dark. We've been
      treated like mushrooms (which are kept in the dark and fed a lot of feces --
      there's no nice way of putting this).

      The extremes to which these people are willing to go to make your life
      miserable are phenomenal. They go out of their way to torment those who
      challenge their utter mediocrity.

      Then there are certain people who hang around in the so-called free energy
      field, who speak at conferences and who have never discovered, engineered,
      or invented anything in their entire lives that is worthy of note. What they
      have done is mediocre at best. I won't name them, but they just haven't
      produced. These are the people who say, "No one has ever bothered me."

      These are the same people who - behind my back and behind the backs of those
      who have actually produced functional technologies - say, "Well I've never
      seen anything that he's produced."

      Adams: Can you tell us more about this alien agenda?

      Trombly: I know that there's an alien agenda because my father wrote this in
      his journals. He said he had discovered that the U.S. government had become
      involved in its implementation. He went further to say that this alien
      agenda, in his opinion, was contrary to the good of the human species and
      the planet.

      He believed that a sector of the military/industrial complex was involved in
      a program, basically, to transform our atmosphere, which is benign to our
      species and other Earth species, into one that is greatly reduced in terms
      of its oxygen content.

      So this is a force which doesn't have good intentions for us. It is a force
      that would gladly exterminate us. And yet human beings act as agents for
      this force. The "human" species is exterminating itself, by its own hands.

      My father spoke of alien agendas in his most secret thoughts. This was not
      something he spoke of in public. He would never have given this interview,
      I'll tell you that much.

      Adams: What species is this alien force?

      Trombly: I can't say, but I can say that the species that are trying to harm
      us are a tiny minority of a vast host of alien species. My father knew of a
      couple. It wasn't just one, even back then. This sounds very far fetched - I
      know it sounds nuts. But I decided if I was going to give an interview for
      this particular publication, I wasn't going to pull any punches.

      Adams: Many of the people who read this will share your belief system.

      Trombly: Well, this is not about a belief system. I don't like belief
      systems! This is about reality! We are the ones who are collectively
      destroying the womb of the Earth in which our species gestates, in which we

      There are real terrorists in Washington, and even, I dare say, in the White
      House. And we are very rapidly approaching the time when that statement will
      be considered criminal. The incident we call 9-11 was a mockery. Now, every
      time someone dials 911 they'll think of the evil demon Osama bin Laden who
      in fact is someone we helped to create.

      Alkhaida was largely financed by the U.S. government. We gave the Taliban
      128 million dollars last year to suppress the growth of opium in
      Afghanistan. Where do you think that money came from? Where do you think it

      Everyone thinks the 9-11 was caused by Osama bin Laden and his cronies.
      There's no doubt that some of his money comes from Saudi Arabia, but the
      fact is that the U.S. government is the primary source of funding for the
      Taliban. Why? Because Dick Cheney and his cohorts want to build an oil
      pipeline through Afghanistan.

      Adams: What has happened to the free-energy technologies that you've

      Trombly: Every single technology that I have either invented or co-produced
      is no longer in my possession. There's one in Arizona that has supposedly
      become a national security issue.

      A former colleague of mine once went off on his own with a design that he
      and I had come up with. He built a device that was very successful - and is
      now in a can, and he is a shell of his former self.

      Forget about whatever technologies I have had a hand in reducing to
      practice. We have heard from very credible sources that these are nothing
      compared to the technologies already being produced by certain prime
      contractors right here in the United States.

      Why is it a national security issue? Why is a generator that generates
      several times more output than input a security issue? Why is it that the
      American people cannot enjoy what their tax dollars are paying for? Why is
      it that we have a government that is willing to deny the American people
      access to the very technologies they themselves are secretly producing?

      It's not a joke. Our government has produced technologies, with our tax
      dollars, that could immediately begin to reverse the damage done by the
      irresponsible use of fossil fuels, and they are not allowed to be used.

      They continue to pollute this atmosphere, and they continue to reduce the
      amount of metabolically available oxygen. Who could possibly benefit from
      that? What species do you know of that is actually better off today than,
      say, fifty years ago?

      What is it that we do when we burn these fuels? We make fire. What is fire?
      Fire is a rapid oxidation process that releases heat. The real destroyers of
      the equatorial rain forest are forest fires, because of the incredibly poor
      husbandry. There's nothing good you can say about what's being done to this

      There are far too many people in the U.S. government and other national
      governments who are acting in a way that is completely moronic and
      self-destructive. It is not a human agenda! This is what I'm trying to get
      you to see. There is this whole other thing happening.

      We are exploited by a corporate structure - by the "military/industrial
      complex" Dwight Eisenhower warned us against in his farewell address to the
      nation. Eisenhower got the term "military/industrial complex" from
      Mussolini, who was describing Fascism. These are words you don't want to use
      in our society.

      At Project Earth we get mail from all over the world, and the one word that
      keeps coming up since our last so-called presidential election - about that
      debacle, that tragedy - is the word "coup." From the perspective of the vast
      majority of the human species, it was a coup. They say this in India, Japan,
      South Korea, France, Holland, Spain - everywhere. In spite of the fact that
      we never posted an article on our website that said or even suggested that
      we had a coup, people write to us and say, "How come the American people
      don't realize that they just had a coup?"

      Then, following on that coup, we have 9-11. Everybody is terrified, but
      people don't want to talk the way I'm talking now. They think it's

      I tell you truly, it is our collective silence that is truly destructive.

      The United States of America is a sacred idea. It is a sacred thought-form.
      What was America to the people who risked and frequently lost their lives to
      create it? It was the New Jerusalem. The spiritual foundation of the United
      States of America is an absolute necessity of our spiritual dimension. It
      was founded on the basis of the absolute need of the human spirit for

      But freedom brings with it great responsibility and demands great

      We do not want to live in hell, but we are creating hell for ourselves. We
      are tormenting each other and ourselves. We're doing these things as if we
      have no choice. We are truly brainwashed.

      The real ultimate cult that's going on in America is this one of jingoistic,
      flag-waving, unquestioning patriotism. We can get ourselves all hyped up on
      Zoloft, and that still doesn't change the fact that we as a nation have lost
      an incredible amount of prestige and trust because of what happened in 2000.

      No matter how much money we put into the military budget, we will not be
      able to restore that trust in our own people or in the rest of the world
      until, through grace or the incarnation of the Divine Process, our democracy
      is resurrected from its present contrived state. It is a travesty.

      When Dick Cheney refuses to turn over documents to investigators, he gives
      comfort to our enemies. Truly dangerous and deranged people in truly
      difficult countries like Pakistan cite the actions of our corrupt public
      officials as justification for their actions.

      If we say to the world that we represent Freedom and Democracy, then by God
      we have an obligation to be Free and Democratic.

      In the meantime, the world laughs, because perfectly capable intelligence
      officers in the United States are oppressed for the sake of short-term
      political agendas.

      The Central Intelligence Agency attempted to warn the White House before
      September 11. The entire affair was handled with what can only be called
      incompetence. While three-letter agencies spent our tax dollars listening to
      my calls, true terrorists were going to flight. And in spite of over an
      18-minute warning crash, a second full-size passenger jet went into the
      World Trade Center.

      Even so, we are all supposed to fall into line and cheer.

      Once, in 1986, I was introduced to a man in Toronto, Canada, who turned out
      to be a major Soviet technology spy. When he offered me a lot of money and a
      lot of benefits if I would turn over mechanical drawings for an electrical
      generating technology I had co-invented, I told that agent to go screw
      himself. I told him I was under a gag order, and that I would not violate
      that order.

      He responded by saying, "What loyalty do you owe to your country? They have
      done nothing to help you or your work. If you cooperate with us we will
      appreciate you and take good care of you and your family. Three hundred
      million people will benefit from your technology. Who cares if a shaft is
      made in Leningrad or if assembly occurs near Moscow?"

      Once again, I told him to go screw himself, to go back to the totalitarian
      hell that he came from - and then I got the hell out of his office.

      In September of 1986, I turned this man in to the FBI - and as a
      consequence, I ended up under investigation myself!

      In February of 1987, the counter-intelligence unit of the FBI contacted me.
      During my second so-called "interview," one of the special agents who
      interviewed me was Robert Hanson, now known as a famous spy for the former
      Soviet Union.

      Hanson interviewed me about whether or not I was a spy. But he knew I wasn't
      a spy, because he was!

      It's not just the U.S. government that's suppressing all this stuff, it's
      the whole theater of this species. The "human" species has rarely
      demonstrated qualities that say that it should be maintained or can be

      This species has never acted in a way that is consistently to its own
      benefit. For thousands of years, this species has acted in a manner that can
      only be described as both sadistic and masochistic, and on a planetary
      scale. It has not acted intelligently.

      At the same time, there is no decision to change, because the vast majority
      of the human species don't even realize that we have a choice to do that.
      They don't realize that we have the choice live intelligently. They don't
      even know or what that would entail.

      My protests to the "powers above" are consistently related to this central
      fact: "I know there's a choice, you know there's a choice, but the general
      population on this planet has no clue that there's a choice. We can choose
      to live in a completely abundant and pollution-free environment. We can make
      that choice and have more abundance, and not less abundance. We can stop
      spending money for fuel. The capital expenditure for fuel could be
      completely eliminated. That would free up trillions of dollars annually,
      globally, from the world budget, from the planetary budget."

      If you want to know why I got involved in this technology, it's because we
      have a way to generate almost boundless levels of electrical power without
      any pollution or fuel, without even the need for solar panels or wind power.

      It's ridiculous that I am installing solar panels in my home, when I have
      spent the last 23 years of my life in the field of ZP Fluctuation Technology
      research and development and have one more than one occasion successfully
      demonstrated it along with colleagues who have also learned the same hard
      lessons that I have.

      Adams: Can we still restore this planet?

      Trombly: We can if we act with great clarity and great speed. No obstacle
      could stand in our path.

      We could even reclaim the Sahara Desert. It didn't used to be a desert. It
      was destroyed by people who cut down the forest and overgrazed the
      grasslands that were once there. Now the same thing is happening in Brazil,
      Indonesia, China and South East Asia.

      These forests and grasslands are like your skin. What does the skin do? It
      keeps us from becoming dehydrated. When a person gets third-degree burns,
      one of the leading causes of death is dehydration. The same thing is true of
      the forests and grasslands.

      It's about maintaining that tissue and understanding that it is very
      vulnerable. These membranes are being taken away.

      We can also reclaim the desert that is forming in the northeastern corner of
      Brazil, where there was rainforest a hundred years ago. The Brazilian desert
      exists because the Brazilian people won't stop cutting down their own trees.
      I say this very bluntly. If the Brazilian people want to demonstrate that
      they have some intelligence, then they'll stop cutting down the rainforest,
      which is the equatorial life support of our planet.

      If the United Nations and if the American government want to demonstrate
      their intelligence, then they will suggest that we should give credits to
      these countries for their oxygen production.

      We can reclaim the deserts by these new technologies, by taking the water
      out of the oceans and using it on the desert.

      Where you run into the logjam, over and over with all these issues, is the
      question of energy.

      How can we heal the ozone layer? It's going to take a tremendous amount of
      energy to do that. We have to replenish the oxygen that's not getting into
      the stratosphere.

      One of the fundamental points that I try to make is about chlorine. It is a
      molecular demon once it gets into the ozone layer. One chlorine ion can
      interfere with the production of 100,000 molecules of ozone. So we have to
      eliminate as much free chlorine and bromine as possible.

      But even if we entirely eliminated chlorine and bromine production, that
      would still not be enough to heal the stratospheric ozone layer.

      Another significant cause of ozone depletion, one that is often overlooked,
      is the reduction in the amount of oxygen that should be transported into the
      stratosphere over the equatorial rainforests. Project Earth has been trying
      to educate people to this fact since the mid-eighties. The oxygen source has
      literally been cut off by deforestation. But we can heal that by
      reintroducing a tremendous amount of oxygen up there, and replanting the
      forest down here, on Earth.

      It will take energy. Lots of it.

      Adams: Can you describe how your life has been endangered because of your
      perspectives on free energy?

      Trombly: If I had described my life to you since 1980, it would be a long,
      long story, and it would sound like a bad spy novel.

      I've had a number of attempts on my life through really serious poisonings.
      My wife has had to revive me and give me CPR.

      So we've had a whole nightmare component to our life. But we don't live in a
      nightmare at all. It's quite the opposite.

      However, I must say that it has been almost unimaginable at times.

      Once, in 1988, I was visited by a couple of scientists at my home in
      Colorado. One of them was Bob Dratch, a man who has done a lot of work in
      creating microwave detection equipment, which is widely used by the
      Department of Defense.

      Basically, I was standing in my office, which was a large room, 27 feet
      long, and Bob Dratch was shaking change in his pocket, to demonstrate that
      his very sensitive microwave detector could pick up the signal this jingling
      generated. The signal would appear on the meter and the printout.

      I pointed the horn of the device at Dratch to measure the effect. And then,
      as I pointed the horn away, I kept my finger on the trigger and happened to
      point it out the window of my office. To our surprise, the alarm went off on
      the machine! The red light went on, and the meter peaked.

      My office was being microwaved!

      We walked into my back yard and found the place where the signals were being
      broadcast. It was right behind my house, in a little forest, right next to
      an engineering company that is well known for making satellite antennas.

      We clipped the cable to the antenna that was broadcasting microwaves at my
      house, and I called the FCC in Denver and I said told them that this was
      illegal and I wanted it stopped now. I said, "Stop microwaving me." I
      already had cancer.

      Within three weeks, this engineering company was totally gone. I assume they
      themselves had something to do with the broadcast, or they wouldn't have
      left so suddenly.

      So dozens of people had to relocate to Kansas, or whereever.

      But why were they trying to kill this body? We are perplexed at times by the
      strange modus operandi of this group.

      The world is not going around very well right now, because people aren't
      loving. When people love, they become geniuses. Intelligence isn't about
      thinking, it's about feeling. I don't care how many times the force of
      darkness, which resists love, has attacked you and made you feel separate.

      I don't care how difficult anyone's life has been. I guarantee you, I can
      match it. But suffering is finite, it's limited, it's not eternal. You can
      transcend suffering through love.

      The resurrection we are called to is our resurrection. Once Jesus stood in
      front of Lazarus' tomb, and commanded, "Lazarus, come out." And we are told
      that Lazarus came out.

      That is similar to what is happening right now. Surrounding this planet,
      there is a gathering which is inviting the human species into a new
      dimension. They are saying, "Lazarus come out, come out of your subjective
      tomb and out of your corruption. Come out of your doubt of God and out of
      your doubt of Love. In the midst of Infinity and Eternity, We command you."

      Now, in this moment, we must come out and ask for help. When we can ask for
      help, we get it.

      People don't understand that you become realized by incarnating love. We
      live only as expressions of love, in eternity. The only thing that is
      eternal is Love. Love as the presence of consciousness is eternal and

      Time and space are subsets of eternity and infinity. Space and time are
      subjective states, and they have nothing to do with limiting the ultimate
      reality of consciousness, not even a little bit. They have to do with the
      gnarled subjective states of the contracted world.

      Scientists talk about the accelerating expansion of the universe, but it's
      not that, it's the unremitting transformation of the universe that's
      happening, the inescapable transformation of the universe.

      You don't have a choice about it this time. It isn't the same as it was two
      thousand years ago. We are in the midst of the time of the resurrection. It
      involves you and me and everyone on this planet, I don't care who they are.

      There will be miracles everywhere. The most powerful thing is love. The
      whole astrophysical community is now acknowledging this power, but they call
      it the "dark energy." They give it this Darth Vader quality, because they
      don't know how to relate to the Light. It is the contraction of form and the
      denial of the Infinite Divine that causes the appearance of darkness.

      Adams: How long has there been a conspiracy to prevent the development of
      free energy?

      Well, if you are referring to the technological side of things, I guess you
      could say it started with Nikola Tesla. (Although the crucifixion was really
      an attempt to stop Free energy as well.)

      Nikola Tesla was given the vision of infinite electrical power, without
      fuel, in the 1880s. He demonstrated it in 1886 and 1889, and then throughout
      the 1890s. He tried to give this gift, but the fossil fuel boys decided he
      couldn't give it. The fossil fuel boys decided that maybe they could make
      use of him, so they didn't kill him right away. They killed Tesla in 1943.

      One of the detectives approached me in 1981, at a conference. This man told
      me that Tesla had been murdered. So I guess you could say that it all began
      right there. When I was a kid in school, nobody knew about Tesla. Tesla was
      the father of alternating current electricity. Tesla said he was inspired by
      aliens, beings from other dimensions. He was anathematized because he
      refused to kowtow; he refused to attend the same temple that the others
      worshipped in.

      Adams: How can we make free energy available to the planet?

      Trombly: There is no such thing as free energy without enlightenment and
      liberation. The technologies point to free energy. We are the technology. We
      are the free energy.

      Great yogis like Sri Babaji demonstrate this. Yogananda talked about him. He
      was the physical demonstration of free energy. He was the physical
      demonstration of what the Tibetans called the Rainbow Body. He was
      transparent and transfigured in God realization, the realization of the
      Buddha Nature.

      There are alien cultures and cultures in other universes who happen to be
      attentive to the events on this planet because this is one of the last
      archetypal moments. This will not continue anymore. This entire kind of
      universe is obsolete and will not occur again, because it would be masochism
      and sadism to allow it to be perpetuated.

      There's a transformation that is occurring. It is about the liberation of
      all the energy that has been bound up in all of these worlds that are
      subject to corruption. That is the real physics. This is what is really

      In the meantime, by understanding that this is true, we can tap into a field
      that we call Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation or the quantum ether, and we can
      generate electrical power. Electrical power exists in complete abundance,
      without any capital cost for fuel.

      Solar technology is so very expensive. We have 108 solar panels in our two
      facilities on Maui and it takes up a great deal of space. I would love to
      have ZP Technology here, but the fact of the matter is, if I had that
      working right now, this place would become a target.

      The other side of this story is always the same thing. Just when Light
      appears on this planet, the subjective forces of darkness manifest with
      great tenacity. This government was overthrown and nobody knows anything
      about it. People are silent about it.

      On the cover of Newsweek, on September 11, was an article about the secret
      vote that made Bush president. The article was about a conspiracy in the
      Supreme Court. Newsweek at that time was willing to challenge the Supreme
      Court. The Executive Branch of the United States government was about to
      fall, because it was going to be exposed.

      But then the planes hit the World Trade Center.

      If Al Gore had been elected, I know the man well enough to know that we
      would have been in a different economy after four years. We would've begun
      to implement these technologies.

      The United States government has, right now, the technology to eliminate the
      energy crisis. This consoling gesture that George Bush made the other day,
      about developing hydrogen fuel-cell technology, is just a carrot that he's
      dangling before the American people.

      Now there are military people who have come forward and are talking about
      the presence of aliens and alien technology on this planet. They are even
      talking about the fact that we are making our own flying saucers. This
      Disclosure Project is extremely important for people to know about (see
      Secrets from the Stars elsewhere in this issue).

      We could be having the greatest economic boom in the history of history. We
      could actually do that. The technology exists. As early as the 1970s, Henry
      Kissinger, George Bush, Richard Nixon - all kinds of these guys - knew about
      this physics. But the downside is that we are on the brink of oblivion.

      Parents are paying all this money to educate their children into the lie of
      physics instead of the truth of physics. Meanwhile, they are taking Prozac.
      We have legalized the anesthetization of our species. Depression is

      Adams: What is the purpose of your organization, Project Earth.

      Trombly: The original foundation of Project Earth was to reveal to the human
      species the actual condition of our planet. We're not being told the truth
      about it. For the most part, the scientific community doesn't know the truth
      and has been so disempowered by their so-called education that they've lost

      Vision is the only thing that will save us. You have to be able to see where
      you're going.

      The agreement that I made with the Divine is one that Bucky and I talked
      about. We would never just illuminate the problem, we would always offer a
      solution. If we talked about an energy crisis, we would talk about it only
      in the context of the fact that there is no energy crisis.

      Electrical power is already abundantly available, pollution free. We like
      electricity. We can power our cars and flying saucers with infinite
      electrical power. We could have so much fun that living on earth wouldn't be
      a drag, but would be really great.

      Your eyes would be so open that you would walk out the door and you wouldn't
      see the smog in Los Angeles, but you'd see the clear, sacred air.

      Project Earth is not just about communicating the problems. It's about the
      transformation of humanity.

      Adam Trombly, Director of Project Earth, is an internationally acknowledged
      expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating
      and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling.

      Taking the advice of his friend and mentor R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has
      maintained a "synergistic, global view" within a multi-disciplinary
      scientific background. From this perspective, Adam offers unique insights
      into the changes humankind has effected on our environment, and the
      adjustments our future requires of us.

      For further information about Project Earth, please visit

      Trombly and Celeste Adams spoke on January 21, 2002.
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