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Stargate, "The Nine," $, Einhorn, Sarfatti, Jones, Esalen; CIA etc. 2/2/02

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  • David Crockett Williams
    forwarded without comment as one writer s view on background related to Ira Einhorn story. From: To: Cc:
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      forwarded without comment as one writer's view on background related to Ira
      Einhorn story.

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      Subject: Stargate, "The Nine," $, Einhorn, Sarfatti, Jones, Esalen; CIA etc.
      Date: Saturday, February 02, 2002 8:43 AM

      (If duplicate, disregard. This is to Sarfatti's "slander" list. Take a
      'moment.' ;-)

      "By their fruits..."

      http://www.themastersgroup.org/schedule.html (Truth is what is believed?)

      See where they ran? Good people having little idea "which gods they serve?"

      "Nine" to Earth! (References to Sarfatti, Jones, Hoagland, et al., in this

      Cross-references bibliography, for other researchers:

      "The Stargate Conspiracy: Revealing the Truth Behind Extraterrestrial
      Contact, Military Intelligence and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt," by Lynn
      Picknett and Clive Prince. Little, Brown & Co., London. 1999. Published in
      the US by Berkley Books, paperback, released 4 September 2001, with a
      slightly (but strategically) redacted title, and lost in the rubble of
      September 11th. Make of that what you will. Order it:
      "The Stargate Conspiracy: the Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the
      Mysteries of Ancient Egypt." (Omitting "Military Intelligence" ;-) ISBN
      0-425-17658-4. $15.00.

      (Paperback version has no index, but pages match hardback version, which

      Other references (their own outlets), "Council of Nine" re stimuli &

      "Uri," by Andrija Puharich. 1974. Available in libraries.

      "The Mythic Imagination," by Stephen Larsen, Ph.D. Bantam New Age Books, New
      York. 1990. Paperback. ISBN 0-553-34877-9. Web search him via a search
      "Overture.com," to find his Center for Symbolic Living @ <www.mythmind.org>
      and his Stone Mountain Counseling Center @ <www.mythmind.com>. NOTE: That is
      Larsen, with an "e." Primary source for "Nine" cult programming as developed
      with funding from Laurance Rockefeller, et al., at a "wholesale ET
      transformation" level.

      "Cyberbiological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact
      Experience," Dennis Stillings, editor. Archaeus, vol. 5, 1989. Archaeus
      Project. The editor describes: "Is the UFO phenomenon 'real' or 'unreal,' or
      somewhere in between? Are aliens 'good' or 'evil'? When a subject breaks
      opposed points of view, it indicates that something archetypal has been
      touched upon. (DF note: Or is being STIMULATED!) Such a strong evocation
      "clouds men's minds," and should signal to the investigator that all may not
      be as it seems, and that none of it is as it is told." (Essayists included:
      Hilary Evans; Carl Raschke; Dennis Stillings; Martin S. Kottmeyer; Peter M.
      Rojcewica; Michael Grosso; Tony Nugent; Alvin H. Lawson; Michael A.
      Persinger.) Editorial Board: George P. Hansen; Jack Houck; Roger S.
      Jones,Ph.D.; Karen P. Olness, MD, FAAP; Otto H. Schmitt, Ph.D.; Berthold
      Schwarz, MD; Walter H. Uphoff, Ph.M; Reah H. White (producer of PsiLine
      database and founder of Parapsychology Sources of Information, PSI). See her
      in next ref.*

      "Proceedings: Symposium on Applications of Anomalous Phenomena," C. B. Scott
      Jones, editor. Papers from a symposium held Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 1983,
      VA. Published by Kaman Tempo (division of Kaman Sciences Corp, Alexandria,
      & Santa Barbara, CA). Presenters: Jones; Jahn, Dunne & Nelson of Princeton;
      H. E. Puthoff; Ed May; Robert L. Morris; Z. V. Harvalik; S. A. Schwartz;
      Willis Harmon; K. Osis; W. G. Roll & E. A. Montagno; E. F. Kelly; Russell
      Targ & Keith Harary.

      Maybe a "cure" for the mind-virus/soul parasites these guys have let loose?

      "UFOs and Mental Health," by Bob Teets. Headline Books, Inc., Terra Alta,
      1997. Includes original "Matrix of UFO Beliefs" prepared for Clinton UFO

      "CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind (a different kind of
      interference by Otherworldly beings)," by William Baldwin, Ph.D. 1999.
      for Human Relations, published by Headline Books, Inc. BOTH AVAILABLE. See
      first chapters and other information at:

      NINE CULT, etc.:

      See "The Stargate Conspiracy," US edition, for context of Nine ET cult
      penetration of New Science, meditation and a New Age reliance on
      material and the dissociation of mediums to bring in "higher vibratory"
      programming to Earth politics, including "est," UFO
      abductions/contact/"hybrid" psychological stimuli (5th Column), and related
      components of "Global Mind Scenario" developed at SRI International in the
      1970s and underpinning most contemporary "transformational UFOlogy" now.

      Examples, quoting from the US Edition of "The Stargate Conspiracy."

      pp. 231-237: selected excerpts (in the author's discussion of imprisoned UFO
      guru Ira Einhorn, convicted murderer and fugitive now in federal jail in
      Pennsylvania as he waits for another trial; this is partly why Nine cultists
      remain "hiding in plain sight.")

      "Significantly, just three weeks before his arrest, Ira Einhorn gave a
      lecture in Philadelphia in which, according to Steven Levy (author of "The
      Unicorn's Secret," a 1989 book about Ira and his alleged murder of former
      girlfriend, Holly Maddux):

      ' He said that for years he had been primarily interested in the relation of
      nonphysical entities to the physical world. This led him to revelations, he
      explained, that had startling consequences for our civilization.' (115)

      "Levy also said of Einhorn's strange quest:

      'As he delved deeper into the world of the paranormal, he became
      convinced that recent psychic revelations [presumably a reference to the
      Nine's communications] could have significant global impact. In some
      scenarios, these could have alarming consequences.' (116... references to
      Picknett/Prince notes.)

      "He (Levy) goes on to stress Einhorn's role in bringing about major changes
      through acceptance of the unexplained:

      'Through his relationship with Andrija Puharich and others, (i.e., Bearden,
      Sarfatti, et al.) in what he jokingly called a "psychic mafia," the Unicorn
      (Einhorn's name for himself, punning on his name) assumed a key role in the
      task of alerting our people about the implications of the revolution ... in
      Einhorn's universe, those factors included the undeniability of UFOs, the
      startling discoveries in quantum physics, and the inevitability of the new
      world order -- shaken loose by the Aquarian Transformation.' (117)

      (Picknett & Prince, again): "Such apocalyptic beliefs were shared by others
      on the Puharich-Einhorn scene. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden, Einhorn's
      close friend and former "war games" analyst at the Pentagon, appeared --
      along with Puharich -- at a conference organised by Einhorn on "Mind Over
      Matter" at Penn State University in 1977. (Bearden wrote the obituary for
      Puharich in the Newsletter of PACE, the Planetary Association for Clean
      Energy, in 1995.) Since retiring from the Army, Bearden has dedicated
      to researching alternative energy sources. He has written:

      (Bearden): 'I believe that the accelerated time schedule for the 'New World
      Order' -- now set for the year 2000 -- is as the result of the imminent
      advent of (1) superluminal [faster-than-light] communication ... and (2)
      overunity electrical energy systems. (118)

      (Picknett & Prince): "Bearden was on the board of the Astron Corporation, a
      communications research and development contracted to the Defense Department
      and NASA. (119) The vice president (and president at the time of Bearden's
      involvement) is Dr. Joseph Jahoda, who has been involved in the ARE/Schor
      Foundation excavations at Giza (Great Pyramid, Egypt) since 1978.

      (Farley note: This is a point-of-linkage with Dr. C. B. Scott Jones, et al.,
      via the ARE, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia
      Beach, VA. ARE was the organization established by psychic freemason Edgar
      Cayce, also known as "The Sleeping Prophet," who channelled primarily
      purported "Egyptian" knowledge from the 1920s until his death in 1945. The
      ARE has been "taken over" by 9-Cult.)

      (Stargate/Picknett & Prince, pp. 232-233): "Einhorn's strange career puts
      events surrounding the Nine in the 1970s into a much wider context,
      against the emergence of radical new developments in the fields of
      psychology, parapsychology and quantum physics. A new generation of
      scientists was beginning to explore subjects previously considered as
      smacking too much of the lunatic fringe even to be worthy of consideration.
      At the heart of this new wave was an impulse to understand more about the
      nature -- and limits -- of human consciousness and its relationship to the
      physical universe. This work encompassed research into such areas as the
      subconscious mind and altered states of consciousness, including the effects
      of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, exploring new discoveries in the weird
      realms of quantum physics, potential new sources of energy, and
      parapsychology. From this family of brave new ideas came such classic and
      influential studies as Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics," which explored
      the relationship between quantum physics and Eastern mysticism; David Bohm's
      "Wholeness and the Implicate Order;" Joseph Campbell's "The Masks of God,"
      the psychology of myth; Stanislav Grof's "Realms of the Human Unconscious,"
      on LSD research; and many others.

      (Stargate) "Muchyy of this ground-breaking work took place in California
      a loosely knit network of research institutes and foundations among which
      a great sharing of ideas and much overlapping membership. Among these
      establishments was, of course, SRI at Menlo Parkk, where Targ and Puthoff's
      pioneering work into remote viewing was conducted, at the same time that SRI
      (investigators) were also active at Giza.

      "The Esalen Institute, at Big Sur, which had another establishment in San
      Francisco, was a prime mover into this scene. Dubbed the California capital
      of the self-realization movement (120), it was founded in 1964 by Michael
      Murphy and Richard Price on land formerly inhabited by the Esselen Indians,
      with the aim of holding seminars on psychology, religion, parapsychology,
      quantum physics and related subjects. In the late 1960s and early 1970s it
      regularly sparked controversy, not always for the intended reasons. Naked
      students often claimed the lion's share of local headlines, rather than the
      pioneering seminars of the great thinkers of the day. Also a centre for
      research into psychedelic drugs, it became a focus for the counterculture of
      the day. More surprisingly, it has been enormously influential beyond its
      time and place.

      (Stargate, p.234): "Ira Einhorn led seminars at Esalen, and it was there
      the Nine, channelled by Jenny O'Connor, were listed as members of the staff.
      According to Einhorn, 'she took over running Esalen through the Nine,' (121)
      and such as the influence of the Nine that they ordered the sacking of its
      chief financial officer and reorganized the entire management structure.
      (122) IN the late 1970s the Esalen Soviet Exchange programme was developed,
      initially to share parapsychology research, in which the rising Soviet stars
      of academia and politics were invited to the United States. this was to have
      enormous, far-reaching influence on world politics, as many of the Soviets
      who went to Esalen in the 1980s were to become instrumental in the shakeups
      that would end the Cold War and bring about the fall of communism. It is
      reasonable to assume that an organisation whose members made regular trips
      Moscow in the days of the Cold War must (italics in the text) have been made
      use of by US intelligence, or at least have been monitored. Almost
      incredibly, several Soviet officials who would later rise to high office in
      the Gorbachev regime attended Jenny O'Connor's Nine seminars, together with
      psi enthusiasts Congressman Charlie Rose and Ira Einhorn.

      (Stargate, p. 234): "The Esalen Institute now runs the Gorbachev
      Foundation/USA, created by the former Soviet President in 1992 to facilitate
      a smooth transition from the Cold War days to a better future for all the
      world. One of its objectives is to work with the development of emerging
      political and religious paradigms. The Institute sponsored and funded (DF's
      note: Rockefeller money and other similar grants) by Boris Yeltsin before he
      became Russian President, and members of the Esalen Soviet Exchange
      were the go-betweens for Richard Hoagland and Soviet Mars researchers in the

      "The story moves in one quantum leap from a tale of dubious channelling and
      its disciples to another level. The Nine, through their channellers and
      hangers-on, have a more or less direct line to some of the world's most
      important men, whose decisions affect millions of lives. This is an
      astonishing scenario.

      "Another 'sister' school in this movement was, if anything, more
      controversial than the Esalen Institute. This was est (Erhard Sensitivity
      Training), the organization founded in 1971 by Werner Erhard, a former
      Scientologist -- and used car salesman -- who decided to exploit and adopt
      some of Scientology's concepts and techniques for his own self-improvement
      system. The now notorious est held seminars that attracted such celebrities
      as Buzz Aldrin (former astronaut), Yoko Ono, John Denver and the future UFO
      abduction researcher, John Mack (DF note: Mack as also on the board of
      but it wasn't long before est became a dirty word. Attendees were disturbed
      by the fascistic regime and zombielike demeanour of members, as well as
      Erhard's own dictatorial control of the organisation. Media disapproval was
      intense, and soon est was relegated to the scrapheap of dangerous cults.
      Erhard himself fled from the United States after press revelations about his
      private life and financial affairs. He is now believed to be living
      in Russia. (DF note: Erhard's wife and daughter accused him of physical
      abuse, etc., according to published reports.)

      (Stargate, p. 235): "Tellingly, Erhard's real name was John Rosenberg, but
      it is said that he changed his name 'to replace Jewish weakness with German
      strength.' (123) (His father was Jewish, but had converted to Episcopal
      Christianity.) Erhard had close links with the Esalen Institute and gave
      funds to SRI's remote viewing project. (124) More disturbingly, Jenny
      O'Connor (the Nine channeller at Esalen) had been introduced to est in 1977,
      by Sir John Whitmore, before she moved on to Esalen. (DF note: Sir John
      Whitmore, of the UK, was a primary "impresario" for the Nine, and more is
      chronicled about this in the Nine's own manifesto: "The Only Planet of
      Choice," (first edition) edited by Palden Jenkins, as channelled by Phyllis
      Schlemmer, an Israeli mystic who has residences in Israel and Florida, with
      links in Atlanta and Washington, of course. ;-)

      "A further integral part of this movement was the Institute of Noetic
      Sciences at Palo Alto, which was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar
      Mitchell in March 1973, and is 'dedicated to research and education in the
      processes of human consciousness to help achieve a new understanding and
      expanded awareness among all people.(125) ('Noetics' comes from the Greek
      'mind'.) They were heavily involved in the psi testing of the 1970s, partly
      funding the (Uri) Geller experiments at SRI and, until the CIA came clean
      about their involvement in t he remote-viewing experiment in the mid-1990s,
      it was the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) that claimed to have funded
      the initial programme. (126) At the very least, this shows that the
      allowed itself to be used as a cover for the CIA, and perhaps even as a
      conduit for the funding of the agency's more controversial experiments. (DF
      note: the Board of IONS is revealing.)

      (Stargate, p. 236): "Arthur M. Young's highly influential Institute for the
      Study of Consciousness at Berkeley, founded in 1972, also provided a forum
      for some of the most daring thinkers of the day. It was here that Richard
      Hoagland had his meeting with Paul Shay of SRI, and also where he gave his
      first lecture about Cydonia (the "Face on Mars," and proto-civilization
      allegedly on Mars), in 1984. Later he was to acknowledge Arthur Young's
      personal influence. (127) (Young, present at the Nine's debut at the Round
      Table Foundation in 1953, was in fact more heavily involved in the running
      the Foundation than he wanted to be known, as Puharich's 'second-in-command'
      there. (128) Young also kept secret his presence at the meeting of Puharich,
      Hurkos (Peter Hurkos, a psychic of some notoriety at the time) and the
      Laughheads in Mexico in 1956, although shortly before his death in 1995, he
      admitted to researcher Terry Milner that he had been present. (129)

      "Institutes and foundations only succeeded because of the individuals who
      breathed life into them. One of the key figures on this scene was
      physicist Jack Sarfatti, the first director of the Physics/Consciousness
      Research Group at the Esalen Institute, which was funded by Werner Erhard
      money covertly channelled through from the Pentagon. (130) His seminars were
      attended by Stanislav Grof, Russell Targ, Timothy Leary, physicist Saul-Paul
      Sirag (who became director after Sarfatti), Robert Anton Wilson, Fritjof
      Capra and Ira Einhorn, who was Sarfatti's literary agent.

      "The work carried out by this interlinked network of organisations was
      imaginative and innovative, presenting a serious challenge to the previous
      arrogant certainties of the scientific world. It was undertaken in genuine
      pioneering spirit, largely born of the idealism of the youth culture of the
      1960s and a desire to change the world for the better. However, a dark
      was cast over this early idyllic promise by the involvement of the Pentagon,
      CIA and other security and intelligence agencies, who soon realised that the
      breakthroughs of these idealists had great potential for their own spheres,
      such as remote viewing. And they did not fail to note that research into
      altered states of consciousness, including the use of LSD and other drugs,
      also had darker applications in the various techniques of mind control. So
      often this research was encouraged and funded -- although often covertly,
      through other channels -- by organisations such as the CIA and the Pentagon.
      One of the pioneers of LSD and consciousness research, John C. Lilly, worked
      at the Esalen Institute for several years, as well as for the CIA (DF note:
      and for the Navy, and the National Institute of Mental Health, for whom
      Lilly's dolphin work with LSD was conducted in the 1950s.), but only on the
      condition that his research remained unclassified. This made things
      for him professionally, because nearly all other researchers in the field
      were also working on classified projects, so he was unable to share data
      them or vice-versa. (131)

      (Stargate, p. 237): "Another case of behind-the-scenes agendas in this
      involved Dr. Brendan O'Regan, research director of Edgar Mitchell's
      of Noetic Sciences and a consultant for SRI, as well as research director
      the scientist-philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller. O'Regan arranged the
      experiments into the strange talents of Uri Geller at Birkbeck College,
      London, in 1975 and was also closely involved with the Puharich - Whitmore
      circle, surrounding the Nine. And, since O'Regan's death in 1992, Jack
      Sarfatti has claimed that he was also working with the CIA at this time,

      (Citing a Sarfatti posting on his web site, 1996): "I was then [1973] simply
      a young inexperienced 'naive idiot' in a very very sophisticated and
      successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brendan
      O'Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the late Harold Chipman who
      was the CIA station chief responsible for all mind-control research in the
      Bay Area in the 1970s. (132)

      (Stargate, p. 237): "As with the Nine's communication -- which were
      intimately connected with the extraordinary cutting-edge research taking
      place primarily in California -- the shadow of the intelligence agencies
      looms large."

      The issue:
      And "Stargate's" authors pose a question, on page 239: "Was it Puharich's
      idea to try and contact the space gods, or did it come from his superiors in
      the intelligence community? Senior CIA (and other) operatives may wall have
      taken the possibility of extraterrestrial contact seriously enough to
      ways of opening a stargate. Certainly, intelligence agencies around the
      were aware of the potential of psychic abilities and were in possession of
      abundant data that suggested strongly that shamanic-style skills
      invite contactee-type experiences."

      (End quote, "The Stargate Conspiracy.")

      CloudRider (Dick Farley) closing comment: By its nature and by design of
      those on Earth who have been and still are involved in these murky areas of
      "almost science," the applications of "Anomalous Phenomena" for political,
      psychosexual and biowar non-lethal spacewarfare paranoia seeding
      counterintelligence for global fascism, a battle for the minds (some say the
      "souls") of humanity and our future on our home planet (if it really IS our
      home planet ;-) is underway. Billy Graham, a friend of Mr. Rockefeller's,
      has funded much of what is described in the foregoing narrative, is "in the
      loop." Likewise some former presidents, world leaders and "who knows who"
      now. What is going on is a battle for "control of the bridge of Spaceship
      Earth." At the level where this stuff may be or may not be "real," as we
      objectively may define reality, it's all just an academic exercise. But
      beliefs kill, as events of September 11 have shown us. Reliance on yet
      another set of "revealed truths" from "hidden sky gods" is unlikely to
      advance humanity's collective intelligence sufficiently or in time for us to
      avoid, or resist, the planned depopulation and global takeover the oligarchs
      who have funded this clearly have planned for "the rest of us." Mr.
      Rockefeller is said to believe, because one of the channellers of the Nine
      told him so, that he has been born again on Earth, (reincarnated), into his
      position of wealth and global influence, because he was once a Pharaoh, and
      before that a ruler of Atlantis. The "search" underway for artifacts of
      ancient Egypt, which these people believe is descended from the Lost
      Continent of Atlantis, which reputedly had contacts with ETs and in some
      fashion may have been caught up in a "War in the Heavens," as Billy Graham
      and others have called it (in print, variously), is the oligarchs quest for

      They believe they were sent "back down here" to help Earth correct and avoid
      the mistakes of the long distant past, revealed to us now only in the fogs
      myth and legends. Shamanically, using hallucinogens secreted from Nazi
      Germany before the end of the Second World War, these men (mostly men, at
      beginning) believed that Hitler was on the right path, but his own
      megalomania corrupted and sunk him in his efforts to impose a Teutonic
      resurgence to world rule. This is what THEY believe!

      To them, having stumbled into their "nest" and subsequently researched their
      own listerature, doctrine and in literally thousands of hours of research
      conversation with them, I have said. "Your plan will not work. You will have
      to 'show your talons' in order to impose your rule over humanity, because of
      core traits in human character. We love freedom; without it we die. But not
      all of us. You will never conquer us all."

      And to them, and to you, I add this: "The degree of tyranny necessary to
      govern Earth in the future is inversely proportional to how effective we
      "They) can be as teachers."

      By their fruits, shall ye know them.

      Let's be careful "Out There."

      Dick Farley <cloudrider@...>
      Washington, DC USA

      - - - - +
      Permission granted to repost or republish, unedited and without embedded
      commentaries, so long as it is not included in a product sold for a profit
      to benefit a nonprofit organization, without explicit advance permission and
      review by the author. Quotations from "The Stargate Conspiracy" by
      of its authors, for the purpose of raising awareness of their book and
      stimulating additional inquiry.
      - - - - +

      Groundhog Day

      Keep doing it until you get it right!

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