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619RE: State law supersedes Fed's, legal analysis: YES on CA Prop.19 supports Prop 215 & SB420 medical use and expands legalization

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Oct 27, 2010
      Re: State law supersedes Fed's, legal analysis: YES on CA Prop.19 supports Prop 215 & SB420 medical use and expands legalization

      Of course  I meant to say, vote Yes on Prop. 19, as we already have Prop. 215.

      Please see www.taxandregulate.org for more analysis of Prop. 19 and the campaign’s web site (www.yeson19.com) for more information and to see all the great endorsements this initiative has generated.

      A lawyer explains how passing CA Prop 19 will supersede federal prohibition and expand protections for medical cannabis use:
      Every government challenge under the theory of federal preemption has failed in the courts”



      Dear Friends,
      I am ashamed to say that I ignored the intricacies of Prop19 until very late in this Election 2010 game, emotionally caught up in the death of our good friend and hemp legalization hero Jack Herer whose speech against Prop19 was followed by the stroke/heart attack from which he died on April 15, 2010, even though I totally agreed with Jack’s first editor Chris Conrad’s message at Jack’s funeral that after it made the ballot in California Jack would certainly have supported Prop19 as the next important step to end the fraud of the hemp/cannabis/marijuana prohibition foisted on the US Congress by the global industrial elite following their takeover of the US money system with their illegitimate private Federal Reserve system and income tax ongoing fraud from the early 20th Century.

      Since I met Jack and Chris together at a radio station in 1991, I have followed this struggle as somewhat of an insider who at Jack’s request camped out for the month of February 1996 in front of the West Los Angeles Federal Building to maintain his 24/7 voter registration and kickoff to the Prop215 ballot access petition signature drive.
      Behind the scenes Chris Conrad has been the leader of the legalization movement largely responsible for the success nationally to date by the strategy of separating the industrial hemp and medical cannabis issues until the time becomes ripe for wider legalization efforts when public awareness permits.
      Folks, the time is ripe now, please VOTE YES! on CA Prop 19 (prop215 already passed in 1996) and quickly now urge all of your friends to grasp the truth of the situation, this historic opportunity to strike a mortal blow at the elite bankster industrialists who are enslaving the world for their profit at great cost in wars over oil that hemp biofuels can replace.


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