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586Socialism or Fascism? Doh!

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Oct 19 3:30 PM
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      Is the US now the most fascist government in history?


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      Subject: [K4P] Socialism or Fascism? Doh!


      Repeat.  "We call it socialism, but it is actually fascism."  - Ron Paul


      Get it straight, people.  Socialism is nationalizing an industry to finance services to all citizens, such as transportation infrastructure, telecommunications, education, healthcare and police and fire departments.  Socialism - government defends people from corporations. 


      Not bad. 




      Fascism is corporate control of government, corporate control of voting systems, corporate control of the printing of money, corporate control of public money.  War profiteering.  Fascism is Blackwater private army policing your country.  Fascism is a private spy telecom, an insurance industry that doesn't insure.  An education system churns out idiots who do not question government.  The infant mortality rate is greater in the United States than it is in Cuba , a country suffering 40 years of embargo.  Fascism is 911.  Fascism - government defends corporations from people.




      It's a tactic of fascists to confuse socialism and fascism.  The NAZI party called themselves national socialist, but the first people they went after were trade unionists, ie. socialists. 




      Thank you for setting the record straight, Dr. Paul.  And thank you for listening to him and broadcasting him, Alex Jones.