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403Re: Alden Bryant, Grandfather of UN Climate Stabilization Movement

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Apr 3, 2006
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      Cc: via fax to Pres. Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card, Yoko, and NPRadio

      To: Alden Bryant, Grandfather of UN Climate Stabilization Movement
      President, Earth Regeneration Society (project with Dr. Fred B Wood)
      Secretary, New Energy Movement Organization

      Dearest Alden,

      I got your phone message last night so thanks very much
      for the courtesy call advice and am glad to know you are
      feeling better after getting home now recovering
      from hospitalization for pneumonia, coincidentally
      apparently during same time frame as Dr. Wood's
      passing from this word on 29Mar05 coincident with
      total solar eclipse that day. Because of his advanced
      age and the nature of his health condition, even though
      his caregiver Loraine Ferrante said his passing took her
      by surprise because he was in good health and good
      spirits, looking forward I am sure to the next (4th)
      Global Crisis Solutions Conference I have been planning
      for months now announced for him to convene over
      Memorial Day Weekend in Flagstaff Arizona, so far I have
      no information to lead me to believe that his death was
      anything other than "natural causes". Were I a "conspiracy
      theory buff" like Mike Ruppert who was on the program
      with Dr. Wood at our Second Global Crisis Solutions
      Conference, I would probably be phoning Loraine and
      asking knowledgeable questions about Dr. Wood's activities
      in the weeks before he died to see where and how he could
      have been assassinated by what means. Most folks, for example,
      consider the death of John Lennon to be at the hands of a
      "deranged fan" but evidence per case of death of Holly Maddux
      a couple years before and timing of Ira Einhorn's flight underground
      from the death penalty over such information as mind control,
      and subsequent information all over the internet these days,
      leads to the conclusion that Lennon's death on the traditional Dec8
      annual day of observance in Japan of Buddha's Enlightenment
      Day was purposeful and directed against Yoko as much as Holly's
      apparent murder at the hands of others was directed at Ira.
      Also most folks swallow the idea that Bob Marley died as a result
      of a fast-acting cancer somehow contracted having to do with
      a foot infection from an injury associated with a soccer game.
      But the recent spate of murders/assassinations of microbiologists
      in recent years adds weight to the evidence that Marley was
      assassinated by a chemically induced bioengineered carcinogen
      introduced covertly into his drink by a man posing as a Rolling
      Stones Magazine reporter.

      In any case, Dr. Wood is gone and we are still here able to carry
      on as best we can to fulfill his legacy applying the systems sciences
      to accomplishing the goal of global peace and prosperity for all.

      I enclose here once again my last email exchange with Dr. Wood
      14days before his passing. This is noteworthy because of how rare it
      was for him to send me any emails at all. I think this is only the
      first or second one since Dean House got him to move to Flagstaff
      some years ago and then abandoned him there to Loraine a year
      or so ago over being the second man in the love triangle between
      Loraine and her other man she keeps strung out emotionally too
      over her affections etc. This was the unfortunate atmosphere
      that it appears Dr. Wood finally just tired of and gave up and
      went on to the spirit world he knew so well from his understanding
      of the "higher roots of Maxwell's original quaternion form equations
      of electromagnetism" upon which Nikola Tesla based his work and
      upon which modern advanced psychotronic weaponry is based such
      as mind control, weather as a weapon, eg, Hurricane Isabel, and
      such "Tesla Death Ray" applications of HAARP technologies as
      eg Dr. Wood explained the Tunguska event in Siberia in early
      1900's was Tesla's test of this weapon he feared was now in the
      hands of governments or entities hostile to the US as a result
      of Soviet scientists selling out to the highest bidder after the
      breakup of the Soviet Union and going to work for labs in deep
      China with resulting weapons systems contracted out to other
      entities hostile to the US imperialistic policies globally as well.

      In any case, now Dr. Wood does not have to live his life in
      fear any longer of his assassination which is what in part
      prompted his move to Flagstaff after Dean got him involved
      in weirdnesses in San Jose with shady characters and without
      consulting with me, as usual for pathologically deceptive Dean
      House keeping me "out of the loop" due his monumental ego
      and fear of criticism per his graphoanalysis which is responsible
      for this "pathological deception" personality trait also evident
      in the handwriting of Brian O'Leary in his writing on one of
      his books he gave me with an note and signature inside.

      I have only been compelled since last year to take more
      serious this graphoanalysis tool I learned in 1972 because
      of weirdnesses I can now finally account for during Dean's
      stay up here with my neighbors the Miehi Family.

      Hope you are feeling well soon as we need to work
      very closely together now for climate remediation
      and getting the New Energy Movement on track
      for optimum success asap in light of upcoming
      events to bring out all that information starting
      in Philadelphia next Saturday April 8 Buddha's Birthday
      per schedule calendar for Movement-2006 at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006 overview/updates
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Schedule2006/cal details by date

      Your good friend,

      4/3/2006 4:43 AM
      New Energy Technologies to Replace Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power

      Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy Group


      06Feb06 - Free Leonard Peltier
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      Collaboration Group with public archives of discussions about ideas to
      resolve threats to US National Security from within and without with
      particular attention to issues relating to hostilities potentials from
      apparently irreconcilable differences in religious and scientific doctrines.

      The main focus of this particular US National Security Intelligence
      Collaboration list is to affect Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier who
      is seen as America's Nelson Mandela by all those factions in the world who
      are against the US because of its foreign and domestic policies which they
      perceive as unjust.

      The potential for success of this list collaboration is inspired by the
      recent years' activities of the Internet Science Education Project email
      list collaborations including members of the US scientific intelligence
      community to the highest levels. http://www.stardrive.org

      Following the precedential example and history of the case of Nelson Mandela
      in South Africa, after the African National Congress put forth the policy of
      "Truth, Amnesty, and Reconciliation" only then was there able to be a
      nonviolent resolution to the Apartheid policies and a cooperative
      restructuring of the South African government finally enfranchising the bulk
      of the country's populace.

      This group will also be discussing and archiving documentation on the issue
      of how to develop and apply an American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Program
      ATARP to effect similarly in the United States the nonviolent resolution of
      the American Apartheid symbolized by the long imprisonment of American
      Indian Movement Spiritual Leader Leonard Peltier concurrent with a
      cooperative restructuring of the United States Government to include a White
      House Cabinet Level US Department of Peace to make peace an organizing
      principle in governments and integrate principles of nonviolence in


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      01Feb06 - Free America's Nelson Mandela Fax to White House Chief of
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      Prayer Circle for Leonard Peltier Mon06Feb06 Noon-1PM Oakland Federa
      "Something is going to happen on this day" ~ Tehran Iran Christmas Day
      newspaper editorial about Feb.6 discussing Leonard Peltier's 30 year
      anniversary and
      Posted - Fri Feb 3, 2006 1:51 am

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      From: Fred B. Wood
      Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 12:57 AM
      To: David Crockett Williams
      Subject: Re: 15Mar06 Conveners of The Sacred Circle Global Peace Sunday
      A "Rainbow Way" Mentality

      Hi David: 1, Thank you for mentioning on page 2, par, 2 that "they
      (Moslems) see the whole Western financial and economic system as "usury".
      I think that we should have discussions with Moslem leaders about "Usury" to

      see if we are missing something important about their prohibition of
      "compound interest".

      It is my understanding that shortly after Mohamed announced his
      "Prophetship", while he could neither read nor write, the Roman Catholic
      Vatican encouraged a leading Woman Catholic Philosopher to visit the Prophet

      Mohamed and teach him to read and write, so his teachings would be available

      in print.

      After his teachings were printed in Arabic, Italian, German, French, and
      English the anti usury rule was adopted by the leading Protestant Christian
      Denominations and continued until the year 1,000 AD., when the anti-usury
      (anti compound interest) rule was abandoned by the protestants.
      We need to look into the reasons for this.

      It is my understanding that The Roman Catholic supported the
      anti-usury rule until 1,500 AD.

      According to Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac 2004 (Mid 2003), largest
      religious groups on Planet Earth's 6,297,732,000 population are: (p. 683)
      Affiliated Christians 32.9 % - 3.7 % = 29.2 %
      Multiple Affiliated Christians - 3.7 %
      MUSLIMS 19.9 %
      Hindus 13.3 %
      Non Religious 12.5 %
      Chinese Universists 6.3 %
      Buddhists 5.9 %
      Ethnoreligionists 3.8 %
      Atheists 2.4 %
      Unaffiliated Christians 1.7 %

      Since the Muslims with 19.9 % of the worlds population are the second
      largest religious group, they should be consulted on their concept of
      allowable interest rates to see if we have overlooked important factors.

      If you want to share this information with others, I suggest that you first
      run Google searches to check the validity of my data.

      Fred Bernard Wood, Ph.D.(elec. engin., UC Berkeley, 1953)

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "David Crockett Williams"
      To: "Fred B. Wood"
      Cc: "Wood, Fred (NIH/NLM)"; "Fred Burks"
      Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:09 PM
      Subject: 15Mar06 Conveners of The Sacred Circle Global Peace Sunday
      A "Rainbow Way" Mentality

      Conveners of The Sacred Circle

      The concept for Global Peace Sunday to gather a million
      people in Sacred Circle Ceremony on September 17, 2006,
      is the conception of Personal Sovereignty and its authority
      pursuant to Cosmic Divine Law. This is the same concept of the
      responsibility for Rainbow Family Gatherings each year in the USA
      with the main Sacred Circle Ceremony conducted July 4th, this
      year in Colorado. These gatherings in principle are a personal
      sovereignty expression because nobody asks anyone's permission
      to gather. The principle is that each person is responsible
      for oneself and to oneself for proper behavior, and not as
      group claiming responsibility for its members' behaviors, or as
      a group whose decisions empower the individual. Rather, it is
      the individuals gathering in this spirit of personal sovereignty
      which empowers the spirit of communion in the group so
      the results of its councils are wise and eagerly embraced
      by those present and those who later hear of its results.
      This of course is a practice these gatherings have been
      refining for over the last three decades and of course it
      is not yet "perfect," but this is the conception of personal
      sovereignty on which the US was founded, "we hold the
      truth to be self evident".

      In this spirit we look forward to rallying a million personal
      sovereigns in sacred circle in Central Park in New York City
      for Global Peace Sunday 17Sep06.

      3/14/2006 6:44 PM
      rev/typos corrected - 3/15/2006 1:55 PM

      A "Rainbow Way" mentality

      3/15/2006 2:51 PM - Dear Martin,

      [and others interested in IQ and intelligence]

      I didn't mean to imply you are money motivated. You miss my point.
      You think you are too smart because somehow you have the idea
      that you have an IQ of 211 and this automatically means that
      everyone you come across is not as smart as you and so that
      means to you that whatever idea you get automatically
      folks should understand that it is better than any
      other out there. This is ego and arrogance, my
      good new friend, any way you cut it. Especially,
      if it is true! What I am talking about is the
      whole nation-state system that exists is only
      because nations create money, make up the
      rules of its use, and enforce those rules
      as "law" by violence and threat of violence
      and imprisonment. This whole system globally
      is what is now coming down. This is the fundamental
      behind the Rainbow Way: Everything Free, Everyone Welcome
      and All Donations Accepted, ie, this is called the "teaching
      of offering" that has a sacred name in all cultures and religions.
      For example, in Buddhism that is called Dana, the teaching of Offering.

      You are still part of the problem, not yet a part of the solution
      until you recognize this fundamental principle. This is why the
      so-called Moslem terrorists are "up in arms" (and armed with bombs)
      because this is a fundamental of Islam too, the reason they see
      the whole western financial and economic system as "usury".

      What is the solution is so so simple that folks miss it
      easily completely due lifetime brainwashing from TV and
      consumerist society where folks have to compromise the
      truth to make a living because they have to use money
      to live. Already existing is a "natural cosmic law"
      of "inviolable sovereignty," in that regard akin in
      principle to the "law of gravity". No matter how
      many majority decisions are made to create legal
      rules enforceable by/as "the law of the land"
      and no matter how many jails or how many cops
      or how big of a military, no government can
      successfully administer any of its rules and
      regulations called "law" if it contradicts
      the law of gravity. Same thing with this
      inviolably sovereign natural Cosmic Law
      depicted in religion by such conceptions
      and scriptures with titles like Torah,
      Dharma/Karma, the Golden Rule, The Will of God,
      The Law of Love, etc, and by science per Einstein
      as Unified Field Theory, a simple set of equations
      that describe all of physical reality, all events in
      nature, no matter where or when, with 100% certainty.

      The reason science has not already accepted a workable
      set of these unified field theory equations is because
      Einstein's contemporary Wehrner Heisenberg during his
      tenure as head Nazi physicist under Adolf Hitler, who
      unlike Einstein did not know or think any better and
      stayed in Germany to work for the Mad Fuhrer in the
      1930's, came up with this idea called Heisenberg's
      Uncertainty Principle. On the surface it is not
      such a bad concept at its root, but it is very
      very dangerous because in essence it has been
      "extrapolated" to mean "we can never know the
      truth of any particular matter with 100% certainty,
      rather we can only deduce higher and higher probabilities
      that any given prediction of our thinking will be true in
      any given situation involving the physical dynamics of the
      natural world." This is fundamentally saying that the truth
      itself is not only not objective, but the truth itself is
      only "probable" in nature ("Probabilistic") "Pro-Babel"
      as in the tower of Babel, Bab El as opposed to Beth El.

      Thus by believing in this Uncertainty Principle, science
      has denied Einstein his finest legacy offering, ie, the
      determined religious belief in the absolute nature of
      truth itself. By believing Heisenberg's Uncertainty
      Fallacy, folks are not even looking at the physical
      world for how this absolutely inviolably sovereign
      natural law order is working. It's like saying,
      well, if you throw a rock straight up into the air
      it "probably" will fall down again but, not to
      worry, it is uncertain if it will hit you on the
      head on the way down.

      Now so many rocks are falling on folks' heads that
      you would think it would not take someone with
      an IQ of 211 to understand what I am talking about.
      And it turns out it does not. The more "intelligent"
      folks are, the more they ignore that human beings
      have an innate knowledge of this already, but governments
      create systems to manipulate by money system and violence
      that makes fear in society disconnect folks from this
      natural human awareness and understanding of this
      True One Law. This simple message understood is all
      it takes to get rid of all governments, money, war,
      and violence, but it only starts with people understanding
      the above and how important it is in their daily lives to
      change from a buying and selling and bartering mentality
      to a "Rainbow Way" mentality as above, The Teaching of Offering.

      I am the author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, four
      equations completed 1974-77. My nemesis regarding their
      understanding and acceptance is Dr. Jack Sarfatti PhD.
      He is prejudiced because he sees me as a hippie pothead
      and because he has a PhD in physics and I "only" have a
      Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. But I was the
      top chemistry student my university had ever had in its
      history. In my senior year I took as an elective the class
      that everyone dreaded and why many did not go on for
      a higher degree in chemistry, the class called "advanced
      P-Chem" or "Physical Chemistry". This was like a fraternity
      initiation. The class was taught by my Quantitative Analysis
      teacher from a few years before, Dr. Nazarian, a real nice
      guy, but a prick of a grader. He had taught that Quant
      Class since the beginning of my school, now called California
      State University at Northridge and then called San Fernando
      Valley State College. Mine was the first A grade he gave in
      the history of the school. In my first physics class and in
      my organic chemistry class I consistently got 100% correct
      on our exams, with next highest scores usually coming in
      in the 70-80% range. So since they graded "on the curve"
      I got the A and most everyone else got C in these classes
      because I "raised the average" otherwise the next guy
      below would have gotten the A. So I went through
      college shunned by my peers in chemistry as the DAR,
      Damned Average Raiser. I doubt that Sarfatti has
      this kind of academic record, but not if such is in only
      the physics department because physicists are weird
      because they accept this bullshit premise about the
      "probabilistic nature of truth" which I found behind
      the curtain of the OZ wizards of physics.

      During my four years as an undergraduate chemistry
      major I worked 20 hours per week in the chemistry
      stockroom as the stockroom assistant, washing
      glassware from the various classes and restocking
      the shelves, dispensing from the window to the
      students and teachers the equipment and
      reagents they needed for the classes, etc.

      I got to be friends with the chemistry professors
      as it was a cordial and collegial brown-bag lunch
      in the stockroom daily affair, with most of them
      relating to me as peers even by the time I was
      a sophomore because of my academic record.
      I worked for a while in addition to my stockroom
      job as a research assistant for two of them, Drs.
      Savedoff, and Nyquist who was my advisor. The
      Dean who was my organic chemistry teacher gave
      me a letter of recommendation as "one of the
      better chemistry students to ever attend SFVSC"
      when I applied for the PhD program in Chemical
      Physics at UC Santa Barbara in 1974 a few months
      before I met Jonathan Daemion who introduced
      me to "The Rainbow Way". I did not do the PhD
      thing because I was naïve and thought all I had
      to do was to write up what I wanted to do my
      thesis about. At that point in August 1974 already
      I knew and in my application submitted the first
      three equations. Thinking something was still missing
      that I could figure out with that extra education I put
      the equations in my application with $50 filing fee
      turned it in and thought I would get notified in the mail to
      come and start this unique to the UC system interdisciplinary
      program for a PhD in Chemical Physics between the Chemistry
      and Physics Departments. That was naïve. After I submitted
      my application I went to the chemistry department at UCSB
      where a few of my friends from ahead of me at my school's
      undergraduate program had gone to get their PhD in chemistry.

      They told me how naïve I was. They said in reality the way it
      works with all the huge egos involved in science past the
      undergraduate level is that I needed first to go around to
      the various professors in the departments and "brown-nose"
      around until I could find one to sponsor me for my PhD
      application. Then if accepted I would study what they
      told me for two years and then they would decide what
      my PhD thesis should be about. So when my application
      was denied by mail within few weeks, I was actually glad.

      Then I went onto the "intuitive pathway" of research to
      find what was missing and on April 28, 1977, I got the
      revelation for the Fourth Tetron Equation. Since then
      I have been trying to apply this knowledge but the
      whole of the scientific community has gone Nazi
      by believing in Heisenberg, with Dr. Jack Sarfatti
      as the Darth Vader Dr. Strangelove Wehrner Heisenberg
      to our now USA King George II Mad Fuhrer.

      Yesterday by email I baited Sarfatti once again to
      show his colors including you on that list of top
      military scientific intelligence community folks
      all the way to the head of the Science and Technology
      Directorate of the Central Intelligence Agency, Dr.
      Ron Pandolfi and his predecessor at that CIA weird
      desk responsible for all national security implications
      of science and belief systems on government policy,
      Dr. Kit Green. Many on these open lists Jack has put
      together and "stimulated" in is unique style are "ex-"
      "spooks" involved in UFO and advanced weaponry
      applications of science including such weirdness
      as mind control, advanced electromagnetic weaponry,
      paranormal stuff like Uri Geller bending spoons with
      his mind, the LSD experiments covertly done by CIA
      in the 60's that derailed the whole "psychedelic revolution"
      through fear and manipulation, remote viewing etc. Jack has
      flushed them out into the public to some level on his
      lists where you can see in yesterday's send some names
      of these characters now wondering how to fix the mess
      they have created. But Dr. Strangelove will not listen
      to the likes of the Reverend Dan Smith who has the
      ear of Dr. Pandolfi for solutions. Solutions I have
      struggled to offer for several years on that list to
      no avail because Jack has them all convinced I do
      not know what I am talking about because he thinks
      I am a pothead and that means I do not have a brain.

      There is a famous case that illustrates my point.
      The so-called Unicorn Killer case of Ira Einhorn
      who was Jack's friend and first book agent in the
      60-70's era. Ira was known as the Hippie Guru
      of Philadelphia. He was abrasive and egotistical
      apparently, but real smart and got high level support
      from many factions including government and industry
      as well as various elements of "the movement". He
      wrote an article after his long work with these CIA
      spook types investigating all this stuff back then
      including Uri Geller, after the 1969 book came out
      from Russia called Psychic Discoveries Behind the
      Iron Curtain, by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander.
      This had photos of Russian babushka grandmothers
      moving objects across the table by telekinesis and
      other paranormal weird stuff that freaked the living
      daylights out of the CIA weird desk as to what this
      might mean between Soviet and US military Cold War
      standoff then. So they launched their tests on Uri
      and some were published watered down in science
      journals starting in 1974 October 17 Nature Magazine
      right about the time that my PhD application was
      denied "without prejudice".

      Then I went back to talk to Dr. Kleindinst, the dean
      mentioned above at my school to tell him about my
      thesis idea, but it was too weird for him because it
      involves how the human mind is connected to an
      overlooked property of light, the C in E=mC^2. At
      that time he said everyone in the science departments
      were talking about that article in Nature, a hard science
      journal, first publishing an article ever on psychic stuff.
      He said everyone thought "Nature had gone to the dogs".

      Anyway Ira had an article published in a popular magazine
      about some of what he learned and it freaked people out.
      As a result of his comments on mind control and other
      weirdness, he started getting what he described to
      me by email, as "poorly translated from Russian to
      English" anonymously postal mailed intelligence
      reports from concerned Soviet scientists about
      all this stuff going on. He did not ask for these
      papers, but he could not ignore them and they
      piled up and piled up and he got more and
      more nervous about what to do, and whom to
      tell what to, etc., until after he got back from
      an historic trip to Communist Yugoslavia with
      the escort there of the translator of its leader,
      Marshal Tito. Ira was given access to the files
      there of Nikola Tesla and secured an agreement
      with Tito to open to the West and cooperate
      with US industry to develop Tesla's energy
      system for fuel-less wireless electric system he
      proved in 1895 but was scuttled by J.P. Morgan,
      et. al., in favor of our present energy monopoly system
      of the profitable petroleum age, the same monopoly
      groups that scuttled the hemp economy and fraudulently
      outlawed hemp as marijuana. But Tesla's knowledge
      had a dangerous side because the same knowledge
      could be used to make horrific weapons such as
      the test of one he did in first few years of 1900's
      that according to my source cause the Tunguska
      Event in Siberia where hundreds of square miles
      of huge tree forests were flattened by "a light
      from the sky". So suddenly, not so long after
      Ira gets back from Yugoslavia with this news,
      they discover inside this big steamer trunk
      that he had hidden these Russian science
      reports in, locked in his front porch closet
      storage area, the mummified body of his
      long disappeared girlfriend Holly Maddux for
      whose murder naturally he was charged and
      put in jail. The opposition rejoiced that the
      obnoxious abrasive "dirty hippie Jew guru
      of Philadelphia" was, as they thought all along,
      like all hippies, this kind of brutal Manson Monster in
      disguise. His first attorney got him out on $4,000
      bail on that murder charge because so many
      prominent people stood up for his honesty and
      integrity and could not believe this loud-mouthed,
      boisterous, wild, free-love kind of champion of
      sex, drugs and rock and roll, (and the truth) could
      ever do such a thing. Had he gone to trial right
      then, he would have been acquitted, no doubt.
      But his attorney, now Senator Arlen Specter, got
      him another attorney who was apparently a shill.
      This guy advised him that he was doomed because
      he was a Jew in Philadelphia hated by a corrupt
      elite and he faced the death penalty. So Ira fled
      underground for twenty years or so and surfaced
      in France sometime before I got onto Jack's lists
      several years ago and "met" him. I communicated
      with him on and off that list while his extradition
      was processed over a couple years until the White
      House got involved and he was finally extradited,
      convicted in a kangaroo court like Leonard Peltier,
      but under a special unconstitutional law that allowed
      that retrial after his shill attorney got him convicted
      before in an illegal, unconstitutional, "trial in absentia."
      So they then passed the "Einhorn Law," to satisfy/fake
      France into allowing his extradition after Pennsylvania
      dropped its death penalty. The judge sentencing him
      said he did not even know what the word psychotronics
      means, but he called an unusual press conference, after
      the conviction, with him AND the jurors talking to
      the press about the trial. The judge told the press
      that Ira was a fake intellectual of only mental capacity
      to read coffee table book fly-leafs and then represent
      himself egotistically to everyone as an expert on
      whatever that book was about. A "Classic American
      Railroad Job." Because Jack believes in the Uncertainty
      Principle he is still uncertain about his friend's innocence
      while Ira is still in jail, denied due process, denied access
      to the press, even though Larry King and Rita Cosby want to
      interview him for his side of the story, and even denied
      appeal over year after the deadline ignored by the judge
      to submit his paperwork on the appeal process. Meanwhile,
      the yellow journalists in Philly have had a field day. If he
      was innocent why did he run away?! To poison the public mind
      precluding an "objective jury pool" in Philly for his trial, they
      conducted a five year or so monumental classic example of
      yellow journalism like the "refer madness" of the 20's by
      which the whole public was set against marijuana as a
      Mexican devil-weed, never even told that marijuana and hemp
      are the same plant when they outlawed in 1938 as a result.
      In Ira's case, the newspaper itself even sponsored a tomato
      throwing contest locally, for folks to bring their garden grown
      tomatoes in season to a big billboard with Ira's picture on it,
      to photograph people throwing tomatoes at him for the paper!
      This was the atmosphere and background for the Unicorn
      Killer conviction and how it ties in to forefront science.
      Science and Technology in Society and Public Policy Group

      The solution is simple "determined religious faith
      in the absolute nature of truth itself". That's it.
      It is as simple as that.

      When I was a chemistry major in college, there was
      a joke that the chemistry professors seemed to save
      for the senior year, to tell some of us after we had
      taken enough classes to "get it". Of course, it
      was to them a light-hearted kind of competition
      thing between the chemistry teachers and the
      physics teachers. Chemistry is very empirical
      and physics is very theoretical. The joke was:

      "If it moves, it's biology; if it smells, it's chemistry,
      if it doesn't work, it's physics." Nowadays this is not
      a joke. I am the chemist come to fix physics.

      David Crockett Williams - 3/15/2006 3:48 AM (Ides of March 2006)
      rev 3/15/2006 9:15 AM - above corrected for typos
      rev 3/15/2006 2:50 PM - above final corrected version

      --------- in response to this without typo corrections:

      From: Martin Cheney
      To: David Crockett Williams
      Subject: Re: Direction draft #1 is this right??
      Date: Mar 14, 2006 11:18 PM
      Not about money, no don't care about the money just the
      jurisdiction over me and others, doesn't matter I'm sovereign already filed
      all my Financing Statement and Sercuty Agreement which separeigts me for the
      D.C. jurisdiction (cops,feds,etc) has nothing to do with money, wouldn't
      touch it they can keep it its theirs not mine I do not want it it worth
      nothing all ready brother.

      Please help us network for a rainbow uprising of love in all hearts!

      Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

      Aoum Sai Ram


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      no relation to the famous David Crocket here

      I am NOT related to my great-grandfather Williams' namesake,
      the famous David Crockett depicted by Walt Disney as Fess Parker.

      My father worked as an accountant at Walt Disney Studio when
      I was a kid during that TV show craze. Then Fess Parker used to hail
      my Dad across the studio lot, upon seeing him calling out to him as
      "Hey Davy Crockett" because my Dad bore the burden of the same
      name left to me, of David Crockett Williams, from his namesake
      grandfather who loved him as a child and took him fishing etc, ie,
      the first of our three Mississippi Williams Family David Crockett
      Williams, only originally "named after" the famous guy Fess Parker
      played on television, not related. I never claimed, claim, or
      implied or imply that I am related by blood to the guy who died
      at the Alamo. When as a little guy and I learned of my middle
      name and told my playmates, they teased me calling me
      David Crocodile. My dad went simply by David C. Williams
      and folks called him Dave. I go by our full name and answer
      to David in respect of my Father who loved me so well, who
      died on my 40th birthday nearly "in my arms," and in respect
      of my mother who named me, her eldest son, after my father
      and who also loves me so well, and in respect of the special love
      my father and his grandfather shared with/due their common
      name which I carry on and try to make a good name of it.

      Also with me, I am the last David Crockett Williams in
      my family line because both of my sons refuse to keep
      their Williams family name over being ashamed of me
      due to my extremism in my devotion to the cause of
      peace. There you have some of my more personal
      story about my heavy birth name, my Christian name:

      David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III)

      David is a Hebrew Name/Word for "Beloved" and I am
      a most beloved son of David and Amy Williams, Amy
      meaning Beloved One. Now you know "who I think I am."

      For the story of who Sri Sathya Sai Baba "said that I am" in
      my interview with him at his Ashram in India 28Sep96 see

      And for my story of how I found my Rainbow Way of Life see
      See entry 05May76 for origin of my medicine word Torahkum

      David Crockett Williams, Jr (III) dob 5-17-45
      (My Christian Name, named after my father and his grandfather)
      Student of James Leland Waldron (pbuh), Los Angeles Mosque,
      who gave me my Islamic name Daoud ibn Daoud Abdul Allah
      (David, son of David, Servant of The One God) in 1963;
      Founder of Torahk Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program
      Student of Nichidatsu Fujii, Nipponzan Myohoji, Gandhi's Guru;
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      Buddhist Practitioner, named Karma Tsering Thrchen 1977
      per Santa Barbara His Holiness Karmapa Buddhist Refuge Ceremony;
      Follower of True One Law (Torah, Dharma/Karma), ie, a "True Jew";
      Volunteer Assistant to late Hopi Thomas Banyacya 1976-1999 (pbuh);
      Volunteer Assistant to Chief Jake Swamp since 1985;
      Volunteer Assistant to Chief Leonard Crow Dog since March 2006;
      Volunteer Assistant 1997-2006 late Dr. Fred B. Wood Sr PhD (died 29Mar06
      Volunteer Assistant 1979-1997 late Bruce Eldridge DePalma (pbuh)
      Collaborator, Internet Science Education Project since ~1999, under
      the influence of Dr Jack Asshole Sarfatti PhD http://www.stardrive.org
      Author of Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory, ie, Einstein's Successor;
      Participant Peace Pole Ceremony since 1978 Oregon Rainbow Gathering;
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      by folks thinking it foolish to tell the truth.

      You can read about the 1990 Rainbow Uprising Campaign
      with messages from Iroquois leader Chief Jake Swamp,
      Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya, Global Peace Walk
      initiator Yusen Yamato, actor Jon Voight, et al, at:
      Hopi Declaration of Peace and Essence of Hopi Prophecy are at:

      For "Global Peace Now!" as the Universal Human Resolve!
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      of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World
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      Sacred Run 2006
      The Run For Our Lives
      True Earth Day

      Earth is now rapidly moving to Next Ice Age: Remedies
      Include New Energy Tech and Hemp for Victory Campaign

      "May Peace Manifest as God's Will"

      - 1David<3 - 4/3/2006 4:43 AM

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