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340Ira Einhorn's new book

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  • redemp1946
    Aug 22 3:28 PM
      "Prelude to Intimacy" is Ira Einhorn's account of his life
      underground from the time he fled the United States in early January
      of 1981 until he met his Swedish wife, Annika, in November of 1987.
      Written from his prison cell in Gradinan, just north of Bordeaux, in
      18 days, it is full of the immediacy of his feeling that he would
      shortly be returned to the United States. It was done as a present
      for his wife.
      "Prelude..." is in part an account of his activities and the
      people he
      met while living in London, Ireland, the Arran Islands, Formentera,
      the Canaries (La Gomera) and St. Ives (North Cornwall) but also a
      reflection on his life and role in the exploration of altered states
      of consciousness and social transformation in the 1960s and 1970s. It
      includes many observations about the direction American and European
      culture has taken since those decades and a marvelously sensuous
      account of the many women he loved while on the run.

      The book is 152 pages. It has a nine-page introduction by James
      Sorrells, Ph.D., a personal friend of Ira's from the 60s, who
      and annotated the manuscript.

      Available to download or on CD for $20, including first-class
      postage and handling, or $35 hard copy, also including first-class
      postage and handling, with a signed note from Ira in hard copy format.
      A website, with PayPal instructions, is being contructed. In the
      interim, please contact Jim Sorrells for ordering instructions at