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335Sadistic mails about Ira/Freeunicorn.com

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  • karen manceaux
    Dec 4, 2004
      Here is a mail that I find most threatening from a guy
      in Minnesotta about my website "freeunicorn.com". I
      will, if at all possible file charges against this
      man. Ira may not be able to fight those whom threaten
      him from jail, I will gladly do it for him.

      In my first response to this man, I told him NOT to
      mail me again and that I would report him to the

      The 2cd mail to me, he stated that if I did not calm
      down I may be dead by 50, then he went on with more
      text....I do take this as a threat.

      From what I have been told, when you tell someone NOT
      to contact you and they continue, this is considered

      I welcome all suggestions concerning this.


      Request_Name - David Mattheisen
      Request_Address1 -
      Request_Address2 -
      Request_City -
      Request_State -
      Request_Zip -
      Request_Phone -
      Request_Fax -
      Request_Email - david@...
      Request_Comments - Ira Einhorn deserves to be bound to
      the ceiling by his
      scrotum and sodomized with a broken broom stick

      2 cd MAIL:

      Submittal Date - 12/1/2004
      Submittal Time - 10:50:08 AM

      Dear Friggin' Lefty Lunatic,

      What a whinny little person you are. Oh yes, my local
      police department will just jump on the chance to
      arrest a person who thinks that Ira Einhorn deserves
      the cruel punishment he truly does deserve. Hell, I'd
      even give him to al quida!

      You, my dear, must learn to calm down or you'll be
      dead by fifty...hearts aren't forever, you know...

      Now, please forward this to my local police
      department...Minneapolis, MN, Loring Park area...

      3rd MAIL:

      If you're going to spell out my last name, spell it

      Thanks, you soc/communist, you!

      End of Dave mattheisen's mails, for now that is.

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