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317Let Peace Reign -- Ira Einhorn press release from prison in PA, case and issues update

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Mar 11, 2003
      I have been communicating with Ira Einhorn by email for a few years
      after "meeting" him by email on Jack Sarfatti list, and by fairly regular
      letter exchanges since his imprisonment in Pennsylvania after
      extradition from France and since his conviction last August for the
      1979 murder of Holly Maddux in the infamous "Philadelphia Unicorn
      Killer Trial of Two Centuries" after his first, "in absentia" conviction
      for the same crime over a decade ago, passage of a special
      Pennsylvania "Einhorn Law" to circumvent the US Constitution
      and authorize the second trial as a required French condition
      for extradition.

      His latest letter will be posted in eFax format at
      with text reproduced below including his short press release:

      ----text of latest letter from Ira Einhorn in PA prison:

      One can only hope that the combined weight of the world's NO's(!) will stop
      the war on Iraq from being waged, BUT then Bush would be forecd to face the
      domestinc mess his policies are creating.

      Could you please post the press release -- see below -- on my [ira-einhorn]
      website, and send it out to your large media list. My lawyer refuses to
      quit in spite of 3 letters asking him to do so, so I am maiking the fact of
      my letting him go as widely known as possible. The media has to come to me
      directly not work through him, as he never passes on messages.

      Hope you are well

      Let Peace Reign,


      ---------------- end letter

      Ira Einhorn's Press Release of March 2, 2003

      William T. Cannon is no longer my lawyer.

      Please address all questions about my case directly to me:

      Ira Einhorn -- ES 6859
      P.O. Box 1000
      Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000


      Ira Einhorn
      March 2, 2003

      ------end release

      In previous letters over the last few months since his trial was over
      he has sent a detailed analysis of mechanations between his previous
      lawyers from his original arraignment representation by now Senator
      Arlen Specter, through his original pre-trial phase and circumstances
      of his flight from the US to avoid prosecution, his years in exile and
      contact with his US attorney representing him at absentia trial and who
      recommended French attorney leading to long extradition delay, false
      testimony by that same attorney at final trial regarding circumstances
      leading to his original flight from US, etc., posted at
      and other related materials are in posts to the above [ira-einhorn] list,
      and also key Einhorn letters at http://www.sonic.net/~west/ira

      The intervening years of the "Dracula of Transylvannia"-like media hype
      about his case so prejudiced the judge and jury pool at his trial last year
      that any knowledgeable observer would be aghast, the judge even calling the
      jurors in after verdict annoucement and inviting the press in to explain
      Ira's intellect is akin to the kind of guy who reads the book jacket on
      coffee table books and then pawns himself off as a knowledgeable
      intellectual, ie, further trashing his reputation and further prejuicing the
      matter now moving slowly towards appeal.

      Meanwhile the advanced electromagnetic warfare technologies among those
      kinds of "psychotronic" devices Einhorn and colleagues tested and dutifully
      reported to CIA in the early 1970's are now publicly mentioned as among the
      "new weapons" prepared for deployment in Iraq war, eg, "microwave pulse"
      weapons to induce pain in enemy soldiers and fry electronics in war

      One credentialed scientist in California even has assembled a credible case
      for how one such covert US "star wars" anti-missle weapons system under
      aegis of HAARP was hijacked by a terrorist and used to bring down the
      shuttle Columbia. http://www.brojon.org/frontpage/HAARP_Columbia.html

      For a detailed analysis of the covert "sci-mil-intell cabal" connected to
      the "Sarfatti network" and this spook science that Einhorn was in the thick
      of in the 1970's -- (alone receiving a couple hundred reports on this sent
      of the then USSR, reports which freaked him out and access to which "in the
      trunk" is one plausible reason for his being framed for murder to shut him
      up and discredit his work, in addition to his private connection developed
      with the then communist government of Yugoslavia regarding a planned
      conference there on Tesla Technologies which was precluded by his
      arrest for the Maddux murder) -- in addition to posts archived at
      list, see new article with the names and dates and players at

      Over the past several weeks Einhorn's letters have reported that CNN's Larry
      King show has been seeking since shortly after his conviction to interview
      him for his side of the story but prison officials will not allow it so far.
      He was sick for almost a month with symptoms described as suspected
      biowarfare agent, refused to go to prison hospital, and a couple of weeks
      ago was put into "the hole", solitary 24-hr confinement for refusing to be
      moved to a dangerous ward of the prison they want to transfer him to. Now
      he has fired his lead attorney from last trial who apparently is not helping
      his case any longer.

      Last December Ira sent me a clipping from the International Herald Tribune
      of the article by a top UN official about Sathya Sai Baba which resulted in
      a flurry of activity some posts of which are for this reason on his
      yahoogroup list.

      --DCW, moderator

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      *global peace now breaking out*

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      Chartered Life Underwriter
      Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

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