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  • Maarten
    Mar 1, 2009

      Hi Shelly,


      Here’s what I could fin don the Porma family, hopes it helps you a bit further.



      Pieter Klaassens Porma (son of Klaas Pieters Porma and Maike Engeberts Zijlma), profession: farmer, born December 31st, 1810 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk), married, aged 33, on May 5th, 1844 (Oldehove) Ietje Derks de Maa, aged 24 (daughter of Derk Reinders de Maa and Cornelia Cornelis Schuiringa), profession: needle woman, born August 13th, 1819 (Feerwerd).

      From this marriage:


      1.      Maike Porma, born March 3rd, 1845 (Niehove, Oldehove), married, aged 37, on August 9th, 1882 ( Amersfoort ) Klaas Otten, aged 59 (son of Gijsbert Otten and Maria van Lingen, widower of Hendrika Klijn), born abt.1823 (Loosdrecht).


      Klaas Otten died October 3rd, 1888 ( Amersfoort ), aged 65.

      Maaike Porma died after 10-03-1888.


      2.      Cornelia Porma, born April 9th, 1847 Niehove, Oldehove), married, aged 25, on October 4th, 1872 (Nieuwer-Amstel) Lambertus Verburg, aged 40 (son of Abram Verburg and Maria Roos, widower of Hillegonde Karssemeyer), profession: stockkeeper, born abt.1832 (Nieuwer-Amstel).


      3.      Klaas Porma, born June 8th, 1849 (Niehove, Oldehove), profession: labourer, married, aged 24, on July 5th, 1873 (Aduard) Trijntje Sinnighe, aged 32 (daughter of Jan Sinnighe and Martha Bosman), profession: needle-woman, born August 28th, 1840 (Aduard).

      From this marriage:


      1-    Pieter Porma, born August 25th, 1875 (Aduard),

      Died August 31st, 1875 (Aduard), aged 6 days.

      2-    Pieter Porma, born September 10th, 1880 (Aduard),

      Died October 25th, 1880 (Aduard), aged 1 month.



      4.      Derk Porma, born December 2nd, 1851 (Niehove, Oldehove).


      Ietje Derks de Maa died January 20th, 1852 (Niehove, Oldehove), aged 32.


      Pieter Porma, profession: labourer, remarried, aged 53, on May 18th, 1864 (Oldehove) Grietje Bossinga, aged 33 (daughter of Olbrand Gerrits Bossinga and Pieterke Jacobs Bos, widow of Albert Buffinga), profession: needle woman, born abt.1830 (Hoogemeeden, Aduard).

      From this marriage:


      1.      Pieterke Porma, born November 17th, 1865 (Niehove, Oldehove),

      Died April 26th, 1866 (Niehove, Oldehove), aged 5 months.


      2.      Pieter Porma, born October 21st, 1866 (Niehove, Oldehove),

      Died January 21st, 1867 (Niehove, Oldehove), aged 3 months.


      3.      Pieterke Porma, born December 20th, 1867 (Niehove, Oldehove), arrived, aged 36 (single) December 22nd, 1903 in New York , travelling from Rotterdam by ‘’the Rotterdam ’’, destination: Sioux Centre, Iowa .


      Pieter Porma died March 3rd, 1874 (Oldekerk), aged 63.

      Grietje Bossinga died March 25th, 1903 (Oldekerk), aged 72.




      Klaas Pieters Porma (son of Pieter Gerrits Porma and Martje Klazens), profession: labourer, born abt. 1786 (Zuidhorn), married abt.1809 (?????) Maike Engberts Zijlma (daughter of Engbert Pieters Zijlma and Aafke Jans), born abt.1789 (Gerkesklooster, Achtkarspelen).

      From this marriage:


      1.      Pieter Klaassens Porma, born December 31st, 1810 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk).


      2.      Engbert Klasens Porma, born abt.1813 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk),

      Died May 2nd, 1848 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk), aged 1.


      3.      Aafke Klaassens Porma/Poddema, born May 26th, 1814 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk),

      Died April 8th, 1822 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk), aged 7.


      4.      Engbert Klaassens Porma, born abt.1817 (Noordhorn, Zuidhorn),

      Died May 1st, 1848 (Oldehove), aged 30, single, profession: farmers-hand.


      5.      Jan Klazens Porma/Poddema, born abt. January 1824 (Noordhorn, Zuidhorn),

      Died May 27th, 1824 (Noordhorn, Zuidhorn), aged 4 months.


      6.      Jan Klazens Porma/Poddema, born abt.1825 ((Noordhorn, Zuidhorn),

      Died March 10th, 1827 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk), aged 2.


      Maike Engberts Zijlma died June 23rd, 1826 (Noordhorn, Zuidhorn), aged 37.

      Klaas Pieters Porma/Poddema died August 31st, 1826 (Noordhorn, Zuidhorn), aged 40.



      Pieter Gerrits Porma (son of Gerrit Pieters [Porma] and Tjipke Roelfs), profession: labourer, born abt.1850 (Zuidhorn), married ??-??-???? (?????) Martje Klazens/Klaasen (daughter of Klaas ???? and ????), profession: labourer, born abt.1758 (Aduard).

      From this marriage:


      1.      Klaas Pieters Porma, born abt.1786 (Zuidhorn).


      2.      Tijpke Peters Porma, born January 11th, 1789 (Zuidhorn), profession: maid, married, aged 23, on September 26th, 1812 (Oldekerk) Willem Bouwes IJpema, aged 32 (son of Bouwe Geerts IJpema and Akke Willems, widower of Antje Ottes), profession: labourer/carpenter, born January 16th, 1780 (Roderwolde, Roden).

      From this marriage:


      1-    Pieter Willem Ypema, born September 18th, 1813 (Niekerk, Oldekerk),

      Died October 20th, 1815 (Oldekerk), aged 2.


      2-    Bouke Willems IJpema, born August 8th, 1815 (Niekerk, Oldekerk), profession: labourer, married, aged 22, on May 19th, 1838 (Oldekerk) Wilhelimina Geerts Klamer, aged 29 (daughter of Geert Lukas Klamer and Bouwina Geertruda Willems Olthoff), born abt.1808 (Niekerk, Oldekerk).


      Bouke Willems IJpema died January 27th, 1852 (Oldekerk), aged 36.


      3-    Pieter IJpema, born December 8th, 1816 (Niekerk, Oldekerk), profession: shoemaker, married, aged 35, on May 20th, 1852 (Oldekerk) Hendrikje Noordhof, aged 25 (daughter of Leulf Jans Noordhof and Martje Douwes van Bruggen), profession: maid, born abt.1827 (Noordhoorn, Zuidhoorn).


      4-    Martje IJpema, born September 25th, 1822 (Niekerk, Oldekerk), profession: labourer, married, aged 34, on June 25th, 1857 (Grijpskerk) Jacob van der Post, aged 32 (son of Klaas Jacobs van der Post and Grietje Hindriks Ikema, widower of Willemke Prins), born March 10th, 1825 (Niezijl, Grijpskerk).


      Tjipke Pieters Porma died March 2nd, 1837 (Oldekerk), aged 48.

      Willem Bouwens IJpema died October 19th, 1857 (Oldekerk), aged 77.


      Pieter Gerrits Porma died September 2nd, 1831 (Zuidhorn), aged 81.

      Martje Klazens died July 4th, 1842 (Zuidhorn), aged 84.



      Good luck,





      Van: Iowa_Genealogy_Group@yahoogroups.com [mailto: Iowa_Genealogy_Group@yahoogroups.com ] Namens lacourse_dm@...
      Verzonden: zaterdag 28 februari 2009 8:40
      Aan: Iowa_Genealogy_Group@yahoogroups.com
      Onderwerp: RE: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Hello


      Hello Maarten

      Thankyou I would like that very much. I have some information on my
      family. My Great-Grandfather, Steven van Otterloo was born on March 6,
      1844 in Apeldoorn to Jan van Otterlo and Aaltje Steven van den Brink. He
      was married twice, his first wife was Lammigje Wassen. They were married
      on July 2, 1870 in Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan. Steven's second wife
      and my Great-Grandmother was Pietertje Porma. I would like to find out
      more about her family. Porma is a hard name to find any information on. My
      Grandmother was born December 20 1867 in Oldekerk I believe to Pieter
      Porma and Grietje Bossinga. She came to the United States in 1903. If you
      could help me find information out on her I would greatly appreciate it.

      Best Regards Shelly (VanOtterloo) LaCourse

      > Hi Shelly,
      > See a lot of Dutch names in your list, maybe i can help you to connect
      > here
      > in Holland?
      > Maarten van
      > The Netherlands
      > _____
      > Van: Iowa_Genealogy_ Group@yahoogroup s.com
      > [mailto:Iowa_Genealogy_ Group@yahoogroup s.com]
      Namens lacourse_dm
      > Verzonden: donderdag 26 februari 2009 5:11
      > Aan: Iowa_Genealogy_ Group@yahoogroup s.com
      > Onderwerp: [Iowa_Genealogy_ Group] Hello
      > Thankyou for letting me join. My family came from the Sioux County
      > area. Orange City and Sioux Center. Surnames: VanOtterloo, Houtsma,
      > DeGraaf, Schaap, Dolislager, DeVries. Looking to connect with family.
      > Shelly

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