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120RE: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Hello

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  • Maarten
    Feb 28, 2009

      Hi Shelly,


      First what I found on van Otterlo(o).


      Jan van Otterlo and Aaltje Stevens van den Brink

      From this marriage:


      1.      Gerritje van Otterlo, born July 25th, 1841 ( Apeldoorn ).

      2.      Steven van Otterlo, born March 6th, 1844 ( Apeldoorn ).

      3.      Johannes Otterlo, born January 17th, 1849 ( Apeldoorn ).

      4.      Evertjen Otterloo, born March 8th, 1852 ( Apeldoorn ).

      5.      Gerrit van Otterloo, born June 14th, 1857 ( Apeldoorn ).


      Hope it helps.




      Ps. I’ll look into Porma later, but I found already a few things.


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      Onderwerp: RE: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Hello


      Hello Maarten

      Thankyou I would like that very much. I have some information on my
      family. My Great-Grandfather, Steven van Otterloo was born on March 6,
      1844 in Apeldoorn to Jan van Otterlo and Aaltje Steven van den Brink. He
      was married twice, his first wife was Lammigje Wassen. They were married
      on July 2, 1870 in Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan. Steven's second wife
      and my Great-Grandmother was Pietertje Porma. I would like to find out
      more about her family. Porma is a hard name to find any information on. My
      Grandmother was born December 20 1867 in Oldekerk I believe to Pieter
      Porma and Grietje Bossinga. She came to the United States in 1903. If you
      could help me find information out on her I would greatly appreciate it.

      Best Regards Shelly (VanOtterloo) LaCourse

      > Hi Shelly,
      > See a lot of Dutch names in your list, maybe i can help you to connect
      > here
      > in Holland?
      > Maarten van
      > The Netherlands
      > _____
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      > [mailto:Iowa_Genealogy_ Group@yahoogroup s.com]
      Namens lacourse_dm
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      > Onderwerp: [Iowa_Genealogy_ Group] Hello
      > Thankyou for letting me join. My family came from the Sioux County
      > area. Orange City and Sioux Center. Surnames: VanOtterloo, Houtsma,
      > DeGraaf, Schaap, Dolislager, DeVries. Looking to connect with family.
      > Shelly

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