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112Re: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Re: Research Interests

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  • justgenealogy
    Oct 15, 2008
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      James and Group,
      I several counties in Iowa that I search for more family information they are as follows:
      County: Madison (some before 1860)
      Surnames: Rankin, Schoch, Moore, Hole, Hogg (no it isn't a joke these are the names)
      County: Wayne (on 1856 State Census)
      Surnames: Rankin and McKelvey
      County: Warren (before 1860)
      Surname: Viers and Shook
      County: Clayton (before 1850)
      Surnames: Moore and Sparks
      County: Henry (before 1850)
      Surnames: Hole and Peckover
      County: Jasper (around 1860)
      Surnames: Rankin, Lilley/Lilly, Viers/Viers
      County: Johnson, Cedar, Scott (after 1870)
      Surname: Stiff
      A few of these families migrated to the neighboring counties occassionaly also.
      Debra Stiff Monsive

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      Subject: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Re: Research Interests
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      Date: Friday, October 10, 2008, 12:51 PM


      I think this is a good idea. Then as I or others encounter a family
      member in that location, we can search on it and find other
      researchers with possible similar interest. My primary counties are:
      Dubuque, Jones, and Jackson. I have some interest in Delaware,
      Buchannan, and Linn. I also have a few family members scattered in
      various locations in western Iowa.


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      <geniehelp@. ..> wrote:
      > James,
      > Instead of doing a roll call. I am going to list the counties that
      have an area of
      > interest to me. Maybe then, someone who has an interest in the same
      > can ask a question.
      > My counties are Shelby, Crawford, Harrison and Pottawattamie
      > Phyllis
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      > To: <Iowa_Genealogy_ Group@yahoogroup s.com>
      > Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 3:21 PM
      > Subject: [Iowa_Genealogy_ Group] Research Interests
      > >I notice there is little activity with this group and there has
      been no
      > > discussion posted in the last 30 days. Perhaps we just need to
      > > talking about something. I do not no if a roll call is in order
      or not.
      > > What does the group think? Should we each list the major
      surnames we
      > > are researching? Perhaps we can make some useful connections.
      > > Alternatively, can we identify locals of major interest? I'm
      > > interested to see if this topic may bring on some discussion.
      > >
      > > Jim
      > >
      > >
      > >

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