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  • Jim
    Oct 12, 2008
      I'm afraid I can't offer much help as I live in Alabama.  From my experience with Iowa marriage records, the state archives do not have many of the early records.  They are kept at the county court houses.  To further your difficulty, Cedar Rapids experienced sever flooding this summer and did loose many records.  I have a few suggestion for posts that may be beneficial.
      1    Have you made any posting to the Iowa Genweb site for Linn County?  Someone may help you there.  Perhaps you can get a lead on a likely church wedding and have some success with church records. 
      2    Have you tried the LDS church records available through the local LDS family center?  They did microfilm most of the Iowa county records during the 1960s.  They probably did Linn County.
      3    Try a post to Polk County which is the county for Des Moines.  The Iowa historical society has a great library of genealogical records and you may find a volunteer to help you there.
      4    You may also want to post on Ancestry and Genealogy sites for both Linn and Polk county as well as the Charter Pierce group.  I'm not sure what the requirements are, but I do not think you need a paid subscription for any of them, but I may be mistaken.  Remember there are both posting and email lists and both can be effective.
      Hope these suggestions work out for you.
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      Subject: RE: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Research Interests



      There’s only one thing I’m looking for and it’s difficult to find for me is a marriage of two Dutch immigrants, Klaas (Nicholas/Nick) Nauta and Johanna Elisabeth (Anna) van Bruinesse.

      They are supposed to be married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the beginning of the previous century.

      Klaas/Nick Nauta arrived in the States in 1893 and Anna in 1903.


      According to the obituary they were married in Cedar rapids, Linn County, Iowa.


      In the 1910 census they lived in Duluth City, Minnesota and were married.

      After that they moved to Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas where they both passed away.

      Tried to get some info through the iowa department of Public Health, but without success.


      Who can and wants to help me to find this marriage.


      The only favour I can offer if someone has anchestors in Holland to try and find out over here.


      Hopefully someone can help me.


      Maarten van Bruinessen

      The netherlands


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      Onderwerp: [Iowa_Genealogy_Group] Research Interests


      I notice there is little activity with this group and there has been no
      discussion posted in the last 30 days. Perhaps we just need to start
      talking about something. I do not no if a roll call is in order or not.
      What does the group think? Should we each list the major surnames we
      are researching? Perhaps we can make some useful connections.
      Alternatively, can we identify locals of major interest? I'm
      interested to see if this topic may bring on some discussion.


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