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17Urgent: Need home for an affectionate-white/orange feline fluff ball...

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  • yp_dev_cedar_rapids
    Dec 11, 2008
      Found as a stray 6 months ago and was hoping his family would turn
      up. Ernie is approximately 1 year old. Excellent house manners,
      litter trained, social with both cats and dogs and VERY laid back
      attitude. The longer you pet him the louder he purrs. He loves to
      be upside down in your arms and accepts being in a kennel for travel
      well. He is light orange bordering on white and med-long haired
      (soft). Easy keeper.

      Special needs: Feline Leukemia positive; current on all
      vaccinations, soon to be neutered. FeLV is no longer a death
      sentence; I know of at least 3 cats who are positive and have lived
      20 years.

      If you know of anyone who is looking for a therapeutic pet-Ernie is
      the guy you have been waiting for!!!

      Please find this little fellow a good home.
      He is #5 in my colony and I need to reduce in order to find myself a
      home. Photo available. You may also visit him and see him
      interacting with the others before making a decision.

      Dev 319-202-3863