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236Mentorships still available

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  • Kenyon Weaver
    May 6, 2010
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      Dear Ts,

      The Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values Foundation still has some Mentorships available for anybody who would like to work one-on-one with a bright, driven, English-speaking Turkmen who is looking for a little guidance and wisdom from a U.S. college graduate!

      Already we have paired some 15 mentees, but we have another 5-6 more.

      I've pasted the information in our Mentors Guide below:



      Guide for Mentors 2010-2011


      What is the Turkmen Mentors Program?


      The Turkmen Mentors Program (TMP) pairs some of the brightest Turkmen students who are finishing or have recently finished high school and seek to continue their education abroad with you, a U.S. college graduate.  These young Turkmen, so full of potential, need support and guidance.  Where do they see themselves in 5 years?  What does it mean to study in an American college?


      The Foundation provides you, the Mentor, with Skype credit and a Foundation e-mail address (if you’d like one) to talk with your Mentor.  We also provide you with our Turkmen College Guide, which explains which colleges provide the best international aid.  And of course, we’re here for whatever support that you feel you need.


      In addition to having you as a source of support and advice, the Foundation also provides your mentee TOEFL preparatory books (or a preparatory book of a different test, e.g., the SAT, if that is what is necessary), the funding to take the TOEFL test (or SAT test).  We provide copies of the Turkmen College Guide to them, too.


      What is the time commitment?


      About 2-3 hours/month for 1 year.  This is not to limit you in your conversations with your mentee.  We expect that mentors and mentees can work within the time limits they set for themselves.


      What are the responsibilities of my mentee?


      You are not responsible for your mentee to prepare him/herself for college or for his/her own future.  He or she has that responsibility.  That means making time to meet with you and staying in contact with you; it means being prepared, doing the assignments you’ve agreed that your mentee would do (such as drafting an essay or completing certain parts of the TOEFL prep book). 


      How do I get started?


      E-mail Kenyon Weaver at kenyons_email@... or call him at 202-406-0077.