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223Launch of Project Grants in Turkmenistan & How to get Involved

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  • Kenyon Weaver
    Jan 7, 2010


    Call for Volunteers

    The 2010 TYCVF Community Development Program

    You can select the projects!

    Project Applications for local Turkmen available now (or very soon) at www.tycvf.org


    Program Leaders:    Luisa Angel, lfangel81@...

    Casey Farrar, casey.farrar@...

    (Program e-mail: community@...)


    Program Funds:       $6,000.        


    Program Dates:         January 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010 (tentatively;  may extend until December 31, 2010).


    Program Summary: The Community Development program provides funding for small projects (around $50-$1000) that focus on introducing, developing and encouraging the transmission of new ideas and knowledge, community engagement, and community service (either as a goal in and of themselves, or as a component to a project in, for example, community health and sanitation).


    Needs Assessment:  The people of Turkmenistan depend on their government for all basic needs and have little or no say in how local or national revenues should be used or distributed.  They are remarkably self-reliant and creative, and use networks of family and friends to ensure their livelihoods.  Community development is process fraught with problems and pitfalls – and in Turkmenistan, corruption is a serious challenge.  TYCVF promotes projects which uses small amounts of funding and has as an essential component the promotion and encouragement of community action and the transfer of knowledge address many of those problems and challenges.


    How you can get involved:

    (1)   You can help select the projects and make recommendations directly to the applicants about how to modify their proposals! E-mail Luisa or Casey (see above) to be on the committee which chooses which projects to fund and interact with the local Turkmen applicants.


    (2)   Spread the word about our Application, available now (or very soon) at www.tycvf.org. (Application will be attached to this e-mail as permitted by e-mail list provider).

    Kenyon S. Weaver

    Executive Director

    Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values Foundation


    (1) 202-406-0077