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  • Sheila Shea
    GET A HEAD START FOR THE HOLIDAYS! For many, the holidays are an excuse to pig out and to go over the edge in a way that harms your body and psyche. Can you
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      For many, the holidays are an excuse to pig out and to go over the edge in
      a way that harms your body and psyche. Can you 'go over the edge' with
      something that is beneficial to you? So instead of hangover, guilt and
      being bummed out; you are uplifted, energized, and filled with clarity and

      This is time of great confusion; of fluctuations of values, stock markets,
      bank accounts, weight, health, friendships, job satisfaction, pain; of
      information overload; of visual and auditory overstimulation via media and
      electronics; of consumerism; and of out of control diets and spending. The
      need for clarity and energy to deal is paramount and foundational.

      Hydrotherapies, diet, exercise and emotional healing are four ways of
      building up clarity and energy accounts. Intestinal cleansing via colonics,
      colemas and enemas can access the core of our body, the 'gut,' and open it
      up, loosen it up, ease elimination, and bring relief. It has the potential
      to create a foundation of clarity, strength, and energy needed to make wise
      decisions in all areas of life. Food is the physical fuel and exercise is
      the air and light fuel to feed the body and psyche. Emotional healing is
      relational fuel. They all work together.

      Get a head start for the holidays. Prepare mentally, emotionally and
      physically. Have the 'safe' foods in your kitchen environment, plan 'safe'
      activities that lead you outside into the beautiful air and sunshine of
      winter. So much of our nutrition can come from the sun and air and set our
      minds straight. Have the enema bag ready, be prepared to receive colon
      hydrotherapy. Have the necessary herbs for gas, immune strength, nervous
      system calming, digestion, and brain feeding. Take quiet time to read and
      meditate. For those with TV addiction, plan to have periods of silence, of
      listening to music, or practicing yoga, chi gong or abdominal exercises in
      front of the TV.

      The holidays can be a time of great ecstasy with a lighter stomach and a
      deeper breath in the winter air. One of my clients did a 3 day fast after
      Thanksgiving. She used a marvelous book called THE 3 - DAY ENERGY FAST:
      a forward by Donna Karan! What a great idea.

      I have a number of super sites I'm passing your way with this newsletter.
      It's good reading for the holidays and it helps to keep the focus positive.
      Prepare the mind and learn how to cruise through the holidays with joy and
      cultivate detachment from food and drink. Eating and drinking are a way to
      feel vital, to feel good. Use the holiday as an opportunity to feel better
      and to treat yourself better with more self-respect around dietary,
      exercise and social choices.

      Bring foods to the office to share that are 'safe.'
      The SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) site is complex carbohydrate free for
      all the carbo junkies out there. For example, it has gourmet recipes made
      from almond flour and honey . Try your hand at some new recipes.

      Chet Day sends out some great recipes and I used one for a party. Almond
      Cookies. I thought they tasted more like Marzipan. This is my version. The
      site has comprehensive health info and the Hallelulah Diet.

      2 cups almonds
      1/2 cup honey raw unfiltered
      coconut shredded
      pinch cardamom
      pinch nutmeg

      Grind almonds into fine meal. Work in enough honey to make a sticky dough.
      Roll into balls or log shapes and roll in coconut. Chill. I decided to add
      some shredded coconut into the almond and honey mixture with a pinch of
      cardamom and nutmeg. I rolled them into balls and put them in a bowl of
      shredded coconut. Then took them one by one again to finish rolling them in
      the coconut and set them on a plate of shredded coconut.

      Learn how to make homemade yogurt. Lucy's Kitchen Shop sells top of the
      line yogurt makers and cultures plus more. You might even want to give it
      as a gift.

      Homemade mayonnaise is another simple and gourmet SCD recipe! Just think,
      by the time you finish a binge and had previous thoughts of, 'Oh, it takes
      too long to juice, it takes too long to make homemade mayonnaise,' you have
      had more than enough time to do all the 'good things' that are gourmet and
      health supportive. Recovery from overeating and bingeing is slow plus
      quality of life is reduced for a period of time. Think better of yourself.
      Enjoy the holidays!

      Be aware that the chemical soup in junk foods and the systemic saturation
      with refined sugar, flour and milk and rancid fats can effect emotional,
      mental and physical states. Irritability, brain fog, outbursts of anger are
      part of this syndrome. According to Gottschall in Breaking the Vicious
      Cycle, the mix of pathogenic bacteria and fungi feeding primarily on
      complex starches and sugars including the milk sugar, lactose, can create
      fermentation leading to abnormal behavior and abnormal brain behavior.

      Elnora Van Winkle, a retired neurophysiologist from NYU, has written a
      paper called Toxic Mind Theory: The Biology of Emotions. Elnora's theory is
      a simple and cut-to-the-chase way of healing emotionally. It involves
      cleaning the nerve pathways of excess adrenaline and noradrenaline stored
      from repressed negative emotions and practical ways of releasing the nerve
      toxins by redirecting physically and mentally to original abusers or those
      that did not allow our expression of emotions. Elnora says that we need to
      work on two fronts: one, cleanse the nerve pathways and two, clean up our
      diets and eat natural and raw foods. She tells her personal healing story
      and provides a listserv to share self-help experiences.

      She describes her list as self-help for recovery from anxiety, depression,
      and codependency. She believes codependency is the basic addiction. Other
      addictions, including food addiction, are tips of the iceberg. People can
      heal from all of these with the self help measures. She suggests people
      print out and study the article since it contains everything people need to


      One can begin anywhere in the path to self-help and the emotions may be a
      very good place.

      Seek out friends that are nurturing, friends you haven't seen or connected
      with in awhile. Take time to visit and walk in city parks, arboretums and
      botanical gardens. Practice some of your favorite hobbies that you've
      forgotten. Do some beautiful and creative things with your environment. Get
      more rest, or read the books and articles that have been on hold.

      Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy. The core factor that
      distinguishes biodynamic psychotherapy from other approaches is Gerda
      Boyesen's discovery that the gastro-intestinal tract (the GI tract) is the
      biological equal of the 'id canal' or the physical manifestation of the
      unconscious. Boyesen realised and discovered that the GI tract has a dual
      biological and psychological function that is engaged in, and vital for,
      the regulation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This
      function is called "psycho-peristalsis". This means we really have to get
      our intestinal health together!


      'Ralph Nader is high colonic to the body politic.'

      Tucker Carlson, The Spin Room, CNN, 10/31/00.



      Be prepared for some 'doodie' animation cartoons!
      Lots of laughs for those that can handle it!


      Freda Manythinz in her famous and out-of-print book, Eating Disorders and
      Food Addiction: Double Cross or Cross Over, asks some very pointed

      " Is overcoming Eating Disorders and Food Addiction a moral issue? Are we
      so consumed with poor habits that we think change will bring about a living
      hell? Is it true that being controlled and jerked around by food is already
      a living hell? In reality, heaven is on the other side of scaling the
      'glass mountain' of food and beverage addiction. The villages of detachment
      from food, absence of cravings, and loss of obsession about the next food
      trip are on the other side of that mountain." (page 101)

      Many people say, 'Oh, I'm just going to wait for the holidays to be over to
      begin taking care of myself.' Yet, everyday is an opportunity for
      self-responsibility. The holidays are no exception.

      Here are more websites, reminders during the holiday season to avoid
      all-out binges on sugar, starch and alcohol and to create something
      positive for yourself. I've come across some great, inspiring, foundational
      and radical ones. I owe it to the good listservs I am on for many of the

      I know of 3 lists on the internet devoted to the 'bowels', the 'intestines'
      and 'detoxing.' If you have any questions, wish to share or exchange
      information on this most important area, feel free to join, read the
      archives, lurk etc. Digests are available.

      or send an email to this address:

      To subscribe to this group, send an email to:

      Dusan of Norway founded the bowel cleanse list and his signature urls
      appear with each message. His urls are a wealth of information on
      cleansing, detoxing and healing. The prostate90 site is by Larry Klapp who
      wrote the book Prostate Health in 90 Days. One of my clients alerted me to
      the chapter on 'Intestinal Health' and said it was the best he'd ever read!

      To unsubscribe, send blank message to:
      List Archives: http://egroups.com/messages/bowelcleanse

      Web Sites:
      (Outstanding chapter on intestinal cleanse with Master Cleanse.)
      Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take
      responsibility for your own actions. By joining the list you agree to hold
      yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself.
      Have a nice day!


      Dr Hulda Clark now in her 70's is famous for her books A Cure for All
      Diseases and A Cure for Advanced Cancers. She attributes disease to
      pollutants and parasites. She has devised a number of cleanses mainly
      liver/gall bladder, parasite, kidney and intestines. I have done the 6 week
      kidney cleanse, the liver/gall bladder flush and even the parasite cleanse
      twice. She has a page for ordering her products, too.

      Detoxing and the Flagging Liver (part 2 of 3) from Gerson Healing
      Newsletter Vol. 15, No. 3, May-June, 2000 by Kathryn Alexander. Gerson is
      famous for healing cancer naturally and has a clinic for that purpose. Many
      articles archived at site.

      Ayurveda, the medicine of India, incorporates Panchakarma, 5 cleansing
      techniques which include enemas and implants and additives to the enema

      For those of you who suffer from hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux or
      heartburn, Dr Stoll is the man for you. He has a simple and efficient
      remedy, if you can handle it. Give it a try over the holidays.

      Black Stock is a premier site for coffees, coffee enemas and articles by
      Ralph Moss, Dr Gonzalez, the Boston Globe, Gerson and Kelley. If you can't
      get beyond the coffee itself, at least it's organic and you might want to
      give some as a gift!

      An extract from You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler. Ian is an Australian
      who beat 'terminal' bone cancer through alternative therapies, runs a
      cancer support center and holds courses on his approach. He is a
      Veterinarian and has a good understanding of physiology. His wife, Grace,
      has written about women with breast cancer. The gist is that caffeine
      enemas stimulate the liver and bile production which help detoxify the
      body. They are also effective in pain relief without the side effects of
      analgesics. Another doctor recently stated they were at least as effective
      as morphine. Backpack has some excellent info too.

      If you don't want coffee, you can buy some teas from Tibet! Harmonic
      Harvest is a Texas company the sells the Kombucha mushroom starter kit and
      a host of excellent teas worldwide. More Christmas gifts!

      I spent 3 months on a work exchange at Reevis Mountain School in the
      Superstition mountains of Arizona. I took herbal and natural healing
      workshops from Peter Bigfoot, the resident herbalist. They have an
      excellent country store with many local wild-crafted herbal remedies. More
      stocking-stuffer gifts. I stock their Herbal Healing Salve at the office.
      If you need to get away from civilization, this is the place. Retreats

      This is a fun site with all sorts of suggestions for travel, restaurants,
      newsletters, message boards.

      You will have a lot of fun reading Laura's weblog on her Irritable Bowel
      Syndrome (IBS). I go back regularly to check her latest writings. She is
      investigating the relationship between IBS and hormones. Her husband,
      Michael, has a 'flog', a weblog on food, the diet that has allowed his
      Crohn's disease to go into remission for over 3 years!

      Kathryn Alexander has written a book "Get a Life: the Detoxification Diet
      Made Easy!" She has a practice in the Brisbane Australia and holds courses,
      workshops and lectures on detoxification. Her phone number is 0414 702520.
      Big article on 'Vegetable Juicing and Detoxification.'

      Christine's Cleanse Corner. Christine Dreher, CCN, author of The Cleanse
      Cookbook, provides you with Arise and Shine herbal cleanse and nutritional
      products, the latest information on internal body cleansing and
      detoxification, the importance of pH balance, personal cleanse support, and
      other natural health products for a healthier YOU! More gift potentials.

      This is the site of the Arise and Shine cleansing products and the program
      of Rich Anderson as described in his book Cleanse and Purify Thyself.
      Cleanse support group available.

      V.E. Irons is the originator of the Sonnes cleansing products and was
      legend in his time on cleansing and health. They are very pure and
      effective. The Sonne corporation also sells colema boards. Some of the
      finest products on the market today!

      The Dr Bass site is called Supernutrition and Superior Health, the Natural
      Hygiene Approach. Many experts comment on simple diets even the primitive
      diet of Aajonus Vonderplonitz.

      The Dr. Stan Malstrom ND, MT site which includes enormous inventory of
      herbal remedies and his book Own Your Own Body. Phone number 1-800-288-4618

      Loree, a 'retired' colon therapist from Silicon Valley, has written a book
      called Far From Poopin, When S*#@ Doesn't Happen! Loree noticed in Silicon
      Valley, high stress and IBS! Good read and maybe another potential gift!

      The site includes Dr Kelley's book One Answer to Cancer, Do-It-Yourself
      plus the latest 1999 version of the Liver Flush and his other
      detoxification methods. Very potent material with new insights into
      cleansing and cancer.

      Betty Kamen sends out a daily 'hint' and has a website with wonderful
      health tips. The following one on cancer just arrived.
      'After a review of all the comprehensive literature, researchers concluded
      that consuming almost a clove of garlic five times a week reduces risk for
      both stomach and colorectal cancers.'
      For more information and the source of this hint, see Hint #326.

      Theresa McConnell and her husband Bryan McConnell ND have a clinic in Green
      Valley AZ and offer colon hydrotherapy, detoxification programs and many
      other modalities. Dr McConnell uses the Richard Schultze cleansing methods.
      I went to Theresa for a LIBBE colonic and then purchased the Schultze liver
      cleanse instructions and products. It is potent!

      Dusan has provided the 'radical' information of Richard Schulze. 'This
      reprint of patient instructions from Dr. Richard Schulze's clinic are
      intended for educational purposes only. These webpages are based on the
      materials contained in the Dr. Schulze Natural Healing Crusade course book.
      Dr. Schulze may be contacted directly at the Dr. Schulze School of Natural
      Healing, PO Box 3628, Santa Monica, California, 90408.' Get ready, get set,

      American Botanical Pharmacy and the products of Dr Schultze.

      Tom Billings has one of the finest sites on raw and living foods backed
      with research and very informational articles.

      High Vibe is a storefront in Manhattan NY with lectures, products and a
      bias toward raw foods. The Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program is formulated
      for the detoxification of the intestines, blood, organs, tissues and cells
      and improvement of elimination and well-being. The program is designed in 4
      stages each approximately one week. Each person has unique health
      requirements so each person chooses which level is most appropriate for
      their cleansing needs. In each phase, Ejuva herbs and shakes are taken.

      Dr Jensen's book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management is archived at
      egroups. Introduction to Raising Bowel Consciousness is one of the topics!
      What a resource.

      Joshua, Medicine Man, is the Asian source for intestinal cleansing and
      detox programs including retreats and courses. He calls his site, The
      Ultimate Resource For Colon Care Online.
      'Vibrant health starts from a clean bowel and that takes time, effort,
      guidance and support to achieve.' Enjoy!

      This site reviews a number of simple and complex GI tract cleanses.
      Triphala, Bernard Jensen's Ultimate Tissue Cleanse and Arise and Shine
      programs are reviewed. A must read!

      Dennis Paulson is director of the Fasting Center International and it might
      just be the way for some of you. Excellent article on spiritual aspects of

      For anyone in the San Diego area, Charles is a wonderful therapist and
      offers a very healing environment for his sessions.

      Sheila Shea © 2000 All Rights Reserved

      Kind Regards, Sheila Shea, Tucson AZ

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