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Intestinal Health Institute January 2016 & A Request

http://conta.cc/1PJAXMT Hello All, I have another fabulous newsletter on Intestinal Health for you. Check it out plus I include a list of all the local
Intestinal Health Institute
Jan 6

Intestinal Health Newsletter July 2015

Hello All, Keep up with your intestinal health over the summer and get some good tips from my newsletter. Enjoy, Sheila Shea http://conta.cc/1IZkBb2 --
Intestinal Health Institute
Jul 5, 2015

Intestinal Health Newsletter May 2015

Hello friends, http://conta.cc/1F0wQ7Z I address probiotics and your microbiota in my newsletter. Check it out. Plus we are having another GAPS group May 27!
Intestinal Health Institute
May 14, 2015

Cool Specials and Workshops, Come and Join Us!

Hi, http://conta.cc/1G58Ka3 Just a brief reminder of all the specials and workshops for April into May. Be in touch, Sheila -- *IntestinalHealthInstitute.Com
Intestinal Health Institute
Apr 27, 2015

April 2015 Newsletter from Intestinal Health Institute

http://conta.cc/1PaVtnY Hello All, Have a wonderful spring, enjoy the new warmth, open the newsletter and enjoy some new intestinal health information! Best,
Intestinal Health Institute
Apr 5, 2015

Great Groups, Workshops and Fiestas Coming Up!

http://conta.cc/18fhnpm Hello! Check out the latest opportunities you have. Gaps Group this Monday. Diet/Stress Workshop next Friday and much more. In
Intestinal Health Institute
Feb 22, 2015

Intestinal Health Newsletter January 2015

Hello Friends, Have a wonderful New Year! Enjoy the first newsletter of the year. I continue to explore colon hydrotherapy is more detail answering the many
Intestinal Health Institute
Jan 17, 2015

Intestinal Health Institute Newsletter January 2015

http://conta.cc/1xPW0CH Hello All, Welcome to the New Year! We made it through. 2015 is the year to heal your gut. My newsletters give you some great tools to
Intestinal Health Institute
Jan 6, 2015

Intestinal Health Institute December Newsletter 2014

http://conta.cc/1uxLX0q Hello Dear Friends, Please enjoy my holiday newsletter. Lots of good thoughts, links and inspiration for the New Year. Be in touch,
Intestinal Health Institute
Dec 13, 2014

Intestinal Health Newsletter November 2014

http://conta.cc/1wRDJp9 Hello All, Have a great fall journey. The days are sunny and in the 80's in Tucson. Citrus is beginning to come into the farmer's
Intestinal Health Institute
Nov 12, 2014

October Reminders 2014 Intestinal Health Institute Newsletter

http://conta.cc/ZDMSUM Hello All, I hope you are all having a great fall. The weather is slightly cooler in Tucson and we even had more rain this week. Enjoy
Intestinal Health Institute
Oct 21, 2014

Intestinal Health Institute Fall Newsletter 2014

http://conta.cc/ZmECs6 Hello dear subscribers, Finally, the desert is cooling off. We enjoyed rain from 3 Pacific hurricanes: Norbert, Odile and Simon! All the
Intestinal Health Institute
Oct 13, 2014

March April 2014 Intestinal Health Newsletter

http://conta.cc/1mk5GS3 Hi All, Another great newsletter just in time for Equinox, changing of the seasons. Enjoy the articles, videos, books, and come and get
Intestinal Health Institute
Mar 20, 2014

February Newsletter from the Intestinal Health Institute

Hello Dear Yahoo Friends, I have a great Valentine's Newsletter for you. Many ideas on various cleanses, products and projects you can undertake to take you to
Intestinal Health Institute
Feb 3, 2014

January 2014 Intestinal Health Institute Newsletter

http://conta.cc/1lS9IN9 Welcome to the New Year! Enjoy reading my first newsletter of 2014! Exercise and nutrition are strong components of intestinal health
Intestinal Health Institute
Jan 8, 2014
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