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AISF Newsletter March 2013 (SAN)

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  • ram puniyani
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    From the Editor’s Desk

    We are organizing a consultation in Ahmadabad on 9th March to introspect on the activists related to preservation of secular values. Many a groups and individuals have been struggling in different arenas and in diverse ways to thwart the rising tide of communal fascism. It seems that there is a need to drastically look at our efforts to nurture and promote the secular values, which are deeply intertwined with the democratic ethos and rights of the citizens, irrespective of their religion, caste and gender. In last couple of years again we saw the communal forces making strides to undermine the democratic rights. The victory of Modi and his projection as the Prime Ministerial candidate are frightening to some extent. We propose to pose the questions to the participants of the meet. The detailed invitation for the meet outlines the challenges for the secular activists.


    The hanging of Afzal Guru came as a celebration for the communal forces and a setback to the voices of sanity. The whole case of Afzal was on the weak ground and the main reason for his death penalty was to ’appease the collective conscience’ of the nation not the crime! In such a situation there was a definite need for relooking the case rather than hanging him.


    The arrest of Akbaruddin Owaisi for hate speech was a welcome step, but similar speeches by Pravin Togadia have gone unpunished. Similarly Varun Gandhi has been exonerated for one of the most hateful speeches, it is a shame on our system.


    We also carry the detailed write up on the Maula Masjid-Bhojshala issue. After tasting success and power through Ram Temple issue, the communal forces have been on the lookout for issues which can create the religious fissures in the society. A reading of this report will make it clear as to how communal forces are being subtly supported by the BJP ruled Government in the state. 


     One book review of our Varanasi publication, Sanjhi Virasat: Sanjha Sankalp’ being carried in this issue tell us the need to promote the literature for communal amity.

    Ram Puniyani


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