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[OOT] U.S. Government Commits Avian Holocaust With Mass Poisoning of Millions of Birds

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  • miko
    U.S. Government Admits Poisoning Birds Jan.21,2011. The bizarre trend of massed animal deaths around the world in January has been as baffling as it is
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      U.S. Government Admits Poisoning Birds


      The bizarre trend of massed animal deaths around the world in January
      has been as baffling as it is disturbing.

      It started on New Year's Eve as 4,000 birds crashed to earth over a
      one-mile area of Beebe, Arkansas, and was followed by tens of
      thousands of fish washing up on a river bank in nearby Ozark.

      US Government Admits to Killing 100s of Birds!

      A bait laced with the poison DRC-1339 was used, though officials were
      surprised the birds made it so far before dying. They assure that the
      poisoned dead birds do not pose a risk to nearby animals or humans.
      While the mystery of dead birds falling from the sky in South Dakota
      was quickly solved, similar mass animal deaths around the world remain
      enigmatic. 200 dead cows were recently found on a farm in Wisconsin,
      with a disease or pneumonia suspected as the culprit. Prior to that,
      mass bird deaths ranging from dozens to thousands were reported in
      Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, California, Italy and Sweden.

      Mass fish death had been report in Arkansas, Maryland, Chicago, New
      Zealand and Brazil, and 40,000 crabs washed ashore beaches in England.


      U.S. Government Commits Avian Holocaust With Mass Poisoning of Millions of Birds


      (NaturalNews) The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is
      engaged in what can only be called an avian holocaust through its Bye
      Bye Blackbird program that has poisoned tens of millions of birds over
      the last decade. The USDA even reports the number of birds it has
      poisoned to death in a PDF document posted on the USDA website.

      Anticipating the USDA possibly removing that document, we have posted
      a copy on NaturalNews servers at:
      The original source URL of this file was:

      This document shows that, just in 2009, the following bird populations
      were poisoned and killed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, using
      taxpayer dollars:
      (Listed as "Intentional" and "Killed / Euthanized")
      Brown-headed cowbirds: 1,046,109
      European Starlings: 1,259,714
      Red-winged blackbirds: 965,889
      Canadian geese: 24,519
      Grackles: 93,210
      Pigeons: 96,297
      ...plus tens of thousands of crows, doves, ducks, falcons, finches,
      gulls, hawks, herons, owls, ravens, sparrows, swallows, swans,
      turkeys, vultures and woodpeckers, among other animals.

      The chart even shows that the USDA "unintentionally" euthanized one Bald Eagle.
      Also murdered in 2009 by the USDA are victims of other species:
      27,000 beavers, 1700 bobcats, 81,000 coyotes, 2,000 gray foxes, 336
      mountain lions, 1900 woodchucks, 130 porcupines, 12,000 raccoons,
      20,000 squirrels, 30,000 wild pigs, 478 wolves.
      See the list yourself at:

      The mass-murdering U.S. government that disavows violence?

      Keep in mind that murdering animals is an act of violence. Yet in the
      wake of the recent Giffords shooting, we have U.S. government
      officials running around screaming about how much they disavow
      violence, saying things like "violence should never be used to resolve

      But their actions say something different: Violence against non-human
      life forms is not only tolerated and approved by the federal
      government, but even encouraged. Through these mass killings of birds,
      cougars, ducks and other animals, the United States federal government
      is actively engaged in widespread acts of violence against nature,
      murdering literally millions of animals on an annual basis.

      Keep in mind that the numbers shown above are only for 2009. A similar
      number of animals were killed by the USDA all the other years, too,
      going all the way back to the 1960's when the "Bye Bye Blackbird"
      program was first initiated.

      By my estimates, the USDA has actively murdered at least 100 million
      animals in America over the last four decades, putting this on the
      scale of an animal holocaust and a crime against nature.

      News Channel 4
      USDA responsible for mass poisoning of millions of birds

      Find out more:
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