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a modern approach to creationism

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  • Daniel Edington
    group, as you all are probably aware Stephen Jones doesn t seem to like young earth creationists much. I base this one the way he attacks the views of YEC
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2002
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      as you all are probably aware Stephen Jones doesn't seem to like young
      earth creationists much. I base this one the way he attacks the views
      of YEC proponents almost as enthusiastically as he does evolution. The
      question is why? After all its all creation, they all have a common
      goal (to defeat naturalistic science.)

      What creationists don't tell you is that there are some really major
      controversies surrounding progressive creationism. Progressive
      creationism boasts greater compatibility with modern science, it
      accomplishes this by casting aside some long held doctrines of the
      Christian church. Most conservative Christian churches that adhere to
      the YEC doctrine hold Progressive Creation to be about as Christian as
      atheistic evolution itself.
      What is Progressive Creationism? Basically PCers accept that the Earth
      can be billions-of-years old. How do they reconcile this with the six
      days of creation in the Bible? They change the meaning of "day" in
      the creation account - from a single rotation of the Earth, to a long,
      indefinite period of time (perhaps hundreds of millions of years each).
      What happened during these long periods? Not all Progressive
      Creationists agree. Their opinions often hinge on whether they have a
      theologically liberal bent, or a conservative bent. The more liberal
      picture God as doing relatively little in the way of actual creative
      acts during the supposed billions of years of creation. God simply
      steps-in now and then, to create new life forms. The more conservative
      Progressive Creationists present God as doing many more creative
      miracles. That is, God creates the world in numerous progressive
      steps. That is why this belief is called "Progressive Creation" or
      "Process Creation." In reality PC is little more than theistic
      evolution, with a lot less evolution occurring.
      Although there is little widespread agreement among Progressive
      Creationists, they generally believe the following:
      1 The "Big Bang" is interpreted as God's way of producing stars and
      galaxies through billions-of-years of natural processes.
      2 The Earth and universe are billions of years old.
      3 The days of Creation were overlapping periods of millions and
      billions of years.
      4 Death and bloodshed have existed from the very beginning of
      Creation and were not the result of Adam's sin. Man was created after
      the vast majority of earth's history of life and death had already
      taken place.
      5 The flood of Noah was local, not global and it had little affect on
      the Earth's geology which represents billions of years of history.

      Here is an interesting article that discusses some of the points of
      contention between YEC and Progressive creation. The biggest ones of
      course being over sin and death not being the fault of Adam, and the
      whole Noah's ark thing.

      John T. Baldwin
      Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
      Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
      Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan


      This statement is from Steven Jones. I think he has too high an
      opinion of PC. I have my doubts that he could defend it from
      scientific or biblical criticisms. Although Pc is the best attempt (an
      attempt ultimatily doomed to failure) to bridge the gaps between
      science and biblical creationism, I seriously doubt most
      anti-evolutionist Christians will want to hear it.


      --- In CreationEvolutionDesign@y..., "Stephen E. Jones" <sejones@i...>
      > Agreed that YEC will have problem. Critical thinking cuts both ways!
      > But presumably the wiser heads in the Darwinist camp have not believed
      > their own propaganda, that their only opposition was from YECs. I
      > they are well aware there are more sophisticated versions of
      > like Progressive Creation (see tagline), that will survive and
      flourish in an
      > environment of critical thinking.
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